Miss C’s Pet

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I stand back, admiring the view before me. You lay, sprawled on your stomach, in a spread-eagle position, completely open, completely vulnerable. Each wrist and ankle is tied securely to a bed post with a length of red silken rope. Although the knots are tied tightly, and you are unable to escape, with a quick tug, each rope will come free in an emergency.

But there is no emergency. No need to rush. I let the minutes drag by, watching you squirm in anticipation. You know I’m still in the room. You can hear me even though you cannot see me. The red silk blindfold does a wonderful job of cutting off that sense. I watch your back bow in tension as you hear me step closer to the bed. Your breathing grows ragged as you feel the mattress depress and spring back as I move to position myself on your left side.

You feel my breath on your ear as I whisper, “Sssshhhh. Relax.” You have no choice but to do as you are told. You are completely at my mercy, and you know this. The knowledge only serves to build your anticipation and excitement that much faster, bringing you close to an edge you never realized was there. I let my fingertips gently glide down your back to circle first your right buttock, then your left. Shifting myself, you feel my nails gently graze down the backs of your thighs and calves, tickling you behind your knees in the process. You know what my nails can do, and the thought of them clawing you deeply, marking you, excites you even further.

Switching from my nails to my hands, I massage my way back up your calves. Smiling to myself, I lean down and gently nip the backs of your knees, your body jumping in response. I watch as your hips seem to have a mind of their own and grind into the bed. The silk feels so good against your satiny length, doesn’t it, my sweet? Was that a moan I heard escaping your lips? Chuckling wickedly, I shift myself again.

This time you can’t help but whimper and moan as my tongue explores the back of your thigh, slowly climbing higher to more sensitive and delightful places. My hands slide up your thigh, my left traveling higher to curl around your hip. My right hand teases its way up the inside of your thigh, fingertips brushing against the sensitive flesh behind your balls. Your hips jerk in response, your back tensing as your head comes up from the pillow. “Please,” I hear you whisper back at me. I nip your left ass cheek and let my tongue slide down your crack.

“Please what, pet?” I ask as you groan. “Please, Miss. Fuck me,” you beg. I smile up at you even kurtköy escort though you can’t see it. It’s a smile of pride and pure joy. You have been doing wonderfully as a sub/slave, and tonight is my gift to you. A gift to please you. But you aren’t playing by the rules. I quickly slap your ass, chuckling. “Impatient pet. I’ll give you what you beg for. But in due time. When I decide to fuck you. Is that clear?” With a slightly disappointed sigh, you nod your head, laying it back on the pillow. My fingers begin to stroke that secret bit of skin again.

I can’t help but smile as you wiggle your hips, trying to press against my fingers. I reposition myself to kneel between your knees. My hair brushes your thighs as I lean down, bringing my face close to your beautiful ass. My eyes travel up the length of your back, committing every delicious inch to memory. My hands move up to cup your ass, spreading you open to my gaze. For a moment or two, I just sit there, admiring your body, nearly overwhelmed by the precious gift you so willingly give to me. Several heartbeats go by, and I’m woken from the near-trance by your hips shifting.

I dip my head down, and you feel the tip of my tongue against the back of your balls. It slides farther back (up?), pressing a little more firmly against you. The skin here feels like silk on my tongue. Sighing happily, listening to your moans and cries of “Please, Miss?!?!”, I spread your ass wider, my tongue finding its way to tease you. You bury your face in the pillow as I press my face against your ass. Using my tongue, I drive you to the edge and then pull back. You cry out in distress as my face and hands leave your perfect ass.

I straddle your back, pressing my body fully against yours, whispering in your ear. “Sssshhhhhh, my pet. Soon. Very soon,” I promise as I gently nip your ear. I kiss your neck and shoulders, my hands exploring every inch. Then, just as quickly as I got on top of you, I dismount from the bed completely. You hear a drawer open and close from somewhere across the room. Before you can guess what I’m up to, I get back on the bed and settle between your spread legs.

I place light kisses over your ass, my hands grabbing, squeezing, kneading the firm muscles. “You’ve been a very good boy lately, haven’t you, pet?” I watch as you nod your head, with a “yes, Miss” muffled by your face buried in the pillow. I smile and continue, “It’s time to give you a reward, don’t you think?” My fingers start to dig into your ass, my nails scratching the tender flesh. malatya escort Your back arches as you pant out another “yes, Miss.” Using the fingers of one hand, I spread your cheeks as wide as possible, exposing you.

