Little Drunken Lola

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Me and Lola have always been close. Her mother and I fell madly in love when we

were only 12 and stayed together all throughout highschool. After graduation we got

married. Nine months later, Lola was born. When Lola was 2 things started to

dwindle between Nancy and I, and that’s when I knew she had found another man.

Just after Lola’s 2nd birthday, I woke to find Nancy gone. In her place, a note

saying, “I’m sorry.” When Nancy left Lola and me, I devoted my whole life to Lola.

I taught her everything. She was gorwing up with only me in her life. I taught her

how to walk, talk, run, ride a bicycle, play baseball, everything. We did everything

together. I had never looked at my little daughter in a sexual way until one day when

I was at work. A friend of mine was carelessly talking about a sexual fantasy he had

about the young girls who played outside his house everyday. He was mumbling

something about fucking their sweet young asses and it got me thinking. Soon, my

mind was filled with pubesent girls and doing undescribabe things to them–things a

grown man should not want to do. I tried to concentrate on work as hard as I could

but these thoughts would consume my mind from time to time. At home with Lola,

everything she did would turn me on. Running her fingers through her hair, hearing

her “tinkle”, bobbing up and down at the dinner table. The thing that most turned me

on was when she’d be coloring on the floor in front of me. I’d be sitting on the couch

watching whatever Disney movie she had on and she’d be on the floor in front of me

–her back towards me. She’d bend over to color on the book in front of her, each

time her butt moving up and down. One Saturday evening, the nighty she had on rode

up to where I could see her little panties peeking through underneath. She’d had this

nighty for a few years so it was a little short. I’d bought her many new ones but she

said this one was her favorite. It was becomig my favorite too. I could see that one

side of her panties had gotten stuck between her butt cheeks giving her a mini

wedgie. Everytime she bent over to color, her tiny butt cheek peered at me. I tried

to watch the movie on the tv but I could not pay attention. My cock was growing

harder and the room was getting hot. She turned around and giggled, “I like this

part!” I was holdng my cock in my hand through my pants–all I could manage was a

smile. She turned back around and continued with her coloring and movie. My mind

was racing about my little baby girl. I needed release. Luckily, when Nancy left me,

I started quite the collection of assorted alcohols. I almost had a fully stocked bar!

I decided to make me and my baby girl some drinks.

“I’m going to make us some yummy drinks, ok babydoll?” I said to Lola as I got up

from the couch.

“Ok daddy” she said back not looking up. Her voice was so angelic and sweet, it made

my cock twitch hearing her call me “daddy”.

I walked over to the bar area and pulled out some short glasses. I figured I’d make

her a tray of different drinks and see which one she liked. I started out with 4

different concoctions. I made sure they were really sweet and fruity, like juice so

she wouldn’t know what was in them. I grabbed the tray and walked over to Lola. I

sat the tray on the floor, and kneeled.

“Ok sweety… drink this first one and tell me what you think”

Lola picked up the glass and chugged the drink down.

“MMMM! Grape!”

I laughed a little bit at her cute lit up face. She seemed so happy. I gave her the

2nd glass.

“How about this one?”

She drank it down hungrily. “Well… this one tastes kind of yucky. It tastes like


We both laughed and I joked that I wouldn’t make that one anymore. I gave her the

next one and she wasn’t a big fan of that one either. She grabbed the last glass on

her own. Lola lifted the glass up to her mouth. There was a drop of red liquor on the edge

and she lightly stuck her tongue out and ran it over the glass. Her moist mouth was

all I could see. When her tongue touched the glass, I invisioned it was my cock. I was

daydreaming as izmit rus escort she said, “Oooh I like that one! It’s like fruit punch! I want more of

that one. And the grape one!”

“OK baby” I laughed and stood up. I couldn’t believe I was getting my little girl

drunk! I only wanted one touch… she was MY little girl after all. My flesh and blood.

I was entitled to a grope. I finished the drinks and brought them to her. I decidded

to make her shots. I put them on the floor and sat next to her with my legs stretched

out in front.

“Oooooh I have an idea.” I blurted out, “Let’s have a race! Let’s see who can drink

the most of these the fastest.” I smiled at her as her face lit up. She loved a


I continued, “Ok, are you ready?” her big eyes looked up at me as her head nodded

yes, “Alright, ready… set… GO!” I watched her as she quickly grabbed the first shot

glass and gulped it down. She was already on her second shot before I picked up my

first one. I was purposefully moving slow so she could have all the shots on the plate

–there were only ten! I finished 2, allowing her to have the rest.

“I WIN!” she yelled. She giggled and stood up, throwing her hands in the air and

doing a little victory dance. I stared up at her cute figure, eager to see how she felt.

She plopped back down on the ground sitting on her knees.

“Daddy make more! I want a BIG cup of it K!” she yelled “WHOO!” and started

bouncing up and down. I quickly got up to make her more drinks. My little pubescent

baby was a lush!

