More Short Skirts

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More Short Skirts — this time tweed kilts.

We had arranged to go back ‘up country’ to collect the tartan tweed suit Bob had ordered for me and I hoped we might meet up with our young friend James who had pleasured me in ‘Whisky Galore’.

I was a looking forward to seeing if a very traditional tweed/kiltmaking shop had been able to follow Bob’s instructions for a short fitted jacket and a skirt “As tight as possible and about 15″ long.”

The early 50s guy with a rather superior air and ‘cut glass’ accent in the shop had initially appeared a little disparaging about being asked for this non traditional order. But then a little embarrassed too, as he measured me up for the jacket working round my large unbraed boobs and when given his instructions on the skirt flushed and said ” Kilts are usually worn a bit longer and looser.”

He flushed even more when Bob had said “I appreciate that but I love Babs showing off her big ripe rear and thighs.” He very carefully took my waist and hip measurements and taking a deposit told us it would be ready in about three weeks. He had called to say it was ready and we booked the same hotel as we had before for an overnight.

A couple of days before we were to go Bob got a call for a golfing journalistic assignment in Spain as the journalist who had been booked had taken ill. He suggested I go with him and cancel the collection of the suit but thinking I might enjoy one on one with James I suggested since it was only six days I would take up our booking in the hotel and wear the suite for him when he got back.

Imagine my annoyance when I called to speak to James and heard he had moved on. I was tempted to call Peter, a friend’s son who had been rather plaguing me for a date since I bought off his attentions with a blow job at the golf club dinner. But I was still a little worried that this was too close to home and could backfire on me so I decided to go solo and see what happened.

I left to go north early on a Friday morning after dropping Bob off at the airport and was at the shop just after 11.00. I was wearing what I would describe as a sexy /casual outfit with a black fitted shirt which showed a bit of cleavage, a short black A-line Karen Millen skirt (for easy changing), black hold up stockings and a short black leather jacket.

I had thought the shop owner Calum had previously looked disapprovingly at how I was dressed previously, and certainly our order. But this time whether it was the fact that Bob wasn’t there, or he was looking forward to a handsome balancing payment but he not only greeted me quite effusively but I thought I caught a glint of desire in his eyes.

He smiled and said “Your order was quite unusual for the shop but the girls have done a good job on it and I hope you’ll be pleased.” He went into the back of the shop and produced what looked like a beautifully made tweed suit.

He suggested I try the jacket on first and as he helped me off with my leather jacket I saw his eyes were glued to my heavy unbraed breasts. As I looked in the mirror as helped me on with the jacket which was nicely fitted to my waist he smiled and said “It is a good it , it looks really well on you.”

To tease him a bit. I pulled the two front edges tighter under my boobs which shoved them up a bit and said “I was just wondering how it would look with a bra on — what do you think?”

He flushed a little but managed to get out “I think it would look good on madam with or without a bra.”

I dropped the two edges and stuck my chest out and murmured “Mmm I think it probably looks better without a bra.”

I suggested I try on the skirt and he showed me into an old fashioned wood panelled fitting room.

The skirt wasn’t a bad fit, It could have been a little tighter but it was fairly well sculpted to my prominent rear and as it sort of lifted my mature buttocks I thought Bob would be pleased with it. At 15″ long it was a little bit longer than some of my skirts as again Bob really likes my mini skirts to just about skim my stocking tops and I usually purchase them at 14″. However overall it looked smart and sexy.

When I came out I could see he thought so too. He smiled and said “I think it looks absolutely superb on you Ms Walker. As you probably realised we tend not to make more modern clothing but your husband was insistent and I think the girls have done you proud.”

I smiled “Call me Babs. Bob does like me to wear clothes to show off my figure. Although I’m probably a little old to wear short skirts Bob says if you’ve got it why not flaunt it. And its certainly good for my ego when I see young guys checking me out “

And as I admired the front and then back view in the mirror, I caught his eye as I saw him too admiring my rear in the tight skirt. Pushing a leg back I murmured “I wonder would Bob prefer it a little shorter and tighter?”

