Mountains of Rubber Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: First Night

Synopsis: Dan is enjoying a wonderful weekend as MzDominica’s slave, up in her mountain cabin. In the hot tub, Mistress has graciously permitted her slave to cum, while deep in a feminization trance, focused on shiny, sparkly, black rubber.


“Time to wake up, Daniella. “

From deep in Daniella’s trance, MzDominica’s voice seemed to echo. She felt so nice, relaxed, floating, and warm. But she could not resist the pull of her Mistress’ voice. Calling. Calling. Forcing her to awaken. She seemed to be rushing upwards, through the water, a roaring noise in her ears, the swift currents of the water ruffling her hair, rippling over her skin.

“Wake up!”

Daniella’s eyes shot wide open. She inhaled a gasp of air. The shimmery, black rubber sky still hovered over her, trying to empty her mind out again.

“Look at ME, slave!”

Daniella shivered, even in the hot water, as her eyes locked onto Mistress’ swirling green eyes. It wasn’t with cold, but excitement.

“Good girl,” Dominica continued. “Now, get out of the hot tub. Go inside to your room, and kneel on the floor. I’ll join you in a minute. ” There was something about her smile, the left side raised just a little higher than the right. She had plans, Daniella could tell.

The slave climbed out of the hot tub, onto the deck. She felt so cold. Not sure if she should walk or crawl. She glanced back at her Mistress, then at the door, and quickly shuffled into the cabin, expecting to be commanded to drop to all fours. The command never came, so Daniella briskly walked through the living room, to her room, and collapsed there, still covered in droplets of water from the spa. Her mind went blank… blank… expecting nothing, hoping for everything, receiver, empty, waiting…

She had no idea how much time had passed when Dominica appeared in the room, again wearing her robe. But from the scent of fresh soap, the slave could tell her Mistress had showered or bathed after leaving the hot tub. Dominica slid the slipper off her left foot, and extended her foot toward the slave — kneeling, skin still slick with chlorinated water, now cold on her naked skin. Daniella scooted forward, not daring to touch her Mistress’ foot without permission. She touched her head to the floor, just inches from Dominica’s toes. She could not see it, but MzDominica smiled, enjoying the control she had over her slave.

“Kiss my foot, slave,” she commanded. “Three times — once on the big toe, once on the instep, once on the ankle. ” She watched as Daniella’s body shook, while she obediently kissed — only where commanded, only as many times as commanded, however much she ached to keep kissing, to rub her face on her Mistress’ feet.

“Good foot slave!” Daniella almost lost consciousness, hearing that. “Now, my little slut. It’s time to open the heavy suitcase. Crawl over here. Rise up on your knees, and open it. “

The slave crawled to where the suitcase sat on the floor. She laid it down, undid the catches, unzipped the zipper, and lifted the lid. Her sharp intake of breath was exactly the reaction MzDominica had been looking for.

The suitcase was filled with black rubber. Daniella couldn’t see it all at once, packed in there. But she could tell, it contained rubber sheets, more rubber dildos — all kinds of delicious rubber toys! No wonder it had been so heavy!

“Look at it, Daniella,” Dominica whispered. “All that beautiful rubber. Lean forward, inhale the scent. “

The slave’s mind began to drift. She began to forget that she had almost had a thought. But couldn’t recall what it was. The rubber smelled soooo good, and all she wanted to do was obey… obey… obey…

“Good girl, my… rubber… slave!” Dominica’s voice made Daniella drift even more. The world felt fuzzy, indistinct. She felt so warm again.

“Now, I want you to pick up the top two things out of the suitcase. Pick them up, slave!” On top of a gloriously soft, folded rubber sheet were a brand new enema kit, with a two-quart, black rubber water bottle, and a smooth black butt plug — not very large, but big enough to mean “business. ” Daniella was panting, and Dominica could see the slave was extremely aroused again.

“Good,” Mistress said. “First, I want you to take a nice, hot shower. Get all clean after your time in the hot tub. ” She bent down a moment, her voice a throaty whisper. “Soap up your nice, big titties for me, Daniella. Danielllllaaaaa!” The slave’s eyes closed. She was starting to drift again. “Squeeze and play with them in the hot shower. Feel them grow even larger. Feel me fondling them, pinching your nipples. ” Daniella wanted to play with her breasts right away — but her hands were holding the enema kit and the butt plug.

