Living Large Pt. 06

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Chapter 20

When Jenny arrived at work on Monday she was feeling elated about her weekend with Bob. However, her feelings for him created a major dilemma: now that she had admitted to herself that she was in love with him, she didn’t want to date anyone else. Being in love was a first for her. There were times that she thought she was in love but for one reason or another, it turned out to be just fascination. This time she was sure it was love. That complicated everything and now, she wasn’t sure how to handle the relationships that she had recently developed. Being the sensitive person that she was, she didn’t want to disappoint any of her lovers. It was just her nature and, in truth, she had feeling for all of them. The person that she worried the most about was Tim because she knew that he would be the most disappointed. She decided to call Michael… she would know how to handle it.

It was close to lunchtime by the time that Jenny got a minute free to call Michael. She asked her how the rest of the evening with Tim went.

“Unbelievable,” she answered excitedly. “He is truly a gem.”

“So he survived?” Jenny laughed.

“Just barely,” Michael returned. “So how did your weekend go with Bob?”

Jenny took a deep breath and sighed contentedly.

“That good huh?” Michael laughed.

“Better. But that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“In love?” she asked.

“How did you know?” Jenny answered in astonishment.

“It wasn’t hard to tell. I could hear it in your voice,” Michael responded. “Is he in love with you?”

“I don’t know. He hasn’t said and I haven’t told him. That’s my problem. Even if he doesn’t love me, I don’t want to date anyone else.”

There was silence on the phone for a moment.

“Does that include me?” Michael asked with a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

Jenny paused at the unexpected question. “I hadn’t thought about that,” she said. Then she thought of Erica. The issue suddenly became more complicated. “I don’t know the answer to that question,” she said honestly. “I guess it would be self-serving if I said that my relationship with you was different.”

“It is different. You’re not going to fall in love with me.”

Jenny started to answer but then she stopped. She was suddenly even more confused. She realized that she did love Michael, not in the same way as Bob… but it was still love. However, right now she had to focus on the more immediate problem. “We can talk about that later. Right now, I don’t know what to do about Tim, Tom, Sean, or Jack. I need your help.”

Michael suddenly laughed. “Half the women in the world wish they had your problem.”

“Michael… I’m serious.”

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. However, you have to see the irony. A couple months ago, you weren’t in any kind of relationship. Now you have five… well if you count me, it’s six.”

“I know. I guess I should be very happy. But it’s all so new to me.”

“I understand,” Michael said. “Let’s take them one at a time and walk through the issues. I think you’ll find that it isn’t as bad as you think. First of all, Tim is certainly fascinated with you, but he is a kid and I believe he can be distracted fairly easily.” Michael paused before saying, “I think I could take your place with him if you wanted me too. He was very accommodating on Friday night and seemed to have a lot of fun. Possibly because I’m as kinky as he is… maybe more.” Michael laughed.

It only took Jenny a second to think about that. “That’s perfect,” she said.

“Good, I’m happy to help,” Michael said humorously. “Then there is Sean. From what you’ve told me, he is quite the ladies’ man. I don’t think his disappointment will last long. As far as Jack goes, it sounds like he and Erica are developing a relationship.”

Jenny found herself nodding her head. She felt better already. “I think I can handle Tom,” she said.

“Well then, your problems are solved… except for me. But, I won’t be a burden to you. I’ll be your friend, with or without a sexual relationship.”

Jenny felt her heart swell. She wiped a tear from her eye. Suddenly she knew that she couldn’t give up her relationship with Michael. “Thanks Michael, it’ll all work out somehow.”

“Yes it will,” Michael returned.

“There’s something else I wanted to run by you.”

“Well, Michael’s counseling service is open for business,” she laughed.

“I’m sorry to lay all this on you,” Jenny said, feeling like she was laying all her problems on Michael.

“Nonsense! That’s what friends are for.”

“Thanks. When Bob and I were together the first time he mentioned that he loved anal sex.”

“That’s not surprising,” Michael laughed. “He’s a man and you have a great ass… and I speak from experience.”

Jenny felt herself blush and an unwanted rush of excitement went through her. “Anyway, since I can’t give Bob my virginity… I was thinking that maybe I could let him… you know… fuck my ass.”

“Sounds great. But what’s the problem?”

“I’ve never bostancı escort bayan done it and it scares me.”

“I see. So you think I’ve done it,” Michael laughed.

