Letters to Nicole 19

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Dear Nicole,

Those are very good questions and they both have very good answers. First of all, even though in these letters it seems like all we did was go from one sexual encounter to another, that’s not the way it was. In fact, Felecia and I both were honor roll students and Felecia was on the principal’s list which was the highest level of all. I only saw her get an A- on her quarter grades a couple of times that year and both of those were in Mr. James’ class, and he was an asshole; almost no one got A’s from him. I was on the staff level honor roll. On that one, you could only get one B, and French tripped me up every time.

Not only that, but four of us girls were on the student newspaper staff. Jessi was the assistant editor, Nikki was the school’s society reporter and Felecia covered girls’ athletics. I was a typist. It took two afternoons a week putting The Trumpet together as each issue came out every couple of weeks. We all spent a lot of time together doing homework and school projects.

Remember at the end of Letter 17? I told you that after our encounter with Holly and Kenny something happened the next day? Well, the whole newspaper staff decided to come in during that Christmas vacation and spend an afternoon laying out the next two issues. There were a few new kids joining the staff for the second semester and we had to show them the ropes quickly; the first issue was due out four days after classes resumed.

We had a blast, Nicole! What should have taken maybe four hours took almost seven! There was so much joking around and shit! Some of it was pretty risque, but we kept it from getting too nasty…just clean enough that our sponsor, Ms. Finch, didn’t put a stop to it. Mmmm…No she didn’t! She even laughed and joked right along with us, totally letting her hair down, I think!

Ms. Finch was very cool, and very sexy too. She was 33 years old and one of only a few teachers who didn’t mind showing a little of their sensual side. Her clothes were sexy, but not slutty. She knew she had great assets, and wasn’t afraid to display them. She’d leave one extra button undone on her tailored shirts and she had a couple pairs of pants that screamed, “Look at this ass!” I know…I looked, and so did Felecia! The guys in the school called her “The Bunny”, in reference to Playboy magazine, but that was all in fun. We liked Ms. Finch; and she was an awesome sponsor for the student paper.

Anyway…there was a certain sexual tension in the staff room that everyone was enjoying, including her. The banter continued for the first three hours or so and then the game began.

I’m not sure who started it, but the twelve of us…five guys that you don’t know, Ginger Harris, and the four of us girls ended up playing the game “Sneak-a-Touch.” Do you know that one? It was a game that had been going around school for about two or three weeks and it was really fun. All the guys would touch the girls and the girls would touch the guys. Of course, everyone would try to touch their “victim” in some intimate way…that was the whole point; but you couldn’t be blatant about it. You had to be sneaky because the game automatically ended when a teacher spotted you touching someone.

Up until that day, I hadn’t seen anyone get caught breaking this first rule. It was too much fun to spoil the game by being careless. Anyone who played knew that if too many people got caught, the administration would put a stop to it with suspensions and other administrative shit that administrators do. And the only other rule was that you had to sneak up behind someone to touch them. You talk about sexual tension? Oh, my God! Would you believe that some days I would touch four or five cocks? Mmmm, and you know what else, Nicole? Three of them would already be rock hard when I touched them! Those poor boys! I’ll bet some of them walked around with an erection all day!

The first guy I touched that afternoon did! Robbie Newell was one of the guys on staff. He was small (perhaps an inch shorter than me) and he was way on the “nerdy/computer geek” side, getting teased a lot about being gay by the guys in his junior class. He wasn’t though. I thought that behind the glasses he was kinda cute, and I got to know him quite well because of the newspaper. He was The Trumpet’s artist, a genius with graphic design and layout and this was confirmed when our paper won the county competition in that category from among forty competing schools.

Anyway, Robbie was my friend, and he was the first good chance I had to touch someone. I caught him as he came into the copy room. Sure enough, his dick was rock hard already and I gasped! He didn’t gasp (he jumped a bit), I did! His cock felt enormous under his shirt and jeans!

“Robbie!” I exclaimed. “Is that all you? You’re not hiding a banana in your pants, or something; are you?” We both laughed; I thought he had a great sense of humor…for a nerd!

“Sorry, Nance,” he rejoined…chuckling, “what you feel is what you get!”

He reached for my tit, but I slapped his hand away. ataşehir escort “Hey now! Don’t get grabby, Buddy!” I decided to tease Robbie a little so I grabbed my tits and pretended to straighten them, as if they’d been knocked askew for the moment. My touching them elicited the desired reaction… Robbie watched me bug-eyed! I couldn’t help but laugh. Men are all the same, aren’t they, Nicole?

