Meeting Lauren

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Would you believe that we met at a church? Ironic. I still remember seeing her, eyes closed, on her knees, her wavy, blonde hair cascading down her back. I admit, my mind immediately began daydreaming of what else she might do in that position.

Little did I know just how right I was.

I’m just lucky I had happened to attend that week with my friend. He was able to introduce me to Lauren. I probably made a fool of myself that day, struck by her deep, blue eyes into a dumb silence, but I recovered, eventually, and even made a good enough impression for her to exchange numbers with me.

We became fast friends. Talking to her during the day, sending little digital messages back and forth that straddled the line of propriety, it made my heart race in a way that it hadn’t since the divorce, adding a sorely needed bit of spice to the taste of everyday life. Just seeing that I had a new message from her made me smile, and I eagerly looked forward to the buzz of my phone that indicated yet another message from her. It felt good to laugh again, to open up my heart and let someone in again after so long.

It didn’t take long for our messages to go from flirtatious to risque to flat-out salacious, without me even trying. It just felt natural, easy, the way things flowed, like water running downstream. There was no effort, no direction, no plan or ulterior motives. We just talked and our path went towards the lascivious as surely as if gravity were pulling us, as though it were the most natural thing in the world for her to brag about her allegedly world-class blowjob skills, or for her to enthusiastically praise my hair and eyes and tell me that I should smile more because of how nice it was, or for me to tell her how I always insisted on getting my partners off with my hands and mouth before I even entered her.

Counterfactual questions, obviously pretexts for questions we wanted to openly ask each other but didn’t feel we could, went back and forth. What would you do if I did this? Would you ever do that? What if we traveled there together? I couldn’t help but wonder just how real this all was, though. Was it all just playful sphallolalia, flirtation for its own sake, without any intent to commit to the promises being made and situations being described? How serious was she? I didn’t dare ask to confirm: I feared the answer.

I couldn’t stand just waiting and worrying, though. I became determined to make a move. I’d rather at least be shot down and have closure than be left wondering forever. So when she invited me over for dinner and a movie, I leapt at the chance and hoped I would find my answer.

She greeted me at the door, a dimpled smile on her face, a spatula in her hand, and those deep, sapphire eyes of hers looking right through the walls I had erected years ago. “Hey.”

“Hey, Tiberius!” she said, giving me a tight hug. “Glad you could make it. I hope you brought your appetite.”

“Of course. I brought some wine.” I followed her inside and set the bottle on the table. “It smells delicious, what are you cooking?”

“Italian sausage and eggplant casserole. And it should smell delicious, ‘cuz it is.”

“What a phallic meal,” I observed.

She shrugged. “I know what I like.” She let her eyes dip down to my crotch and smirked with a chuckle. “I’ll be sure to save room for dessert, too.” I couldn’t keep my heart from racing, nor my cock from stiffening in my jeans. How was it that I so quickly found myself enthralled to her?

“You’ve got perfect timing. It just came out of the oven,” she explained.

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Just open your mouth wide and swallow. Otherwise, my feelings will be hurt. Although I doubt I need to worry about that. I’m a great chef. It’s my second best skill,” she added with a wink.

I sat down at the table and watched as Lauren set aside our portions and came to the table with two steaming plates of casserole. She leaned down over my shoulder and placed mine in front of me, her petite chest pressing against my shoulder. “Enjoy,” she whispered in my ear. She walked to the other side of the table, not without me sneaking a peek at her pert, tight ass, and sat down.

The food was amazing. The view, even better. At first I thought I was just imagining things, the victim of daydreams and wishful thinking. But eventually, I couldn’t deny I was right, and those were her two gorgeous, little nipples poking eagerly through her thin top the entire meal. I’m certain she caught me staring more than once, but how could I ignore them? I couldn’t help but imagine how they would feel between my lips instead of slices of eggplant and sausage.

“How are they?”


“How is it?” she repeated herself. “The meal?”

“Oh, amazing! You’re a fantastic chef.”

“I told you so. I don’t make empty boasts,” she replied confidently. My mind wandered towards her braggadocious praise of her blowjob talents, how she had driven men to tell her they loved her pendik escort after just a single date and had gotten her out of trouble more than once.

