Melanie Ch. 05

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By the time Sarah woke up, I had put away the sofa bed and was sitting against one end of the couch reading, sipping my second cup of coffee. She came padding out in the same sweats she had slept in, smiled at me in passing, and went into the kitchen. I heard coffee pouring, a spoon clinking as she stirred in the milk, and then footsteps on linoleum as she headed back into the living room.

“Melanie gone?” she asked.

“Yup. About half an hour ago. She said she had a lot to confess!”

“I think she’s exaggerating,” Sarah said with a smirk. “She’s been working crazy hours all fall, and she’s usually with me on the weekends. I’d know if she was racking up mortal sins!”

I laughed. “Maybe she’s catching up on the college years,” I suggested.

“That could take a while” Sarah replied, smiling.

I nodded in response, thinking back on a steady stream of hook-ups, boyfriends, and late-night rescue missions to get her out of some stupid situation she’d gotten into. While I was lost in that reverie, Sarah climbed onto the other end of the couch and curled her feet up in front of her.

“Can I ask you something?” Sarah said quietly.

“Sure,” I answered, my heart fluttering with sudden guilt.

“When she was being all slutty and crazy back then, did you guys ever…you know…hook up?”

Whew. That one I could answer with a straight face! “Nope. Never.”

“Why not?” came the follow-up question.

“Two reasons. First, I was way more attracted to you, and second, I knew how many other guys there were and it creeped me out!”

She smiled and turned her eyes down at the first answer, and her smile widened to a grin after the second. She snorted and said, “There were a lot of them, right?”

I snorted as well and said, “Yup. I’m glad she’s slowed down a little bit. It must be different living in a real apartment and trying to keep a job going that you like and not act like an idiot!”

“It is,” Sarah said seriously. “Not just for her. It’s really kind of strange knowing that I can’t just do whatever I want because I have to work, or I have to see these people again and again. I used to meet all kinds of people in classes, or at different jobs, or wherever, but now it’s like ‘work-gym-home’ and unless someone visits, we don’t really go out that much. It’s weird!”

“That must take some getting used to,” I agreed.

“Can I tell you something embarrassing?”


“I think it’s been like 6 months since I went on a date. And it’s been longer than that since I…”

“Committed any mortal sins?” I asked to lighten the mood.

Fortunately, she laughed in response. “Yeah…it’s been a long time since I had anything to confess, even if I went to confession!”

While she was talking, she had kept her eyes down-still a shy woman at heart, even with someone who had known her intimately for so long. I had been sneaking peeks at her the entire time. Delicate feet crossed in front of her, faded sweatpants clinging to her long, lean legs, small breasts outlined by a cotton T-shirt that said “Cape Cod” across the front, and most of all, her pale, beautiful face, framed by a loose fall of strawberry blonde hair. She looked fantastic, even first thing in the morning.

“Sarah,” I began. “I don’t know if…”

She cut me short, interpreting my confusion correctly.

“I cebeci escort don’t want to get back together or anything. I mean, I still live here, and you still live in Connecticut. I just…you know.” Modest to a fault, she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“You want to fool around, right? No strings, someone safe, and then back to normal?”

She nodded wordlessly. “Does that make me a terrible person? I know it’s not really fair to ask you that after I broke up with you, but…”

“Sarah,” I said firmly. “Come here.”

She set her coffee cup aside and scooted across the couch. I lifted my legs and she slid herself underneath them, coming to rest with my arm wrapped around her. I didn’t know just how to explain how OK I was with her idea yet, so I simply kissed her. God, she tasted so good!

With a little shiver, Sarah responded happily. She pivoted on the couch to face me fully, then climbed up so that she was kneeling between my knees. She grabbed my shoulders and held herself above me, letting her hair fall all around my face-she knew I loved that! Her bright eyes gleamed in the shadow of her face, and I saw her smile come closer and closer as she lowered her lips to mine again.

My hands, meanwhile, had started on her waist when she changed position. After our kiss began again, I stroked her long, sexy back all the way to the top, pushing her T-shirt all the way up. Although I couldn’t see them, I knew her perky little breasts were hanging right in front of me, so I brought my hands in beside them, pushing them together with my palms and letting my thumbs graze her nipples repeatedly. She groaned in pleasure and kissed me harder. She wasn’t the only one who remembered what the other one liked!

Abruptly, Sarah got off her knees and straddled my lap, still teasing me with her tongue. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy as she rubbed against my rigid cock, and I pulled her shirt the rest of the way off over her head to give me better access to her breasts. She shook her hair out and then cradled my head as I sucked first one and then the other of her nipples, leaving them fully erect and glistening in the morning light. She was rocking her hips against me urgently, groaning with pleasure when I bit down on her tight little nubs.

“Oh, God…that feels so good!” she moaned.

My hands, meanwhile, were down the back of her sweatpants, which allowed me just enough room to cradle her ass. God, I loved that ass! Petite, firm, and marble-smooth crescents filled my palms. My fingertips met in the crevice between them, and I squeezed firmly when she rocked forward onto my cock.

When Sarah’s hands reached down to free me from my pajamas, I knew she was ready for more. I raised my butt up to let her push the waistband down, and then groaned myself when her slim, cool hands wrapped around my length and began stroking me. She had a way of drawing her nails up the underside that made me shiver with delight. Precum coated her hands instantly, and she used it to assist her motions as she worked me mercilessly. Before I lost all focus, I kicked my pants completely off and pushed them to the floor.

“Sarah!” I groaned. She had gotten me so ready so fast that I needed more from her.

“I know. I want you inside me so bad!”