Anyway, Robbie surprised me by asking, “Nance? Do those boobs feel,” he paused to lick his lips, “as good as they look?” He was still staring, but his eyes were sparkling now and he was smiling this big, shit-eating smile!

I giggled and stared back at him until he realized I was trying to catch his gaze, “Mmm…” I cooed, cupping my breasts once more and lifting them a bit, “even better! They feel sooo good!”

Robbie shocked me then, Nicole! I actually expected him to back off a little as some of those geeky boys do, but he kept right on smiling and grabbed at his huge cock right through his pants, “Mmm…so does this!” We both broke up laughing!

“Oh, my God, Robbie!” I finally managed to say. “Really…is that thing as big as it looks?”

“Fraid so,” he admitted, “but it’s nothing to be scared of!”

I looked at him a little seductively! “Can I see it?”

THAT shook him up some! “Ummm…Wow! Nance…I…umm…”

“Rob,” I giggled, “have you ever showed your cock to a girl before?”

“Well…” he paused, “Uhhh…no, I guess I haven’t.”

“Why not?” I pushed.

“I…uhhh…I…well…no one’s ever wanted to before!”

“Wow! Like…I want to! Can I see it?”

I was thinking this was sooo much fun, Nicole! Robbie still had a hold of his cock, pulling at it a little bit, but he was looking around for a way to escape. “Well, I…what if someone comes in?”

I glanced outside. The hallway was empty, but there were voices coming from the others in the staff room about forty feet away. I closed the door and turned back to him. “We have a minute; I just want to take a peek!”

Robbie’s face was all cautious and excited at the same time. “You really want to see it that bad, Nance?”

I stepped toward him and he stumbled back, bumping into the wall behind him. “Like… let me check again.” I put one hand on his left shoulder and moved my right hand over his. He slowly gave way, releasing his dick, and let me at it. Oh yes! His bulge was enormous, and he was sooo hard! His pole felt like steel under his pants and when I ran my hand the length of it, he shuddered a bit. I felt it jump the first time I stroked it. “Oh yes, Rob… I need to see this. C’mon…let me see this big, hard cock!”

I don’t know, Nicole; I think he was frozen because he didn’t move. After waiting for a few seconds, with him staring at me, I lifted the bottom of his t-shirt and started undoing his belt. Robbie looked down at my hands and groaned through clenched teeth, “Oh, Goddd!” I just looked up at his eyes, smiled sweetly, and unzipped him.

Robbie’s fingers touched my forearms, but he didn’t stop me. Rather than yank his pants down right away, I slipped my right hand inside. Now it was my turn to squeal softly, “Ohhh myyy Godddd, Robbieee!” His cock was so warm and so big for such a small guy! I gently wrapped my hand around it near the head.

“Naannncyy, uhhh…Ohhh Godd!” Every one of his muscles must have contracted when I slowly started jacking him. His body seemed to be magnetically attached to the wall. His left hand was loose though and glided up my arm to my shoulder and then around my neck. I could feel him closing it in my hair. Our eyes, which had been quite locked together, suddenly released each other when I dug farther into his boxers and all of the circumsised head and a good half of the shaft appeared above the waistband.

“Oooo…sooo beautiful!” I whispered hoarsely. There was a large pearl of pre-cum crowning the tip and when I smeared that around the head, Robbie couldn’t hold back any more and he groaned loudly! “Shhhh…” I said, giggling…”Someone will hear that!”

Then he shocked me again! As I pushed his pants and boxers down lower, Robbie pulled me by the hair and buried his face in the crook of my neck, kissing and sucking at the tender skin there. He was pretty good at it and I shivered when his tongue licked me behind the ear.

I was sliding my hand up to the head of his dick and then pushing it low to fondle his balls. He was moaning continuously, and when I reached under his shirt and started pinching his nipple while I cup his balls, I flicked a thumb at the sensitive area just under the head and he almost screamed!

That cock! I couldn’t believe it! It must have been 8-1/2 to 9 inches and above average thick. I really wanted to slip it into my mouth but I wasn’t sure if I should take things that far. “You really have never had a girl play with this before?” I hissed at him.

“God, nooo,” Robbie gurgled into my ear. He was seriously shaking now and his cock was pulsing in my hand…I was stroking him pretty kadıköy escort aggressively and he was going nuts (pun intended, giggle). I pulled his shirt up over his head and then started licking his nipple. “Ohh Shit!” he squealed. I had both hands on his cock now, one hand stroking and the other tickling his sack. When I switched to the other nipple, his knees buckled! “Ohhh Shiiiit! Nanceeee!” God, was he ever hard!

