Lisa in Love , Lust Ch. 06

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Lisa’s loving husband Roy always told her that she was a trophy wife. She knew that very well.

Lisa Roy fucked his sexy wife wildly several nights a week and sometimes even during the early morning, before leaving to work.

But Lisa started to get insatiable and she needed more than her husband’s dick.

She started to find the solution. One of her solutions name was Karim.

Karim was a gardener who worked for a landscape company which was responsible for the maintenance of their lawn. A nice good looking man, handsome, muscled… a real huge big black guy…

Lisa really had never paid much attention to Karim, until one afternoon she just happened to see him getting ready to go home after finishing his daily work. He was naked behind the back yard wall washing his body off with a hose.

Not only Karim was a guy with huge physic but he had a great body. The kind of body that made Lisa’s mouth water, made her cunt dripping wet. As she watched his naked buttocks, the black guy turned and she saw his limp cock. It looked like a giant anaconda serpent, swinging around between his muscled thighs.

Lisa could not stop looking at it. Her pussy started to burn and tingle. She could not believe what she was thinking or feeling. Lisa tried to put it all out of her head. She watched as Karim dressed and left the yard.

Then she went to the shower and fingered herself until she got an intense orgasm, thinking about that giant black dick.

The next days, Lisa kept thinking of Karim and running into him, mostly on purpose. She wanted to see him naked again. But her body wanted to feel him, her pussy wanted to feel him. Her pussy wanted to feel that huge cock to brush the inside moist wall.

Lisa had never had these thoughts and feeling before about Karim.

She decided to lay out topless at the back yard, knowing Karim would see her.

He was beside the house and she knew that he would come around by the pool to check the garden hose and so she was there topless when he did.

The black guy did a double take as he walked by. As he walked back pass to Lisa she pretended to cover herself; but he smiled and said he was enjoying the view.

That kind of play went on for another week as she tried to figure out what she wanted from that huge black guy. Then one day Karim had his shirt off and his muscular black body just turned Lisa on so much.

Knowing about that huge black cock he had; Lisa decided that she had to have it.

Lisa started to flirt with him, gradual at first but later she decided to speed up more and more.

Finally niğde escort one day Lisa just could not wait any longer.

She lay out fully naked knowing Karim would be walking right past… which he did.

Then he stopped dead in his tracks. That time Lisa made no excuses, telling him that she had thought that he was off that day.

Lisa’s shaved mound was clearly seen glistening in the sun and her pussy lips were open and dripping her juices.

Lisa’s sun glasses were hiding her eyes as she waited for a reaction, which she got when she saw that the tent rising in Karim’s trouser.

So she invited him into the pool, to skinny dip. Lisa jumped in feeling pretty sure he would follow her. As she swam and watched the black guy undresses. When that huge black monster cock sprang forth as he dropped his trouser Lisa almost fainted. It was huge; at least seize made her mad.

They swam and played a little to get him to relax but Lisa needed that cock.

She moved swiftly. She made sure that she brushed across his cock several times knowing that he would not be able to resist her.

Suddenly Lisa ended up in his arms, with that hard cock pushing between her legs. She told him that she have had never done that kind of thing before. But then Lisa started to fondle his cock under the water and led him to the edge of the pool.

They got out and Karim lay his back on the pool deck and put both hands around that huge cock. After just a few seconds Lisa could not wait any longer. She placed her body right above Karim’s cock and started to fit that monster inside her hungry cunt.

Lisa was so worked up and wet that her cunt was able to swallow it quickly. As soon as it was all the way up inside her she felt it throbbing and pulsating and realized that the black guy was cumming and blowing a huge load deep into her womb.

Lisa guessed that she got him too worked up. His sticky seed was all over her thighs, his cock still planted deep inside her and still hard as steel.

Karim felt sorry, saying it was the first time it happened to him.

That made her pussy tingle even more, she just got his virginity. She had never been with a virgin guy. Lisa told him not to worry and they rolled over the deck.

Then he was on top of Lisa and then Karim began to plow into her like a crazy man. That was what she had wanted. He was banging Lisa hard and fast; her sloppy pussy was getting a beating. He banged her hard for several minutes and Lisa finally came, very hard. So hard that she thought that she would pass out and Karim came nişantaşı escort too pumping more of his warm seed deep into her cunt.

Lisa looked in every direction, but nobody was there. They were alone, naked and trying to recover their breathing.

