Living Single! Ch. 02

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One nice thing about hosting – I was already home. So it was easy to throw the sheets in the dryer, and to put the other set in the wash. I laughed as I did – Kristi had squirted three times during what looked like an insane orgasm, and we’d changed the sheets after that. And we’d then proceeded to continue fucking madly all night, leaving huge wet spots all over the second set. I was still shaking my head at last night – Kristi was my massage therapist, and I’d gotten a massage after a crazy busy week of sex. When she’d asked me if I’d been working out particularly hard, I had laughed and said you could think of it that way, and said she should try it.

I hadn’t meant to create anything by saying it – I figured she must have a boyfriend or at least an FWB or two, but she’d laughed back and said that maybe she should – and asked if I was volunteering. I of course had said yes, and we’d met for happy hour on her day off, Tuesday, and proceeded to have an amazing night of sex. The one thing I needed to ask her was if she was protected at all – because I was ‘intact’ and had cum in her I don’t even remember how many times. Most of the women I’d had sex with were around my age – 46 – and so weren’t worried about getting pregnant at all – and most said they loved the feel of me cumming in them – feeling that shot of warmth, a few of them saying they could feel a little more pressure as well.

Anyway, we’d agreed to go out again the following Monday – they’d shifted her day off, so she had Sunday and Monday off now. As the washer and dryer hummed away, I moved downstairs, turned on some music to start my day (bonus points if you get the song lyric!) and started making breakfast, realizing I needed a trip to the food store.

As wanton and spectacular as last night had been, I kept drifting to thinking about Terri, the 5’4″ dynamo that I’d met completely randomly. I could feel myself drifting into her orbit – and vice-versa. She was… perfect. Smart, drop dead beautiful (and not just to me), witty, informed, and as insatiable as I was. Side note – I enjoyed sex so much that I’d once wondered if it counted as an addiction; I was relieved to read and hear that no, it did not – it never interfered with day to day life. Sex was my favorite activity, which made it a little awkward on the dating sites I’d been on – you can’t quite come out and say that.

Anyway, Terri was in DC for the week – I was picking her up at the airport on Friday after her trip got extended a day. And I figured Friday and Saturday would be spent with her, and that we’d maybe talk a little about what we were and where we were headed. Or not – I knew myself well enough to know it’d be hard to be with one person – I enjoyed meeting new people too much. But Terri was the first woman I’d met who made me even think of it. Well, first single woman. I’d had a few thoughts along that line about Lauren, who was one of the married women I’d met and been out with. And though she’d dropped hints of being dissatisfied with her husband, she’d never referenced leaving him, let alone wanting to be with me.

Anyway, I made coffee and breakfast, kept the laundry going, remaking the bed and putting the other set of sheets away in the linen closet. There wasn’t much to clean up in the living room – just our drink and water glasses, all of which were still half full. I settled into some work, and was able to knock out a couple of those annoying little work projects that can just hang on and irritate, like a bad mosquito bite.

About midway through the day, my phone tinged with a message from Lauren. “BP at 7?

“Sounds good!” I added the devil emoji and the kiss emoji.

And got the same back. I smiled, considered the time, and put an overnight bag together. We were going to be spending the night at the Brown Palace on my dime – I’d lost a bet with her. She’d bet me that I’d end up fucking her neighbor – the one who we’d run into while we were out – and I’d bet that her neighbor would be too uptight. Obviously Lauren knew her neighbor better than my gut reaction, because not only had we fucked with abandon – once she’d gotten past the ‘first time not with her husband of 14 years’ – she’d asked if we could do it again. Packed, I put the bag by the door to the garage and knocked out some more work stuff, leaving myself time to shower, shave, etc.

I drove down to the Brown Palace and paid the $52 to valet park overnight. It was going to be an expensive night – so what the hell. I got there about 630, checked in, and went up to drop my bag in the room. I’d gotten one of the classic king rooms, so there was a king size bed (duh, right?), a beautiful marble bath with a marble shower, and a sitting area by the windows. I closed the linen curtains but left the blackout ones open – the linen curtains screened us a little but still let in the waning daylight.