Soon, the meal ended. I washed the dishes while she cleaned the table. I smiled as she placed the silverware into the sudsy water, remembering previous domestic bliss that had once seemed irrecoverable. But now, I wondered whether it wasn’t, after all.

She got the movie set up while I prepared popcorn. I don’t even remember what we ended up watching, some musical set during a war. Other events that night were far more memorable for me.

She snuggled up next to me on the couch as soon as I sat down, our bodies pressed together, her lithe form rising and falling against me with each breath, impossible to ignore. Her hand kept creeping towards my crotch, greedily grabbing at popcorn, and then coming to a rest on my upper thigh. Part way through the movie, her hand began slowly stroking up and down. Her fingertips brushing against me felt electric, my body abuzz.

On the television, one of the actresses performed a burlesque-style striptease. I squirmed in my seat, my libido caught between the physical sensation of Lauren’s hand creeping up my thigh and the visual stimulation of the on-screen striptease.

“You know,” Lauren interjected, “I can do that.”


“Yeah, you know, the whole dance routine? I did some classes a few years back.” She looked up into my eyes with those deep, piercing cerulean eyes of hers and asked me the most obvious question I’ve ever been asked until then. “Do you want to see?”

I swallowed and inhaled deeply, making sure my voice would be steady and firm when I replied, as nonchalantly as I could fake, “Sure, if you want.”

She beamed at me and got off the couch, almost bouncing in place. “Pause the movie,” she told me, while she took out her phone to find some musical accompaniment. I did as she asked and waited, keeping the empty bowl of popcorn over my crotch for at least a modicum of preserved dignity. She set down her phone and the soulful melodies of a jazzy tune filled the room. She reached behind her to dim the lights and began her performance.

She danced to the music, her limbs swinging, her hips swaying, her blonde hair bouncing. I watched, entranced, as she flowed along to the music, her body in sync with its sound. Her hands caressed her body as I wished they were mine, instead. And then her hands went to her blouse’s buttons, and my eyes widened at the sudden realization that she was giving me a thorough performance. One by one, her deft, nimble fingers slipped each ivory button out of its hole, revealing a few more inches of flesh at a time, exposing her lacey, red and black bra. As the brass section let loose a furious fortissimo, she pulled her top away and cast it aside in one smooth motion, unveiling her chest and bra to me.

She continued to dance, strutting across the room, bending down low and flipping up her skirt, revealing for a brief, glorious moment a round, firm ass and a burgundy thong. She reached down and slid one of her socks off, kicking it away. She turned towards me and stomped her foot between my legs, just inches from my cock, and peeled off the other knee-high sock, rolling it down her toned leg and leaving it on the cushion as she pushed off to continue her routine.

She was running out of clothes quickly. Just how far was she planning to go with this? Her hands unzipped her skirt, just slightly, just enough for her to hula to the melody and make her skirt slide down her legs. She kicked the skirt onto my face. By the time I had removed it, she was right in front of me, now wearing only a matching pair of black and red underwear, edged with delicate lace. She reached into my lap, grabbed the bowl from me, and pulled it away.

With the bowl in her hands, she moved it around her body, first concealing, now exposing her intimate parts and clothing. The bowl spun in circles around her torso. A hand went behind her back. The bowl passed in front of her chest. She turned around, and her bra was in her outstretched hand, her back now bare, her firm buns, as well. Her thong was now the only clothing on her body.

She turned back to face me, a big smile on her face, and dropped the bra to the floor. Bowl over her breasts, she walked towards me as the song reached its crescendo, and at the last note, she straddled my lap, tossed the bowl away, and embraced me before I could see anything but a flash of pink. My heart was pounding. I could feel hers fluttering against my chest, too.

“Did you enjoy it?” she whispered in my ear.

“I loved it.”

She cooed happily. “Good.” She wriggled on my lap and gasped in faux surprise. “Tibe! You’re hard!”

“You can hardly expect me not to be after a show like that…”

“Oh? That’s all because of me?” she asked sweetly, gyrating on my hardness.

“Of course…” I practically hissed at the little cocktease on my lap.

“Maybe tuzla escort it would help if I sucked your cock…”

“What?!” I asked, scarcely believing I had heard her correctly.

“You know. Lick, suck, swallow? Would that help?” Her lips brushed against my ear as she spoke, her voice just barely audible.

