Masturbation Fun in the Office

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Elaine was a twenty-something brunette with two of the most gorgeous legs and feet I’ve ever seen. She often wore open-toed, sling-back low-heeled shoes, so I could see most of her delicious foot. She usually wore flesh-colored nylons which just showed off her amazing, muscular legs. Even though she wasn’t tall, she may have been about 5’6″, she still had legs better than most models. She always wore a nice business suit with a skirt and jacket. Her perky breasts looked great under her white blouses, and her amazing ass was done justice by the tight fitting skirts. She had wonderful hair—just like the kind in the shampoo commercials. She was born in England and had the sexiest accent. Even though she’d been in New York since she started college, she never lost a bit of her it.

Elaine’s weakest feature was her face with its pointy nose and slightly crooked teeth. But even then, she was so charming, and her body was so unbelievably sexy, that the slight imperfections were overlooked. Not that I was Mr. Universe or anything. I just graduated from junior college and was saving to go to a four-year college out of state. I was a doughy 20 year old who had only been with a few women—and when I started this job at this management consulting firm, I was in the middle of a long, painful dry-spell.

It felt like a million years since I had sex and I was horny as hell. I never worked in a professional office before. I accepted this job as an administrative assistant in this mid-town Manhattan consulting firm without any idea of what the office culture was like. This was the middle of the “go-go” 80s, and everyone acted like they were in an Oliver Stone movie. They played the corporate role to the hilt. To my surprise, I found the women in power very sexy. I also loved all the incredibly sexy suits that showed off their legs. I was always looking down at them—sometimes I unknowingly ogled them. There were several women I couldn’t control myself around. Elaine was one of them.

My primary job was to assist people in Division C by hand delivering reports and inputting info into the system. Elaine worked in Division A, so I did not get to see her often. Once a month I had the privilege of delivering to Elaine a particular report.

The entrance to Elaine’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cube was hidden. She had a lot of privacy there. Late one Friday afternoon in June, I walked into Elaine’s cube to deliver the report. I saw two things that froze me. First, I saw her shoes under her desk. She was in the process of changing from shoes to sneakers. She was sliding little white ankle socks over her bare left foot as I walked into her cube. (I could have sworn that she wore hose earlier in the day.) I sheepishly apologized. “Don’t be silly,” replied Elaine. “It’s just feet!” Little did she know how I felt about her feet.

She asked me to put the heavy report on her desk. As I did, I walked further into her cube and stood just in front of Elaine who was now putting her sneaker on. Directly in front of me was an open drawer—specifically the lower-right hand drawer. I could see into the drawer and thought I died. She kept a bag of panty-hose in there! Resting on top of the clear plastic bag was the pair she wore that day! My back was to Elaine, so she couldn’t see me look down. I pretended that I didn’t see. As I turned to go out of the cube, I asked her what her plans for the weekend were. She said that she was going to her boyfriend’s house in New Jersey for the weekend. I replied, “That sounds like fun! I gotta work this weekend and I’m pissed.” Elaine consoled me as she grabbed her purse, shut her drawer and left the office. I followed her out of her cube and wished her a great weekend.

The next day I rolled into work at about noon. I hated coming in on Saturdays. Mid-town Manhattan is like a ghost-town, except when the tourists roll in during the late-afternoon. I worked on the 40th floor of a building near Rockefeller Center. Whenever I worked on Saturdays, I would often hang out in the CEO’s office and admire the view. Unfortunately we were so far behind that I couldn’t even do that. The project Division C worked on all spring was delayed. Revisions had to be made, and I had to make my share of them. Of course, they finished their part by late Friday afternoon, so I had to do mine on Saturday…all alone.

I was grousing about being the only person in the office on such a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Then I started thinking about güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Elaine and how much fun she was probably having in Jersey. That led me to remember our conversation and how I saw her bare foot. I got a little excited just thinking about it. I could see her shoes under her desk and her drawer full of panty hose. I could see her leaving for the weekend.


I said aloud: “She grabbed her bag and closed her drawer; but she didn’t lock it! She ran out of here without her shoes and without locking her drawer!” My dick went hard. My breath went short. Could I? Should I? I’d never messed with someone’s panties or shoes before.

I started walking around the office to make sure no one was around, losing my hard on in the process. I ended up at Elaine’s cube. Sure enough, her shoes were still there. I picked up the dark-brown sling-blacks and held the right one to my nose. It mainly smelled of leather, but it had a slight sweaty smell to it. My dick started to twitch with excitement. My breath became short again. I slowly licked the inside of her shoe, pretending that I was licking her foot. I got excited and started licking more and more and harder and harder until I was devouring her shoe. My cock was bursting through my jeans. I dropped her shoes, stood up, undid my pants and let them fall to my ankles. I sat down with my naked ass on her cloth seat cover. It felt so good.

I then reached over with my right hand and opened the lower right hand drawer. There they were! It was like finding treasure! I sat there for a moment with my dick twitching in the air. My mouth was both wide open and smiling at the same time. I saw the pair she wore yesterday and grabbed them.

I leaned back in her chair and couldn’t believe that I was holding Elaine’s pantyhose in my hand! I sniffed the crotch which reminded me of sex. It was a little musty, yet almost sweet. With each deep breath, I became lightheaded. I was getting drunk off of her aroma. I then moved the fabric that covered her luscious legs over my nose until I got to one foot. I couldn’t believe how aromatic it was. It was so much stronger than the shoes. It was sickly sweet. I then tasted the leathery-sweet nylon and found myself in heaven.

The güvenilir bahis şirketleri other pantyhose leg accidentally rubbed against my cock. It was like an electrical pulse ran through me. I actually moaned a little, like I was getting a blow job. I took the nylon leg rubbing on my cock and actually inserted my dick into the leg. I bunched the nylon over my cock until it made a tight covering over it. I took the first leg and put it up against my nose and started sniffing while my other hand worked my shaft through the nylon.

I was actually jerking off in the office and I was using Elaine’s pantyhose to do it! I was intoxicated by this idea, the smell of the nylon, and the feel of my dick in the other leg. I was sensually moaning—which I never do when I jerk off! Each sniff made me jerk faster which made me breathe in harder. After a few moments, I was furiously stroking! I could fee the heat from rubbing against the nylon. I could also feel me orgasm build.

I thought about Elaine and how much I wanted to fuck her. I thought about how hot it would be to fuck her in her cube. I thought about her legs and feet and how much I wanted them. I was so hot thinking that my dick, nose, and mouth were in her pantyhose, the same pantyhose that held her feet, ass, and legs.

I felt my orgasm build and build until I couldn’t take it anymore. Not wanting to ruin her pantyhose and run the risk of getting caught, I whipped the hose off my dick. I grabbed it hard, and after just a few strokes I blew my huge load. Globs of it flew in the air landing on her desk and her shoes (which were still at my feet).

The pantyhose were in my left hand. Only a little saliva on one foot and a little pre-cum on the other indicated that I’d done anything. I balled the pantyhose up and rubbed it on my face while I recovered from my orgasm. I put the hose down and got a few tissues off of her desk. I cleaned myself up and then I cleaned her desk up and I mostly cleaned her shoes up. I cleaned all the cum that could be seen. I left a little that had dribbled down to where the balls of her feet are. I wanted a few droplets to touch her feet. I then placed her shoes back the way I found them and I did the same for the hose. I disposed of the tissues in the men’s room.

Monday morning I saw Elaine in the office kitchen. She had on the shoes from under her desk, and it looked like she had the pantyhose I had fun with. She jokingly asked me if anything eventful happened while I worked alone on Saturday. While looking down at her feet and legs I said, “Nope! Nothing at all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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