Momo San Ch. 05

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To get a better idea of how Mizuki and I got started and other information about all of us, and how this story came about, I would humbly suggest that a new reader go back and start with Momo San CH.01, but it isn’t necessary to do so. This story can be read as a standalone story, however, this story is a spinoff of Momo San CH. 02, CH.03, and CH.04 so it would be best if the reader really started there before reading this chapter. And if you really want to understand how Yu was introduced to this story then you really need to read Momo San CH.03 and CH.04. This story will be presented in two parts because it turned out to longer than I expected it to be. I hope you enjoy it and will read the second part next week.


I had recently finished up my contract for working down in the southern part of the prefecture where I had been working and living for the past six years teaching English in the Japanese school system. Living and working down south only allowed me to get back home from Friday night to Sunday night, then I had to go back down to my apartment for my week’s work. Driving back and forth everyday was out of the question for me because of the traffic and distance involved, but now I was back home.

My wife was still spending most of her week nights at her mother’s house across town, looking after her mother’s wellbeing because of her advancing age and developing health problems. I was at our house, about a thirty minute drive across the city, with our youngest daughter who was attending the local university. There were, however, nights that Me$%&# didn’t stay at the house, but stayed at her boyfriend’s place instead, this allowed him to give her a ride to school early the following mornings, and she didn’t have to take a bus and then a train to go to her campus.

On nights like these, my car was usually the only one in the driveway and there weren’t any lights on upstairs in any of the rooms, because when our girls were at home, they spent most of their time upstairs in their bedrooms with the lights on. This let my neighbors know that I was probably the only one home.

It was a Wednesday night, and I had gotten to leave the school I was currently teaching at early because of the teacher’s meetings, which I wasn’t required to attend, and I didn’t have to go to school the next day because it was a work at home day for me. After getting home, I had jumped in the shower and then gotten a quick, easy dinner, and was planning on settling down to binge watch some of my favorite TV shows from North America, because everyone in my family were going to be staying out of the house.

The door of my first floor balcony faces Momo san’s parking spaces and bathtub room behind my place. I noticed when Hika pulled into her parking area between our houses, getting out of her car and waving in my direction. I waved back as she ran towards her front door and into her parent’s house. She was the first to arrive home, which was normal unless her brother or one of her parents had the day off, or was working the night shift. Her father worked at one of the big hotels in our city, and her mother worked at a big hospital, not far from our places. Hika’s nineteen year old brother, Yu, worked for a local manufacturing company and almost never had to work at night, but he had lots of friends and spent a lot of time out drinking and partying with them, and usually arrived home after 9p.m. or so.

About five minutes after Hika got home, I noticed she turned on the bathtub room lights and opened the window, so I figured I was in for a treat as she was going to put on a show for me. Getting to see both Hika and her mother naked, before and after their baths was a regular occurrence lately, especially after all the fucking the three of us had been doing over the past month or so.

My phone buzzed with an incoming message, so I picked it up, figuring it might be my wife or daughter needing me for something, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was from Hika chan.

‘Yu is going to be home in a little while, so I’m going to have him fuck me in the ass. I’m going to jump in the shower first, so I hope you enjoy the view. Mom is going to sneak home in about thirty five or forty minutes and catch us fucking, so then she can pressure Yu into fucking us both.

She wanted me to message you and tell you to sneak around to the back of the house, to the balcony doors, and watch everything and make a video of it, then when all three of us are really getting it on, she wants you to slid the door open and join us.

Dad has to work the night shift so he won’t be home until tomorrow morning at around ten. What do you think? Are you interested? I’m going to jump in the shower and get ready, so I hope you say yes. I’m so fucking horny thinking about all of this and what is going to happen, my pussy is leaking juices down my leg as I write this. Please come, I have something special for you.

Hika asyabahis yeni giriş chan.’

So this was the night! Hika and her mother had talked about and were planning this seduction of Yu kun for the past month or so, after all three of us had enjoyed an amazing fuck session together, and where her mother had tricked Hika into joining us.