“Yeah. Yeah, it would.”

Her hand reached down to my pants and stroked my hard cock through the fabric. She giggled. “My, my, so eager…” She pulled her legs in and slid down my body until she knelt on the floor between my thighs. Her hands began to unzip my immediately. She reached in and pulled out her prize. A soft, deep exhalation escaped her as she caressed my manhood with her wide eyes and thin fingers. “Magnificent…” Her fingertips grazed up and down my shaft, leaving me trembling helplessly in her grip. My body buzzed at her touch. Already I could feel that hot pleasure building inside my cock, threatening to explode at any moment while I silently prayed to let this last as long as possible.

Her hand made a few more teasing strokes of my shaft, and suddenly she opened her mouth and descended upon me, engulfing my cock. I gripped the cushions tightly and grunted at the sudden burst of pleasure, of warm, moist ecstasy, shot through me. Her tight little mouth gripped my arousal while her sapphire eyes stared into me. Her head bobbed, her voice cooed, her tongue swirled and danced as elegantly as she herself so recently had, with similar results to my heart rate.

Her hands ran up my thighs. She released me from her mouth and stroked my wet cock with one hand while the other brought my balls into her mouth. She sucked on them gently, tenderly, caressing them with her lips and mouth and tongue as her fingers wrapped around my swollen head and gripped me tight. I leaned back and surrendered to her skill.

Soon, I was once again inside her mouth, my cock embraced by her intimacy. She stroked my shaft with her lips, moving up and down, now releasing me just enough to kiss and lick my head, now slowly working her way down my shaft inch by inch until she reached the base of my shaft and had conquered my entire length with her throat. It was too much to resist. I felt myself pass the point of no return.

“I’m going to cum,” I warned her.

She pursed her lips tightly around me and took my shaft as deeply inside her as it could fit. With her eyes locked on mine, my shaft spasmed inside her mouth, pulsating, as my cum gushed inside of her. Her mouth tightened rhythmically around me, her throat bulging, as she swallowed every last drop of my essence, storing that part of me inside her stomach. She suckled until I was empty, until I had already given up everything to her mouth, before she finally released my cock from its blissful imprisonment.

“Feel better now, Tiberius?” I could only nod. A touch of my cum still glazed her smiling lips. “You’ve got a cute O face, you know.” She nuzzled my wilting cock against her cheek and giggled like a wind chime, crisp and pure and musical. She sighed. “You’ve got a lovely cock. Good stamina, too. For a man your age,” she teased. She climbed back up and into my lap.

“That felt incredible,” I sighed.

“Yeah, I kinda guessed that when you came in my mouth. I told you I was great at it,” she reminded me. “So, what do you want to do now?”

I thought about it, and told her. We never did finish that movie.

We saw plenty more together, though. We began dating. We talked even more, almost constantly, really. We traded opinions back and forth, shared viewpoints, exposed our worldviews to each other. She didn’t just vapidly giggle and nod her head, agreeing with everything I said like too many others had. She challenged me, she fought for herself and her positions. She was never intolerant, but neither did she ever simply resign or give in. She battled with respect, and I appreciated her all the more for it.

I looked forward to our dates. It took me a while to realize just how long it had been since I had actually looked forward to things. For the longest time I had just survived day to day. Now, once again, I was living. I found myself daydreaming about her, smiling uncontrollably at the thought of her. On those rare days we found ourselves unable to talk, I couldn’t stop myself from habitually checking my phone every few minutes, just in case she had sent me a message that I had missed.

Lauren gasped and moaned. “You really don’t have to go first every time, you know…”

I took a break from licking her clit. “Are you complaining? I can stop.”

She wrapped her legs around my head and forced me back down with a growl. “Don’t you fucking dare, Tiberius. I meant more, in general. Not right now. Definitely not right now…just a little faster, oh god, yes, just like that. But like…next time…next time let me go first.”

I caressed her lips lovingly with my tongue, darting between them, tasting her sweet arousal. I lapped hungrily, kartal escort my hands under her tight, firm ass, pulling her closer, my nose buried in her little blonde forest, inhaling her scent. I spread her lips apart and sucked her clit slowly, gently nibbling it as I did so.