I could see him looking at my rear with a mixture of desire and admiration and he just about got out “I think it kaçak iddaa looks really well on you and I think its not far off perfect in terms of fit and length. I think it shows off your figure really well and your husband should be pleased with it.”

Looking back and running my hand down below my buttock I smiled and teasingly said “Do you really think I look well in it? Might it look a bit better if the skirt was slightly tighter to my thighs here?”

He mumbled “Possibly.”

Then stretching my leg out back towards him I ran my hand down the back of the skirt and smiling said “And what about length? Do you think if it was taken up about half an inch it would be too short and show off my stocking tops?”

He was really getting quite flustered and in a way I felt a bit sorry for him but he had been a bit of a pompous prat when we had first ordered the suit and I thought since he was fairly obviously lusting after me, that I would tease him some more.

He mumbled “We could make a few more alterations if you wish but it would be later today.”

I said that would be Ok as I was staying overnight in the hotel up the town.

I think he thought I would take the skirt off but I was enjoying flirting with him and teasing him so I said “Why not pin it in a bit tighter under my bum and pin the hem up about half an inch to see how it looks.”

He really did get flushed when he had to run his hand over my ample rear to tighten the material round my thighs and I put my hand over his and rubbed it against my thigh and murmured “I think that really does look good. I am sure Bob will love it when he gets back.”

When he pinned that in place and lifted the skirt up to pin the hem up as he must have seen I was wearing lace top holdups. I murmured “I think it looks better that little bit shorter — what do you think? Do you think its maybe a bit much if I am wearing stocking?”

His face was a picture as his professional tailoring instincts clashed with his obvious desire for me. He managed to get out a rather strangled “Mrs Walker it’s down to personal taste but I think you can carry off a shorter skirt.”

Turning round I put my hand on his arm, smiled and said “Please call me Babs. Would it be possible to get the alterations done to the skirt and drop it up to me this evening?”

He smiled and said “Yes , I’ll do them myself and please call me Callum.”

I smiled and said “If you can get it done why don’t you come and join me for a drink and I’ll model it for you.”

I knew I had him hooked if I wanted him when he said smiled and said “That would be lovely.” I suggested he bring his measuring tape in case I decided to get him to make me something else!

That night I dressed carefully in a white sheerish fitted shirt which showed off a bit of cleavage and my unbraed boobs and nipples off to perfection, and teamed the new short suit jacket with a pair of tight black leather trousers.

I was in the bar with a G&T when he arrived about 7.00 with a parcel under his arm. He was casually dressed in a sports jacket, open necked shirt and cord trousers, and freshly scrubbed I noted he wasn’t a bad build and not bad looking. I thought to myself “Callum this is going to be your lucky night!”

I got him a whisky and told him I was pleased with the jacket as I thought it looked good worn casually with trousers and a shirt. He smiled and said “It looks fabulous and so do you.”

I smiled and said “Hold that thought, I’ll go up and try on the skirt to see what you think of that.”

When I got up to the room I had my suspender belt and stockings ready, together with a pair of black 4″ heel shoes. The skirt was tight and short but I thought it looked really sexy and I hoped my guest would also think so.

I noticed he had got himself another whisky and me a G&T and I could see from his expression as I approached him he liked what he could see. He murmured “The suit and you both look absolutely fabulous.” And when I spun to give him a rear view of the skirt he exclaimed “The skirt really does look good. It shows off your rear, thighs and legs to perfection.”

I sat down opposite him but to avoid ‘seating’ the skirt I had to pull it up a little and as I did I exposed my stocking tops. I smiled and said “That’s one of the problems about wearing a short tight skirt and stockings — it’s difficult to be modest sitting down. But most guys don’t seem to mind.”

Smiling he said “I certainly don’t, I think you are fabulously sexy and your husband is a really lucky man.”

He asked would I like another drink and something to eat. I said I wasn’t terribly hungry so a sandwich would do. When he was at the bar, I opened a couple of buttons of my shirt, so he could look down my deep cleavage and crossed my legs so that when he came back he could see a bit more boob and not only stocking top but mature creamy thigh.

I noted he appeared very interested in both.

