Lost in Georgia

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She was lost.

Gina had to admit it to herself — she was driving down a narrow country road in the middle of Bartow County with no idea where that road would lead.

She checked her phone again.

Still no signal.

“…And no fucking idea where I am,” she said to herself.

“Shit,” she said out loud, “now I dropped the f-bomb on Sunday after church.”

Gina had driven into Georgia to visit her Aunt Lucille and the cousins on Saturday. Somehow they convinced her to stay the night and visit the old family church the next morning. Being newly divorced and with the kids off to college, she found herself with free time to visit family and churches again. She found herself free to go wherever she pleased, so why not stay?

After a long sermon and twenty-five verses of some hymn she’d never heard, Gina said her good-byes and was trying to make her way back to Birmingham but had mistakenly turned onto some long-forgotten county road. Then she had taken another unmarked road hoping to loop back to the highway, but that only made things worse. Three turns later, it was hopeless. She would just have to drive until she reached a main road or found an area with internet service for her phone.

At least it was a beautiful drive. The lost, lonely road fit her mood. She had no time schedule on the weekend, nobody waiting for dinner or laundry. She was free to be anywhere she pleased until 9am Monday morning when she’d be sitting in her office in her high heels, hair up in a twist, and on time as usual.

She fiddled aimlessly with the radio as she drove, but found only static. She touched “shuffle” on her playlist instead, ready to hear any song in whatever order fate decided.

Bob Segar, “We’ve Got Tonight” was first on tap. Gina opened the sunroof and sang loudly to the perfect blue sky, “Ohhhh, I know it’s late, I know you’re weary….”

The trees overhead had grown together into a colorful canopy, shading her path. As her Honda followed the winding road, the brown and gold leaves of early fall swirled on the road behind her. Looking in her rear-view mirror, she let out a loud sigh. Lost.

“We’ve got tonight, babe, why don’t you stay?” She sang.

In a straight section of road ahead, she saw something. A police car was parked just off the right side of the road. Gina slowed as she approached the car that had pulled into the head of an old logging trail. A uniformed officer was standing behind the car smoking a cigarette. He looked up at her car and nodded. She looked at the parked car, which read “Bartow County Sheriff,” and felt relieved that she was, in fact, still in Bartow.

Gina drove very slowly as she neared the other car. She looked around for a long moment, and then decided it was safe to stop and ask the deputy for directions out of this maze. She pulled her car to the roadside in front of the sheriff’s car, her tires thumping into a deep pothole on the edge of the aged asphalt. She stopped the music and rolled down the passenger window. Leaning in the direction of the officer, she hoped to make eye contact.

She cleared her throat and said, “Excuse me, officer?”

He took a step toward her Honda, stomping his cigarette into the ground and turning his head to the side in an attempt to conceal the smoke he exhaled. He was tall and walked with an air of self-confidence.

“Howdy, ma’am,” he said, turning to walk toward Gina’s car. “You lost?”

“You asshole,” she thought. Of course A MAN would think that, seeing a woman driver out on a lonesome country road. He would think that stupid women drivers get lost. Then she realized …yeah, she was lost. Damn.

Gina cut the engine and opened her door as he continued to walk toward her car. Just as she stepped out of the car the gusty fall breeze swirled around her, blowing leaves into her long brown hair and lifting her skirt all the way over her head. She struggled with the door and the skirt as her hair whipped in her eyes.

Oh my God, was he close enough to see that? Gina shrieked and pulled the skirt down, then brushed the hair quickly from her eyes to see if he had noticed her predicament.

He had noticed. By the time the gust of wind passed and Gina gained her composure, he was standing two feet in front of her. She looked up and shrugged her shoulders.

He grinned, and then smirked at the flustered Gina. She was beautiful. He guessed she was about 45, although with her hair tousled about her face it was hard to tell. He held out a hand to help support her as she stepped across a pothole and shut her car door, then reached up his hand to brush a leaf from her hair.

“That was quite embarrassing,” she said as she turned to the deputy. “My name is Gina. And yes, you guessed it. I am lost,” she admitted, shaking his hand.

“Thought so,” he replied. “Don’t worry about your skirt, there, ma’am. Nobody saw that. I lived around here my whole life, and ain’t nobody comes down this road unless they are lost or up to no good. And you don’t seem like a trouble maker.”