I went down to the Ship Tavern and got a table, texting Lauren to say where we were. She arrived a little before 7 looking just amazing. She was wearing eryaman otele gelen escort a little black dress that hugged her beautiful curves but still left enough to the imagination, with a pair of low heels and, it looked like, black fishnet stockings or hose. I was glad I’d dressed up at least a little – I’d pulled on a pair of dress slacks with a sport jacket, which was probably my best look – casual but still somewhat dressy – and it was also comfy.

Thank goodness my eyes bulged out of my head – she saw it and smiled her megawatt smile, and I could see and feel a lot necks snapping around to drink in the view of her.

I stood up at the table and moved to hug her, apparently a little tongue-tied, which was NOT a common occurrence for me.

“So I look OK?” she asked, knowing full well what I thought of her, and, I was pleased to see, that she knew the answer no matter what anyone else would think. I love confidence in a woman!

“Wowow… you look fantastic.”

She smiled. “We haven’t been able to dress up anywhere, so I figured this would be a good time to go for it – let you see me all cleaned up.”

And while comparisons are, as Oscar Wilde is reputed to have said, ‘odious,’ she looked every bit as amazing as Terri had the night we’d met.

“Thank you for taking the time – you look… completely spectacular. Can I just stare at you all night?”

She laughed. “Of course! But I kinda hope we can get around to other things,” winking at me.

“Oh, I think you’re safe on that one! But good god, woman, you are worth staring at!”

She laughed again. “Well, thank you! That’s kinda what I was going for. And you look great yourself!”

I took her hand as we sat, and managed a “thanks!” as I literally just stared.

Our waitress came over and we ordered cocktails, before looking at the menu.

“I’m not all that hungry – like to split a couple of apps?” she asked.

“Sure, but I’m going to get some steak – I think I might need the protein,” giving her an exaggerated once-over with my eyes, just drinking her in. We’d been naked together a bunch of times, so I had a very good idea of what she looked like under that stunning LBD, but I hadn’t seen her dressed to the nines before. Wow.

She chuckled. “Good idea – you’ll need it,” she said with a wink.

I realized she wasn’t wearing her wedding set, and as I felt her fingers there wasn’t much of an impression – like she’d had them off for a while.

Another laugh – “I had to laugh when I checked in and they said ‘Welcome to the Brown Palace, Mrs. Martin. I actually looked over my shoulder to see who they were talking to. Took me a second…”

My turn to laugh. “Well, glad you laughed and weren’t mortified. Seemed like the easiest way to go.”

“Yeah, it was funny. And no, not mortified. So used to being called ‘Mrs. Tully’ it was nice to hear something different.”

“Well, good. They take your bag up?”

She nodded. “Yep. Thanks for setting it up, by the way.”

Our drinks arrived and we lifted them, toasting each other and to a night of endless possibilities.

We ordered food, and kept chatting, just enjoying each other. It was indescribably nice being out – really out – with her, and said so.

She nodded agreement. “I’ve wanted to since we started.” She paused thoughtfully. “I feel… liberated and free and… respected when I’m with you.”

I was flattered. “Thank you,” I said softly. “That makes me feel… great.”

She nodded again. “And I haven’t gotten that from Trev in a long time. We’ve actually got to a financial planner working on separating assets. I’d always figured I’d get super depressed, but quite the opposite – like, excited. I don’t think I realized how… oppressed I felt after a while. And him too.”

I spoke softly. “Are you actually divorcing?”

She held my eyes. “Yep. Unless I’d get screwed property-wise, which seems unlikely. Sell the house, get something smaller that still has room for the kids when they’re back from college.” Her youngest (of two) was headed to college in the fall.

I must have gaped a little, because she went on, “It’s been a long time coming, and we both knew it, we just didn’t quite know how to articulate it to each other. Communication got harder and harder the longer we were together.”

“Wow, I had no idea. I know you’ve hinted at… dissatisfaction, but didn’t know it ran that deep.”

“Oh, been there for years. We’ve bounced the idea around for years, just got there when realized our younger son was headed to college in the fall, so there wasn’t any need to stick together. Sorry if that drags down the mood!”

I shook my head. “Oh, no – not at all. Just surprised. And don’t know whether to say ‘condolences’ or ‘congratulations.’ I’d lean to congrats based on how you framed it, but probably both.”

She actually laughed. “You are just too fucking sweet. Sure, some of both, but I’ll take the ‘congrats’ one. And yeah, I know I wasn’t very talkative sincan escort about it all – I just wanted to leave it all behind when I’m with you and enjoy the time with you.”