‘Done! I’ll get my camera ready and set up outside and wait there for you to get out of your shower.’ I texted back, letting Hika and her mother know I was down with their plans and was going to be a very happy participant.

I ran upstairs and grabbed my Go Pro, making sure the battery was fully charged and everything was ready to go. I then changed into a dark long sleeved t-shirt and dark hiking pants without any underwear. I was glad I had taken my shower early, but I was definitely going to need another before this night was over.

By the time I had gotten outside, Hika was already in the shower clearing herself up and getting ready to fuck her brother. As I got to the window of the bathtub room, I lightly knocked to let her know I was there. She slide open the window to give me a perfect view of her sexy body with those huge tits of hers.

“Come here!” She ordered me as I leaned into the window so we could exchange a very long, deep, sexy kiss. “I am so fucking horny, you wouldn’t believe it. I want to suck you cock right here, right now!”

“Nope! We can’t spoil your plans for the night. You’ll get to have your fun with me later. Clean that asshole and pussy really good. I think they are going to really get used a lot later.” I told her after we broke the kiss, and I started sliding the window closed.

“That could be Yu’s car coming there, now!” Hika said, pointing up across the rice fields, through the leaves of the grapevines next to our houses.

I turned and saw the headlights of the car she was referring to. It had turned onto the small road that runs through the vineyards, and rice fields that leads to our houses. If it was Yu, he wouldn’t be able to see us from that distance but he would see that the light was on in the tub room as he drew nearer. It would take him about three to four minutes to get to the house and park his car in the driveway, next to his sister’s, and another minute or so to get in the house and get settled. This gave Hika around five minutes to get herself in position.

So I turned back to Hika, “Hurry up and get ready. I’ll be watching from the back balcony.” Giving her one quick kiss and a squeeze of her big hard nipple of her left tit, before moving around to the back of the house. God, her tits were perfect.

I would know it was Yu’s car from where I was, without having to see it, because of where our houses were located and the surrounding houses and fields. Yu would had to back his way in so that he could park next to his sister’s car. The red lights would reflect off of the houses across the rice fields proving it was him. I would also use this technique to know when their mother arrived home, because she would also back her car into its parking area.

I had just gotten the camera set up and recording when Hika strutted out of the bathtub room into the living room, completely naked with her big tits swinging left and right on her tiny body. She also had her big dildo in her hands, sucking and licking it as she moved towards me, the camera, and the back sliding glass door. She came right up to me and reached out her free hand to flick the door lock into the unlock position. She then turned her sexy round ass to me and bent over, giving me a prefect view of her pussy and asshole, allowing me to clearly see how wet she was. Hika then reached into her bag on the floor by the door and pulled out a pair of fishnet pantyhose. She then slipped her small feet into them and slowly pulled them up her shapely legs, over her round ass cheeks to her waist. That’s when I noticed that they were open crotch stockings with free access to her wet pussy and sexy ass. I was guessing this was the surprise she had for me, because we had talked about how much I loved stockings, and graters.

I could also tell that Yu was backing his car into the driveway, at least, I hoped it was Yu.

Hika squatted down on her legs, while at the same time driving her long thick dildo completely up into her wet pussy. She stayed there with her cunt stuffed with her big toy, waiting for whomever entered the room, while she pulled and twisted her hard pointy nipples, as if she wanted to pull them off her big tits. She was sitting at such an angle, that I and my camera had a clear view of her tits, ass, and dildo filled pussy. Just before the door to the living room open, she turned her head and blew a kiss to me and winked, knowing that this was going to fulfilled her and her mother’s fantasy of having a threesome with her brother, and a foursome when I secretly joined them. I was thinking about what a shock it asyabahis giriş would be if it was her father that entered the room instead of her brother, and what would happen.

Thankfully, it was Yu that slide open the door and immediately dropped his backpack when he caught sight of his sister waiting for him in all her glory. He slide the door closed, turned, and walked straight over to her, unzipping his trousers and shoving them and his underwear down over his ass cheeks, letting his hairy cock spring out.