Gina kartal escort saw a name badge pinned to his shirt. “Stone.” He smiled, and she noticed his beautiful white teeth… she thought it must be hard work for a smoker to keep such a lovely smile. He had a slight tan, with curly blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He had neglected to shave that morning, but it suited his rugged country style.

She couldn’t help but admire his muscular build. He wore a short-sleeve tan uniform shirt with a black t-shirt underneath. The t-shirt hugged his well-muscled arms, and the hint of a tattoo was visible on his right arm. She felt a bit embarrassed gawking at him. He was probably 15 years her junior.

“Well, Deputy Stone,” Gina said, “can you tell a lost soul how to get back to the highway? I’d like to get back to Birmingham sometime today.”

“Aw, yeah, you’ll make it back today,” Stone said. “Give me a few minutes to finish my break and you can just follow me out to the highway.”

He motioned for Gina to follow him to his car, where he reached inside for a pack of cigarettes and a couple of bottles of water. He handed Gina a bottle and asked, “Does smoke bother you ma’am?”

“Not at all,” Gina replied. “And please, call me Gina. Ma’am just reminds me of my age.”

“Well Gina, I don’t mean to embarrass you, but your age looks mighty fine,” Stone said. He gave her an obvious once-over as she took a swig of water. She blushed slightly when she realized he did get an eye full when her skirt was blown around, but she liked the attention he was giving.

“Have a seat,” he said. Gina followed Stone to the front of his patrol car, and he gave her a hand to support her as she climbed onto the hood. He stood nearby, finishing his cigarette, stopping briefly to answer when his radio sounded for a status check. Gina and Stone chatted politely. When he finished his smoke, he hopped onto the hood beside her.

“Where are you from?” and “What are you doing in Bartow County?” moved quickly to discussion about small town living, about marriage, and divorce. He told Gina that he was 31 and had been engaged once, never married. Almost an hour of talking and laughing had passed but neither of them made a move to leave. She was attracted to his country charm, and he was intrigued by her self-confidence. The sun was just starting to dip behind the trees.

“The thing is, I just really like a mature woman. A woman… not a little girl, ” Stone said. “Someone who knows what she likes and can just enjoy herself.”

“Well, I like to BE that kind of woman,” Gina said. “I wasted a lot of time trying to be proper. I’ve been learning late in my life that I like to be free, even to be wild.”

“It ain’t that late in life,” Stone said, grinning. He had inched his way closer to Gina as they talked.

Gina reached her hand out and placed it on his, then ran her hand up to the muscled tattoo peeking out of his sleeve. She looked into his eyes and said, “No, I guess it’s not too late.”

Gina reached her hand behind Stone’s head as his face moved toward hers. Their lips touched in a passionate kiss. Stone broke free from the kiss, and took Gina’s face in his hands. He kissed her face and neck, while sliding off the hood and moving to stand in front of her.

Gina rubbed her hands across Stone’s broad shoulders and chest, and then let her hand trail down between them. She sighed as her hand brushed against his burgeoning erection that was straining against his zipper. She was surprised when Stone grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away. He took a small step back.

“Wait, we shouldn’t be doing this here,” he said, glancing around them. “We better stop for now…”?? She paused for a moment.

“Is it because it’s illegal or something?”?? She looked at him, wide-eyed and flushed with wanting.

“Not exactly illegal, but I am in uniform. I just don’t think you and I should…um, what if someone else shows up on this road? I don’t need anything like that on my record.”??

He gave a glance in both directions. Of course, there was no sign of a vehicle. Not a single car had passed in the hour since Gina arrived. Maybe it would be okay…

“But deputy, I am a woman in distress,” she pleaded, exaggerating her already thick southern accent. She kissed his shoulder through his shirt and touched his arm lightly.

“Why don’t you just take control of the situation, officer?”? Still sitting on the car hood in front of him, she kissed his ear, moaning softly.

He quickly gave in. He really hadn’t needed that much convincing. Stone pulled her closer, sliding her across the hood to the edge with her legs spread on either side of him and her feet propped on the bumper. Gina could feel his rising excitement as she ground her hips against him.

Stone’s hands drifted up to her shoulders and grasped her sweater top. He pulled it up over her head as she raised her arms. She tensed for just an instant as she felt the cool air against her naked skin. She realized he maltepe escort bayan was right, that they would be exposed to anyone passing by. But when Stone removed her top completely and tossed it aside, her body relaxed and she gazed at his handsome face. Somehow the idea of being caught just added to her excitement.

