Loving You, Making Love to You

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I feel his lips upon mine, his soft lips brushing gently against mine as it probes into my warm mouth with his moist, soft tongue. I feel the joy uprising in my once lonely soul as we kiss deeply and lovingly. I feel his arms warp around my cold, aching body, warming it up so much and make me feel safe and loved. I felt so comfortable within his welcoming warms, so loved.

We finally parted our lips, I felt his lips gently kissing on my neck as I arch my head back, exposing my neck. As he gently licks at my neck, a small moan of pleasure escape from my lips as I feel his gentle moist and warm kisses trial down from my ear down to my collarbone.

As he kisses my neck, I reach out and run my fingers through his soft, touchable hair, rubbing the back of his neck. Soon I feel his tongue flick across my left nipple before taking it into his mouth and sucking it, as while as he gently plays with my right. I feel the pleasure arising in my soul as I feel them hardening to his gentle touch.

“More…?” I gasp out as he plays with my nipples, letting them turn rock hard and sticking straight up.

Without answering me, he smiled at me as he started licking at my stomach, bathing it in warm saliva. With one of his hands, he gently rubs around my thighs. I moan gently, wanting him to touch me, to feel me… I felt my wetness flowing he continues licking my stomach and massaging my thighs.

“Lick me…” I begged. “Lick me…” I felt the pleasure of his touch and warmness get closer and closer. I spread my legs a little bit wider and suddenly felt his moist tongue flickering on my clit.

I moaned loudly, begging him to continue. The pleasure was so intense; my wetness was so much… I start to breathe heavily, feeling warm pleasure fill my body as the feeling filled my soul and mind, emerging from my clit. “Lick me harder…” beypazarı escort I gasp out as he does so, sending me into a feeling so great that I start shuddering and twitching uncontrollably as I came closer. His tongue felt so good… so soft and wet… I feel the warmness building up more and more… I gasp out as I breathe loudly, feeling my body moving without under my control, feeling myself shaking so intensely that I feel his hands gripping onto my thighs so that he wouldn’t lose his place. Soon, the intense warmness of the pleasure exploded, and a warm, pleasurable haze spread across my entire body as my muscles finally relax.

When he finally raise up his head to see my exhausted but well pleasure state, he smiled at me and I saw my own pussy juices still glistening on his lips and face. “Enjoy it, babe?” he asks me as he lies down next to me, enveloping me in his arms again.

“Very.” My clit still throbbing hard, as my energy came back I cuddled tightly, his warm skin against mine, warming me up…

He gently rubs my back as his face came closer to mine. And once again I feel our lips together as one, tasting myself on his lips. Our lips and tongue play with each other in a gentle game of tag, tasting each other’s mouths, feeling each other’s warmness and softness. Love swelled deeply in my heart as we kiss deeply, lovingly… I gently cradle his face in my hands as we kiss, pulling him closer to me. I drank in his kisses thirstily, as if I was stranded in the desert and his kisses were water. They were. They were the water of my soul that I had needed so much. His love was.

As we kiss, I felt one of his hands gently drifting down and gently touched my wetness. I felt my juices still flowing and dripping on the bed. He slowly broke off the kiss stared deeply into my eyes. çankaya escort “Do you want it?”

I had waited for this time for so long. I wanted it. I wanted it so badly, but I was so scared. “Please be gentle,” I beg him.

“I promise.”

He helps pushes me up into a sitting position and lies down on his back, his hardness sticking straight up, which had been for the past while. I lean over and flicker my head over the tip, before engulfing the entire head into my mouth and sucking on it hard. I feel him throb in my mouth as he moans. I look up and feel his eyes on mine as we stare at each other as I lick him. I smile at him as I meet his eyes in a deep, loving gaze. I take more of him in my mouth, wetting him for the tight ordeal it was soon to be in.

After a few minutes, his dick was glistening and wet from my saliva, hard as ever, and throbbing ever so slightly. I slowly position myself on top of him as he holds onto my hips so I wouldn’t lose my balance.

“It’s so big,” I grunt, spreading my own lips apart as I try to engulf the member. After a lot of pressure, I finally feel the head inside me. I felt the pain of my tightness stretched apart as tears started appearing in my eyes. Seeing my pain, he reaches for my head, pulls me against him, and kisses my lips gently, rubbing my back slowly so that the pain wasn’t as intense. I moan gently around his lips, partly in the new intense feeling I feeling, partly in pain. I feel my own weight pressing down on his dick and feeling some more enter my intensely tight hole. I keep on kissing him, trying to ignore the pain that was so intense in my hole.

But yet, I felt so loved, so full… I never felt an intense feeling like that ever before. Soon, after a while of me getting used to every nudge… I felt his whole dick inside çayyolu escort me. I felt so full, so alive. As we finally pull apart in our kiss, I sit back up and look down and see myself completely filled. “God, you’re so tight…” he moans.

I nod at him because the slight pain was still there. I grit my teeth slowly, waiting for it to subside. When I was used to the fullness inside me, I placed his hands on my hips and slowly slid off, but then slid him deeper inside me the next minute.

I increase my speed, feeling my walls grip hard on his dick, and his head was tossed back in a feeling of intense pleasure as he feels my warm pussy surrounding his rock hard cock. I feel him press inside my intenseness again and again, feeling so full again and again. I look down on his face and stared deeply into his eyes as I bounced up and down on his lap. I felt his hips slowly rise to join my rhythm as we both sigh and moan in the intense pleasure and neither of us has ever felt with each other. I moan, feeling my wetness drip around his dick, wetting it until it was slick and wet, easier to slip into my tightness.

As his hands still hold onto my hips, I reach one hand down to my clit area and start rubbing as I feel him slipping in and out. I felt such intense pleasure of an orgasm so close that I almost scream out in pleasure as I felt the warmness of his juice shoot inside my pussy. I collapse onto him, exhausted, his dick still inside me.

I felt his lips upon mine once again and we kiss deeply, he rubbing sweat glistening back. I could still feel his bigness inside my warm tightness as we kiss, but we were spent and exhausted now.

We lie together, still connected together. Still connected as one. We are one, together and always, forever. We were not two bodies, but connected together as one. As one soul, one body. I never felt this close or connected with anyone ever before, I sigh in pleasure in his arms.

“You know what, babe?” he whispers to me as he gently massages my warm, smooth skin.


“I love you.” And with that, his lips meet mine once again in a passionate kiss.

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