I smiled. “Thanks. Feel free to share whatever, whenever. Just know I’m always interested.”

Our food arrived, and we ate with gusto. It was as good as you’d expect at one of the nicest hotels in the state. I let my hand drift to her leg and hold it, feeling her hand move to mine. And I felt my heart leap – my god, this felt like a real date. Actually, more accurately, it felt like being out while in a real relationship. I loved it.

And my brain was going a million miles an hour. I’d said before that if she were single, she’d have been the one I’d have gone after. Well, before meeting Terri, at least. And that might actually be possible now. Yikes.

She paused for a moment and took a sip of wine. “Just occurred to me – hope you don’t think I ‘expect’ anything from you.”

“No, no worry there. I feel like I know you well enough to know you’d have gotten to where you and Trevor are on your own, and that you’re making the right decision for yourself on your own. And you’re way too smart to do anything like get divorced without a lot of thought.”

She looked relieved. “Yeah, like I said, it’s been a long time coming. Pretty common from what I’ve read. People get to their 40s or 50s, kids are grown, look around, and realize they’ve grown in different directions even though they’ve lived together. That’s part of it. And another part was that my sex drive took off and his slowly decreased. I think I remember telling you that the first time we met?” – I nodded – “And I realized it really was an important part of life for me. Too important, sometimes.” She chuckled.

We’d finished dinner by now, and the bottle of wine, and turned down dessert. I was going to have the waitress add the check to the room, but Lauren snatched the leather check binder the instant the waitress put it on the table, and slipped a platinum AmEx in it, putting it down on the table as far from me as it could get.

She shook her head – “You got the room. The least I can do is get dinner.”

“Well, thank you! It was delicious!” As much as I wanted her naked, I wasn’t quite ready after that dinner. And I relished the idea of being out. “Should we venture out for a nightcap? Truth to tell, I’d kinda like to be seen with you.”

She laughed. “You bet. I need to digest a little anyway. Where to?”

That was a good question. I didn’t know many places downtown any more, so we wound up walking out of the hotel and finding an Earl’s Kitchen and Bar. It was busier than I’d expected for a Wednesday night, but looked like a good crowd. We managed to score a cocktail table, and ordered drinks from a really pretty cocktail waitress, so pretty that Lauren commented on her.

We had a good time flirting with each other, people watching, and stretched our drinks out, watching as people drifted in and out, a few seemingly new couples forming and leaving, with little doubt as where they were headed. And we had a lot of glances thrown our way, with a few people seeming to think about approaching us even if none did.

Lauren’s eyes sparkled and she leaned over to me, kissing me hard, surprising me a little that she was in such a public space, and then I was responding, kissing her back hard. She broke away, her eyes still sparkling, and said, “OK, take me to bed…”

If it had been just me, I’d have run back to the hotel, and even though Lauren couldn’t quite run in her medium height heels we managed to make it back to the hotel pretty quickly. We slowed down to walk through the lobby, elevator and hallway, me extracting my phone and unlocking the door.

We stepped in, and slowly reached for each other. We kissed a long, slow, ohmigod kind of kiss that was indescribably sweet, and then another, and I could feel my knees buckle. For real.

I reached up and brushed her hair off of her face, and reached to her back, my hands running up and down her body, squeezing her to me, and then reaching the zipper of her LBD, undoing it oh so slowly, feeling her breathe in, reaching inside my sport jacket, unbuttoning my shirt, slowly, reaching my belt, undoing it, reaching for the button of my slacks, slowly releasing the zipper, feeling them fall to my ankles, her hand now slowly caressing my cock through my thin cotton bikini briefs.

I finished undoing her zipper, and pushed her dress down and off of her, shrugging off my jacket and shirt once I had. She was naked before me, save for her black fishnet stockings. She reached for my briefs, pushing them down, feeling me step out of my slacks and briefs, fondling my cock, and then we were kissing again, our eyes both on fire, as our tongues met and slowly explored each other again, gently, oh so gently, and somehow we were at the bed.