At first, I thought Yu’s cock was kind of small, but as he got closer to his sister and her sexy hot mouth, I could clearly see his prick start to grow and get harder and longer. He really did have a lot of thick, straight, black pubic hair around the base of his cock and balls, so it wasn’t easy to gage how big or small he really was. None of this mattered to Hika, as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his member with one hand and used her other hand on his ass cheek to pull him into her waiting mouth.

She swallowed all of his cock completely into her mouth, burying her face into his pubic hair. She didn’t back off and release him immediately as I expected her to do, but kept him fully in her mouth, as she sucked and swallowed around his cock for almost a full minute. She then moved her hands to his hips and slowly pushed him back, so his cock would very slowly slide back out of her mouth.

When his cock popped out and slapped upwards against his stomach, I could see that Yu did have a nice cock that was now fully erect. It wasn’t as long or thick as mine, but by Japanese standards, he was bigger than most. Before he got fully hard, I could tell that he was uncircumcised, which made his cock seem longer than he truly was, but that wasn’t any problem because I think he had the prefect cock for fucking his sister and mother in their asses later.

“Get your ass in the shower and hurry up. I am so fucking horny.” I hear Hika order her brother as she used her hands on his hips to turn his body in the direction of the tub room. She then slapped him on the ass as he jumped towards getting his body cleaned.

After, he had gone into the bathtub room and started the shower, Hika, still squatting on her knees, turned to me and opened the balcony door. She didn’t hesitate for a second as she reached her small left hand into my pants and enveloped my hardening cock.

“I want your monster so bad. I want you in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. I want you to fuck me hard and cover me in your hot seed.” She purred as she continued to stroke up and down my almost completely hard cock.

“Sorry, Baby girl! You are going to have to wait. You don’t want to start something and have your brother catch us, that’ll spoil you mother’s plans for later.” I replied as I leaned down to tilt her sweet lips up so I could kiss that beautiful mouth of hers. “Speaking of your mother. That might be her car coming down there now, so you’d better get back to getting your brother set up.”

Hika turned her head and noticed the same car I mentioned. She then kissed me again, giving my shaft one last squeeze before pulling her hand out of my pants, and leaving my boner to strain against my pants.

She then slide the balcony door closed, but left it open just crack, it was enough that when I placed the camera there, it had a clear view, and would be able to record and hear everything.

It only seemed like seconds later that Yu can back into the room drying his hair with a small towel, and completely naked.

“What time is mom supposed to be getting home?” He asked.

“Late. She’s going out with some of her co-workers, so I don’t expect her back until around 11.” Hika lied. “There’s plenty of time for you to fuck me in the ass and fill me with your cum.” She smiled and then started licking her lips in anticipation as she moved her lower body up and down the dildo buried in her pussy.

Hika then started crawling on her hands and knees towards her brother and his stiff cock pointing straight out in front of him. She looked like some kind of sexy cat moving across the floor, and with her big tits hanging down and swinging back and forth, while her dildo was still buried deep in her pussy, but with the end poking out. It made the fake prick’s balls, look like some kind of stubby tail.

When she was directly in front of his cock, she tilted her head and slowly started licking from his balls upwards to the crown of his penis, covering him in her saliva. She was still on her hands and knees, with Yu standing there with his hands clasped behind his head, looking down and watching his sister pay homage to his dick.

Suddenly, Hika moved up and put her hands on his stomach. “Lay down on your back, I want to 69 with you for a while. Please lick my clit good, and fuck me with my dildo at the same time.” She almost begged as Yu moved to sit down, and then lay back stretched out on asyabahis güvenilirmi the floor at about a 45 degree angle to me and the recording camera. From this angle I had a great view for when Hika started sucking his cock and also a pretty good view to see part of her dildo slide in and out of her wet pussy.