Then, while jacking him a little harder, I reached lower under him and pressured the area between his balls and anus. He spread his legs more as I did this and I took advantage of it to flick a little at his asshole. “Ohhhh Fuuuucckkk!!” He was shaking; I knew he’d cum soon!

Ooohh…then he surprised me again! He yanked my hair up and then back and crushed his lips against mine in a searing kiss! Wow! It was really very good and I returned it sooo eagerly! Robbie and I were moaning into each other’s mouth now! He got a little bolder and pushed one hand down the back of my shorts and played with my ass. I was into the kiss a lot, but wasn’t about to stop my ministrations on his hard cock. The soft skin of my forearm ran up and down the underside of his shaft and I kept up the pressure on his asshole.

He was grunting into the kiss now and I knew he was going to cum in a second. Tearing away from the kiss I leaned my forehead against his, wrapped my little hand around his pole and started squeezing and jacking him hard! I asked him, “Are you gonna cum soon? Do you feel it?”

He tried to say yes, but the words wouldn’t form. “Gaahhh…Ooooo…Gggaahh….” was all he could muster.

I certainly didn’t want to make a mess in the room and then have to explain it; so I quickly dropped to my knees and stuffed that big thing into my mouth. Oh, my Goddd, Nicole…was THAT ever good. I sucked that purple, bulbous head and then lashed the sensitive bundle of nerves just below it with my tongue!

Just fifteen seconds later, he cried out, “Oooo…my Goddddd…Ohhh Shittt…Here it comes!” With a huge, long groan, that sweet little geek blasted a load into the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly and another jet erupted, and then another! I pumped the base of his cock and squeezed his sack firmly; I sooo wanted it all. Robbie was holding my head against his abdomen and mini-fucking my mouth with quick little strokes. I grabbed his ass and held on! God…his dick felt so good in my mouth!

I didn’t want to stop sucking it, but he apparently got a little nervous because he pulled me to my feet and whispered in my ear, “God-damn Nancy, that was so awesome…thank you so much!”

“You liked that, huh?” I said, teasingly. Think sometime you might like to do a little more with that beautiful cock!”

“Oh, my Goddd…could I?” Robbie was pretty excited, almost as if he couldn’t believe his luck!”

I took his hand and guided it up to my left tit. He lovingly took my boob and caressed it, squeezing gently and watching my face for a reaction. “Oh my,” I purred, “that feels sooo nice!”

He blushed and added, “You’re beautiful, Nancy…sooo beautiful!”

I broke away and headed for the door, “You’re sweet, Rob…I think we’ll have some more fun another time.” I stopped and looked at him again. “But…I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told a few of my other friends; if you liked this and you wanna do it again, you’re gonna have to keep this a secret; can you do that?”

Robbie nodded and I left. Forty feet later, Nikki looked up at me and said, “What have you been up too? Where have you been?”

Smiling demurely, I replied, “In the bathroom…why? Is anything wrong?”

“No, but Ms. Finch left to get us some subs; she just wanted to know what kind you wanted. Did you see her out in the hall?”

“When did she leave?”

“About ten minutes ago,” she said.

Then it hit me, Nicole! I knew that when I started playing with Robbie, the door had been shut; but when I left, the door was slightly ajar. If Ms. Finch had gone looking for us, there was no way she wouldn’t have looked in the copy room. So she must have seen us! As I stepped out into the hallway to look for her, several emotions began coursing through me. On the one hand, I’d never been in trouble at school before and I wasn’t sure what Ms. Finch would do. On the other hand, I still felt exhilarated at the fun we’d had. I sure didn’t regret that!

Walking down to the restroom, I went in and straightened my hair in front of the mirror. My image smiled at me and I smiled back. I remember thinking, “Nance…your slutty side is sooo gonna get you suspended! And what will your folks think?”

Behind me, a toilet flushed and someone opened the stall door. I turned to see who it was and my heart leaped into my throat. Ms. Finch emerged. She looked at me and smiled and said, “Oh! Nancy! I’ve been looking for you…Robbie too. I’m going to get subs for everyone; tell me what you want on yours.”

I looked at her face closely. There didn’t seem to be any change. “Umm…well, I like my bostancı escort bayan sub loaded, put everything on except onions.”

“Allright…so you know where Robbie is?”


Ms. Finch smiled and her tone seemed a little mischievous, “You weren’t with him a while ago?”

I’m sure I looked flushed to her; hell…I felt flushed! “Uhhh…yes, we were just in the copy room, but…he left.”

