Me First, Baby

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I lay in bed waiting for you, only wearing a blanket to cover from others that may enter. Knowing what you have planned, I hide my erection under the blankets so no one will see it. The jingle of your keys upon the desk signals that you are here. My cock twitches in anticipation as I squeeze the blanket tighter and begin blushing.

You open the door and step inside the door, not looking at me as you close the door. You stretch upwards, knowing that I’m watching, standing on your tiptoes as your short dress rides up and I see your panties show through your leggings. Smirking, you glance over your shoulder at me.

“Well, look who’s staring. What a cutie you are. Like what you see?” You say, wiggling your butt playfully. Twirling upon your toe, you begin slowly walking towards the bed, putting emphasis on your swaying hips. The bed creaks as you climb onto the mattress.

Softly, the fingers of your hand play along the blanket, outlining my body and stroking my penis as light as possible. The back of your hand glides up the blanket until it reaches the hem along my chest. Your şişli escort smile grows wide as you pull the blanket completely off of me and onto the ground, revealing my nude form to you.

I blush, but you pat my cheek, saying, “You’re so big, my sweet boy. Let’s feel good together. Make a mess for me, baby.”

You stand up again and walk over to the closet, your hips shaking back and forth, your dress showing glimpses of your thighs and butt as you bend over into our dresser.. A diaper in hand, you stand back up seeing my gaze. “Someone is being very naughty. Are you staring at my legs or my dress? Which one are you more interested in? Should I make you wear the dress next time?” I blush but you just move towards me, removing your leggings and panties as swiftly as possible and not bothering to let your comment set for long. You pull a wand vibrator out of the night stand drawer and hand it to me. “For now, I’m going to put this on you and drive you crazy only after you give me at least one orgasm. And just to make sure that you sivas escort don’t use your mouth…”

You reach into the same drawer again and pull out a large pacifier. You rub it across my lips lightly before you slid it into your panties and, in turn, your vagina and begin to vigorously fuck yourself with it. You moan gently a few times before pulling it out, gazing at the wet juices that accumulated upon it before pushing it into my mouth. You coo down at me and climb above me, facing towards my legs and placing your knees on either side of my chest. You begin to ready the diaper to use on me, not that I could see it, as I begin to rub the vibrator on your under regions.

You nearly scream in pleasure as it rubs all over your clitoris and labia and I rub vigorously into you. I push and slide along your sensitive regions, pulling one hand to rub your butt and your anus. I suck on the pacifier, loudly moaning as I smell and taste you. The combination of hearing your moans and tasting and smelling your arousal on the wonderful silicone object. You cum into your panties, sıhhiye escort pushing hard into the vibrator as you squirt through the material onto me.

You kiss my stomach and pull the diaper over my hardened cock, making the plastic wrap almost completely around my erection. “What a good boy you are. You please me, and I make sure you have all the fun you can possibly want.” You grab the lotion and rub my erection up and down gently, before wrapping me up in the diaper and forming an absorbent catch for my cum.

You turn around and press your vagina into my freshly lotioned and padded penis. Pulling the vibrator from my hand before placing it where the head of my cock is. You slide your sensitive vagina on top of me and begin humping into me.

You moan in pleasure as you watch me squirming and moaning into my pacifier underneath you. You press an index finger into the pacifier, smiling in post orgasm bliss. “Cum for me, darling. Mess your cute diaper for me. Suck on your little pacifier for your big, dominant mommy. Suck just like you would suck my breasts.” With you humping into me and with the vibrator pressed to the most sensitive part of my cock, I cum hard into the diaper, moaning loudly into the pacifier and pressing into you.

“Good baby. What a sweet happy boy in his messy diaper. Let’s take that off of you and get ready for round two.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32