May Came Aboard

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It’s summer 2017, at last the temperature is up and the sun is shining.

Where will it take us?

I’m May. My relationship broke down, even after having kids, so after getting over the fact that HE wasn’t around any more, thank goodness, I joined this web site, aimed at folk who want new people to date. Most of the men just seemed to want sex partners, but while they all probably hoped for sex, a few offered a bit more.

There is a chap called Dave, who was at least a bit indirect about having it off, he asked about my kids and offered a trip on his canal boat, pointing out that if I didn’t like him, I’d have plenty of chance to run away while he was tying the ropes up after the trip.

I think I’ll give him a try…

My name is Dave, I won’t explain why, but although I’m still married, I haven’t had sex this century. I’m lucky though, to paraphrase the usual old saw, My wife does understand me and she’s been happy for me to spend a few quid on internet web sites to try and find someone who will enjoy sex with me. After some research I found a site and settled in.

Over my first few months, I was targetted by two con merchants and one lass who suddenly burst out with, “If you need sex, bye” so not too successful, but, at last I found a new member of the site, May, who was not only young and pretty, but wasn’t put off by me being (just) over three times her age. After exchanging a number of messages, she agreed to meet me at my narrowboat, moored at a marina on the Leeds/Liverpool Canal. As I’d explained to her, the boat is an ideal venue, since, when cruising I’d be far too busy to rape her, not that I actually want to do that, mutual seduction is my goal, but try to convince a potential victim of that motivation. That would only succeed with someone whose eventual aims are the same. And when moored, back at the marina, all an unwilling victim would have to do is to scream. Other people at the marina would hear and rescue her, and probably report me to the police, so I’m far more at risk than her. So far it seems May fits those criteria too because she’s said she’ll come.

I’ve arranged for my children to stay with my parents for a few days, while I go away to try to get over HIM walking out on us. That is strictly true, but I’m not convinced that they would approve of just where I’m going and just why I’m going there, but never mind, my story holds water for my mum and dad, so let’s leave it at that. I’ve sent a message to Dave telling him when I’ll be coming and he sent me one telling me exactly where to find him on his boat…

I’m getting excited about this!

She’s coming! She’s told me exactly when and I’ve told her exactly where, it only remains for me to make the boat fully ready for her arrival.

That means I’m going to light the solid fuel stove and turn it down low, to what is intended as an over-night setting, oh yes and to fit the chimney to the flue pipe so the draft is good. During the daytime we won’t need the stove, but having it burning slowly means it will be ready for the evening, just open the air vent and it will keep the saloon toasty warm, warm enough so we don’t need clothes. Other preparations include getting both food and drink: pizza to feed on, and fruit juice, beer, red wine, vodka & tonic and brandy (mostly to go into coffee), to drink. That means we won’t have to go ashore at all unless we want to, but if we do the town, or perhaps village is a better word, near where the marina is has all sorts of restaurants and takeaways. I have sometimes wondered demetevler escort whether the marina is responsible for that, as while boats are equipped to cook well, they are never quite as convenient as kitchens at home, in bricks and mortar, so eating out is more attractive.

But with May, for a short visit of little more than a couple of days, I don’t think we’ll be eating out.

Well I’ve delivered the kids and now I’m on my way, driving to the town where his boat is parked.

Finding the marina was easy, there’s a school at the end of the marina drive and a tourist road sign showing exactly where the entrance is. Following Dave’s instructions, I parked in the main car park then rang him to come and fetch me. I was surprised at first that he came in a car, but when he expained that he had a problem with his ankle, I understood. At least I thought so, but when I found out how far it was to his boat, I really did.

When we got there, Dave helped me aboard, then we took down the hood that keeps the back of the boat warm and dry. Taking it down is simple, but needs two people to make it easy. First we had to unfasten the sides and back and take them down into the boat, then we had to move the frames so they don’t obstruct the way into the boat. Not exactly a quick job, but well worth doing, or so Dave said.