“Would you help me find him for a minute?” Now I was sure of things. I’d seen that same wicked little grin on Felecia before, and Ms. Finch was flashing it to me now.

As luck (or lack thereof) would have it, just as we left the bathroom, Robbie walked out of the boys’ side. He saw the teacher and me together and his face turned ashen. “Oh, Robbie… here you are, Nancy and I were just looking for you. We…”

Robbie interrupted her by blurting out, “Ms. Finch, we were just using the copy machine and by the time I realized…”

God damn, Nicole! I knew I better act fast! I walked over to him and put my arm around his shoulder. “Calm down, Rob, we just wanna know what you want on your sub sandwich?”

The aspirin companies should hire Robbie to do a commercial, because the relieved smile on his face was the best one I’ve ever seen! “Ohhh…that’s what you want? Why didn’t you say so?”

Ms. Finch just stood there; her hand covered her mouth and I was pretty sure she was snickering.

“So what do you want on it, Rob? I’m having ‘the works’ on mine.”

“Yeah, that sounds good…but no onions; they make me fart!”

I slapped him on the back for saying ‘fart’ and we all giggled, even Ms. Finch. When Robbie and I turned to leave, she said, “Uhh…Nancy? I’m going to need to see you before you go home this afternoon, okay?”

“Wh…” I hesitated. “Sure Ms. Finch!”

“Fine,” she replied, “I’m probably going to be in my room the rest of the afternoon. Meet me there?”

Robbie and I returned to the staff room, but just before we went in, he asked me, “You think she knows?”

“Yeah, I think she does…but we’ll see.”

Robbie put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I’m sorry, Nance, but if she does…why doesn’t she want to see both of us?”

I sighed, “Ohhh…she probably wants to give me that ‘girls need to be more careful’ speech! Ya’ know? The one where I don’t want to get a reputation?”

“They still do those, huh?” Robbie tried not to chuckle but I slapped his arm for it anyway!

The next hour crawled by for me. I sure didn’t regret playing with Robbie; I was just hoping that it would be a simple lecture and not some sort of suspension or something. After turning off my computer and walking upstairs to her room, it hit me how nervous I was.

I was so nervous, in fact, that almost immediately after entering Ms. Finch noticed it on my face, “Oh relax, Nancy, you not in any trouble!”

Oh, my God, Nicole! I took a deep breath and stood in front of her desk. “Thank you, Ms. Finch; I want you to know it’ll never happen again…I was…”

My teacher held up her hand to interrupt and offered, “No need to apologize, I know you won’t. Now you know it’s too easy to get caught, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, it is. I appreciate your understanding, thank you, again!”

As I turned to leave, she said, “Nancy, may I ask you something?”

“Sure…what’s that?”

That same wicked, evil smile spread over her face. “Why did you do it?”

Tilting my head, I looked at her. “Excuse me?”

“I said, ‘Why did you do it?'”

The thought flashed through my head that maybe I didn’t get off so easy. “Ummm…well… Robbie’s my friend and we were just playing around a little and things got in my hand…oops! I mean ‘out of hand’!”

Ms. Finch laughed loudly at my faux pas. She laughed so long that pretty soon I couldn’t help giggling along with her. “Sooo,” she finally added, “it was fun, was it?”

This time I giggled nervously! “Uhhh…I guess it was.”

“Oh come on,” she demanded, “Was it fun or not? What kind of cock does he have anyway?”

I was so shocked that she used the word “cock” right to me! “Ms. Finch! Uhhh… well…you want me to tell you about his cock?”

“Sure!” She smiled that smile again. “It’s just us girls…was it a nice cock?”

I was beginning to loosen up a bit, Nicole. This was kinda fun…unexpected, but fun! “It was beautiful! Very beautiful! Big and thick…I didn’t expect it from Robbie. That’s why I couldn’t help myself!”

Ms. Finch licked her lips and smiled again, “I bet he tasted good,” she kinda murmured, “I think Robbie’s really cute, so intelligent too! I wouldn’t mind trying his erection on for size! Would you?”

This was getting more and more weird by the second, but I was also getting quite turned on by it! Robbie’s blowjob had whetted my appetite and now her intimations had me squirming in my chair. I still wanted to keep this going though; I wondered how far Ms. Finch was willing to take it. “Uhhh…excuse me, Ms. Finch? Are you really saying you’d want Robbie to fuck you?”

She was definitely turned on now. She was also not sure anymore how much she should say! I could hear the strain in her voice as she replied, “Ohhh…probably not, my husband might not like it! Would you want him to?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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