Karim went away and Lisa came inside the house to have a warm shower.

Lisa was happy that she had been fucked by that huge black bull at the back yard and nobody had seen them.

After that session with Karim Lisa was hornier and required more pleasure at that moment. The shower made her wet as she got splash from her shower to clean her pussy-lips.

Roy was in the office and he got an SMS from his sexy wife. “Honey, how’s the office? What’s going on?” she had asked.

“Nothing special sweetheart,” Roy replied Lisa. “Just checking out a client’s file.”

“Will you be home early?”

“Sure. Before 6 pm, I’ll be home. There isn’t much for me to do here.”

“Can’t wait to have you back. I’m kind of lonely & horny. LOL.”

Roy smiled knowingly when he saw that last SMS. But he was still thinking of something apt to send to her when another message came from her.

“FYI, I just finished shaving and I’m not wearing any underwear. Want to take a look?”

“Yes of course. When I get home.”

“No, you can see it right now. Check your WhatsApp. I’m sending it right away.”

Knowing Lisa, there was no need trying to stop her. She would do as she said.

About three minutes later, Roy got the Whatsapped image of her bald vulva downloaded to his phone. It was familiar yet so exotic.

Her lips seemed darker and puffier than usual. Frankly, Roy had seen her pubis that clean-shaved that it literally shown. Roy couldn’t figure out what she used to wax off her bush that time, but she sure did a good job of it.

Roy was so aroused and wanted to drop his pants, take a photo of his boner and send it to her to show her how stiff it was.

However, he decided rather on impulse, to drive home right away to attend to her needs.

Quickly, Roy sent a message to her that he was going home right away for her and she replied that she was, “wet and ready.”

Roy reached home early and his beautiful wife, Lisa met him at the door wearing a short pleated skirt that was way up her knees. The white, sleeveless blouse she wore on top was very transparent and his eyes caught a glimpse of her breasts before she flew into his arms.

“Did I distract you from work?” she asked guiltily.

“You know I love that sort of distraction ankara olgun escort from you,” Roy assured her. “You first, honey before any other thing.”

“Oh, thanks. Nice to hear that, sweetheart. Honestly, I’m glad you came. I’ve been feeling so lonely and horny.”

“Just how bad is it?” Roy teased raising her skirt to peer at her vulva.

“So bad that I have waived my right to foreplay. Just do me right away,” she pleaded.

They were right in the middle of the living room and Roy still held the hem of her skirt in his hand, unable to drop it and unable to take his eyes off that delicious looking vulva.

“I got to eat this,” Roy said going on his knees in front of her. Roy raised the skirt to her waist and Lisa held it there for him.

His face was only a couple inches from that delicious meal and the aroma that wafted from it was simply irresistible. Roy inhaled deeply as he pulled her closer with his tongue out of his mouth and ready to lap on her.

“Not now sweetheart,” Lisa protested pushing back. “You’ll eat me later but I just need your hot cock now! No more, no less.”

Roy stood up and picked her swiftly into his arms. He lifted Lisa which he had always been a walk in the park. The pleasure which Roy and her sexy wife liked to cherish.

She had her right arm secured over his neck and shoulders but she swiftly used her left hand to raise her blouse to expose her breasts. Instantly, Roy reached for one of her stiff nipples sucking it passionately as he groped their way to the bedroom.

As soon as he deposited her on the bed, they both began to undress with a sense of urgency that a fireman would applaud.

She was ready before Roy and had spread-eagled on the bed. Gosh! Her thoroughly exposed and glistening vulva had salivating so much and licking Roy’s lips. The urge to flatten his tongue over it and lick it from north to south was so great but her desire must come first before him.

As Roy lowered himself on her, she reached for his very hard member guiding it into her wet presence. She gasped and jerked as he made a hard plunge into her but he kept still briefly to enable her to absorb the shock.

A couple of downward thrusts got him fully impaled in her and Roy savored the warmth and coziness of her most intimate parts spreading all over his manhood.

Lisa soon had her legs wrapped around him and urging him to give it to her hard and fast!

As always, her wish was his command and he went gaga, pounding her as she always wanted it while she yelled and scratched his back all the way.

Lisa reached her climax shortly and yelled his name as she came. Perhaps that triggered Roy’s climax as he came instantly howling like a wild animal and telling her how much he loved her.

Roy collapsed on Lisa, panting hard as she caressed him lightly and also telling him she loved him.

to be continued…

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