Meeting a Friend

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Sometimes, you just know something will happen. Sometimes you don’t have a clue. And sometimes, you are afraid to hope so as not to ruin anything.

We’d been friends for months – and getting closer all the time. She read my writing, watched me in the room with a special girl friend and who knew what went on in her mind – none of us do.

The idea was planted in the chatroom, we teased each other and all the other chatters about what we’d do. They knew my reputation and assumed. We allowed it. But the ideas were in both of our heads – we laughed at first, then like women, we talked about it.

At first the idea of a threesome was appealing. We had a man in mind, but even before we knew he wasn’t going to join us, we no longer wanted the company.

There really is nothing like anticipating something all day. It’s the most delicious feeling. I was so excited to meet this woman who’s been so special in my life already – no matter WHAT happened. I just knew that we’d have fun and laugh and enjoy each other. I also knew that despite what we decided to do or not do, our time would end far too soon.

I put the key lime bars in the fridge – the hotel didn’t have a freezer. They’d be gooey – but oh well. Little did I know…

I only had one experience with a woman. She was wonderful and taught me that although I was straight, that women can touch you in a way that’s different from men. And she helped me embrace that you shouldn’t pick who you loved just by their sex – but by who they are. I’m lucky in that experience – not many people have had that opportunity.

Now while Kirsten hadn’t been with a woman and said to herself and others that it probably wouldn’t happen, she’d always been a woman who thrived on self discovery. She is sexy and sassy and smart as a whip… and tall.

She knocked on my door and we hugged for about 2 minutes – laughing and just hanging on tight. She smelled so fresh and light – a scent I was familiar with. It was so good to meet. She’s so much more beautiful than her pictures. These green eyes that are filled with intelligence and humor just pop off her face. Her smile lights up her face. Her hair was about the same as mine, a dark auburn – almost a chestnut color. We were both in black – her in a very revealing black tank top showing her pale skin and great chest. She wore blue jeans that enhanced her long legs. I was in heels and still needed to look up.

She came inside the hotel room and I gathered my things, blew out my scented candle and we went off to dinner. Conversation flowed easily, we laughed in the car, at the restaurant, at the newbie waitress that was fairly clueless. We said a mini laughing prayer over the ribs hoping it wasn’t our friend – then laughing a lot about that. Our phones were both ringing and we talked to a few people. But our focus was on each other and the fact that we were finally together having a great time.

We drank throughout our meal and our inhibitions were dropping. We went to a local bar where she knew the bartender. He flirted heavily and so did all the men at the bar. Maybe it was the chemistry, maybe the alcohol, or maybe just the devilish side of bahis firmaları both of us, but we decided to have some fun with the men at the bar. Nothing was said, mind you, just some looks to each other and casual touches between us and we immediately had the entire bar’s attention.

When something funny was said, in my laugh I leaned in closer to her… looking up in to her eyes. Sometimes when I whispered in her ear, I’d stroke a finger up her arm. The response from the men at the bar was more and more intense. They stopped watching whatever game was playing on the TV and were watching us. JT, the bartender, loved it – more and more people were coming over to the bar getting drinks and he was giving us the attention we were craving.

We kept touching each other and the men who came over and flirted with us. We gave the impression that we’d been intimate and the men were all over that. The drinks kept flowing – we hadn’t paid for any of them. The inhibitions were gone and the touching got more intimate. My nails scraping down her jean-clad leg, her finger taking the caramel from the martini glass and letting me taste it off her finger. The men at the bar were almost drooling.

I don’t know at what point I no longer cared about their reactions to us – but my own. When I tasted the caramel off her finger, this lightening bolt went through my system pooling right between my legs. I had no idea if she was still doing things for the men’s reactions but they no longer were important to me. Touching her – having her touch me – was all I could think about. The fact they were watching us raised the heat in the bar and in the exhibitionists in us.

She whispered in my ear, “Do you realize we’re the only women here in the bar area? They’re eating this up.”

“I know, lets milk it…” I responded.

“Be right back,” she said as she left her stool and went to the ladies room.

The man who was sitting next to me was tall, had great blue eyes and wore a ball cap in just the right way. He had been looking down the V-neck of my dress and her tank the whole time and not hiding the fact that he was. He flirted with us and participated in the conversation a bit more than some of the others. Most of the men were just watching, in awe and obviously aroused. He laughed and enjoyed the show with a bit more control but I saw him filling in the very nice wear marks in his blue jeans. So I knew he was enjoying himself – and us. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You know that every man in here is watching every move you two sexy ladies are making, don’t you?”

I giggled and whispered back, “Yes, I’m quite aware of that.”

“Why don’t you give them some more to look at?” He said with a soft whisper in my ear.

“Them?” I questioned. Then I moved my head away from his mouth and winked at him.

He winked back and said, “Guilty as charged. You two are beautiful and erotic and a pleasure to be so close to.”

I smiled at him, and then saw her come back to her seat. “I missed you!” I said to her.

“Show her how MUCH you missed her,” the man next to me said to the bar. Then the men at the bar started rallying “Yeah – show kaçak iddaa her!”

Kirsten said, “How much DID you miss me?” then winked at me.

