Mountain Bachelor Ch. 03

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Legs Open

Note: I couldn’t decide on the correct category, so I am using the First Time category, which is the starting category of this series.


Greta and Rupert were silent during breakfast, more silent than usual. They weren’t a very chatty couple because Greta was getting nervous if she didn’t understand Rupert. Normally, he was careful to use simple words and simple sentences but when he got carried away, he was talking a lot.

But that morning, they both were thinking about their previous night. They both found points of interest in what they did.

Greta’s mind was busy about her goal. She got very excited when she thought he was going to kiss her pussy. She wanted to pursue that. She was thinking of ways to persuade or guide Rupert into going down on her. She was positive that once he even only kissed her pussy, the rest would come.

She knew that what they did the night before was the right path towards that goal, together with many good things. If she managed to lure him into doing that more often, he would try it at one point. But she also wanted to have sex too. Besides, it wasn’t going to be fair if she kept his dick grounded. She wished that he could last longer when having sex.

Fortunately, Rupert’s mind was wandering in the same neighborhood. He wasn’t thinking of going down on her, obviously. But he was thinking that last night’s events were fruitful too. This was the first time he didn’t ruin things in his first round. Also, this was the first time he did things without thinking or being stressful about, naturally; he led her to do something in bed. He was the one who made Greta relax and feel confident, when she was shy for the first time. He felt like a more proper husband. He saw her female thingy, at least most of it.

Besides, there was nothing stressful when all these were happening. He wasn’t afraid that he was going to explode or ruin things, he wasn’t stressed of doing something wrong. It was fun, probably more than it was exciting. And, the most important part was that he got to practice controlling himself, with Greta’s help. This could be the exercise she was mentioning when she said “Good one.”

He wanted to have more nights like that. More than he wanted to have nights of sex. In fact, he wanted sex more than this but there was a new feeling, telling him to avoid sex. He was getting cold feet about sex unconsciously. He didn’t want to lose face anymore, ruining their special moments, being the cause of frustration. Probably that feeling was making him convince himself that he preferred this instead of sex. He wondered if he could manage to have her do that instead of having sex.

Then he remembered that his dick was still grounded. He wasn’t sure about that when he woke up. His manhood was hard and he made some gestures with his eyes, showing her that. She made scissors with her fingers and he understood that he was still grounded for the main thing. He could use that. At least until he learned how to control himself. He remembered his mental notes.

Greta, on the other hand, was trying to find a slightly better alternative. She wasn’t aware that Rupert wanted to play that game too. She was considering of telling him to play that game as a foreplay. Of course, it wasn’t possible for her to tell him that, she was planning to appeal him by mentioning something else. For example, that game, instead of him jerking off in the toilet. They were going to be practicing on controlling his first orgasm and after he came, they were going to be ready for sex, in his second round, without any awkward jerk off session. She had an all-in-one package in her mind for him. She was going to try and tell him that after dinner.

They were again hand in hand that day. But Rupert was more touchy-feely than he ever was. Apparently, their game was helping him remove some barriers in his head. He couldn’t keep his hands off her and she wasn’t complaining. He wondered if it was OK to go to bed with her in daytime. If she let him, he probably wouldn’t leave the bed that day. If she knew that he wasn’t after a quicky in the morning, she could have let him. The word quicky suited too well to what was going to happen if she did.

The problem was, they both didn’t know how to invite or persuade the other to play this game.

At Margaret’s place, Anna was raving about something when Sue entered the house. Anna stopped talking and sat back, like a serious statue. Margaret stood up and showed Sue where to sit. They were having tea but Margaret didn’t offer tea to Sue.

Sue said “How are we today?”

Margaret was sitting down when Anna started talking “We? We are not very OK, dear Sue.”

She looked at her in discomfort, then at Margaret to see that she wasn’t very warm to her too.

“What happened? What’s going on?”

“I believe that you know what’s going on. It’s about Arnold’s shop, about you upsetting Greta and Rupert.” Anna said, she wasn’t letting Margaret defend her own niece.