Dominica stroked her fingers along Daniella’s left cheek. “And when you’re done,” she said, “get yourself nice and clean INSIDE. This plug is going to be in you all weekend — so be sure uşak escort you do a thorough job! There’s a tube of medical jelly by the sink, so you won’t have any trouble sliding it in!” She moved her hand lower, held the slave’s chin, and gazed warmly into her helpless eyes. “Now, get moving. Go on. ” She released Daniella’s chin, and stood up, arms folded.

The slave wasn’t sure how to get from one room to the other, carrying things. So she awkwardly grasped the items to her chest, and crawled out of the room on her knees and elbows.

“To your left, slave,” Dominica said, as Daniella crept out the doorway. “Come back in here, when you’re through, and wait for me!”

Daniella showered in an erotic haze, not quite sure what she was doing, but hearing MzDominica’s voice every moment, telling her how big her breasts were growing, feeling Mistress stroking her nipples, her neck, the side of her face. The warm water made her skin feel even hotter, her head even emptier. She kept setting the soap aside, cupping her hands under her breasts, thumb and forefinger tweaking the nipples as she squeezed her swelling tits, massaging them as she faced into the stream of water, eyes closed, letting the hot liquid run down her forehead, cheeks, and neck. Down to her breasts. So hard to let go of her nipples, and resume washing. So hard!

She scarcely noticed herself toweling off, unpacking the big water bottle, fitted the tubing and nozzle together, rinsing the bottle out first, before using it. The slave caressed the soft, black rubber surface, lifted the bottle up, and stroked it against her cheek. Her eyes closed, her mind drifted, as the rubber scent entered her nostrils. She heard Mistress’ voice repeating “Rubber slave must obey Mistress Dominica!” over and over in her head. She felt so good! Her pussy was so wet! She opened her eyes, and almost had to force herself to push the soft rubber bottle into the sink, turn on the tap. Wait for the water to warm up. Not too hot. Not too cold. An image of Goldilocks flitted through her mind — Goldilocks looking for the perfect enema. She grinned, as the bottle filled. What would mama bear think, finding Goldilocks in the bathroom? Fuller… fuller… Now, big, and round, and warm. She screwed the top in, with its tubing, and looked for a place to hang the bottle. The shower curtain rod looked so very high… But that would mean the water would rush into her, so deliciously hard… She lifted the bottle up… up… When it was even with her face, Daniella could not resist giving it a brief kiss, the soft rubber so warm against her lips. Dominica’s rubber. Dominica’s command. Higher… higher… The hook was just the perfect size to fit over the curtain rod. She held the nozzle in her right hand, turned around, and gently inserted it. Reaching upwards and behind, she released the clamp.

More warm water — inside, this time — she could feel it entering her, swelling her belly. She wanted it to squirt inside her harder. Slowly, she bent her knees, drifting down to the floor, till she was kneeling there in a little ball, playing with her nipples. Every squeeze of her fingers made her body quake with pleasure, and every spasm made something inside her relax, and the water flowed in even faster! Filling… filling… So warm, and full… rushing… till she felt like her belly was going to burst! She reached back, closed the clamp, eased out the nozzle. Then up, onto the commode, the sudden, mindless release, drifting again, as all that warmth rushed back out. She repeated a couple of times, till she felt as empty below as she was above. Her empty brain had to struggle to remember, what to do next. Oh, yes! She reached for the big tube of jelly on the sink. As she had been trained, Daniella squeezed out huge globs onto her hand. It felt so cold. She packed the globs inside her rectum, shivering with the sudden change in temperature. She almost caressed the butt plug, as she lubricated it. Then, reaching back, she slowly eased the plug into her anus. Automatically, she began to mutter, whispering to herself, “I must obey Dominica… I must obey Dominica… ” over and over, each repetition relaxing her more and more. She could feel herself being spread wider… and wider… Suddenly — plop! — the widest point passed her sphincter, and the plug seemed to draw itself inside her, fucking her deeply in one, slow, single stroke.

After a quick clean-up, and putting things away, the slave crawled back to the bedroom, feeling the butt plug shift inside her with every movement. Filled and fucked constantly, constantly.

Dominica was lying on the bed, propped up against pillows at the headboard, reading a book, her right hand gently caressing the front of her thigh. The slave approached the side of the bed, then bowed her head till it touched the floor, awaiting Mistress’ next command. She tried not to think about the thick plug in her ass — but when she drifted, her sphincter relaxed, and the plug shifted van escort position, stimulating her again, causing her to tighten the muscle, and remind her again. Fuck… relax… fuck… relax… Daniella had no idea how many minutes ticked by while she knelt there, the plug pumping into her.