Her breath quickened. Her thighs tightened around my head. She started to moan, her noises of delight building to a crescendo while I continued to lick and suck and massage and squeeze. She screamed my name as her whole body tightened and tensed, her hips bucking towards me. Quivers ran through her frame. Sweat dewed upon her body. Slowly, the tremors subsided and she gave a satisfied shout.

“Oh, that was amazing!” she gushed, still panting. “But I still want to go first one of these days…”

I climbed into bed next to her and studied her parted lips and dilated eyes. “Yeah, you look real broken up over it.”

She punched my shoulder. “I mean it. Don’t be a showoff.”

I leaned down and kissed her. “Sorry, no can do. Just lay back and enjoy it.”

She chuckled. “Well, that’s not very hard to do. But I do owe you something special.” She pulled me in close to her. “I have a surprise for you,” she whispered.

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

“Kneel right there and close your eyes,” she said. I got onto my knees and obeyed. I felt something soft being wrapped around my eyes. “No peeking,” Lauren warned me. I stayed quiet and paid attention to my other senses, wondering what she was planning.

A slight crinkle. The soft feeling of a condom on my head, followed by Lauren’s hands unrolling it down my length. I already liked where this was headed. Her hand gripped my shaft tightly. I felt a soft, yielding pressure at the tip of my head. Tight warm enveloped my cock. Very tight. I reached out with my hands and found her hips, eliciting a giggle from her. “Patience,” she chided me. The pressure lessened and I pushed inside. Slowly the grip extended down my shaft. Lauren moaned and grunted as I impaled her more and more deeply. Soon, the sensation of her body surrounded by suffused my entire shaft.

“You can open your eyes now,” Lauren told me.

Light returned. I looked down at Lauren on her hands and knees, her firm, tight ass very nearly against my crotch. She slid forward, exposing my length, and I suddenly realized what exactly her surprise was.

“Anal?!” I blurted out in surprise.

She pushed back against me, taking my cock into her virginal ass. We had discussed it before, but she had always demurred, and I hadn’t pushed the matter. But never before had she ever expressed any interest. And now, suddenly, here she was, wrapped around my cock. “Mhm,” she confirmed with a cocky laugh. “How is it? I’ve been practicing for you.”

I held her hips tightly and guided myself, thrusting slowly. The knowledge that she had saved this for me alone, the fact that she was just so tight back there, the view of her round cheeks parting for me, it was almost too much for me. She sultrily moaned as I thrust into her over and over.

I loved feeling that I was taking her, that she was all mine. This special part of her that she had never given to another man was mine alone: a special bond that we would forever share. Just for me, she had surrendered this part of herself. Just for me, she had prepared for this. Just for me, she had planned and waited and surprised me with this marvelous gift, overcoming her own misgivings and taboos.

“This feels so good,” I huffed, delving into her behind.

“Keep going,” she cooed. “Don’t stop.”

I didn’t need any further encouragement. I held her tightly and thrust harder, pushing her face into the bedsheets, primally and passionately filling her little hole with my manhood, sharing her first time with her.

Hot passion flooded through me. My entire shaft tingled and buzzed. I could feel my ecstasy concentrating inside me, extending its tendrils outwards from my core, wrapping itself around my cock and balls and loins. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I pounded her hard and fast, aching for relief.

I couldn’t help but groan as I released inside her, as my body orgasmed, as my cock spasmed and quivered inside her body. She felt it, too. “Yes, yes!” she moaned. I spanked her ass hard and she laughed playfully. I buried myself as deeply as I could inside her ass, her body constricting around me, as I lost myself in the wild throes or a mind-blowing orgasm.

Later, breathing heavily, my heart racing, I realized that Lauren was saying my name.


“There you are. Somebody enjoyed himself, huh?”

“Oh, god, yes…” I tenderly withdrew myself from her. “What made you want to try it?”

“I wanted to be sure my first time would it’d be with someone special. And I guess I think you’re pretty special…”

My heart took flight at that statement. My feelings crystalized, amorphous blobs of vague emotions turning into something I knew and recognized. I suppose I had known the truth for a long time. I just hadn’t been ready to admit it yet until now, until she had opened herself up first, in both body and soul.

I took a deep breath, and confessed. “I love you, Lauren.”

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