Love in a Changed World Ch. 12

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Chapter 12


I was in a somber mood when Midge and the girls showed up at the patio. I have to tell you, it’s hard to be in a somber mood when one is faced with a quartet of pretty 19 and 20-year-old girls dress for a night on the town. Finding oneself surrounded with youthful beauty and enthusiasm is a cure for a lot of ills. Individually, they were each a beauty. Taken as a group they were a heavenly vision.

Midge wore a dress similar to Nadia’s but in shimmering white. It made sense, the cut accentuated the height and curves of both. Midge’s heels made her height that much more impressive. Misty had a knee-length backless slinky black number the slit up the right side was alarmingly high but showed of her amazing legs. Bella went with a skin-tight bright red minidress that hugged he curvy body and had a plunging neckline that barely restrained her magnificent huge tits.

Then there was Beth. The fire-haired slip of a girl wore a green slip of a minidress. It had a sheer panel from her hips to her chest that showed off her tight six-pack. The skirt fell barely to her thighs. It was so light a material that it flowed when she walked. The dress topped out in a pair of thin straps that tied around her slender neck. It was backless. There was almost no material at all to the dress, but it looked expensive. Beth’s hair was out of the ponytail and had been styled to flow in curls past her shoulders. She wore heels like the others, they brought out the muscles of her slender legs, lifted her firm little butt, and brought her height to an impressive 5’3″.

We arrived at the Square in time to cheer the setting sun. Nadia’s skin shone in the pink-orange twilight. We sat around a large table at the outdoor restaurant. The food was tapas, and the liquor flowed freely. The girls shared the stories of last night in somewhat graphic detail. I was, for once, happy that the younger crowd assumed that me, Pudge, and Nadia just went to bed sparing us any inquiry in our evening.

“Tell them about the barbell, Midge,” Misty insisted.

“So these two guys both wanted me pretty bad last night,” Midge started, “So I took them to the gym and told them, whoever could bench the most got to choose who to fuck.” She giggled, “They were pretty loaded, but they were both determined to lift the most. I mean, can you blame them?” She stood and gestured to her body. “So the first guy puts 240 on the bar. Gets in and puts it up. They go back and forth a couple of times. Finally, one of them wins with 270.” She was laughing now. “So I go over to him and kiss him — like hard. Then I turn to Thing Two and kiss him the same way. Then I announce, ‘My turn!’ You should have seen their eyes go wide as I start adding more weight — maxed out the bar at 500. I get on the bench, put my hands on the bar, lift it, and did five reps,” she mimicked doing the reps from her seat. She took a shot of tequila, and laughed, “I sit up and these two yahoos, are both pitching the biggest tents. I said, ‘Looks like I lifted the most, and I choose to fuck both of you.’ I take the one guy — the guy who ‘lost’ – by the collar and toss him on the bench. Then I take the bar and lower it to the bottom rack so it’s just pushing on his chest just hard enough to keep him there. The dude actually tried to lift it.” The girls were giggling. It always surprised me, despite the obviousness of it, how much stronger than men women had become, but the girls all knew it quite well. Midge continued, “I sat down on him. Let’s just say his upper body wasn’t the only thing that was straining.” Another giggling pause, “I leaned over and kissed him — his dick twitched; I was worried he’s pop right there. I said to him, ‘Now, sweetie, don’t waste all your energy on that bar. You need to save some for me, because, when I get done with him,” she made a thumbing gesture, “I’m going to come back over her and show you some real ‘power lifting’. I got off him and turned to the other guy. Then I look back over my shoulder at the dude on the bench, and told him, ‘Of course, if you don’t want to wait, feel free to go whenever’.” The girls all erupted in laughter.

I laughed too. Sure it was a little cruel, but you can’t tell me that either of those guys had ever had a finer fuck than they got last night. I looked at Nadia on my right. I knew full well that they; I spent my nights doing much the same with the Mark 1 model. I look at Pudge to my left. She was sparkling with laughter.