“Well… I… uh… thought,” Jenny stammered.

“I’m just kidding. Of course, I’ve been fucked in the ass, many, many times. It’s wonderful if the guy knows what he’s doing and you’re prepared.”

“I’m pretty sure Bob knows what he is doing. However, how do I prepare.”

“Well, I can’t tell you over the phone but if you want to get together sometime, I can show you.”

Jenny paused. She had the feeling that she knew what “show,” meant. “All… all right. Bob and I are getting together this weekend so I was thinking it would be a good time to do it. No sense in delaying and worrying about it for weeks.”

“What about coming over to my place tomorrow night? My husband is away again until Thursday. I can tell you more about what happened with Tim and I and then I’ll give you instructions.”

“What kind of instructions?” Jenny asked, her voice suddenly betraying her excitement.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” Michael answered in a low and sexy voice.

Jenny said she would meet Michael at her house and thanked her again. When she hung up she sighed and sat back in her chair, thinking about how hard maintaining her relationships had become.

Chapter 21

Jenny arrived at Michael’s house around eight P.M. She wore a simple white blouse and pleated blue skirt. She didn’t wear panty hose or underwear.

When Michael met her at the door, she was wearing a simple summer dress.

“Got dressed up for me,” Jenny laughed as they hugged and then kissed.

“Well, I didn’t think there was any reason to be formal,” Michael responded as she took Jenny’s hand and led her through the house and then downstairs.

“Very nice,” Jenny said as she entered a large video room. It had several leather sofas and chairs facing a giant video screen. “Are we watching a movie?” “Yes,” Michael answered.

“What is it, an instructional video on anal sex?”

“Something like that. Would you like a glass of wine?”

“Please,” Jenny answered as she sat on the large sofa.

Michael brought over two glasses of wine and sat next to Jenny. The room grew silent as the two women looked at each other and sipped their wine.

“Michael,” Jenny said as she reached over and took her friends hand, “I’ve been thinking a lot about you and I.”

Michael didn’t respond but waited for Jenny to continue.

“You have been such a good friend and more,” Jenny said and felt herself blush. She looked idly down at Michael’s hand in hers. She fell silent for a moment before saying, “I don’t want to give up our relationship… you know… sexually speaking.”

Michael’s face broke into a broad smile. She reached over with her hand under Jenny’s chin and raised her face. “You don’t know how happy that makes me,” she said. There were tears in her eyes.

Jenny felt her eyes welling up.

Like a magnet, the two women’s lips went together.

Jenny trembled at the feeling of her friend’s soft lips on hers. She opened her mouth and moaned as the older woman’s tongue entered her mouth. As the kiss grew passionate, Jenny boldly reached out and cupped her breasts.

Michael moaned and her hand found Jenny’s larger breast. She pressed Jenny back onto the sofa as she reached up to open her blouse. A second later, the front of Jenny’s blouse was hanging open and Michael’s mouth was searching for her nipple.

Jenny felt her sex lips swelling as her excitement grew rapidly.

Suddenly Michael pulled back. She took a deep breath and said, “Let’s watch the video before we get too carried away.

Jenny was a little shocked but nodded her head as she sat up. She started to button her blouse.

“Leave it open. It’ll save time later,” Michael said lustfully.

Jenny smiled and sat back with her glass of wine as Michael found the remote and pressed play on the DVD.

The screen lit up and a camera showed an empty room. A second later, the door opened. Jenny gasped when she saw Michael walk into the room, followed by the young man she recognized from the restaurant, Tony. The boy was fully dressed but Michael had on a bathrobe. The two of them stood at the bed only several feet from an obviously hidden camera and embraced. Then they kissed.

“As I said, he has a lot of brawn but not much in the way of brains,” Michael whispered as she leaned close to Jenny.

Jenny couldn’t answer as she watched Michael begin to unbutton the young man’s shirt. She stripped it off his shoulders, revealing a tanned and well-muscled chest. Michael bent her head and began to kiss across his chest, stopping to lick and suck his nipples. Then she slowly went to her knees and reached for his belt. A second later, she was pushing his slacks down his legs. A gasp escaped Jenny’s lips when she saw the large bulge in his underwear.

“Wait until you see his cock,” Michael hissed excitedly. Her ümraniye escort hand snaked over to Jenny and she grasped her breast.

