Mumbai Mix Ch. 02

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Mark and Kriti looked down at Mumbai through the plate glass window, the city laid out for them in all its manic energy. Suddenly, Kriti jumped.

“Oh, Mark! Is that the hotel?”

“Ha, yeah. I wondered when you’d notice. You can see the taxi rank. And the balcony.”

“Is that why you chose this office?” Kriti looked at him, her dark eyes misty.

“Of course. With a view like this we can’t do anything but succeed.”

She rested her head on his shoulder. “You are *so* romantic.”

Mark slipped his arm around Kriti’s waist. “Well we had to choose an office *somewhere*…”

The past five months had continued the stop-then-start, frustration-then-passion character of their relationship. Kriti’s London trip had been spent mainly in Mark’s bedroom, with an occasional sightseeing or shopping trip while they recovered. The parting had been tearful, but at least they had a plan for the future to keep them going.

Ian Devlin had been surprised at Mark’s offer to run Mumbai, but supportive. Senior management had taken more persuading, and there had been several times when Mark had been sick with tension at the prospect of them saying no.

Then, securing all the necessary local agreements had been a bureaucratic nightmare. Mark’s decision to recruit Kriti had never been solely down to personal reasons; many of the qualities that he adored in her would be useful in business, and she had proved it a hundred times over in overcoming all the hurdles that had been placed in their way. He felt enormously proud of her, and sometimes almost jealous of the admiring comments that her abilities drew from his colleagues.

As the months passed they had continued to chat on email and video, always passionately and frequently sexually. But their relationship had started in the most intimately physical way, and however exciting it was for Mark to see Kriti on a screen, her brown legs splayed, her fingers pushing deep into the sopping gash of her pussy, it couldn’t be the same as the actual touch and taste of his lover’s body.

So, on Mark’s two flying visits to Mumbai, when their schedule was already full with business, they had found time for sessions of insanely frantic lovemaking. They had almost devoured each other, such was the physicality of their needs.

Kriti leaned against the desk that had been placed by the window to take full advantage of the panoramic views. “And you’re finally here for good,” she whispered to him.

“I know. Unbelievable.” Mark was still a little frazzled from the overnight flight, but everything – work, his personal life – seemed so *promising* that he could easily ignore his fatigue.

“It’s all so exciting!” Kriti giggled.

“Yeah.” Mark slid his hand down from Kriti’s waist to her ass. “It’s always exciting with you.” He felt something under Kriti’s skirt. In contrast to the casual clothes he’d always seen her in before, she was very smartly dressed in a black suit and a white blouse that almost managed to disguise how magnificent her breasts were. She looked so professional that he hadn’t expected to touch *this*.

Kriti looked up at him. “Have I been naughty?”

“Are you wearing suspender and stockings?”

“Sure. I couldn’t *completely* be a business woman, however much I tried. Do you like them?”

Mark moved his hand over where the thin strip of elastic lay hidden. “Mm.” His cock was stiffening as he thought of this smart young Indian woman dressed up underneath like a courtesan. “Very naughty.”

“Oh good, because you know they’re not very comfortable!”

“Well, for me your discomfort is definitely worth it.” Mark moved his hand pendik escort moved over the perfect roundness of Kriti’s cheeks, loving the sensation when he encountered the wicked little line of material.

Mark pulled Kriti to him, their faces locked in a passionate kiss, while his hands mauled and grabbed the back of Kriti’s skirt.

“Careful, you might ruin my suit,” Kriti whispered.

“I’ll get you another.” Mark’s groping was almost out of control: Kriti’s little secret had gripped his imagination in a unique way. “Fuck, your arse is incredible.” He pulled her to him, wanting her to feel how hot and hard is cock was at her choice of undergarment.

Kriti pressed herself close to him. “Oh, you’re being an animal,” she moaned.

“Christ, Kriti, I really can’t help it.” He squeezed both her ass cheeks roughly. “What an incredibly horny thing to do for me.”

“Mm. I want to be your dirty office girl.”

Mark yanked the back of Kriti’s skirt up. Moving his hands down he found Kriti’s cheeks were bare, and he realised she was wearing a thong. “Fuck, Kriti, what are you wearing for me?” His hands pulled and pushed her fleshy globes.

“All my secret naughtiness is just for you, Mark. Whenever I’m in a suit and everyone thinks I’m such a smart professional, I want to make your cock hard, knowing that underneath I’m your dirty girl.”