Bella spoke up. “My guy was redshirt offensive tackle up at ‘The U’,” she said. She meant the University of Miami, a school whose football players are known for a lot of things, but graduating isn’t one of them. “I can tell you for a fact, the school’s trust fund is not the only thing there that’s well endowed.” She held up her hand at least twelve inches apart — then moved them a little further apart. The girls around the table were wide-eyed. Then stood and bahis siteleri dangled her forearm with her balled fist between her legs. Bella was laughing, “I was, like, How the fuck do you walk with that thing? Does it have its own Student ID? Do you guys share a room or sleep separately?” The table was rolling at this point. I was blushing. Discussing the relative size of other men’s phalluses was awkward

Pudge saw the opening for a kill shot and, as usual took it. “Waiter!” she called waving her hand. A bow-tied young man came in response. Pudge made eye contact with me and smiled wryly. Shit, I thought. “Could we get another bowl of those tiny little chorizo sausages? This girl loves those tiny things” She deadpanned as she made a thumbing gesture toward Nadia. Man down. The whole table went quiet and agape. I was turning roughly the color of the chorizo.

Nadia, my girl, can kill the comic timing. Pudge hung a curve over the plate, and Nadia sent it to the bleachers. “Oh, I do so love those. They’re so small you can just pop ’em right in your mouth.” The table erupted in laughter. She made half effort to help save my bleeding self-esteem. She pulled me to her, and announced, “Ladies, it’s not about size.” She kissed me and made a show of running her hand down my front and working my crotch. This brought an “Oooooooo” from the girls. She broke the kiss, adding, “Which is easy to say when you have all you need at home.” She kissed me again and released me. I had a full-on boner. “Now, where are those little wieners?” The table boiled over laughing.

I looked at Pudge and mouthed, “got me”. She crossed to me and pressed herself against my front. God, she had firm tits. She put her arms on my shoulders, and said, “I know,” and kissed me. This brought another “Oooooo” from the younger side of the table. She returned to her seat. I now had a raging boner.

Which was problematic given what happened next.

Beth came around the table and leapt into my lap with a plop. Thank the lord she was a light as she was, or she might have snapped my rigid member. She had her left arm over my shoulder and behind my neck. She was sitting sideways facing Nadia. She wiggled her tight little ass against my boner. There was no way she couldn’t have felt its presence. The quick flash I’d gotten of her lower fire burned though my mental vision. This did not help lessen the engorgement of my little friend.

“I want you to know,” she said to Nadia, “I pretty much threw myself at this guy last night. Full on slutzkrieg attack.” She brushed my hair with her hand, “I had a thing for old men like him.” Pudge was taking a drink and nearly sprayed the group. Beth wiggled a little bit. I can’t tell you how I kept myself from blowing a load right there, but, somehow, I did. She continued, “I’ve picked up a lot of them. Never had I worked one so hard as I did this guy.” She gave me a “tap” to my ribs. It was harder than a joking jab. She made eye contact when she did. There was something there. It was not unlike her overly graphic monologue on how easily she could have taken me. The little girl had demons, and those demons forced in her a need to have control over men and, moreover, a need to let men know she had it. “And never — ever- had one turn me down until last night,” the little ginger continued. She pulled her herself against me, kissed me on the cheek, and stood slinking herself along me as she did. Now speaking to Pudge and Nadia, “He’s a keeper, ladies, hold on to him.”

I had heard people, mostly women, say that to Nadia about me before. I have no idea why they thought that. For a guy like me, to meet a girl like Nadia and then have her love me like she does, well, I was about the luckiest guy I could imagine. I noted was the first time someone had said that of me to Nadia and Pudge. Again. I didn’t understand my luck. If I didn’t have Nadia, I would have given my left nut to get with a girl like Pudge. That such a girl was my best friend’s sister and that we shared the loss of him complicated matters. Somehow, Nadia had cut through all that for us both. No, I wasn’t a keeper, but I was kept by two amazing girls.


After dinner we walked around some of the local shops for a bit. The girls all got matching t-shirts and picked up the various requisite souvenirs. I stayed with Nadia most of the time, but also tried practicing some of the things we’d talked about for being safe when out alone at night. It was awkward. At one point, at Pudge’s instruction, I went up to another guy and told him I was being followed by a girl who wouldn’t leave me alone and then asked if he could act like he was an old friend. The guy looked at me like I had three heads and walk away puzzled and a little worried that I posed a danger.

I reported back to my mentors.