Stone licked his lips as he took in the sight of Gina’s cleavage, barely covered by a pink and black bra. She squirmed and twisted to unhook her bra snaps so he could remove it, then she slipped off her skirt and tossed it to the ground leaving her in only her skimpy panties.

Stone’s gaze and then his hands flowed over her tits, which were full and topped with small, pinkish-brown nipples. His hands and lips roamed her body. He pulled her closer as he started to suck on one of her nipples. Her skin was so sensitive in the fall breeze that every touch and kiss felt magnified. She gasped and wiggled under his embrace on the hood of the car.

He kissed her, licked her neck and her shoulders, nibbled her nipples, and squeezed her tits. She was panting softly, “oh God…mmmmm….oh!”??

He kept a hand on her ass to keep her from sliding off the hood as he breathed into her ear and whispered to her, “Baby I’m gonna lick that pussy so good….” rubbing his erection against her pussy the whole time. His breath was coming in heavy gasps as his dick humped against her panties.

Stone slid his hands under her armpits and raised her up higher onto the hood then laid her back, so that he could bend between her legs. The hood felt cold on her naked back at first, but soon Gina didn’t even notice.

Stone began to nibble Gina’s pussy lips through her panties, and she shrieked and bucked as his mouth found her sensitive parts. She grabbed onto the windshield wipers of the patrol car to help keep her steady on the hood as her body writhed beneath his tongue. Even through the panties he could taste a hint of her sweet juices. He removed the panties with one swift motion and tossed them aside. He continued to lick, flicking his tongue across her smooth pink folds.

Gina squeezed her legs around his ears, pumping her hips up and down slightly as his tongue darted across her clit.

Gina propped up slightly on one elbow, looking down the hood of the car between her spread legs to Stone’s head. The sight of him there, her nakedness while he was still fully dressed, the feel of his tongue and lips, the cool fall air…it was having a magical effect on her body.

“Mmmmmm…” he moaned into her sweet, swollen pussy.

She lay back onto the hood, slipping one hand between her legs to open her lips wider for him. Her tiny hard clit poked out from its hood, and Stone licked and sucked at it faster. His tongue was dancing and fluttering across Gina’s hard little pearl. He reached one then two fingers into her juicy pussy, twisting and rotating them. He settled his hand palm side up, with the two fingers inside her stroking the top of her pussy in a “come here” motion.

All the while he was fucking her with his hand, his gentle flickering tongue kept up its motion on her clit.

“Stone, ahhhh…” Gina gasped. “Please…please… I’m going to cum in your mouth….”

Gina writhed and bucked her hips against Stone’s mouth. She let go of her pussy lips and reached up to pull his head closer into her aching cunt. He clamped his mouth over her clit. Without letting up the motion of his fingers, he continued his gentle attack on her sweet little clit. She was so wet her juices coated his face and fingers, dripping down onto the car beneath her ass.

“Faster…there…please. Oh God,” she cried out. “Harder, I’m…I’m…oh …cummminnngg”

Her orgasm shook Gina for what seemed like minutes. Stone continued to gently lap at her outer lips as her orgasm subsided, running his hands over her naked body.

“Oh my,” Gina said as she regained some control of her body and sat up.

“Now you, “she demanded with a smile.

Still naked, Gina wriggled off the hood of the car against Stone’s body. When her feet hit the ground, she felt weak-kneed and unsteady from her orgasm but took his hand and led him toward the driver’s seat of the car. She reached down to unfasten his duty belt, then his pants and zipper. The weight of the unfastened belt pulled his pants to the ground, leaving him standing in his boxers with his pants bunched around his ankles.

Gina took in the sight of him, his toned legs beneath the red boxers, with his hard cock straining against the fabric. She could see a spot of pre-cum that had leaked out. She moaned as she pushed Stone into the drivers seat with his legs extended out the door. Gina dropped to the ground in front of him between his knees and looked up into his eyes.

Stone pushed the tent in his shorts against her face, and Gina used her teeth to pull his shorts down as her hands groped toward his waiting cock. Stone was granite-hard. Gina gasped when she finally saw his cock in her hands. It was not extremely escort pendik long, but very thick and smooth. His pubic hair was trimmed neatly around his fat cock. She could not wait to taste it.