“Yes, Sue, what was güvenilir bahis that about?” Margaret asked, eyeing Anna to let Sue explain before giving her a hard time. Anna puckered her lips and took her tea cup in her lap.

Sue got sad and spoke silently “I’m sorry about that, I explained to Rupert. I was doing small talk, without bad intentions.”

“Small? That was the biggest talk I ever heard!” Anna almost spilled her tea when snapping at her.

Margaret said “Anna, please.”

Turned to Sue and said “Please continue, Sue, we haven’t witnessed that, can you tell us what happened?”

“I made a joke, asking Rupert if he was happy with his strong worker…”

Anna couldn’t wait “And to earn her keep, like giving home to a homeless person, right?”

“You’re right, Anna.” She was very ashamed “But when Rupert told me that she wasn’t his worker, he was lucky to have her in his life, I understood my mistake. I was ashamed and I couldn’t even apologize from Greta, please tell her I’m very sorry. I wasn’t thinking then.”

Margaret regretted acting like that. She too wanted to reprimand her and she was waiting for the right moment. But when Sue talked like that, she knew she missed her chance. Just to get it out of her system, she said “I see that you already understood your mistake. Greta is very important to me; I want her to be happy no matter what. Are we clear on that?”

Anna stepped in “Let’s not say ‘no matter what’, Rupert’s happiness is also important.” then sipped from her tea when she saw Margaret’s angry expression. She remembered Greta was the reason they were doing this, not Rupert.

“So, Rupert defended her, right?” Margaret asked.

“Yes, he’s such a sweet person, he tried not to offend me but he was very upset when he talked to me, I understood what she meant for him.”

Margaret ended the conversation “OK, so, as your punishment, we decided you to gossip in the village and tell everyone how happy they are, how Rupert can break anyone’s heart for the sake of her happiness and how much he loves Greta.”

Anna said “And how much Greta loves Rupert.” She stood up and asked “Tea, Sue?” when going to kitchen to avoid Margaret’s angry looks.

At night, Rupert was waiting her to finish her meal. Either she was delaying to swallow her bites or he finished his dinner too quickly, being impatient to start his most favorite ritual, undressing Greta.

If she was slow on purpose, did that mean she wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was? That made him wonder, if she wasn’t going to let him undress her and spend time with her before sleep.

He was still grounded, so the options weren’t many. She could end his punishment or they could play that game again. Or, they could sleep. He decided to insist on not sleeping. If she didn’t let him have sex, he was going to man up and ask her to play. If things heated up, she could change her mind and they could have sex too.

Greta, on the other hand, wasn’t taking it slow on purpose. She was thinking what to do. How to persuade him to play. If he got turned on too much? Was she going to let him have sex with her? She wanted to. But if she told him that he was still grounded before they started and changed her mind in the heat of the moment, that was going to show him that she was weak. He was going to think that she couldn’t resist the desire to have sex with him. She didn’t want him to see her that way, it was too early to act like that. Was she taking over Rupert’s medieval or rustic concerns as her own? Instead of releasing him from his? She wasn’t even aware of that possibility.

She was sure that he was going to skip the play part if she ended his punishment. To be frustrated again. This game was the only way she could find to help him and herself on this problem. She was sincere when she was thinking that, she didn’t find this as an excuse to pursue her fantasy.

But her fantasy was a key to eradicate this problem completely, even if he never managed to control his first orgasm. She could go down on him, then he could go down on her while waiting for his second round. She would be ready for her man when he was ready. Perfect solution. They were very close to oral sex, so she decided not to let him have her until he at least kissed her pussy.

She remembered that she still had her biggest weapons. She knew that she could mesmerize him with her breasts. He only saw them once and he never had the chance to touch them. She remembered his face when he was staring at them. She could start making him kiss them first. That way, he could understand that it was OK to kiss anywhere on a woman’s body. But she was going to save them for later, for the right time. Those were the thoughts making her linger while having her meal.

She finished her meal.

When they were in their positions and Rupert was reaching her dress, she said “Punished” showing his crotch.