“Like I said, ‘dodos’,” was Pudge’s response. “Any woman would have recognized that situation and helped out immediately,” she explained, “You men are canlı bahis siteleri actually dumber in groups than by yourselves. It’s literally a wonder any of you make it home at night.”

“You think they’re dumb out here on the street in groups, you should see them get together for fantasy football,” Nadia added. “That having been said, the local homeless shelter is thankful for your collective stupidity,” she added giving me a pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek.

I was not amused. Prior to the season before last, Simon’s Singularities had a three-year run going my fantasy football league. There’s eight of us, we all kick in a $100 winner takes the pot at the end of the year — and usually throws a nice end of the season party. Two seasons ago, one of the guys dropped out just before the draft. We were scrambling to find a replacement. My wife, who knew vaguely that football was, in fact, played with a ball, mostly on Sundays, and virtually nothing else, said she’d take the spot. This was a week before the draft. She spends a few nights doing research and then draft day is upon us. Her drafting was all over the place and made no sense to the rest of us, but whatever. Her money was green, and we had our even number of teams.

Of course, she then swept the entire season.

A couple of the guys got irritated. She tried to explain that it’s “just analytics” and she was just happy to be included. Yeah, but we were processing our analytics with our Commodore 64 brains. Nadia’s analytics were running through her Cray XK6 supercomputer brain.

Then came last season. Nadia had more time to prepare, and, again, her drafting baffled all of us. Of course, she went on to win every game again. This time none of the games were even close. At the end of the season party, one of the guys, Sid, got really drunk and accused her of cheating. Nadia tried to explain that it was “just analytics”, but the ass was having none of it. He’d just gotten up in her face when I, as husband and knightly protector moved to intervene.

Now Sid is a mechanic who does a lot of heavy labor and a is a pretty big guy. I’m a high school physics teacher who does no heavy labor and is not a big guy. I stepped in between the two of them to calm things down. Sid was drunk and took a swing at me. It was a sucker punch, and I was about to be the sucker sprawled out on the floor. I’d just registered the need to try to get out of the way or brace for the hit when Sid’s fist stopped mid-punch. Nadia had grabbed the wrist of Sid’s punching arm and stopped his fist dead about an inch from my face.

She let his arm go and suggested that he needed to lay off the booze. Sid, in his drunkenness, would have none of it. He took a swing at Nadia. I tried to maybe not “replicate” Nadia’s feat, but at least try to block the fist — chivalry not being entirely dead in my mind. My noble instincts proved my undoing.

Nadia side-stepped the blow in a move so fast it was hard to register. She grabbed Sid’s arm as it flew by, twisted it behind him, and threw him well-into the sheetrock of the near wall. She hadn’t anticipated my moving to help, and I was rammed by Sid on his way by. I fell and knocked my head on the bar footrail. Nadia grabbed the dizzy and bloody-nosed Sid, twisted his arm behind his back and forced him bodily out of the house.

When she returned to the club room, I was on the floor with and ice pack to my head. She knelt down, brushed my hair, and said dryly, “My hero”. She kissed me and helped me to my feet. She then tossed a piece of crumpled metal to one of the guys and suggested he call Sid’s wife to pick him up as he was too drunk to drive. The metal was Sid’s car key crumpled into a ball. Nadia declared the party over and said that this year and all future years’ winnings were going to the local homeless shelter.

Sid and another guy left the left league. They were replaced by two of the other guys’ wives. Currently Nadia is leading again this season. None of the other guys, including me, is any higher than fourth place. We also made a nice chalk outline with tape around the Sid-shaped dent in our club room wall.

The girls spotted one of those sex shops where they sell a wide variety of sex toys, gadgets, assistive devices, and other fornication-forward novelties. I wasn’t about to go evaluate dildos and vibrators with any group of women, let alone this rowdy group. I told Nadia I would hang outside and wait. I promised I would be right there. I was outside by myself when Misty came through the door. “I left my purse at the last place,” she said and was off up the street. I was bored, like an idiot dodo. so I started to wander.