You gasp as your body jerks at the first drop of cold liquid running down your crack. You feel it flow faster, covering your asshole. And then my fingers. With my free hand, my fingers catch the dripping oil, rubbing it into your skin, making you slippery to the touch. Moaning softly to myself, I press a finger against your asshole, rubbing it, stimulating it, relaxing it. Slowly, I slide my finger inside as deep as I can go, then slowly pull it out. I continue to stroke you like this, watching your hips rise up to meet my hand. A second finger works it way in with the first, stretching you a little more.

Gently, I open and close my fingers in your ass, working it to relax further. I slide a third finger in, loving the tightness wrapped around them. I listen to your moans and begging while watching my fingers slide in and out of your ass. Do you have any idea what a beautifully erotic creature you are? I shift my hips a little, feeling the dildo sink deeper into my flesh, almost making me cum. I clear my throat before trying to speak, wondering if you hear the trembling in my voice. “Is my pet ready for me to fuck him?” Without hesitation, you cry out, “Yes! Oh, god, PLEASE, Miss!”

I slowly pull my fingers out, already missing the tightness. I oil up the strapon, making sure it will slide gently and smoothly into your ass. Standing on my knees, I grab your hips and pull them up until you’re supported by your knees. With your ass as high as it can go in this position, I don’t really need my hands to open you wider. Grabbing the faux cock at my hips with my left hand and your hip with my right, I guide myself forward. The head of the dildo presses against your ass. My heart pounds in my chest as I watch it slowly slide inside you.

I hold still, my hands massaging the cheeks of your ass as I wait for you to get comfortable with my welcomed invasion. I take in the whole scene in seconds. The rope around your wrists. The blindfold that covers your face. Your ass thrust up for me to take and please. The dildo penetrating your ass. Everything works a little magic on me, urging me to cum, but I hold back. I don’t want to cum yet. Taking a deep breath, I slowly inch my hips forward.

I watch as the dildo slowly sinks into your flesh. I listen to every one of your moans and groans urging me kayseri escort on. After what seems like forever, my hips finally press against your ass. Excrutiatingly slowly, I start to pull out. Your hands ball into fists and open, flexing and bunching up the sheet. I feel the muscles in your hips quivering against my hands, and I grab you tighter, burying my fingers deep into your hips.

Picking up the pace a little, I start pumping the dildo deep into your ass, pulling your hips against me. Leaning over you, I reach around your hips, and my fingers find your swollen, rock hard cock. I wrap my hand around it, squeezing you, stroking your cock as I grind my hips into your ass. In this one moment, you are the sexiest thing I’ve ever experienced. My hips start to rock back and forth faster, as if with an agenda all their own. In your cock and in the pit of my stomach I feel the pressure building, slowly at first.

Before long, my hips slam against yours, eliciting long moans of pleasure from your lips. I let go of your cock and raise up, grabbing your hips once again. Sweating, panting, I growl, “Cum for me, baby. That’s it, cum now, pet. Cum… for… ME!” On the last word, I slam hard into your ass as I throw back my head and scream out my orgasm, my hips reflexively rocking against you. You raise your head, panting, groaning. And then your own orgasm hits you full force. You bury your face in the pillow, screaming into it, as you cum hard, spraying your own chest and ruining the sheets.

You collapse fully onto the bed, my hips following you so as not to hurt you. Slowly, gently, I pull out and leave the bed. A minute or so later, you know I’ve gone into the bathroom by the sound of water running. Moments later it is shut off. A few seconds tick by and you feel a warm cloth gliding over your heated flesh. You relax as I gently wipe you down, clearing away the oil. Then I remove the blindfold. The smile on your face is pure heaven. Giving you a quick kiss on the lips, I turn to the ropes.

Tugging on a loose end, the rope comes free of the bedpost. I remove it from your wrists and ankles, setting you free to relax. Then I set about to cleaning everything else up. Once the toys have been picked up and cleaned, I put them away. I put the washcloth on the edge of the sink in the bathroom. Leaning against the doorway, I just watch your eyes slowly close, a smile still playing on your lips. Quietly, I slip into bed and lay on my back. You shift yourself so that you can lay your head on my chest, your arm draped over my stomach. I wrap one arm around you, pulling you closer. With my free hand, I run my fingers through your hair and caress your face until you drift asleep. Smiling, I close my eyes and fall into a peaceful, blissful sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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