With that blunt statement, cebeci escort bayan she hopped off me, whipped her pants down to her ankles in one swift motion, and then jumped back into my lap. The reddish-blonde curls of her mound slid from the base of my shaft to the very top. The head of my cock slipped past her pubic bone then, aligning itself exactly where she wanted me. Eyes closed in concentrated lust, Sarah moved down a fraction, trapping me between her slippery labia, and then sank down in one steady movement until I was fully engulfed.

“Oh, God!” she gasped. “It’s been so long! Don’t move for a minute-let me get used to it!”

I was perfectly happy where I was, trapped in her velvety tightness, holding her ass with both hands and admiring the flush that had begun to spread across her chest. I kneaded her ass some more and stroked the outsides of her thighs, patiently waiting for her to make the next move.

Experimentally, Sarah rocked her hips forward, bumping her clit against me. She gasped a little when she did that and stayed still for another moment. Then I felt her thighs tighten, and she rose up a few inches, dragging her pussy lips along my shaft and then sinking back down again. That seemed to work better for her, and she did it again. Once she had her rhythm going, I let go of her ass and began stroking her sides in time with her movements, letting my thumbs travel in a smooth arc from her waist to the sides of her breasts. Her eyes opened and she stared directly into mine, a lust-filled gaze that I remembered fondly as the one she got when she was getting close to orgasm.

Wanting her to get there as soon as she could, I leaned up a little bit to kiss her throat. She threw her head back to give me access, and I kissed and nibbled everything I could reach while she pistoned herself with increasing force up and down my cock. Her arms pulled me close again, and my chest hair tickled her nipples as she moved. In the last moments before she exploded, Sarah fell away from me, stretching her arms behind her to brace herself while she pumped her hips up and down with all her energy.

That image-even though I’d seen it before-is burned into my brain forever. A woman that I cared for deeply, her body impaled on my cock, arching her lean frame in front of me, pert breasts aimed toward the ceiling, nipples tight, chest flushed with pleasure, panting with exertion, glistening with sweat, her hair whipping from side to side, driving herself toward an almighty and long-awaited rush of pleasure. It was almost enough to make me explode, but I breathed deeply through my mouth, wanting her to get there first.

Sarah, for all her shy demeanor, was a wild woman when she came. A long moaning “fuuuuuuuuuck!” exploded from her lips, and she convulsed forward, plastering her body against mine, kissing me hungrily, and locking me in place with her arms. Her whole body shivered as she orgasmed, and her inner muscles throbbed and squeezed me again and again. I held her close and let the storm rage through her until it was spent.

After a long while, her breathing returned to normal and she remembered where she was. She leaned back enough to kiss me happily, a somewhat dreamy smile on her face.

“I really needed that!” she said in a low, satisfied voice.

I kissed her nose escort cebeci and then her lips and said, “I could tell,” smiling to take away any sarcasm.

“I think you might need some of the same treatment,” she said with a wicked smile. “Otherwise, you’ll have nothing to confess either!” I smiled back innocently.

Taking matters back into hand, she reached past me to lean on the arm of the couch.

“Move down,” she said.

I complied happily, knowing what was coming next.

Sarah’s body was built for being on top, and I loved every second of it. What always made me cum the fastest was this, though: straddling me with her breasts crushed against my chest, her hair falling around my face as we kissed, and her hips snapping up and down relentlessly at the perfect angle to drive me over the edge. My hands came naturally into position as I moved down, halfway circling her slender waist but leaving her hips free to move naturally.

“I want to make you cum like I just did,” she said earnestly, staring down into my eyes. Then she began to fuck me just the way she knew I liked best. Her pussy, still achingly tight but slick with lubrication, began to move up, stopping just before I fell out of her and then grinding all the way down onto me once more.

After just a minute of this incredible treatment, I was starting to tremble. My legs were locked straight out, and my back began to arch more and more as my balls tightened up, getting ready to explode inside her. When it hit me, I slammed my hips upward and she pushed back with all her strength, gripping me with her knees and thighs, squeezing my cock inside her as hard as she could.

“God, Sarah!” I moaned as I emptied myself into her waiting depths. Spurt after spurt leapt from my cock and I pulled her down with each one, instinctively trying to get deeper inside her as I came.

She had broken our kiss and she held her face just above mine, savoring the look of bliss that she had created as it lingered on my face.

“That’s it…” she whispered, “that’s it…give me everything.”

When my pulsing slowed down, my body relaxed, and Sarah let herself relax against me. I stroked her back and felt her kissing my neck and shoulder as my heartbeat gradually returned to normal speed. The sweat trapped between us was cooling now, and I rolled to one side so that she was pinned between me and the back of the couch. Tragically, my cock slipped from inside her, but our legs twined together easily and our free arms let us caress each other, stretching out the sudden connection between us.

“That,” I said to her softly, “was amazing!”

She smiled happily and leaned forward to kiss me.

“I told you I really need that,” she answered with a grin. “I’m just glad you were here for it!”

“Me, too!” I assured her.

“Still…no strings, right?”

I smiled to reassure her, then adopted a wounded look and said in my most tragic voice, “You mean you’re just going to love me up and kick me out?”

“Yup!” she said happily. “Now get up and get dressed. If Melanie comes home and finds us like this, I don’t know what she’d do!”

Fifteen minutes later, clean and dressed, we were on the porch having a cigarette when Melanie came back from Mass.

“I am clean and fresh!” she exclaimed, settling down on the wicker couch beside Sarah. “You guys look like you could use some excitement…who’s up for some brunch?”

“I could eat,” I admitted.

“Yeah…I don’t want to sit around here all day doing nothing,” Sarah added.

“Have no fear,” said Melanie, pulling her roommate to her feet. “Excitement is here!”

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