Mike’s College Adventure Ch. 01

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My name is Mike and I’m a junior at a local University. I’m 5-10 with a medium build and blonde hair. I never thought of myself as very adventurous sexually which might be why my sex life with my girlfriend has felt a little stagnant. I love my girlfriend and she took my virginity, but sometimes I wish that I were able to have the stereotypical college sex life. Of course, I usually find myself too shy to talk to really hot girls even more so now that I have a girlfriend. My life was about to take an unexpected turn for the better that I was not expecting in my wildest imagination.

Late one Saturday night a few months ago, a few friends were over my apartment trying to get me to go to a house party a few blocks away.

“Come on Mike,” pleaded my friend Mitch, “Brooke is away for the weekend, you should go out and enjoy being a bachelor for a few days!”

“That’s ok buddy, I prefer to stay in, besides there isn’t a good reason for me to go anyway. It’s not like I’m going for the girls.” While I did not think that I would ever cheat on my girlfriend I did enjoy looking at other girls, as long as I don’t touch I figured it wasn’t cheating. Specifically going out to look at girls however was a lot different in my mind that just looking at a girl walking by, at least that’s how I used to feel.

“Just come out with us this one night.”

“Maybe next weekend.”

“Have a drink or two then you can leave.”

Our conversation continued like this for another few minutes before I finally caved and went to go get changed into something I didn’t mind getting beer spilt on. Dressed in an old black hoodie and jeans, I followed my friends out of my apartment and onto the street.

The weather was brisk, but the walk was fairly quick and soon we came to the house off campus where the party was. The house was owned by the football team and they threw parties almost every weekend. When we went up the steps into the house, I noticed a group of good-looking girls right behind us. I didn’t want to be seen staring at them so I paid for my cup and went down into the basement.

I headed straight for the keg, but it looked as though Mitch and Ryan had stayed back to talk to the girls that had been behind us and who had just came into the basement. Whatever, I thought, just drink and try to have a good time tonight.

After getting my drink, I went back to my friends who were still talking to the girls. Even though the light wasn’t great, I recognized one of the girls as a pledge of my girlfriend’s bostancı escort sorority. Her name was Brittany and she was one of, if not the hottest freshmen at school. At 5-8 with sandy blonde hair and perky B cup breasts, Brittany looked like a goddess. I had heard stories about her screwing with quite a few guys, but I figured most of it was rumor and now that she had a boyfriend, she was off the market. Boy was I wrong. Tonight she was wearing a tight cheetah print dress that barely went to the middle of her thighs and accentuated her chest and ass. It was hard not to stare in awe of her perfect figure with the most amazing curves.

“There’s Mike,” Said my friend Mitch, slapping me on the back as I rejoined the group, “We were just talking to these fine girls about the concert next week.”

“Huh? Oh yea, right,” I stumbled, still trying not to stare at Brittany who seemed to be exuding sexiness, “It should be a lot of fun.” I said trying to recover and sound intelligent.

“Oh, are you going to?” Asked Brittany smiling. It was as if she was glowing, and I was trying to keep dirty thoughts from coming to my mind.

“Yep, are you?” I responded, still struggling to block out thoughts of Brittany naked, on her knees taking my erect cock into her eager mouth. Oh god. I chugged what beer I had left trying to think of anything that wouldn’t have the remotest chance of giving me any type of erection.

“Of course!” she said, still smiling coyly.

As the conversation turned elsewhere, I felt Brittany looking at me. It made me excited to think that a chick like her would be taking an interest in me. While my friends continued to converse with rest of the girls, I was stuck trying not to look to long at Brittany’s face, chest, or ass, or any part of her for that matter. The more I drank the harder it was to control my thoughts and stop myself from getting a little hard.

“I’m going get some more beer guys.” I said, slowly starting to pick my way through the crowd.

“Dude Mike, isn’t that like your sixth or seventh cup this hour?” Asked Ryan.

“Maybe, I’m good though.” I responded, hoping to sound more sober than I felt.

As I was closing in on the keg once more, I felt a hand grab my arm.

“Yea what is –” I stopped mid sentence as I turned around and saw none other than Brittany with her delicate hand on my arm.

“I was hoping you would keep some of these assholes from bothering me while I went to get my drink,” she said giggling.