Next, he started the engine and untied the ropes so we were free. Then we had to turn her round. The canal is mostly narrower than the boat is long so we have to find a specially wide bit. The marina planners took that into account, so what looks like the place for a last boat is left empty for that. Dave made it look easy, but I’m not sure it was. I had to go to the front of our boat, to make sure we didn’t bang the last boat tied up but we were going so slowly that I don’t think it would have mattered. Whatever, it was only a few minutes until we were pointed the way we wanted to go.

Dave called me to the back of the boat and told me to climb up onto a cushion where I could see where we are going, then explained how to steer: the back of the boat moves the same way as you pull or push the steering stick, so if you want to turn to the right you pull the stick left, the back goes left and the front swings right, easy when you think about it…

So there I was, sat up on this cushion, steering the boat. It took me a few minutes to find out how far I had to move the stick, but Dave helped me learn, quite small movements start the boat turning and if you keep the stick over, the turn gets faster. You only need big movements of the stick if you need to start turning very quickly. With that, and a bit of practise, I felt confident in a very few minutes, but then Dave started caressing me.

He started by putting his hand on mine as I held the steering stick and stroking my fingers up and down, then moved his hand to my back, which is bare because my top is short and doesn’t reach down to my skirt. After stroking me there for a while, he started using his other hand, the right one, to stroke my tummy so he had his left hand on my back and his right hand on my belly, both caressing and gently tickling me.

We then met another boat coming towards us. Dave told me we had to swing towards the right hand bank – and slow down – to give the other boat plenty of room to get past and not to have to climb a high bow-wave. Once we were past, he started tickling again, but this time he started on my feet, slipping off my sandals so he could get at my toes.

Gradually he moved upwards, past the balls escort demetevler of my feet, past my ankles, up to my calves, which he stroked gently up and down, reaching behind my knees at the top of each stroke. He reached over my right leg so that he could get to my left and stroked that knee as well, right hand on my left knee, left hand on my right. Those are all erogenous zones for me, so I had to slow down because I could not concentrate enough on steering the boat.

Dave’s next move was up to inside my thighs, I was starting to wet that cushion I was sitting on, because I wasn’t wearing any knickers. He discovered that as his caresses moved up under my skirt. He gave a big grin and told me he liked not to have to pull knickers off or aside, but could work steadily upwards until he reached my pussy, with nothing in the way. Other boats came past, but we were going slowly already and had pulled over towards the right hand bank. Dave had moved his hand so he wasn’t reaching over my right leg but was reaching under it so my skirt, although short was masking what he was doing. I could feel his caresses but people on other boats going past couldn’t see that he was working me up to a frenzy, rubbing my clit with his thumb and pushing fingers up inside me. I was close to cumming when we reached another turning place, and he left me alone while he turned the boat round. That gave me a chance to calm down and stop dripping, but, of course, as soon as we were pointing the other way, he made me steer, then only played with my toes and feet until we were almost back to the marina. He took the chance that that long row of boats gave him to work quickly back up to my cunt and give my clit and G-spot another short massage then he took the tiller, as I eventually learned the steering stick was called and poked the boat back where it belonged and tied her up.

That short cruise was exciting. I’d managed to reach third base, as touching her pussy is known, and felt how wet she became. Keeping caressing May as other boats went past turned me on, and also I think, did the same for her. I felt my pants get wet as I leaked pre-cum, then dried, sticking them to my knob-end when I had to turn the boat around and at last mooring her safely.

While Dave was tying the ropes, I’d hopped onto the platform beside the boat to which he was tying her, in theory I could get away, but it was a long way down the track to the car park and he could chase me in his car, so I couln’t really escape and part of me didn’t want to, so I just stood there, watching him. When he’d tied the last knot, he climbed onto the front of the boat and held out his hand to help me aboard. I clasped his hand and climbed over onto the front deck. He swung the front doors open and helped me down inside the boat into what he called the saloon, then he pulled the doors shut and pulled the curtains inside them shut. After that he went to the side windows and pulled the curtains or blinds across all the windows. At first that made it dim and dark, but my eyes quickly adapted and I could see clearly. Next he pulled one of the arm chairs about a foot away from the wall and sat down then spread his arms wide.