Suddenly, she heard a whisper of cloth on cloth, the thump of the book closing, and being set on the nightstand nearby. The bedsprings creaked a little. And Daniella felt Dominica’s foot against the top of her head. “Kiss it, slave!” Dominica’s voice! The kneeling slave lifted her head, stretched forward, and brought her lips to her Mistress’ right foot. Just long enough for a brief “smooch” — and Dominica’s foot was withdrawn! Oh, she yearned to worship her Mistress’ feet some more! Daniella could hear her walking to one side, near the suitcase again.

“Up on your knees, again, rubber slave!” Dominica commanded. “Time to take the next set of rubber goodies out of the suitcase. ” Daniella rose up, and saw Mistress crooking her finger. “Over here, rubber slave. ” She shuffled over, on her knees, to the open suitcase, as directed. “Again, breathe it in. That strong scent of rubber. Breathe it in, rubber slave. Feel it empty your mind, and make you want to obey… obey… obey… “

The next item was the folded rubber sheet — but Dominica had moved things around. Now, on top of it were two more black rubber dildos — one, a companion to the dildo the slave had caressed during the car trip; the other, somewhat longer and slimmer, with lots of little bumps near the base.

Dominica directed her to pick up the dildos first, and to set the bumpy one on the night table, the other one with Daniella’s clothes by the pallet. Then to open the rubber sheet and spread it over the four-poster bed. This was a bit tricky, since Daniella was not allowed to stand, but had to shuffle about on her knees, so she could pull the sheet taut. Her knees were getting a bit sore, almost distracting her from the butt plug that kept fucking into her ass while she moved. When everything seemed to be ready, she looked up at Mistress, awaiting further instructions.

“Down, slave! Head to the floor, when you’re waiting for me!”

Daniella almost dove down to the floor, and bumped her head a little, trying to comply quickly. She waited, listening, and could tell from the sounds, Mistress had walked back to the bed, sat down. She waited more, a bit nervously now. Fuck… relax… fuck… relax… The rhythm of the butt plug seemed a little faster. Still inescapable.

“Look up slave!” MzDominica commanded. “Sit on your heels, hands at your sides, palms upward. Spread your legs, open to me… open to me… “

Daniella did as she was told, and her eyes went wide with what she saw. Mistress was sitting naked at the edge of the bed, on top of the rubber sheet, with the bumpy dildo deep in her blonde pussy, stroking it in and out… in and out… with her left hand, while her right hand rubbed little circles around her clit.

“That’s right, slave. You can smell my pussy from over there, can’t you? The scent enters your nose and goes straight to your empty little brain. ” Stroke… stroke… stroke… “You want to lick me so much — but you know you can’t! You are frozen in place, unable to move. Frozen. ” Around and around and around. “Watch the dildo, how shiny and slick it is getting, with my delicious juices. ” Dominica kept stroking, while her right hand rose from her clit briefly, and pinched her nipples each in turn, first the right, then the left. Then back to her clit. Around and around and around. Up to her nipples again, back to her clit. Around and around. Dominica’s hips began to buck. “Start panting for me, slave. You want to watch me cum, don’t you?”

Daniella’s eyes wouldn’t even blink. Her chest was heaving, laboring to breathe. Her hands useless at her sides, her legs apart, her sex dribbling little droplets onto the floor.

“Unable to move, unable to think. Able only to watch your Mistress. Watch me, Daniella. Watch me cum!” Dominica began stroking faster, her other hand flying from nipples to clit and back, her hips bucking — all the time, watching her frozen slave, who knelt in front of her, eyes glazed, mouth slackly open, even drooling a little. Closer… closer… Dominica’s gasps were much louder than Daniella’s. Dominica began to moan, sending a tingling all through Daniella’s body. Closer… moaning louder… her voice going higher, higher — Dominica came, still staring at her helpless slave, smiling triumphantly at her complete control over the little rubber slut. Pumping and pumping the dildo, furiously, into her cunt — then holding it in, tight, as she spasmed with wave after wave, eyes finally closing, right hand circling, wiggling, her voice almost humming as her orgasms continued, minute after minute, while Daniella watched, frozen, her sex swollen and dripping.

When the waves subsided — gradually, yalova escort gently — and Dominica relaxed, she looked down at the black dildo in her cunt, then up at her slave, and smiled. Gazing into Daniella’s eyes, she drew the rubber toy out of her pussy, slowly, slowly and held it in front of the slave’s face, waving it gently back and forth. She watched Daniella’s eyes track the glistening shaft as it moved, noticing her gaze lock on the long drip of pussy juice that was dribbling down the side, almost ready to drip onto Dominica’s slender hand.