A guy in his mid forties brought a cold bottle of kaçak bahis Sauvignon Blanc and a selection of sandwiches and when Callum introduced him as David the owner, David smiled and said “I think you’ve stayed with us before.”

Callum said “Yes Babs ordered the tweed suit she’s wearing the last time she was here and is back up for a final fitting.”

David smiled and said “Well I am no expert but I think it fits very well.”

Over our drinks and sandwiches I found Callum was married with two children and we both smiled when he told me his children were at Uni and his wife and David’s wife were at his mother in law’s house in Glasgow for the w/e.

I learned he had inherited the family tweed and kilt business but Bob’s request was the first of its kind he had ever had. When I asked him had he never made a miniskirt for his wife he smiled ruefully and said she had always dressed a lot more conservatively.

Teasingly I asked him which style of dress he preferred and he diplomatically said that with my figure he could see why Bob liked me to dress to show it off. When I asked him what he liked about my figure and how I compared to his wife he was quite blunt.

“Firstly my wife is a brunette whereas I have always found blondes sexy. She is quite slim with small breasts whereas you have fabulous breasts and a really sexy curvaceous figure. Your bum and thighs are totally sensational. She hasn’t a bad figure but I think you have a fabulous figure and the confidence to show it off.”

Teasingly I said “Well I thought you were very disapproving of me when we first met.”

He smiled and said “Actually quite the reverse I was quite overawed. I had never seen a mature woman dress so overtly sexy — quite like a film star. And of course I was worried that you would see how aroused I was when I was measuring you.”

“Were you really aroused?”

“I thought you knew that you were turning me on.”

“What was it that turned you on?”

“The same things that are turning me on now. Your magnificent unbraed breasts and the fact I can see your nipples, your great rear and very sexy thighs.”

I asked him would he like to go to bed with me and he smiled and said he had dreamed of nothing else since my last visit but thought he wouldn’t have a chance as he thought that if I was going to ‘play away’ I would go for younger guys.

When I asked him why he thought that he blushed and said he had heard about my last visit from David. When I asked him what he had heard he said that James had rather boasted about his exploits to David. When I asked him what precisely he had heard he said “James had said he realised you might be up for some fun when he brought up drinks and you met him at the door brought him into the room wearing only a g-string but that was only the start.” That I had been wearing a butterfly vibrator in the bar and orgasmed over it and his hand, before he and my husband took me upstairs and took me every way possible.

When I asked him was that why he had been so pleasant and helpful to me over the skirt. He smiled and said “not entirely.”

I was a bit shocked to hear that I had been the subject of gossip in the small town and to reassert myself I said “Well since you have heard about me, what about you?”

When I asked him was his wife good in bed, he smiled ruefully and he said he hadn’t much experience to compare it with but they used to have quite good sex. It had tailed off quite a bit and was now not terribly exciting. When I asked him if she dressed sexier would he find that exciting, he said she wouldn’t dream of going out braless or wearing very short skirts and stockings.

I asked him did he find it exciting that I not only dressed to show off my assets but also was experienced at using them fully with one or more guys.

When he murmured his assent, I leaned over, pecked him on the lips and said “Well I think you’re sweet, you have made me a fabulous suit and I want you to make me another skirt to match the jacket but short and flared. I think I might like you to come up to my room to ‘measure me up’ properly!” “Now tell your mate to bring us up a couple of bottles of champagne as after that we are going to fuck all night.”

I didn’t have to ask twice and after he spoke to his friend I led him up the stairs to my room.

Inside the room he pulled me to him and kissed me quite passionately. As our tongues met I felt him take the weight of one of my breasts and heard him murmur “I have been wanting to grope those since I first saw you, your breasts and nipples are absolutely fabulous.”

I opened the buttons on my shirt to let my boobs dangle free and he was soon groping them, before starting to suck on one nipple. Running my hand between his legs to cup his cock and balls I was pleasantly surprised to feel he had a good hard and quite thick erection and I thought it could be an interesting night.

He moaned “I really want you.”

And I felt one of his hands go up my skirt illegal bahis to claim my uncovered shaven pussy. I have a very prominent pubic mound and it got the reaction it gets from most guys who feel or see it i.e. that it can take a lot of cock. He grated ‘That is a fantastic big cunt I really want to ride you.”