I giggled and blushed – the alcohol rushing through my system taking away every inhibition. I leaned in to her and took her face in to my hands and looked in to her lustful green eyes, giving her time to realize that I was, in fact, going to kiss her. Then I moved my lips first softly against hers, then licked her bottom lip, then nibbled it a bit. Hearing a slight gasp behind me from the audience was not nearly as heady as hearing her primal ‘mmmm.’ I still tasted her lips, little mini kisses and nibbles. Then I pulled away and straightened myself back in my stool and looked at her. Her eyes got darker green and her pupils were dilated, so I knew then that it was not just a game for the attention – it was real arousal. I know I had to be blushing so hard; my blood was boiling. I don’t remember reacting that potently to a slight lip-tasting before. My nipples were pink beads poking hard through my bra and dress, the rest of me was quivering like nothing before.

JT broke the silence by saying, “Yeah – well, that was proof she missed ya and I know I’m thirsty! How about another drink?” He had them ready and gave them to us and I gulped down half my martini.

She leaned in to me and said, “My turn.” Then she moved her mouth to the V-neck of my dress and slowly kissed me from there up to my neck. My head fell back in arousal and also to allow her the access she wanted when she kissed the erratic pulse in my neck then up to my chin. Her hand moved my head forward and she licked my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and returned the licking of her lips. If I thought about it, which I didn’t, I’d know that every man had their cock in their hands with this visual of two women licking each others lips and starting a kiss. I closed my eyes and kissed her. There really isn’t anything like a first kiss – male or female. But women have a soft touch, soft face, and a passion that’s unparalleled. Our tongues danced and no one was there besides us. She broke it off, shocked at herself, at her own reaction. We were both dealing with our own reactions – the heat of it.

The man sitting next to me leaned in and whispered, “That was one hot kiss, darlin. I bet you that some men here just messed their pants at that!” I smiled at him and he saw my eyes. “Well… it seems like your panties are probably a bit damp as well.” I’ve never been able to hide anything in my eyes.

“Yeah,” I said – my words taken away from me. “I think I want to go.”

He reached in to his pocket and handed me a card and said, “I know you want to be alone with your friend, darlin, but if you get to a point later that you want company, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

I smiled, whispered to Kirsten that we should go and told her what he said. We asked JT for a check and he just laughed and told us that it was taken care of. We left him a nice tip and got off our chairs. Knowing it was the man who sat next to me, Kirsten got off her stool and went to him and kissed him on the cheek saying thanks. I leaned to kiss him on the cheek kaçak bahis and he moved my face, kissed my mouth instead. I told him that I appreciated the drinks but that it wasn’t his night – it was ours. He smiled and we turned to leave.

Thank goodness it was only about five minutes from the bar to the hotel. We laughed that we had all of the men in there aroused. We got to hotel by the grace of God since we had so much alcohol. We were back to laughing and goofing around.

When we got to my room, I took out the key lime bars and we dove in to them. Since they were only refrigerated, they weren’t firm – they were gooey. Topped with a white chocolate ganache, it was sweet and tart – and sticky and gooey on our fingers.

It wasn’t long before we were laughing at how messy and gooey they were but licking our fingers. I don’t know who did it first but before we knew it, we were licking each others’ fingers and the temperature in the room began to rise.

There was no talking about it and discussing pros and cons. There were just two very sensual women who appreciated their own sexuality and each others. I turned around and she unzipped my dress. I stood up from the bed and let it fall, leaving me in my black strapless bra and lace tanga. I lifted her tank and she unzipped and removed her jeans.

There was flesh against flesh and the curiosity of aroused, intelligent women. Our lips were touching and each of us allowing the other to explore at her own pace. She surprised herself and me when she removed my bra and took a very hard nipple in her mouth. We sat up facing each other and I teased her nipple, testing how hard she liked them pinched and played with. No words were spoken, just the communication of friends exploring. Nothing was off limits and we didn’t do all what other women do. We tasted, we touched, we kissed, we pleased each other.

The balance of our lingerie hitting the floor, we tasted more and ensured that no trace of the key lime bar was on the bed or on our fingers. I moved my fingers and swirled them in the tiny tuft of hair on the top of her pussy. Her moans urged me on and soon I found her clit wet. So gently I moved my fingers in little @ signs and circles, feeling the inferno build within her. Her head back and eyes closed, her whole body spoke of the pleasure it was feeling. The heady feeling of pleasure given is unmatched. I could watch her like this for hours. My own build was climbing just from touching her. I slowed down, and it was oh so gently what my fingers were doing. I knew she was close to exploding her orgasm and I was on fire with that knowledge of causing it. I leaned in and took her nipple in my mouth and pressed her clit gently, swirling my finger around it right at that spot that had her squirm. I had forgotten what it was like to watch a woman reach a peak – let alone cause it. She moaned out, her head back, eyes closed and my fingers got drenched. It took her a minute to open her eyes and when she did, I smiled and licked my fingers.

She and I touched, licked, smiled, laughed and moaned for another hour before she got up, dressed, and left with the rest of the key lime bars and memories that will make us both sigh and smile for years to come. We hugged tightly and said goodbye.

Friendship is something to be treasured. Self discovery – well we did more of that Sunday morning on my way out of town….

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