“Ok daddy, I’m gonna go pee pee then we can play with each other K!”

‘Play with each other’ i thought, ‘oh we’re going to play with each other alright!’

I put her big cup of liquor next to her coloring book, and resumed my spot on the

couch behind where she’d be sitting. I could hear her flush the toilet and start

running back to where we were sitting. As she came around the corner, I realized she

was naked.

“Where did your clothes go!?” I asked her, smiling a bit.

“I took them off in the baaaaaaathroom! It was too hot! Who cares!!!” she replied as

she started running around the room flailing her arms about. “Daddy I wanna be a

cheerleader!!” She stretched her arms up high and flipped onto her hands and did a

baby cartwheel right in front of me. Her legs spread when she was upside down and

I felt my balls swell up immediately.

“Baby that was amazing! Can you do another one?!”

She laughed and resumed postion. She did another flip–spreading her legs as she was

upside down. “Wow honey, I didn’t know you were so flexible! Can you face me and

do some kicks? Show daddy what you can do” Lola started kicking her small legs

every which way, laughing uncontrollably. The member between my legs was

throbbing against my leg. I grabbed and squeezed my cock through my pants.

“WOW! You could definitely be a cheerleader!” I encouraged.

“Dad look, I can even do the splits!” She stood there facing me and slowly lowered herself onto the ground

while spreading her legs. When her little butt was almost touching the ground and her legs were spread

all the way full eagle, she fell back onto her butt causing her legs to go flying in the air. it was a perfect

view of her young pussy spread open. She was giggling uncontrollably on the ground before she got up,

turned around, and did the same thing. This time I got a nice view of her ass and pussy spread open from

behind. My little girl was driving me wild!

“PHEW dad, I’m tired!” She plopped back down on the ground in front of me and picked up her drink.

She gulped half the juice done and let out a loud “AAAAAAH!” I

tossed her a pillow. It landed right in front of her. She blankly stared at it, then

lowered her head onto it. Her ass was sticking straight up in the air. I could see her

young bald pussy between her legs. I stared in astonishment. Her tiny ass hole was

barely visible. I sat there on the couch behind her for a few minutes, just taking in

what I was seeing. My baby girl, naked, showing me her ass and pussy. I was in

heaven. I got up and walked over to where she was and sat next to izmit escort her, stretching my

legs out. I said her name softly, “Lola?” Nothing. I said it a little louder, “Lola,

honey, it’s time to go to bed.” No response. She was sound asleep. I looked at her

baby bottom for a few seconds then I gently reached out my right hand. I lightly

ran my finger along her young slit, starting at her little hole and tracing down along

her little pussy to where her clit was. I lightly traced the slit of her pussy up and

down from clit to ass hole a few more times. I licked the tip of my finger and

touched it lightly to her little ass hole. I rubbed the slick saliva at her hole. Just

then I felt her sigh, her back curved, and her little ass raised higher into the air,

making her tiny slit open a little. That drove me crazy and I leaned in with my

tongue. I slowly teased her ass hole, probing, licking, tasting her little ass. My

tongue slid down further and I found her tiny pussy hole. Her whole slit was wet

from my spit. I licked up and down her whole slit. Grabbing her ass like a hamburger

I delved in deeper. My nose and mouth explored her baby holes. My cock was rock

hard and I pulled it through the zipper hole of my pants. It stood there proud as I

held it tight with my left hand. Something made me stop and I rolled onto my back.

‘I can’t do this,’ I thought to myself, ‘She is my baby… she is too young’ as I lay

there on my back, with my cock in hand, I heard a little voice,

“Daddy? What is that?” through sleepy drunk eyes, she was looking at my cock. I

scrambled for an excuse…

“UmMm… it’s.. a… well honey… it’s a snake! It bit me and I think it’s stuck.” I

looked at her face. She could barely keep her head up, “Why don’t you try holding

it.” I tested. She sat for a moment, then I saw her hands moving towards my cock.

“That’s right baby, hold it just like that, ” she wrapped both hands around my cock

and squeezed tight. “That’s it… just like that.” then I contunied, “I don’t think

that’s working… how about you try holding it really tight, and move your hands up

and down” I was slowly coaxing my little girl to give me a hand job! Seeing her little

hands around my cock made me so hot. “Why don’t you try sitting on it. Maybe you’ll

smush him to death!” She giggled a bit and with her eyes still closed, she crawled

over and mounted my lap with her back facing me. Her little pussy smushed my cock

to my belly. She sat on it for a few seconds then started moving her hips around and

around. My little girl was grinding on my cock! I could see her little ass moving

around on my cock–the head poking out every few seconds.

