Lori Grows Up Pt. 08

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by NICHOLX, 07.23.21

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Dave woke just after dawn and the apartment was chilly. Lori was sleeping as peacefully as a babe. He pulled up the light blanket over her chest to keep her warm. He wanted to kiss her lovely breasts but he resisted knowing that one thing would lead to another and he really wanted her to rest. He got out of bed quietly, went to the kitchen and had some toast and coffee. He shaved and dressed, skipping his usual shower to keep it quiet, then returned to the bedroom, bent down, and lightly brushed his lips on Lori’s forehead. She opened her eyes halfway.


“Sleep, darlin’, I’m gonna leave early for work, then I might be home a little early around four. I’ll leave coffee for you, just click the perc to heat when you get up.”

“Okay hon, have a good day and look at the girls…but don’t touch,” she weakly smiled.

“Not to worry, babe, I do all my touchin’ here,” he smiled, then kissed her.


Waking about ten o’clock, today is the day, she thought. She has to tell Dave about Marty, and prayed that he would take it in stride. She must make him understand that her affection for Marty did not lessen her love for him, but she knew it would not be easy. Dave had been so good to her, and good for her, but if he would not condone her relationship with Marty, then she would face a terrible impasse. She was tired thinking about it…and the dream…her mind needed a rest.

She tried to think of something different for supper, and recalled her mom’s recipe for frittata, using green peppers and ricotta cheese and olives. Probably Dave’s mom never made it this way because every mom makes it differently, so he would get something new. Then she thawed some sausage for a side dish, and sliced some bread for garlic toast. She found the fixings for vanilla pie and put it in the oven to bake. So supper was figured out. Then she spruced up the living room and cleaned the pussy and cum stains of last night. Hmm, gotta make it a rule that we fuck over plastic, she thought.

Time to pamper myself a little, she thought, as she stepped into the steaming shower. Then she shaved her legs and was feeling pretty good about herself, looking in the mirror. She wondered if she should shave her pussy, but would ask Dave first; he seemed to like her little patch.

Two o’clock. She put on a light bathrobe, then she had a naughty idea. She took her cell phone and went out to the balcony, stretching out on the recliner. Opening her robe, she spread her legs and lightly massaged her vulva, feeling a pleasant ripple of tension relief. She clicked Marty’s speed dial work number, then shoved bonus veren siteler two fingers deep into her pussy. The phone rang,

“Hello, Marty in accounting,” Marty answered.

“Hi, this is Lori. Got a couple minutes?”

“Sure, honey, what’s up?” Marty said.

Lori began sloshing her fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Just wanted to tell you, I’ve been thinking a lot about you, and about last night,” Lori said.

“Omigod, Lori, you have no idea how wonderful that is to hear!”

“Haha, wait until you hear this, and then guess what I’m doing,” Lori held the phone near her pussy.

“squit, quish, squit, quish, squit, quish.”

“Lori! You’re jackin’ off over the phone?”

“Yep, I am! Thought it would break your day. Like it?” she giggled.

“Do I like it? My panties are fucking soaked already! Damn, Honey, if I were with you right now, you wouldn’t have to jill off because I would show you the real purpose of a tongue! Maybe we can get together again later this week?” Marty said.

“Let me see what Dave has on the agenda. I’ll call you tonight.” Lori said

“Okay, I gotta get back to work. So glad you called.”

Lori hung up, then turned her full attention to finish what she had started. She fucked her fingers in and out as fast as she could now, keeping pressure on her clit, as her vagina slowly dribbled her love nectar, soaking her robe. She toyed her erect nipples and they were hard as glass and felt like they were going to burst. The ticklish tingle permeated her pussy and ass and thighs and her back arched as the intense waves of pleasure surged thru her like tidal waves, wracking her with a cataclysmic orgasm, as she bucked and spasmed uncontrollably,” Aaaaaaaaaaah! AUUUUUUGH! Unnnnnnngh!”

Whew…It was finally over and she lay there just catching her breath. She hoped the neighbors didn’t pick up on her orgasm screams, but if they did, too damn bad; they could just eat their fucking hearts out! She ducked back inside to clean up and get dressed before Dave came home, then fixed supper.


“Hi sweetie,” as he came through the door, hugged and kissed her. “Darlin’, you’re as sweet and fresh as a spring rain! What do you have on?”

“Nothin’, just my birthday suit under this moo-moo. Oh, and a teeny weeny little hard-on too!” she said.

“Busy day?” he said.

“A little bit. I made you something I bet you haven’t had for a long time,” she said, uncovering the platter.

“Frittata! Haven’t had it for years! Oh, you ARE a good girl! And I love sausage cooked that way! Have I told you lately, that I love you?” he said.

“Mmm, yeah, a couple of times..but tell bedava bahis me again anyway,” she smiled.


(after supper)

“Where did you learn to cook that? Your mom, I bet,” he said.