Mark slipped his fingers down Kriti’s ass crack, sliding under the thin lace of the thong. “I love this, Kriti, such a lucky strip of material to be wedged between your arse cheeks all day.”

“Oh, Mark, you know you can touch my ass whenever you want.”

Mark reached further down, rubbing her most private place. Kriti gasped.

“Oh, yes,” Kriti moaned. “You always find it so *fast*. I love how you always have to touch my asshole.”

“It’s our most dirty secret, isn’t it?” Mark rubbed across Kriti’s anus, feeling beneath his fingertips all the wrinkles and the tiny dark hole at their centre. “That I have to finger your arse, and you always want me to?”

“Put your finger in, Mark. Finger my asshole in our office.”

Mark pressed against Kriti’s crater. His fingertip was dry, and she felt tighter and more resisting than ever before. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I want it. Put it in, I want to feel you stretch me, Mark.”

He was rough, he knew he was, but Kriti groaned as Mark forced his finger up into Kriti’s back passage.

“Oh, yes,” Kriti whispered, “put it as far up as you can.”

It was slightly awkward, but Mark loved being able to kiss and feel Kriti’s face as he vigorously probed her bum.

Then, unexpectedly, she pulled herself away, leaving Mark’s finger feeling lost.

“I wonder…” Kriti said, her eyes burning with devilish excitement.

Mark held her waist tight, wanting to resume but wanting even more to find out what was in Kriti’s mind. “Go on!”

“Oh, I’m thinking such bad things now, Mark. Do you mind? I know you want me to be bad for you, but I don’t want to shock you.”

Mark kissed Kriti passionately. “You can’t shock me. Anything you want, I want it too. So badly.”

“Well…we’ve been *so* intimate, but we haven’t tried *everything* yet, have we?”

Mark had realised from their first lovemaking in his flat that the perfect balance in their relationship came from Kriti leading them both on. There had been moments when there had been things that he had desperately wanted to do with her, but he knew that the greatest intensity could only come from Kriti exploring her own desires.

“No,” he replied. “But I would do anything for you. Anything. And if it’s *very* bad, then that’s tuzla escort only a *very* good thing for me as well.”

“Mm, okaaay. Well, I’m thinking… Oh, Mark, first of all will you kiss me there? Then I can think how bad I can be…”

Kriti leaned over the desk, her skirt ruffled around her waist, her soft brown ass cheeks bare and rude save for the thin strip of the thong and the two lines of the suspenders. Through the window she could see the people down below, and perhaps if they happened to look up they could see her too.

Mark knelt on the rough office carpet behind her. From this position Kriti’s pose seemed even more bewitching. He prised open her ass cheeks, wondering again at how exciting he found the sight of her little brown asshole.

Then he was on her, his mouth pressed tight against Kriti’s anus, his tongue flicking over her crevices and probing desperately against the muscle of her back passage. Kriti pushed herself back, wanting his tongue to penetrate her there if it could.

“Oh, Mark, would it be *too* dirty of me to want something more there?” Kriti whimpered.

Still licking Kriti’s bumhole, Mark replied: “You couldn’t be too dirty, Kriti. I want to do it, whatever you want. Tell me.”

“Mark, I can say anything to you, but I don’t know. It makes me feel so hot thinking about it, but I’m scared.”

Mark stood up, and embraced Kriti from behind, the bulge in his suit trousers pressing rudely against her bare ass.

“I want to do it so badly, Kriti,” he whispered.

“Me too. I’ve thought about it so much, when you’ve fingered me. And now I just want more, I want *you* there.”

Mark was rubbing himself against Kriti’s bum, his body throbbing with desire.

“It would be the dirtiest thing we could do, Kriti, here in our new office. Tell me…”

Kriti thrust her bum back. Her craving was too great. “I want it, Mark. Please.”

“Say it, Kriti. Whisper it to me, be the dirtiest office girl for me.”

“Fuck me, Mark. Fuck me in my ass.” She shivered against him as she said the words.

Mark undid his trousers, and dropped them with his boxer shorts to his knees. His cock was now free, pressing urgently against Kriti’s naked bum. He reached around and held both Kriti’s breasts through her white blouse.

“Oh, yes, Kriti, you’re the dirtiest girl ever, asking me to fuck you in the arse.” He knew the words would help her overcome her nerves.

“I am, sooo dirty. Wanting you to ass-fuck me. Sooo dirty.”