Jenny moaned as the older woman’s hand began to play with her large breast. Her eyes stared at the screen, waiting for Michael to pull his shorts down. “Oh Jesus,” she gasped when she saw his throbbing erection spring from his shorts. It must have been eight inches long with a large and dark purple head. It was obvious that Michael had been with him before since she didn’t seem surprised by the size of his equipment.

“Great cock, huh?” Michael said as her fingers played with Jenny’s now very hard nipples. “I can almost feel my asshole twitching now.”

“Michael, you didn’t… didn’t take that up your… your ass did you?” Jenny asked excitedly.

“Just watch me,” she laughed. “I told you that you could take very large cocks up your ass if you were prepared. The first time we fucked it took quite some time to get it inside me… but after that it was pretty easy.”

On the screen, Michael began to suck the large penis, holding it with both fists wrapped around the shaft. Her cheeks bulged and her lips stretched to take the large crown into her mouth.

“He cums like a horse too,” Michael said as her excitement began to grow. She bent her head to suck one of Jenny’s nipples.

Jenny moaned in pleasure and held Michael’s head, forcing her own eyes to stay open. She watched as the older woman stripped off her bathrobe to stand naked in front of the smiling young man. Then she went to her knees in front of him, pulling his shoes, socks, pants, and underwear off. A second later, she had captured his penis with her mouth again.

“God, I can never get enough of his cock. Watch… he is a multiple climaxer,” Michael hissed.

Jenny didn’t know what Michael was talking about but she watched as the older woman began to pump his shaft rapidly and suck the large head. She saw the boy tremble and his legs tense. A loud grown came from his mouth and he grabbed her head. A second later, she saw Michael’s cheeks bulge out and knew that he was cumming in her mouth. She watched in amazement as Michael swallowed in a big gulp before her mouth filled again… and then again. Soon, the sticky white cream was leaking from the corners of her mouth and running down her chin to drip on her breasts. “God, he does cum a lot,” Jenny whispered excitedly.

“Buckets,” Michael answered as she began to kiss down Jenny’s stomach.

As Jenny stared at the screen, she felt Michael slipping to her knees between her legs. Without being told, she spread her legs and slipped lower on the sofa.

“Ummm, you came prepared,” Michael said when she lifted her skirt and saw that Jenny didn’t have panties on.

Jenny trembled when Michael’s head slipped under her skirt and between her legs. “Oh yes,” she gasped as the older woman began to kiss her hot thighs. Her hands found her head and began to pull it toward her swollen sex lips.

Michael resisted and whispered, “Not yet.”

Jenny moaned in frustration as the older woman began to kiss down her leg to her calf. She held her leg out and admired the form of her well-shaped leg, all the way to her high-heeled shoe.

On the screen, Michael allowed the boy’s penis to slip from her mouth. She glanced at the hidden camera, her cheeks still bulging with his juice. Then she swallowed a final time.

“Jesus Michael, what if your husband saw this?” Jenny suddenly said.

Michael stopped kissing Jenny’s leg and looked at the screen. Then she turned back to her and said, “Who said he hadn’t?”

Jenny eyes opened wide. “You mean… you mean…” she gasped.

“Yep. It was the first time the old guy got an erection in a year,” Michael answered. “He’s the one that set up the hidden camera,” she said, returning to her task of raining kisses on every square inch of Jenny’s leg.

Jenny stared down at the pretty woman with shock on her face. She thought that she knew Michael but almost every time they were together, she learned something new. When she looked back at the screen, Michael was lying in Tony’s arms on the bed and they were kissing passionately. Her hand slipped down to his flaccid penis and began to stroke him. Two minutes later, his penis was as hard as a rock again.

On the screen, Michael got up, went over to the dresser, and came back with a tube of lubrication. She squirted some onto his penis and spread it up and down the shaft until it was glistening.

“Watch,” Michael said to Jenny as she stopped kissing her leg and turned to the screen.

Michael climbed onto her feet, squatting over the boy’s throbbing erection with her ass facing the screen.

Jenny found herself holding her breath as she watched the older woman reached between her legs and grasp the large penis. She held it up and placed her ass over the swollen head. With agonizing slowness, she moved lower until the head began to stretch her tiny rear hole. A long and low moan escaped her lips as the head breached the escort kartal opening and slipped inside. She paused, her asshole stretched almost grotesquely around the crown of Tony’s penis.

“I love this part,” Michael whispered as both women watched her began a slow descent. Inch by inch, the large shaft disappeared. When half of it was in her ass, she paused again. Then, with a cry of pleasure, she pushed all the way down until every inch was gone and she was sitting on his balls.