As soon as Yu was flat on his back, Hika moved up over him and swung herself around and threw her right leg over his head getting herself into the 69 position. In swinging her leg over her brother’s head, her fake cock that was stuffed in her box was forced out of her very wet cunt. The dildo dropped onto Yu’s chest along with a good amount of pussy juice.

Yu Immediately grabbed the dildo around its fake balls, and when his sister was in a comfortable position over him, he easily drove it back inside her pussy. He then started pumping it in and out of her cunt fast and hard for about a minute, this caused Hika to drop her head onto his left thigh and tightly shut her eyes as an orgasm overtook her body. As soon as he let up on fucking her with the dildo, Hika attacked his hard cock next to her face.

She moved her body up onto her hands and dropped her head down to swallow first the head of his cock, but continued downwards quickly eating more and more of his cock until she had her face buried in his hairy balls. She immediately reversed and started moving up his dick leaving lots of spit in her wake, continuing until she had the very tip at her lips, like she was kissing it, but she didn’t stop but started driving back down is shaft again. She kept popping up and down his hard shaft, covering him in her saliva which started running down over his balls. She kept this fast sucking of his cock up for over a minute, before letting it pop out of her mouth and slap down onto his stomach. The little vixen then looked directly at me and flashed the sexiest smile at me, before winking and returning to her brother’s dick again. She didn’t use her hands, but just moved her head around and took the crown of his cock back inside her lips.

Yu was holding the dildo buried inside his sister’s pussy and was enjoying the pleasure Hika was giving his cock. When she had let him pop out of her mouth, he started to slowly fuck the dildo in and out, and at the same time, he wrapped his right arm up around her ass so that he could pull her lower body down onto his face, and getting her clit in a very comfortable position so he could feast on her sexy bud.

While the brother and sister were pleasing each other, I was continuing to secretly watch and video them from outside, with my hand inside my pants, slowly stroking up and down my super hard cock.

Suddenly, I caught the flash of red light from the corner of my eye. This let me know that their mother, Mizuki, had arrived and was putting her plan into action. Hika had returned to sucking up and down her brother’s cock, with both her hands planted on Yu’s knees, allowing her to move her head up and down freely at whatever speed she wanted to suck his cock.

I was getting excited, waiting for Mizuki to enter the house and catch both her daughter and son having hot sex on the living room floor. Mizuki and Yu were sucking and licking each other so fast and intensely, that I knew they wouldn’t know when their mother entered.

“Jkun. Are they fucking?” I heard come out of the darkness in a quiet whisper after a couple of minutes or so.

I turned to my left to see Mizuki slowly and quietly making her way around the corner, and coming up on and across the patio towards me as my eyes adjusted to the darkness.

“Your daughter had him out of his pants within thirty seconds after Yu entered the room. They’re really doing a hot 69 right now.” I told Mizuki as she reached my side and tilted her head up to kiss me deeply, before turning to steal a glimpse in door to see Hika completely swallow her son’s hard cock deep down her into her mouth.

“Fuck, she looks so sexy sucking cock. I can’t believe how easily she can take all of his cock into her mouth. Yu has a really nice cock, not as big as yours but, much bigger than his father’s. We’re going to have to do something about all that hair though. He looks like he’s really having fun with that dildo and her clit, I’ll have to judge for myself in a little bit.” Mizuki whispered as she turned back in my direction flashing me a huge bright smile.

“Wait a little while before you join them. I think Yu can last a long time before he dumps his first load.” I told her.

“That’s my plan. I’m so horny, and you have a huge cock right here for me, and I bet it’s really hard right now.” She purred as she dropped to her knees in front of my crotch, and reached out to pull my pants down freeing my super hard cock. It jumped out and slapped up against her cheek, before she turned her head and captured the tip in her lips, licking around the slit at the top to clean up all the pre-cum that I had leaked out.

I leaned forward over her head, and to my right, so I could peak into the house and watch what Hika and Yu were doing as Mizuki reached around and grabbed both my ass cheeks in her small hands and pulled me forward, swallowing more and more of my cock deeper into her mouth.

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