“Turn around honey, I want to see your face”

without losing contact, she swung around. Now I could see the head of my cock

through her pink bald pussy. I had her move back and forth along my cock. I could

feel the cum build up and I was ready to explode. I grabbed her by the hips and

pushed her pussy onto my balls. My dick shot stright up and exploded sending white

jizz into the air. Spurt after spurt came out. My cock was pumping the most cum I’d

ever seen! Some hit Lola’s face, even a little on her lip. Her tiny tongue

poked out and licked it off. “Hmm… sweet!” She said as a smile spread over her face.

“Daddy, that snakes spit tastes yummy” She got off my lap and kneeled next to me.

She started licking up the cum that was on my stomach! Seeing my little girl eat my

cum was amazing. If my cock hadn’t just exploded, it’d be hard again. She was

working on licking up what was on my legs when I slowly guided her legs over my

chest in the 69 position. Once her legs were on either side of my body, she grabbed

my cock. “There’s still a little bit on here!” and she took my dick into her mouth. I

growled and rolled my head back. I heard her sigh and lay her head down–my cock

still in her mouth. We were still in the 69 position and we both just lay there

exhausted. I realized she had dozed off so I just enjoyed my view of her tiny pussy

and ass hole. I grabbed her ass in my hands like a hamburger again. Seeing my big

hands on her ass was such kocaeli escort a turn on. I would grab it hard then let go… I’d push her

cheeks together and spread them again. I just wanted to play with her all night. Just

then a little bit of pee trickled out of her little slit. Startled, I just looked intently

at her underdeveloped female parts. Her pussy opened a little and some more piss

leaked out. I started to feel my cock getting hard again and I pulled her ass toward

my face. Her little pussy was poised right above me and pee started to flow freely.

It flowed out of her virgin pussy into my awaiting mouth. I pulled her ass cheeks far

apart and licked her pussy as the pee slashed onto my face. Her warm juices spilled

onto my face but I managed to drink a lot of it. As she finished peeing on my face, I

took my fingers and lightly tickled her little slit.

I rolled little Lola off of me and onto the pillow next to us. Her naked body was so

tiny next to me. I lay there for a second thinkin to myself, ‘this is bad. I shouldn’t

be doing this.’ I left her on the floor and went to lay on the couch. As I fell onto the

couch, I heard my baby wake up with a sigh. She sat up. I layed on the couch to see

what she was going to do. She could barely hold her head up–she was so drunk. She

stumbled to stand up, then she wobbled over to the couch I was laying on. She

walked to the end of the couch and mounted the arm rest. Her legs were straddling

the side of the couch! She started moving her hips back and forth, humping the couch.

“Lola?” I said quietly. “What are you doing, honey?”

Lola laughed her little girl laugh, “Ooooh nooooothing.” she giggled, “I’m just riding

the couch, daddy!”

“How come you’re doing that babydoll?”

“Mmmmm daddy, because it feels so gooooooood”

I watched my little baby fuck the couch. She stood up and squated in front of the

couch. She positioned her pussy on the side of the couch and started gyrating her

hips. She was rubbing her naked pussy on the side of the couch! I couldn’t stand

watching her–I needed her warmth on my dick again.

“You know baby, you can do that on me if you’d like. I might be more soft than that

hard couch…”

She stopped for a minute and sat there. Then she slowly stood up and smiled. She

walked over to me, standing next to the sofa where I lay down “Daddy, I love you!”

and she threw her arms around me. With her arms still around me, she climbed atop

me and straddled my waist. She let go of her hug and pushed up so she was sitting

atop me. She started wiggling her little butt around and my dick was rock hard. I

could feel it start to peek through my boxer shorts and out of my pants. Every once

in a while, it would poke Lola’s pussy hole but I knew it was NOT going in–it was

too small! My dick would not fit in there and plus she was my daughter! That could

NOT happen. As these thoughts were going through my mind, her eager moving got so

fast her knee slipped off the couch. I instictively pulled her into me, and my dick

shot into her pussy! She yelped in pain and started crying as I busted through her


“I’m sorry baby… I am so sorry… aw baby, don’t cry, it’ll be ok” I pulled her down

onto me so she was laying on my chest. Her baby pussy was still wrapped around my

throbbing cock as I tried to sooth her. I brushed her hair with my fingers saying

everything I could to get her to forget about the pain. Soon, she had drifted off into

a heavy sleep again. I could feel wetness leaking onto my balls. It was a mixture of

sweat, precum and virgin blood. I knew what I was doing was bad, but I couldn’t

help it. I gently started moving my cock in and out of my daughter. I grabbed her

ass and pulled her cheeks apart, delving my dick into her pussy. I fucked her slowly

for several minutes until I couldn’t hold on any longer. I shoved my big cock all the

way into her pussy and shot my load in my babies pussy. I moved her baby cunt

lower onto my dick getting it even deeper as spurt after spurt went into her

stomach. Knowing I was fucking my adolensent daughter was such a turn on. My dick was still throbbing

inside her as my mind replayed the night. Out of

breath, I nodded off– my dick still shoved deep in little Lola’s pussy.

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