“Come on May” he said and looked down at his lap. So I came and was going to sit on him like he was sitting on the chair. “No” he said and gently pulled me sideways so that I had my legs over the side of the chair, my bottom on his lap and my back was held cuddled by his left arm. He used his right hand to start unfastening my shirt and soon my bra was all demetevler escort bayan that hid my tits. He pulled me upright and told me to unfasten that. I didn’t see that I had much choice so I pulled the straps down from my shoulders, pushing my shirt even wider open, and unclipped the back. Dave eased my shirt sleeves down my arms, pulled the bra straps after them and uncovered my tits, then threw my shirt and bra onto the other chair.

“What beautiful boobs you’ve got, May!” he whispered, bent his head down and rubbed his beard over them. I’ve had hands there before, but his beard tickled them in a way that felt new and exciting. His right hand came across and took the weight first of my right tit and his tongue caressed it, first at the sides, then gradually moving towards the areola and then he blew on my nipple which came stuck out in the draft. I expected him to suck my nipple, but he didn’t. He moved his hand to take the weight of my left breast and went through the same sequence with that: beard; tongue; and breath, but this time he did close his lips around my nipple and sucked, moving his lips to and fro.

He lifted his head and started to kiss my neck. I’ll have a fine set of hickies I thought but his kisses were too gentle and moved to the side. Up, up and he gently chewed the lobe of my ear, opened his mouth wide and took my whole ear into his mouth, licking the grooves with his tongue. I’d never thought of my ear as being an erogenous zone before, but this sensation proved me wrong. Now I realised that his fingers were still working, squeezing my tit at the same time. His left hand moved round me and started caressing my left tit while his right hand caressed my right one, then his mouth left my ear and moved to my lips and kissed me deeply. Briefly he pulled slightly away and whispered, “Breath through your nose, then you won’t suffocate” and started kissing again.

Even with air, my head started to spin: such a passionate kiss; his hands feeling both my tits; and his arms cuddling me. Wow!

May seemed to like this, her tongue was inside my mouth, her breasts pushing against my fingers, her back swaying to and fro to get more of my caresses, her bum clenching around my dick through my shorts and her arms stroking my sides and back. Wow!

That lasted longer than I could reckon, but I could feel his cock growing underneath me and his right hand moved back to where it had been while I was steering: his thumb on my clit and his fingers inside my cunt. I could feel my climax starting to build – and build – and then I came, my orgasm making me clench and my whole body glowing with passion. My legs gripped his hand and his fingers stopped moving inside me, but he still kissed me. I knew why this was called making love. As I came down again, Dave gave me another flick with his tongue, then took my weight on his left arm, flicked my tartan skirt up around my waist, then leaned down and started to kiss my cunt lips. Often my clit gets too sensitive after I cum but Rogers lips and tongue were so soft and delicate after his thumb that … Oh god, I was cuming again. A brief interval, then his fingers started moving again inside my cunt, rhythmically rubbing what seemed to be my inside clit … and … Oh god, a third orgasm! Another wait, while I caught my breath and those fingers started rubbing again, making me … a fourth one!

He kept on like that till I’d cum six times, I lost count but it must have been at least six! I was getting tired and I think Dave was too. We just hugged and cuddled for a while at that point till we’d both caught our breath and relaxed a bit.

I stood up and went to the fridge, took out tonic and ice cubes and mixed them with some vodka. I’d thought of mixing two glasses, but that seemed pointless; after he’d kissed and licked so much of my body we wouldn’t get infected by using the same glass!

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