“Open your mouth, rubber slave,” Dominica commanded. “Lick the dildo all clean. Get every drop of my juices. Every drop. “

Daniella leaned forward, and caught the big dribble with her tongue, licking all the way to the tip of the shaft. She licked up and around the shaft of the dildo, then when Mistress tilted the end toward her face, wrapped her mouth around the tip and sucked it as deeply as she could. When the dildo was all clean, now only glistening with Daniella’s saliva, Dominica had the slave clean all her fingers the same way. Licking from base to fingertip, then down on the finger, fellating each one like a tiny cock.

Dominica stood up, and walked to the night stand. She pointed at the rubber sheet, now also glistening in one spot with her pussy juices. “Time to make your bed, my slave!” Daniella must have looked confused, but Dominica only smiled. “Take the rubber sheet, and put it on your pallet. Make sure the wet spot is where your head is going to go!”

The slave shuffled around again, on her sore knees, hardly noticing the trails of pre-cum she was leaving on the floor. She pulled the rubber sheet off the four-poster, careful not to lose any of Dominica’s precious drippings, then shuffled over to the pallet. Awkwardly, she spread the sheet over the pallet, and tucked it under at the edges and corners. The feel of all that soft rubber was arousing her even more.

Dominica was clearly pleased. “Good, my little rubber slut! Now, crawl over here one more time! Bow your head to the floor. ” Daniella crouched on the floor, awaiting Mistress’ next command. “Time to be my little she-male, Daniella. Dan/Daniella. Little she-male. Feel your breasts, how big they still are. Mmmm… But your cock! My goodness, it’s just big enough to see, but it’s there, isn’t it, my little slut?”

Head still against the floor, Dan/Daniella nodded, and barely managed to croak, “Yes, Mistress. “

“Yes, it’s right there. Your little bitty clitty-cock. Mmmm, so hard and horny for Mistress! So wet and drippy. But it’s sleepy time for my little she-male. My little whore. Time for sleep now. Time for sleep. Kiss my foot goodnight!” The slave’s head lifted, and dutifully kissed Dominica’s right foot. “Now, up on your knees again. ” Daniella rose up on her sore, aching knees. He/she could see that Dominica held the bumpy dildo just in front of his/her face. Even cleaned off, it still smelled delightfully of her pussy. “Open your mouth, and take this in it. ” The slave obeyed. “I want you to hold this in your mouth, all night. Now, crawl over to your pallet. And get the other two dildos. You’re going to hold those in your hands. Crawl over there, and kneel on the pallet, up on your hands and knees. Remember which end is for your head!”

Dan/Daniella crept to the pallet. It took a moment for the slave to dig the one dildo out of the pants pocket. Then the she-male climbed onto the pallet, like a dog on all fours.

“Good, my little she-male slave. ” Dominica walked close to where Dan/Daniella crouched on the rubber-covered bedding. She gently stroked the back of the slave’s head. “Now, my instructions for the night. Listen carefully, slave. Relax your arms, slowly, and bring your head down, onto the soft, smooth rubber. Spread your legs a little — keep your knees bent! That’s right, tuck your chin down, so you can keep the dildo in your mouth, while your face rests in that nice puddle of my delicious pussy juices. “

The slave was now positioned, face down, ass high. A dildo in each hand, one in his/her mouth, and the butt plug behind. He/she wasn’t sure which scent was more arousing — the scent of the rubber, the scent of Dominica’s bare skin, still on that rubber, or the scent of her pussy. Right where her head was! Oh, Goddess!

“Good little slut! Feel your huge tits, squashed down into the rubber. Your nipples so hard against it. Wiggle your shoulders now, Dan/Daniella… Rub your nipples against the soft, slippery rubber. “

It felt so good, the slave started to moan! His/her hips started to buck, fucking the air. The plug continued to fuck… relax… fuck… relax…

“Now, all night, your little clitty-cock is NOT to touch anything. Not your thighs, and especially not all that delicious rubber. Just keep holding those thick, rubber dildos in your hands. That juicy rubber dildo in your mouth. That thick butt plug in your ass. Caress the dildos in your hands. Suck on the dildo in your mouth. Feel the plug fucking you. Rub your tits into the soft rubber. Feel the rubber all around you. Smell it. Smell me, your Goddess Dominica. But your cock is not allowed to be touched. Do you hear me, slave?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32