Rupert had a short freaking out session forgetting he had one more option and his decision on pursuing that option. It didn’t feel güvenilir bahis siteleri that easy at that moment, not as easy as he was making that decision.

He said “Play?” he was planning to act cool about it but he couldn’t help himself and added “Please?” with a begging expression in his face.

Greta was surprised to see that happen so easily and she was very happy. She couldn’t react fast; she wasn’t sure if she wanted to show him that she was willing to do this too or not. They both were trying to act cool but she was a native in that area. She decided to hide her willingness, because she could need to ask him to do that in another time. She wanted to save face for that occasion. She decided to act reluctant about it “Now?” making a ‘maybe’ expression pouting her lower lip.

Then she said “OK.” as if she was condescending to him. Rupert, on the other hand was oblivious to her little acts or strategies, he was ecstatic and horrified at the same time, waiting for the answer. When he heard her say “OK.” he couldn’t control his face.

Greta kept herself from laughing because a smile appeared on his face, with his open mouth from ear to ear. She didn’t know he was into this that much. She couldn’t stand anymore and hugged him and kissed him, she loved him very much. She collected herself and acted as if that didn’t happen. That made her very happy and she felt hopeful about reaching her goal. She was going to extend his punishment until she made him kiss her pussy. If he kissed it that night, he was going to have some too.

Rupert had another plan. He was after touching her naked breasts. The night before, he touched them over her bra and nightgown and felt the incredible thing in his hands, at least the gist of it. He wanted the full thing, the real feeling.

He undressed her and waited for her to remove her bra. She didn’t.

This was a disappointment for Rupert. He was prepared to touch her breasts. He was planning this since the morning. He even spent time to soften the hard dry skin parts in his palm when Greta wasn’t looking. He used his teeth and spit in the beginning, then he used a stone to gently grind on those parts until they weren’t that hard or edgy. He didn’t want to hurt or annoy her; he definitely didn’t want to scratch her smooth skin. He really looked forward to touching them.

She sat down and waited for Rupert to turn off the light. Normally, she wanted to see things and she had no problem in showing things. But she had an agenda that night. She knew that Rupert liked what he saw under the moonlight and he loved touching her pussy. She wasn’t that sure if he was going to like it when he saw it clearly. If he saw something that irritated or disgusted him, she would never be able to succeed in making him kiss her pussy. He even could want her less in any way. It had to be dark. She waited.

Rupert was already in his briefs, looking at her. She pointed at the light bulb. Rupert didn’t want it to be dark, she already saw everything, it was his turn. He said “Why?”

She pointed at the light bulb again, scowled making her eyes big and inflating her cheeks.

Rupert was losing every fight against her. He turned off the lights.

Within ten minutes, they were exactly in the same positions as the night before. They did almost everything the same and she held his head to pull it towards her pussy again. He reacted the same way, making Greta unnerved. This time she didn’t play with herself, she made him do it until she came. Rupert was able to observe more this time.

He was lying between her legs, playing with her secret button and looking at her face. Then she guided his hand the way she wanted and he was all around her sensitive parts. Those skins, the button, he even managed to find the secret gateway himself. He understood that he wasn’t seeing it because it was at a lower part which was out of moonlight’s reach. He wished the lights were on, wondering if that opening wasn’t completely covered by those little curtains. After finding that passage, he even dipped his finger and his two fingers without her guidance, noticing that she was liking it.

At one point, he was using his both hands, one staying on the magical button which he admired very much, the other moving in and out of her passage, on the skin curtain and everywhere. He was lucky that his fingers were in her when she started to convulse and shiver. He felt his fingers being squeezed in there, just as his manhood was in their first night. That night it was more intense but this time he learned more things.

The already wet passage became a bit stickier. He didn’t think much about it but he guessed that satisfaction caused that passage to suck the liquid back. Or evaporate some of the water in it, so it became stickier. But he also noticed that the wetness wasn’t less. He found out something but he couldn’t learn what it was.

When she was convulsing, he replaced his other hand with his thumb, not to interrupt the effect of the magical button and moved iddaa siteleri his hand over her legs and body, caressing her sweaty skin. He felt the incredible muscles contracting under that skin. Her whole body was living this moment.