I’d gotten six or seven blocks and was looking in the window of one of the shops when she came up beside me. At first, I thought maybe she was just interested in something in the window display, Then I noticed she was inching closer. She was kind of plain — about my height, canlı bahis maybe a little shorter. She was stocky, but not fat really. She was probably about mid-20’s but looked older. She wore a jean jacket over a white tank top, a faux leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, and tall boots. In all she wasn’t unattractive, but I also wasn’t looking.

“Nice night,” she said. There was alcohol on her breath. She had a slight slur to her words. I can’t imagine how much she had to drink to get there. She inched a little closer.

“It is,” I said followed by, “Excuse me, I have to go meet someone at the sex shop up the street.” I flubbed the line. Nadia had coached me to not be specific and always have immediacy in my dodge. I was supposed to say, “I’m meeting someone. They should be here any second,” or “I have to go inside and meet someone here.” The girls were right. This shit takes a lifetime of practice, and I’m learning on the job.

I turned to go back toward the sex shop. As I did, the woman’s hand brushed my ass. I flinched but kept walking. The woman waited for me to get a block or two and followed. I spotted a couple of guys up the street — an actual couple. They were looking in a home furnishing store window. I speed up. The woman did too. I got to the couple as started talking like I knew them. The woman stopped abruptly and awkwardly turned toward a darkened store window.

I wasn’t out of the woods. I said to the men, “I’m being followed. Pretend like we’re friends.” They looked at me with the same puzzlement that the “practice” guy did. They shuffled off across the street. “Shit,” I said to myself. The problem isn’t that I’m a dodo, I realized. The problem is we’re all dodos.

I continued on toward the sex shop. I thought about running for it but figured the woman would just run after me. It was six more blocks. I generously figured, with the two-block head start I had, she would be on me in two more blocks if I took off. If she was still there in three blocks, I would dash for it. Worst case I could get close enough to the sex shop to cause a commotion that Nadia, Pudge, and the girls would hear. I made myself calmly continue walking. I hit four blocks and looked over my shoulder. She was gone. I thought maybe she’d gotten the hint and left.

I was wrong.

I crossed the next street and heard footsteps come around the corner behind me. “Shit,” I said to myself again. I forgot about the three-dimensional chess. She knew she had to catch up. She’d probably figured out before I did it that I would get two blocks before she caught me from how far back she was following me. She knew she needed to make up that ground without spooking me. She must have cut through one of the passageways between the rowed storefronts, cut up the alley, and back up a side street. If she did it at a dead run, with a woman’s speed, she could have easily made up the ground. She was half a block behind me with three blocks to go. My plan to run for it was off the table. She was a pretty smart tiger.

I stopped and looked back at her. I didn’t think staring her down would work, but I had to try. She stopped.

I glared at her.

She smiled back at me.

She had me and she knew it.

I turned and took got about 20 quick paces when something — a shape came out of the shadow of an alcove and grabbed me. I heard a voice say loudly, “There you are, lover.” And I was pulled into the alcove.

Before I could react, the shape — a girl, had her arms around my neck and one sultry leg around my body. The girl pulled me into her and kissed me — hard. Shocked, I tried to pull away, but the girl was unbelievably strong. Her arms alone could have held me, but that leg was wrapped around me felt like the softest, warmest, sexiest king python ever. The girl’s lips were so soft. Softer than Pudge’s. Even softer than Nadia’s — I would never have thought that possible.

Then I recognized her.

It was Misty.

She must have seen me being followed as she got back. In the time that it took for me to turn and try to stare down my pursuer, Misty had recognized the situation, assessed the surroundings, made a plan, and ran to the shadowy alcove. She pulled me in close to her as the tiger walked closer. Misty moaned overdramatically. She put her hand on my ass and pulled me into her even harder. My dick is a lot dumber even than me and recognizes no cause of concern for any danger when the alternative activity is being pressed into the soft warm flesh of a young woman. I was instantly hard.

The tiger walked on past, crossed the street, and went into the night to look for another meal.

Misty kept me locked to her for about a minute longer than she probably needed to. She broke the kiss and released me from her arm/leg snare. She looked over my shoulder and said, “I think she’s gone” She straightened her mussed dress and said, “You really shouldn’t be walking around out here alone at night…” She drew close to me and ran her hand across my pitched tent — she had to have felt my erection in out embrace, “even with a holdout weapon like this.” She giggled at her own joke and went back to straightening her slinky black dress.

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