We lay down, me lying on top of her, aching to take her but knowing there was no rush, and we kept slowly elvankent escort kissing, both of us breathing hard as we did. It felt like we were in slow motion, and I moved down to kiss and suck her beautiful breasts, biting down on her rock hard nipples and feeling her quiver, and then her legs were opening and her hand was guiding me to her. I broke off from those beautiful breasts and moved back to kiss her and so we could see others’ eyes as we coupled. And as we coupled, our mouths broke apart and our eyes blazed – I could see hers, and knew mine were as well.

Our bodies moved together, creating passionate arabesques as we moved, each trying to maximize the pleasure of the other, our bodies urgently joining the other, merging into one. And after who knows how long, we were both reaching the point of no return, then orgasming so intensely together that I literally couldn’t tell where my body ended and hers began, feeling her cum all over my cock as I filled her womb with stream after stream of warm semen, painting the inside of her white, and then we were clutching each other as we shook, finally and slowly coming down, muscles quivering, slowing, stopping, and then we were back.

“Wowow… ” was all I could manage.

“Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnn…” was it for her.

We lay like that for a while, and then I moved off of her, to her side, feeling her release her grip on me reluctantly. I snuggled up next to her, a hand cupping her breast, and she sighed with contentment.

“God, what do you do to me?” she murmured. “I get totally lost with you.”

“Mmmmm… same for me. You just… transport me. Magic.” She was, too.

“Mmmmm… I know what you mean. You make me so feel so… free and strong and powerful and loved – it’s a little overwhelming sometimes. I just crave your touch, lips, cock, cum… ” She laughed a little bit. “Did I just say that?”

“You did. All good things.”

“All true. I love being in a meeting and feeling a little bit of you leak out, and smiling inwardly because no one else knows. Even if there’s a good chance that someone else is having the same kind of feeling.”

“Oh? You can tell if another woman is leaking?” I was being something of a smartass, or at least I thought I was.

“Oh, not for most, but I can tell with the women that work with me.”

“Interesting. So they can probably tell with you?”

“Probably. At this point, I don’t really care if someone can tell I’ve had sex.”

“Yeah, I can relate to that!”

She turned serious again. “Anyway, that was just… I don’t have the words. I couldn’t tell where I stopped and you started.”

“That’s exactly how I felt – it felt like we shared one giant orgasm.”

She nodded, her eyes brightening. “That’s a good description – exactly right.”

We kissed softly. And then again. And again, but harder. And then she was rolling me on my back, and running her dripping sex across my cock, bringing me back, feeling me harden again, smiling, pushing back, her fingers guiding me, then slowly pushing back to take all of me into her. I started to move, but she pushed my arm down and rocked back, now straddling me, impaling herself on me, her beautiful tits in full view, gently moving in time with her rocking, and picking up speed, sliding around on me, feeling the earliest rumblings of orgasm building in her, feeling my balls start to fill again, willing them back down, watching her ride me, loving the feel of my cock inside her, literally sloshing, and suddenly we were both one again.

We came together again, and it was hard to tell where my body stopped and hers started. We both cried out as we came, and I felt her flood my cock a second before I came deep inside her, again flooding her womb with warm, sticky semen, feeling one pulse seemingly shoot straight into her cervix, millions more sperm on one mindless mission. And felt her squeezing me, like she was trying to get every drop, keeping herself impaled on me as far as she could, then rolling off and pulling her legs up to her chest, that classic “get pregnant” position again, a trickle of fluid coming from her.

She held that for a few minutes and then stretched out next to me, a sheepish look on her face. “Did I just do the “get pregnant” thing with my legs?”

I chuckled. “You did. Lost a little, but kept most in. I didn’t know you wanted to start over.”

She rolled her eyes. “I don’t know what that was. Probably impossible anyway considering how old I am.”

“Oh, age is just a number… and I’m still intact, so not impossible, even if that’s honestly not on my list of things to do. Although if we had met years ago… “

She laughed. “Y’know, that’s damn romantic.” Her cheeks were still flushed (and I’m sure mine were as well). “Is that something you worry about?”

“No – I remember we touched on it once, and you basically said not to worry.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I was basically just going off the idea I’m a little too old. Not protected otherwise. Are you OK with that?”

I nodded. “Just adds a little excitement, don’t you think?”

She laughed. “Well, I do like living on the edge… “

“Oh, good. And if anything happens we’ll figure it out,” I said. “I’m not a fan of worrying about something that’s very unlikely.”

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