Mark’s cock was already slick with precum, and Kriti’s asshole wet from his tonguing, but he wanted to be as lubed as possible for her. “I’m going to fuck your pussy first, my angel, so I can slide in you nice and easy.” His cock easily found her open pussy lips, and he pushed up deep into her. She groaned, maybe aware that what was to follow would be similar but also so so different.

Then, he withdrew, and looking down he carefully rested his cock-head against her dark brown bumhole. He reached around with one hand and rested his fingers on Kriti’s clit, stroking lightly.

“Are you ready, Kriti?”

“Yesss. Fuck my ass, Mark, please.”

Mark pushed his cock forward, feeling the impossible smallness of Kriti’s bumhole against his crown. He worked harder on her clit now, willing her body to submit to all the intense sensations it was experiencing. Knowing that the first shock of penetration couldn’t last too long, he pushed forward hard, feeling Kriti’s asshole resist against this terrible invasion and then, suddenly, relax. Mark felt his cock-head buried in the incredibly tight entrance to Kriti’s back passage.

Kriti kartal escort gasped. “Oh, fuck!” she moaned. “You feel so big…”

Still stroking Kriti’s clit, Mark pushed further in. Kriti’s anal canal felt exquisitely tight, a narrow tube of sensitive flesh stretched to its limits.

“Oh, fuck, Mark, it feels like you’re splitting me in two.”

Looking down, Mark could see that his cock was almost three-quarters inside Kriti’s ass. He pulled back until only the crown remained buried, and then slid forwards again.

“God, yes!” Kriti cried. “I almost can’t breathe but I feel so full of you, Mark. You’re so big, and you’re filling my body.”

Mark began a steady rhythm, his cock moving in and out of Kriti’s back passage. With each thrust forward Kriti squealed: “Yes…! Yes…! Yes…!”

Mark realised that now she was pushing herself back onto him, that she was urging him ever deeper into her rear. He felt like a beast, and reaching around Kriti he yanked open her blouse, buttons tumbling to the floor, and pulled her tits roughly out of her bra.

“Yes…! Yes…! Yes…!”

Mark mauled Kriti’s breasts, manhandling them in a brutal way that he had never come close to before. And he had given up on any restraint with his cock, each thrust pushing harder and deeper into Kriti’s ass.

“Yes…! Yes…! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!”

“You like it up your arse, yeah?”

“I love it up my ass, yesss. Fuck it, fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard.”

“My dirty office girl, wanting me to fuck her arse hard.”

“I’m a dirty girl, Mark, I’m your dirty office girl and I want you to fuck me in the ass so bad.”

Mark pinched and pulled Kriti’s poor nipples, twisting them with a vicious passion that neither of them had known before.

“You like hurting my boobs, Mark? You like hurting them while you push your fat hard cock right up my asshole?”

“Oh yes, I want to pull your tits while I shove my cock so far into your arse.”

The sensation of Kriti’s anal canal gripping slickly onto his cock felt impossibly intense, but Mark wanted to give Kriti as little or as much time as she needed. In fact he was surprised at the way that she had become almost entranced by her ass-fucking, and she pushed back powerfully and repeatedly, wanting again and again to experience this terrible violation of her bum.

“Keep fucking my ass, Mark, keep pushing your cock up your dirty office girl’s poor little asshole. I want to feel it, I want to keep feeling it all the way up there.”

They were two-as-one, locked together in indescribable intimacy by the repeated invasion of Kriti’s bum by Mark’s cock. Minutes and minutes went by as Mark pushed and pulled his hard flesh in and out of Kriti’s anus, both of them hot and dripping with sweat.

Finally, Mark could feel Kriti’s rhythm change. “Oooh, Mark, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come. Hurt my boobs while you fuck your dirty office girl’s ass as hard as you can.”

Mark kept on pounding her, his fingers stretching Kriti’s nipples painfully away from her body. Her orgasm arrived, a howling explosion, and she thrust herself back violently, seeking the final dreadful inches of penetration in her ass.

Mark’s orgasm met Kriti’s, all of the sensations overwhelming him, and with thrust after thrust he felt his hot white spunk shooting deep into Kriti’s bowels.

Slowly, slowly, Mark withdrew, and he could see that Kriti’s asshole, such a tiny little hole before, had been transformed into an obscene ravaged gape.

He kissed her tenderly on her neck. “Okay?” he asked.

“Perfect,” she replied weakly. “Now I know how bad we can both be. And that is *perfectly* bad.”


Author’s note: if you’d like this story to continue, or have any ideas what should happen next, then please either comment or send me feedback. I promise to respond!

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