It was good to see the reaction, I had got from this guy who originally had been a bit of a pompous prick to Bob and me and while it was flattering to see his reaction now I wanted to keep control of the situation.

A knock on the door broke the sexual tension and Callum opened it to let David in with two bottles of champagne on ice. I think David hoped he might get an invitation to join us or at least have more time to admire my exposed breasts, as he asked did we want him to open a bottle and pour us a glass.

I said “No its Ok, Callum was just about to measure measure me up for my new skirt.”

David looked a bit crestfallen as he left the room, while Callum took out his tape measure and smiled when I took off my jacket and shirt and wriggled out of my skirt to leave him to measure me in my stockings and suspenders. He made a grab for my pussy but I said — “No, measure me up first. I want a short flared skirt about 14- 15″ long that will swing when I walk.”

His face was a picture as he lusted after my big bald pubic mound and then my big bare jutting buttocks which he measured at 43″. Seeing his discomfort, I suggested he measure my waist and chest as I thought I might be getting him to make more of my clothes! He measured my bust at 40″ and my waist at 31″ and murmured “You have almost a perfect hour glass figure.”

To tease him further I smiled and holding my boobs up said “I suppose if I wore a bra with these, top and bottom would probably measure the same. But guys seem to prefer me braless. Do you?”

I had teased him to breaking point as he grabbed me to kiss and grope me quite roughly.

I broke free and said “Easy, we have all night let’s get you out of your clothes while I pour some drinks.”

I was pleasantly surprised as he was actually quite a good build and had a good looking thickish cock which was standing to attention. I kissed him and as he fondled me I fondled his cock, which was like a steel rod, and murmured to him “Sorry for teasing you a bit but I think you are going to enjoy tonight as everything you might want is on the menu.”

When he looked uncertainly at me I stood back off him and running my finger across my lips then down between my boobs to my pussy I murmured “You can ride my mouth, my boobs and my pussy.” And half turning round I ran my hand over my hip and said “And if you are specially good and please me you can have my ass.”

We tumbled on to the bed kissing and fondling each other and I ended up on my back with his head between my thighs. He was good with his tongue and possibly I was quite excited by playing the femme fatale and I knew I was nearing a climax. So I moaned and said “I need that big hard cock inside me.” As I guided it in to my waiting gash I was pleasantly surprised that for an older guy he had such a hard erection, In fact that is what I like about younger guys their really hard erections.

He obvious wanted me a great deal as there was little ceremony about him riding me hard. He grabbed me by the buttocks and pulling me up to meet his urgent thrusts he pounded me with his urgent deep thrusts. As I responded I felt a climax coming and moaned to ride me harder as I was going to climax. He didn’t need much encouragement and shortly after I climaxed I felt him tense as he shot his load deep in my pussy. As he climaxed I was flattered that he kept thrusting into me depositing every last drop of his spunk in me.

He stayed in me as he kissed me and fondled my breasts murmuring that it had been the best ride of his life.

I tousled his hair and murmured “There’s probably better to come.”

He was quite heavy lying on me and as I eased myself out from under him I was surprised to find his erection was still quite firm and realised that he had probably taken one of the ED pills.

I smiled and said “I should have known that you had taken something when I felt how rock hard your cock. “

He smiled a little bashfully and said that he hadn’t thought he would need anything because it was a while since he had sex and he wanted me so much, but when he heard from David how much I liked and would take cock he had accepted David’s offer of some Cialis — which was supposed to give enhanced erections for up to 72 hours. He said he was glad he had taken it because whether it was the pill, how much he fancied me or both he hadn’t had such a large or hard erection for many years.

Pushing him down on to the bed I said he certainly hadn’t disappointed me and whatever he had taken appeared to have worked very well. I dangled my boobs on his cock and it soon rose to its full length and hardness as I dropped on my knees to lick his cock and balls before deep throating his cock. He grabbed me by the head and was soon ‘face fucking’ me. But I thought if he was going to have my ass he would be better to take that while he was still at maximum rigidity.

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