“I, ümraniye escort bayan umm, uh ok” I stammered, she was batting her eyelashes at me and it seemed as though she was maybe trying to come on to me. At the time, I tried to ignore it best I can. She has a boyfriend I kept repeating in my head over and over again. I seemed to forget that I also had a girlfriend that I was supposed to be faithful with.

We talked while waiting for our drinks and I kept on getting the feeling that she was flirting with me. I was never the kid that was hit on by girls, heck I barely ever hit on girls myself. I needed to regain control; I was already starting to get hard. I was doing my best to avoid directly flirting with her, but she seemed to become bolder with each passing minute.

“So Mike, what’s your favorite color?” she asked moving to stand just a few centimeters away.

.”Wha-” I started, confused by her abrupt and seemingly random question, “I mean red.” I recovered.

“Hmmm, that’s funny, because I’m wearing a red thong right now,” she laughed.

Now I was really starting to strain against my jeans. Did she just say what I thought she said? Looking back, I think that she got tired of trying to flirt lightly since I was doing a good job of not reciprocating too much. But, man, when she said she was wearing a red thong I think I zoned out for a good couple seconds, my mind went into hyper drive just thinking about her sexy slender body with her warm wet pussy only covered by a thin red thong.

“Umm, don’t you have a boyfriend?” I asked, though it was much more like pleading. My resistance to her charms was waning and fast.

She pressed her sexy body up against mine, just an inch of fabric separating my pulsing, hardening cock from her heavenly cunt. I knew she must be able to feel my arousal. My cock growing with every second and my will shrinking with each moment she was pressed against me.

“Do you wanna see?” she asked seductively, leaning close to my ear ignoring my pleading question. I could feel her breath on my ear both sexy and sensual.

“Uh, girlfriend,” was all I could stammer.

With her mouth just inches from my ear she slid her hand down my side and right over my manhood lingering there for what seemed like an eternity, but must have been only a few seconds at most.

“It feels like you wanna say yes,” she purred in my ear, “just say yes.”

“y-yes.” I don’t know what made me do it, but thinking about it now, Brittany’s sudden kartal escort change, becoming the aggressor threw me off and how could I say anything but yes with that hot body pressed so close to mine. In a party full of people, an intimate moment was mind-blowing with this beautiful chick.

“Good, ’cause I’m so wet right now,” she whispered in my ear, “let’s leave now.”

I nearly melted right there, but came back to my sense just in time, “What? How?”

“Just follow my lead.”

Brittany grabbed my hand, lead me away from the keg, and back towards our friends. When we got close, she started to stumble and me, not know she was pretending, reached out to help.

“Whoa there, Britt.” Said one of the girls whose name I did not know, “Looks like your night is done really early.”

“Yea, I didn’t eat much today, but Mike said he’d walk me home, right Mike?”

“Yea.” I answered rather mechanically still in a dazed almost dream like state.

I reached out and steadied her, and followed her up the stairs and out the door. As soon as we were outside, Brittany straightened up and began walking, clearly sober.

“My apartment is just a couple blocks this way.” I said, indicating down the next street.

“Good, I’ve got a surprise for you that I know you’ll enjoy.” She said leaning up against me.

“Umm listen, Brittany,”

“Call me Britt,” she said, wrapping herself close to me. “You’ll be screaming my name later.”

With that, Brittany pulled me by the front of my shirt and our lips crashed together. I have to admit that that kiss was one of the most exciting kisses I have ever had. Tentative at first, my lust overrode all my other feelings. I opened my mouth and licked her top lip and she responded by opening her mouth as well. Our tongues danced together as our kiss became more primal and animal. Britt nibbled and sucked on my bottom lip before locking lips once more. It was wrong to kiss this girl, this sexual goddess, but I could not help it. I was engaged in an act that my every instinct told me no and yes at the same time. My hand found its way to her chest and the feeling of holding, caressing this girl’s breast in my hand sent sparks of electricity down my hand and through my arm. I could feel her hardening tits through the fabric of her thin dress as I rubbed her chest. I did not think that this feeling could get any better until Britt reached out and grabbed my shaft, which was rock hard and straining against my jeans. The feeling of her small delicate hand pressed firmly against my cock felt like heaven, I almost released my load right then and there.

“Just wait until we get back to your room,” Britt purred while kissing my neck and rubbing my now almost painfully hard erection, “You are in for the night of your life.”

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