“Yeah, I always watched or helped her in the kitchen, and even took notes sometimes. I have a notebook full of her recipes.”

“Well, you sure were a good learner. Thank you, sweetie, it was delicious.”

“Why don’t you take a nice shower, then I have a little surprise for you,” she said.

After the shower, he shaved and put on a terrycloth bathrobe and splashed on some after-shave. Lori was in the kitchen, fussing around and making coffee.

“All nice and clean for you, babe,” he said. “I’m ready for my surprise.”

“Okay, here’s the first one. TA-DA!” and with one quick motion she whipped off her moo-moo and stood stark naked. “Got milk, honey?” she said coyly.

“Oh, sweetie, you are beautiful. And yes, I always gotta lotta milk for you!” he said.

“And surprise number two is on the table,” as she uncovered a vanilla pudding pie. “Sit, and I’ll pour the coffee.”

He sat down as she sliced a piece of pie for him, “Thanks, babe, for goin’ to all this trouble for me. I love vanilla pie.”

“You’re welcome. Now enjoy your pie and don’t mind me,” as she crawled under the table and opened his robe. “Please spread your knees apart for me, hon.”


(a few minutes later)

“Now, tell me if that wasn’t the sweetest blowjob you ever had,” Lori said, as she wiped the cum off her chin and neck.

“Definitely the sweetest, by the sweetest lady I’ve ever known,” he smiled.

“I bet what you really wanted to say was ‘by the sweetest cocksucker I’ve ever known,” she laughed.

“Girl, you really are somethin’ else! Let me have another piece of this pie, then let’s go to the bedroom and I’ll even the score.”

In the bedroom, they stood together, naked. She gripped his cock tightly as he put his arms about her, kissing her neck, face, lips. He picked her up and laid her gently on the bed. He kissed her forehead, then her lips, throat, breasts, laved her nipples tenderly, kissed her shoulders, her sweet warm belly, swirling the navel gently. Then he kissed his way down to her soft silky patch, and licked the sweet nether lips that lay hidden there. She was breathing fast now, the ripples of pleasure beginning to build and surge. Her vagina fluttered and dribbled its sweet nectar as Dave pushed his tongue deep into her. She held his head, pushing his face into her pussy. “Make me cum now, Dave, please, please!” Then he started to swirl her clitoris, and she was on the brink of orgasm. “Something deneme bonus in the ass, please!” she cried. He pushed a finger into her rectum, twirling it lightly, and she was over the edge! Her back arched as she climaxed violently, the waves of pleasure and pain coursing through her like a tsunami, “Aieeeee! Omigod! Auuugh! Uhh! Uhhhn! Uhhngh! Oooooh!” Dave kneeled between her legs then spread her knees apart and pushed them back almost to her shoulders. His cock was like a hot iron pipe as he pushed it brusquely into her seething cunt, balls deep, then thrust hard and fast as she shuddered through the final throes of orgasm. He ejaculated seven huge wads of hot cum deep inside her, and some squished out of her tight pussy with her own juices, “Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaah! God, I love you Lori!” He pulled out, spilling some cum on her belly and breasts, then his knees gave out and he lay down beside her, both of them exhausted and drenched in sweat and too tired for words. Dave kissed her hand and pressed it to his heart, and sleep came easily.


They woke up a couple hours later. Dave went to the kitchen and returned with some iced wine.

“Here, sweetie, this’ll cool you down nice,” handing her a glass. The room was darkened. They sat naked on the bed, sipping wine, listening to the pattering of a gentle rainfall.

“I have to ask you something important, hon,” she said.


“When you were a kid, did you like olives?”

“Mmm, yeah. I liked the big black smooth ones. Mom and dad bought ’em in big gallon cans. Why?” he said.

“So you liked the smooth black ones but not the wrinkled black ones or the green ones, right?” she said.

“Right. But as I got older, I developed a taste for the green ones, especially the stuffed ones.”

“But why did you start liking the green ones?” she said.

“I guess God would have to answer that one. I just started enjoying the more bitter flavor, God knows why. But we’re not really talking about olives, are we, sweetie?” his expression darkened a little.

“No, hon…we’re talking about Marty.”

“She is a sweet girl, I’ve known her for quite a while. I assume you two are still friends?” he said.

Lori sighed and took a long sip of wine, “We’re more than friends,” she said meekly, her head bowed.

“Lovers?” he said softly.

“Not exactly, but we want to be,” she started crying, shaking, a river of tears streaming down her face and throat and breasts. “Dave, I’m sorry to tell you this. I love you and it won’t change how I feel about you, but if you don’t want me anymore I’ll understand, Dave–My God! What’s happening to me, Dave—“

“WHOA now, darlin’, first thing, stop all this crying and shaking and fussing! I’m not going anyplace and neither are you. You are gonna stay in my arms and in my heart and nothing will ever change that, understand?” He held her close, as though she were a small child frightened by a bad dream.

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