Loving You All Ways

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They had been lovers off and on for more than 30 years. Since they were teenagers first learning about love and affection and sex. Neither was the others first but from the first time they made love something deep inside of them had changed.

Now so many years later they once again lay in each others arms. They were no longer sneaking stolen moments when the parents were gone. This time they were on a bedspread on the beach a few yards in front of the house they shared on the secluded tropical beach of their dreams.

The nearly empty bottle of wine sat in the cooling sand just above the waves. Two more had gone before but were nowhere in sight for they had been sealed and cast into the ocean carrying the same message in two different hands.

We are alone on a deserted island in the tropics –DON’T SEND HELP.

Wading back to the beach they had giggled at the silliness of the notes and collapsed back onto the blanket. As he uncorked the third bottle she had looked at the blanket and commented on the mess they had made. Stains from a shared meal, spilled wine and more than one session of lovemaking marked the blanket they had been sharing since just before sunset.

She looked up into his eyes and kissed him as his hand caressed her tanned and toned back and her hand dropped into his lap and grabbed him once again.

“You are insatiable tonight.” he laughed.

“I have always wanted you,” she replied. “And tonight I want you all ways!”

“I think you may have had all of me you can get tonight,” he started, then stopped as he noticed her wicked grin and suddenly understood exactly what she meant. Her hand squeezed a little harder and something began to stir inside him once again.

From the moment they met again after some 20 years apart they had known that the fire that started so long ago and that had been bahis firmaları banked and rekindled so many times had never completely died and now burned brighter than ever.

She grinned again as she lay back and reached up for him. “All ways” she whispered as he fell into her arms and began kissing her deeply. Despite the wine he could still taste himself in her mouth from his first orgasm as the sun had set in the ocean and he had risen in her throat. A sigh escaped her as his hand found her breast and his fingers circled the hardness of her nipple. His tongue swirled in her mouth as he squeezed first one and then the other nipple until they were taut between his thumb and forefinger.

“You make me very happy.” they said in unison and once again began giggling.

The giggles grew quiet as his hand moved lower and he slid two fingers inside her. As he curled his fingers and pushed on that special spot that drove her crazy the side of his thumb began to stroke her clit back and forth with the same rhythm as his probing fingers. Her head fell back as she opened herself to him completely and the pressure began to build inside her immediately.

Within moments she began to buck her hips to his rhythm and his mouth moved to take in her hard nipple. He began to stroke her harder and faster, inside her and with his thumb on her clit as he sucked hard on her nipple and a wave of intense joy began at the top of her head and moved through her entire body until her toes were curling and her back arched completely off the blanket and a convulsion seemed to consume her entire body.

No one had ever been able to make her feel the way that he could and she knew at that moment that no one else ever would. He rolled on top of her and slid effortlessly inside her before her breathing had calmed and as he thrust himself deeply she began to rise kaçak iddaa again and within moments another orgasm took her as her heels pounded the backs of his thighs and her fingers clawed at his back.

He straightened his arms and thrust himself into her completely and remained still now, allowing her to catch her breath as he gazed down at her in the light of the moon now high in the sky above. He slowly began to move inside her and she looked up at him and said “No.”

No? his eyes asked silently for he had never heard those words from her while making love before.

“No, I want you behind me.” she said as she broke their connection and rolled over. Rising to her hands and knees she presented herself to him shamelessly and he responded by running his tongue down the crevasse of her spine across her puckered ass and then pushing it deeply into her pussy. He tasted his second orgasm inside her, from when the moon had just been rising above the waves and felt her juices mixed with his begin to run down his chin and drip onto the blanket. His tongued moved down to her clit and he began to move his head back and forth while his nose caressed her asshole and his hands stroked the outside of her thighs and the backs of her knees.

When he felt her breath begin to quicken he rose and pushed himself inside her once again and she fell forward, her head turned to the side, her weight supported by her shoulders and pushed back against him. Slowly he began to move inside her yet again as he looked down at the trail of their sweat that was now beginning to flow down her spine catching the moonlight as it headed for the hollow of her neck.

Her hand reached out and found the oil she used for tanning and filling her palm with it she reached back and while moving forward to expose him completely grabbed his cock and coated it gently. She raised kaçak bahis the head slightly and pushed back until the head was nestled between her cheeks and softly moaned “I said all ways.”

He remained still, letting her take control of the motion. This was not their first experiment with anal sex and he knew that it could sometimes be uncomfortable for her if he went to fast. Slowly yet firmly she pushed further back and he watched as her tiny hole slowly widened until the head popped inside. Tossing his head back and staring into the face of the full moon he willed himself to be still as she clenched her muscles around him, knowing exactly what she was doing to him and thrilling to the sensation she knew she was giving him. Slowly she relaxed and began pushing herself further and further back until her cheeks were pressed against him and he was deeply inside. After a moment he began to move, sensing her readiness. He drew himself slowly out until just the head remained inside and then plunged back in all at once. She reached back and spread her cheeks as she pushed back even harder and the last inch of him disappeared inside her. Slowly at first he began moving in and out and as the tempo of her breathing increased so did the pace of his strokes until she was panting and he was forcing himself inside her faster and faster.

Holding her hips tightly to his own he sat back on his heels and pulled her upright so he could caress her breasts with his hands and kiss the nape of her neck as she began bouncing on his lap, impaling herself completely with each landing. He moved one hand down and found her clit as she bounced and once again she began to shudder, her ass clenching with each spasm wracking her body. He could control himself no longer and as her orgasm took her to new heights he began to quake and rise to meet her as he emptied himself inside her and they collapsed once again to the blanket.

As he found himself drifting off to sleep to the sound of the waves lapping at their feet he heard her say softly “I will always love you all ways.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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