She admired his erection for just a moment before he placed a hand behind her head and rammed his anxious dick all the way into her mouth. She squealed in protest and he allowed her to back off and suck him at her own pace. Leaning back into the seat he fondled her nipples and moaned to encourage her as her head bobbed up and down. She stopped briefly to remove his shoes and then slid his pants all the way off, spreading his legs a little wider so she could cup his balls in her hand.

She sucked and licked up and down his hard shaft making him moan and tremble. Gina varied her speed — first bobbing fast and tight around his dick then going slower, turning and twisting her head from side to side.

He groaned and looked down at Gina, sitting in a pile of leaves with her mouth salivating all around his thick cock as she sucked and slurped him like a melting Popsicle.

She looked up into Stone’s face. “I want this inside me,” she said, “please…”

Reaching down between her legs Gina touched a finger to her throbbing clit. It was so hard and needy, she begged him to fuck her. She was close to cumming again.

Stone tweaked and pinched her nipples before helping lift her onto her unsteady feet. He grabbed her around her waist, pulling her into the car on to sit on top of him with her soaking cunt just touching his rock-hard cock and her head almost grazing the roof of the car. He shifted around so that she was sitting in his lap facing him with her knees straddling him in the confines of the driver’s seat. Even after Stone adjusted the seat back as far as it would move, Gina’s lower back almost touched the steering wheel. He felt her hot wetness rubbing against his dick.

“You are so wet…mmmmm…put me in, baby.”

Gina grabbed his dick and rubbed it up and down her sopping slit but could not find the angle she needed for his dick to enter her. Stone stroked her back and hips, and sucked her nipples as her tits dangled in front of him. She frantically rubbed his fat cock against her clit. He finally had waited long enough and slid his hips down in the seat to angle his now-soaking dick at her entrance.

She pushed herself onto him with a long moan. He continued to play with her tits as she rocked her hips up and down, slamming herself onto his shaft.

“Stop moving your hips, baby,” he whispered. “Sit still on me for a minute.”

She didn’t acknowledge him and continued to fuck. He leaned up, with a hand on each of her hips pulling her upward but taking care to keep the tip of his cock inside her.

“Stop moving your hips,” he repeated, but she continued to ignore him.

Stone let one hand slide up to the back of her head, gathering a good handful of hair, the other hand firmly holding her away from impaling herself all the way onto his dick. He let her hump desperately on the head of his cock a few more strokes before he pulled back on her hair. Her head snapped back, her back arching.

“Shhhh, baby, ” Stone said. “Listen to me…stop moving.” She groaned and tried to be still. She bit her lower lip and nodded.

Stone released her locks of hair and looked into her eyes. His hands returned to her hips, as he slowly lowered her onto his shaft. He pushed himself into her, centimeter by centimeter. She whimpered for the long minute he took to enter her fully. She could feel every throb of his cock, pulsing inside her and stretching her wet pussy.

He sat still, balls deep into her. She wasn’t attempting to pump her hips now; it was more like she was quivering as she whimpered in desperate need. Stone held himself as still as he could, kissing her skin, fondling her, and reveling in the joy of her smoldering tight pussy pulsing on his dick.

After a couple of long minutes of just holding her pussy on his cock, Stone reached one hand down between them and softly circled her clit with one finger.

“Oh, please…. please, can I cum now?” she begged. “Please don’t stop…”

He let his finger graze her clit again then gently tap it. She screamed and bucked and started to cum. There was no stopping it.

“That’s it, baby,” he said, “cum for me…cum all over my dick, baby…”

His hands now helped to pump her up and down in rhythm with his own thrusts. Gina rocked her hips wildly, her pussy clenching his dick when her orgasm swept over her. Her eyes closed, and her hands scratched at his shoulders as her mouth fell open in a low moan.

He bucked his hips off the seat, causing Gina to bump her head against the ceiling of the car. He came hard, his cock convulsing and shooting his pent-up load deep inside her, both of them moaning and gasping into the wild Georgia air. She collapsed onto his heaving chest, kissing his face and neck. He rubbed his hands over her back and thighs.

“Good girl,” he said as he kissed her face, “My God, that was beautiful.”

As her breathing returned to a normal rate, Gina wiggled off Stone’s cock when it became a little softer. She stood to the side of the car, wiping their sticky juices from her thighs and hands with napkins he handed her from his glove box.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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