Meet the New Boss Pt. 02

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They walked over to the lift, Ryan feeling both aroused by the insistent pressure of the ring around his groin and self conscious that someone in the office might notice his erection and put two and two together, coming up with five as Nathalie walked with him. The fact she’d chosen today to dress up didn’t help either, every time he looked at her the ring around the base of his cock felt extra thick, tightening and sending his manhood throbbing.

Nathalie reached the lift ahead of him and pressed the button to call the lift, turning to face the rest of the office, casting a sideways glance at him as they waited, Ryan not wanting to bring too much attention to himself kept his body turned toward the doors to the lift. After what seemed like an eternity the doors opened and the pair stepped inside, Ryan allowing Nathalie to enter first.

“Thank you. Quite the gentleman Ryan.” His PA smiled as she spoke softly while the elevator doors closed. She pressed the button on the control panel and turned to face him, her smile reaching her eyes. She held the thick folder of papers under her chest, pushing her cleavage up and exposing a little more flesh than maybe she’d intended. He noticed for the first time a thin silver chain around her neck, the silver cross at the end nestling in her bosom.

“I try.” He managed as he tried to rearrange himself without making it obvious to Nathalie.

“Uncomfortable?” She asked.

“Hmm?” Ryan replied, wondering if she knew what was going on inside his trousers.

“Have bahis firmaları I made you uncomfortable, dressing like this I mean?” The redhead asked, her voice sounding a little throaty. “I know I don’t usually erm, show anything but I wanted to see what it was like, having people take notice of me for a change.”

Ryan cleared his throat, more than a little surprised at Nathalie’s comments. He tried to think of the least sexual way to phrase his reply. “You, ah, look nice.” He said, colour rising in his cheeks. That sounded so bad. His natural urge to compliment someone on their appearance fought against his concern that his erection would be noticed and some kind of unprofessional conduct case would ensue. He couldn’t stop himself however.

“I mean, you’re a very attractive young woman, you look lovely, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of people’s attention.” He hoped that didn’t sound too creepy.

Nathalie smiled, shrugging her shoulders, which had the effect of pushing her breasts together and creating even more freckled cleavage. “Thank you. Don’t worry, I’m not coming on to you. I know you’d never do anything inappropriate at work.” There was a definite twinkle in her eyes as she spoke, but before he could reply, the lift reached its destination and Nathalie stepped out ahead of him.

“N-no.. ” He trailed off as he watched Nathalie’s shapely rear as she headed down the corridor, “You’re right of course.” He added quickly as he followed, the material of his trousers rubbing against the hard length of his kaçak iddaa cock as it continued to be gripped by the tight ring around the base. He didn’t want to look down but he could tell by the way it felt that he was showing obvious signs of arousal as he walked. Fortunately the corridor outside the board room was empty save for him and Nathalie. She turned back toward him as she reached the door and her eyes fell to his crotch for a moment, a look of either sympathy or something else crossed her face momentarily. She waited for him to catch up before opening the door and holding it open for him.

His heart pounding and palms sweating a little, Ryan stepped past a rather flushed Nathalie and into the board room. The instant he stepped into the room the small vibrator slung under his balls buzzed into life, causing him to let out a soft gasp. It wasn’t particularly strong, but it was enough to get his cock to jump just as he layed eyes on the other people in the room.

Three men and a woman sat at the table across from the entrance and even from the brief look he knew the woman was M. She was dressed quite conservatively, in a scoop neck black top, with the rest of her attire being concealed by the table sat between them, but it was the look on her face and full, lips that gave it away. He’d never seen her face fully – now that he had, he was more in lust with her than ever -, but several of the photos of her showed her lips – a couple of her sucking on a large dildo as she told him what she’d like to do to his cock and kaçak bahis many others of her cleavage and tits showed her lips. Damn, was this whole thing a set up or was M really his new boss?

The men with her were all middle aged, fairly non-descript suited middle managers and had a stack of papers in front of them on the desk. Were they aware of what was going on? From the way they looked at Ryan it was doubtful, but then he didn`t expect that M would turn out to be his boss.

He noticed Nathalie appeared just as flushed as him and belatedly wondered if she was receiving the same treatment as him. M had mentioned she liked girls too after all.

“Ryan, Nathalie. Glad to finally meet you both. I’m Catalina Richards.” M stood, revealing her dress to above just around knee length, with her lower legs still concealed by the table. Her chest still looked impressive despite only a hint of cleavage being hinted at by the cut of her dress.

“Please sit, I wouldn`t want you to feel uncomfortable. She said with a hint of a smile on her face.” Ryan and his PA sat across the table from Catalina and her colleagues, taking a little time to adjust themselves as the vibrations by now had Ryan at full arousal and his hard cock was caught in the folds of his trousers. Nathalie seemed similarly fidgety, her hips moving around a bit as she sat down, crossing and uncrossing her legs before she seemed to settle.

“So, gentlemen.” Catalina began, turning to the men seated to her right. “Tell me how were doing this quarter?”

Seriously? thought Ryan. This was an actual meeting? What a bitch.. Ha-ha, she was laying down a pretty mean challenge if she thought he and Nathalie were expected to give a departmental report under these conditions.

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