He was amazed.

Greta was breathing silently but heavily. He was admiring her body, watching her chest moving up and down, with those shadows outlining those delicious looking round beauties in the loosened cheap bra. He noticed how they lost their perfect sphere-like shapes when she was leaning back and how incredibly transformed into that even more beautiful shape, spreading on all directions slightly. He was frustrated a bit but he was too horny to acknowledge that.

He raised himself to his knees, standing straight above them. Waiting for his turn.

When she came, she pushed Rupert until he was lying on his back and she started to stroke his cock. If he kissed her pussy, she was going to kiss his cock, for starters. She didn’t want to. She thought “If he thinks that kissing my pussy belittles him, it is the same for me too. At least according to his perception, he will see it that way if I did it.” Probably the shackles of social conditioning were spread so easily like that.

She wasn’t that hopeful that he was going to change anymore, so she wasn’t that enthusiastic at that moment; anyway, it didn’t take long for Rupert to cum. She didn’t help him practice this time. When he came, she lied down and slept. Rupert felt that this night didn’t end in joy, not like the night before. He still needed help but he wasn’t letting her help him the right way. He wasn’t aware of that.

They both had plans and lost some battles that night. Greta couldn’t move forward in her path. On the other hand, poor Rupert couldn’t see and touch her breasts and he couldn’t control himself without her help.

Greta decided not to lose hope, she was going to try again.

The next night, they were at the same spot, with same goals in their minds.

That night Greta was more determined.

She made an innocent plan, to work him up and prepare for the night.

Rupert wasn’t hiding how he felt for her and she knew what turned him on the most. She chose her dress thinking of her plan. A cheap and old black strap dress with buttons in front. With the top three buttons unbuttoned. No bra. During breakfast, she made sure that her braless breasts were always in his sight. She was feeling ashamed about that, worrying that she was going too far and he could think bad about her. But she really wanted that kiss and what could come next.

Rupert noticed the cleavage and the visible parts of those beauties when she was giving him his tea at the breakfast. They were approaching him when she was coming. When she bent forward to put the tea cup on the table, he became mesmerized because they changed their shapes while slightly dangling down in her dress. It was like some heat wave passed through his body.

He had a fork in his hand and Greta was smiling when she was going back inside the house, seeing the frozen state of him. He looked like he lost his consciousness, holding the fork in the air, without moving. She wondered what he was thinking at that moment. She loved her effect over him.

After the breakfast, Rupert was fixing some posts in the garden. She took a bowl outside, poured water in it, brought some worn clothes. She pulled the hems of her skirt up to her thighs, squatted near the bowl and started to wash those clothes in the bowl.

It didn’t take long for Rupert to notice her. When she was around, he had to look at her, he couldn’t look anywhere else. When he saw her like that, he forgot what he was busy with. She looked very hot squatting like that, showing her legs, ankles, her pink heels in her slippers and the dress hugging her bottom when she was in that position.

Unfortunately, he could see her from her side. So, he acted as if he was taking things from the other side of the garden, trying to see under her skirt. He couldn’t see much but she looked a different type of hot at every different angle. He wondered the view from her back. He picked a useless and irrelevant stuff and carried it to the opposite side of the garden. When he had the rear view, he was already hard. That dress was stretched over her buttocks, showing him the complete outline of her perfect round bottom. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, constantly walking around her and admiring this view.

Greta was aware that he was completely lost in her sight, creeping around her. She kept acting busy like that a few more minutes even after she finished her work but she felt that she was getting wet. This was turning her more than she could guess. Being desired like that, knowing he was fighting against his carnal and raunchy motives. She knew he would do anything to have her at that moment and she knew he could decide that it was his right. But she also knew that he wouldn’t dare to do anything against her will, to a point. She decided not to tease him anymore because he too, had a limit. She didn’t want him to lose his control. When she stood up and looked at him, she knew she was right. He wasn’t himself at that moment, he was looking at her like a beast getting ready to feast on its prey.

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