“Oh my God!!!” Jenny cried. She had never seen anything like it. She couldn’t imagine how Michael’s ass had stretched wide enough to take the fat penis.

“God,” Michael whispered in excitement, “I can almost feel it in my ass right now.”

Jenny didn’t answer. Her body had begun to tremble and she felt, if her pussy were touched, she would climax. She watched in amazement as Michael began to lift up until the long and slick shaft was almost out of her body. Then she forced herself back down with a cry of pleasure, taking him all the way inside again. A second later, she was bounding up and down on the shaft.

Michael began to kiss down Jenny’s leg again, toward her throbbing vagina. When she got to her pussy, she paused. However, she didn’t touch it and began to move up the other leg. She didn’t want Jenny to climax because she needed her on the edge for what she had in mind.

Jenny began to squirm as she watched the scene before her. The two fucked for a long time as the cries of the lovers on the screen filled the room. After what seemed like a good half-hour, she saw Tony tense, his legs straining as he forced his shaft into Michael to the hilt. A loud groan came from his lips. That was matched by a scream from Michael as she climaxed. Jenny could see the boy’s balls pull tight to his body and she knew that he was filling her ass with his sperm.

As Jenny watched the screen, Michael reached under the sofa and brought out a soft rubber penis. It wasn’t as large as Tony’s but it would accomplish what she had in mind.

Jenny’s head was spinning as she watched the scene on the bed. She saw Tony’s formidable cock begin to shrink until it slipped out of her stretched asshole. Another gasp escaped her lips when she saw Michael’s hole remain open and gobs of cum begin to run out. When she took her eyes off the screen, she saw Michael staring up at her with a big smile.

“Now do you believe an asshole can stretch to accommodate the largest cocks?”

Jenny started to answer but paused; at that moment, she saw the fake cock in Michael’s hand. “Michael… I uh… I don’t think I can…” she stuttered.

“Nonsense,” Michael said as she produced a tube of lubricant and began to smear it on the rubber penis. “Lift your legs,” she ordered.

Jenny hesitated.

“Jenny, if you are going to give your ass to Bob, you had better work with me. This penis is not as big as his cock I’m sure. However, it will open the way for him. Now, you don’t want to disappoint him, do you?”

Jenny shook her head, her eyes a big as saucers as she stared at the flesh colored penis. Slowly she lifted her legs, pulling her thighs back to her breasts. This forced her ass lower, exposing her pussy and ass obscenely to her smiling friend.

“Now, I’m going to take my time. Just relax and push down on your sphincter muscles.” With that, Michael placed the lubricated head of the fake penis on Jenny’s tight asshole. Gradually she began to push.

Jenny squeezed her eyes shut in concentration. She felt Michael gradually increasing the pressure on her little hole. “Ohhhhh!!!” she gasped when the head popped into her opening. Her sphincter snapped shut on the shaft. Suddenly Jenny was gasping for breath.

“Just relax,” Michael encouraged. She stopped the forward movement to allow her to get used to the large head. “The head is the toughest part,” she said as she used her finger to gently rub Jenny’s swollen clit.

The touch of the woman’s finger sent a shock wave through Jenny. In her effort to concentrate on relaxing, she almost forgot her excitement. Suddenly the large object stretching her anal passage made her sphincter throb. The entire area began to tingle.

“That’s it… that’s it,” Michael whispered as Jenny’s hips began to move in little twitches and a whimper came from her lips. She pressed harder on her clit, circling her finger around the sensitive tissue. Gradually, almost imperceptibly, Michael began to push the fake penis into her again.

At first, Jenny didn’t notice. Then she felt the round head rubbing against her anal walls as it snaked slowly into her bowels. She held her breath, pressing down on her muscles. “Ohhhhh!!!” she gasped as it went deeper and deeper.

“That’s it,” Michael said. “You have it all.”

Jenny’s eyes flew open and she looked down. She could see only Michael’s fingers holding the end of the penis… everything else was inside her ass. She gasped, unable to believe her eyes. It had hurt at first but now there was only a feeling of fullness.

Michael waited for a moment before pulling it out slightly and then pushing it back in. She watched Jenny’s face for any sign of pain. When she saw none, she moved it out further and then back inside. Soon, she was pulling it almost all the way out and slowly pushing it back inside.

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