Legs Everywhere

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I sat there enjoying the moment immensely as I watched the two beautiful young vixens fondling and playing with my cock and balls. I still was only half believing what I was experiencing. I was quickly coming to the point of orgasm and they had just started in on me only moments ago. Having returned for the summer from my second year of college I had seen both of them around my old High School and after a few inquiries as to who they were and their age I decided to introduce myself. They were legal, barely, and definitely hot!!! We hung for few days and got to know each other better. I was apartment sitting for my older brother and decided to invite them over. I rented some movies and we had pizza and drink. That’s how this all started.

Rhonda and Becky both arrived wearing shorts and shower shoes. It was a very hot summer and they had been lying out all day at the community pool and still had their swimsuits on underneath. I showed them around the place. My brother has a pretty nice pad with an awesome state of the art entertainment center. The girls really enjoyed the entertainment center. After I gave them a tour of the place, Rhonda asked, “So what movies did you get?”

I replied, “They are on the coffee table, check them out. I’m going to grab a beer.”

When I got to the kitchen I watched over the counter as the both of them made their way to the coffee table. Whew! They were beautiful. Long light brown hair, streaked blonde by the sun. Their tans were almost identical. I knew they were best of friends and did everything together to include participation in school sports. They kept themselves in excellent shape. The tightness and muscle tone of their bodies indicated that. After admiring them I reentered the living room and asked what they wanted to drink. They both asked for a beer. Becky picked out a movie and I placed it in the DVD player. The three of us sat on the couch drinking our beers watching the movie. About halfway through the movie the pizza arrived. As we continued to watch the movie I could not help but steal occasional glances at their beautiful bodies. Rhonda was the first to notice my lingering stares and several times she caught me staring at her long legs and smiled. Becky did the same when she caught me staring at her. After the movie both girls entered into the kitchen for more beer for several minutes I could not help but over hear them conversing. I figured they were upset about my staring at them and probably would be leaving soon. To my surprise they stayed. Rhonda sat down next to me and handed me a beer. Becky rummaged through the Play station games my brother kept in a separate rack. She became excited when she found the “You Don’t Know Jack” game.

“Giddy as a second grader she asked, “Can we play this one? Pleeeeaaaasse, I love this game.”

“Sure.” I said, “Why not.”

I turned to Rhonda and smiled, “Are you game?”

Rhonda said, “Okay, I never played it before but heard it was fun.”

The three of us moved to the floor and grabbed a remote control. We lay there stretched out on the rug. Rhonda and Becky were on either side of me as we faced the big screen TV.

I popped it in and Becky and I explained the rules to Rhonda.

I failed to mention to them that I was very good at this game having played it many times with my brother and his friends.

In the beginning I missed a few questions on purpose to make the game more interesting. Which after a while I began to realize that was not really necessary as Becky was quite good and Rhonda was a trivia freak.

As the game became quite heated and all three of us were neck and neck in points I knew the end was near so I hit them with a few screws. I laughed as I saw the expression on Becky’s face indicating she was clueless as to what the answer was. She turned to look at me squinting her eyes and then jumped on top of me, straddling her legs across my waist pinning me ankara masaj yapan escort on my back. She reached over and pretended to choke me saying, “I can’t believe you screwed me. I had you beat and you screwed me!!!”

All I could do was laugh knowing she was right if I had not hit her with those screws she probably would have beaten me.

Becky hollered over to Rhonda who was watching us in amusement, “Get over here and help me kill him. Hold down his arms while I choke him to death.”

I laughed and said, “Competitive aren’t we. I take it you hate to lose?”

Becky only grunted as Rhonda slid over on her knees, placing them along side my head and pinned down my arms down using her weight as she leaned over me. Her long hair hung down and tickled my face. When she noticed this she smiled down at me and swayed her head from side to side tickling me even more. Her hair smelled of a mixture of chlorine from the pool and a slight hint of fruit from her shampoo. After a while I was enjoying this as Becky continued to rock back and forth on top of me rubbing her tight ass against my cock. As we continued to struggle beneath them my cock began to grow hard and Becky must have felt it pressing against her tight ass. She glanced back behind her and smiled saying, “Hmmmmm, I see you are enjoying this.”

She raised her head and I watched a smile pass between her and Rhonda. Becky then scooted up in such a way as to seat herself onto my stomach. She then raised her feet up behind her placing them directly onto my swollen cock rubbing them back and forth into my groin. She no longer was pretending to strangle me. Instead she placed both her hands on my arms and instructed Rhonda to move behind her and see what she is doing to me. Rhonda giggled as she positioned herself between my legs. Becky continued to rub my cock with her feet and toes through my jeans. I stared up into her smiling face and could see it was obvious she was enjoying the affect her feet were having on me. She heard me release a groan of pleasure and smiled saying, “You like Hmmmm?”

I turned my head to the side to see where Rhonda was. I was able to see that she was lying on her stomach between my spread legs. Her sweet face inches from my groin as she watched the bulge in my pants grow against Becky’s manipulating toes. After a while Rhonda said, “He is really hard now, I want to see it. Lets take his pants off.”

I piped in quickly, “Oh yes, take them off.”

They both laughed then Becky said, “Definitely take his pants off.”

Becky reached behind her and unbuckled my pants while at the same time I could feel Rhonda pulling on both my pant legs, slowly pulling off my pants. Becky’s toes gripped the upper edge of my jeans and pushed them down as well. Quickly I was completely bare from the waist down. Becky wasted no time in picking up where she left off and sandwiched my rigid cock between her beautiful feet. She leaned forward on her knees so I was able to watch between her legs as she continued to pump my cock with her feet.

Becky cooed, “Oh yes that feels much better, doesn’t it? I love to feel a guys throbbing cock between my toes and on my feet.”

Rhonda laughed, “I ‘m going to play with his balls now, I want to feel them swell when he cums.”

I could not believe these two sweet girls talking like this. They obviously have done this before.

I felt each of my nuts being meticulously grabbed between both sets of Rhonda’s thumb and fingers. She began to gently squeeze and fondle them.

I groaned loudly, “Oh God that feels fantastic.”

Rhonda giggled when she heard my response to her touch saying, “Your nuts are full and hard but not for long.”

It did not take long as I began to thrust my hips up and down groaning with each stroke of Becky’s magnificent feet.

Suddenly Becky stopped and got up instructing me to mecidiyeköy escort lie down on the floor in front of the couch. I quickly got up and did what she told me too.

Becky sat on the couch above me and clamped my rigid member between the soles of her feet saying, “Now I can really pump you good.”

Rhonda spread my legs and sat crossed legged between them raising my legs up so that they rested across the top of her knees. She immediately picked up where she left off grabbing my nuts between her fingers.

Becky looked at her asking, “Ready?”

Rhonda nodded her affirmation and smiled at me.

Becky began stroking my cock in full measure between her soft yet strong insteps. Her first couple of strokes caused me to raise up on my elbows groaning, “Uhhhh, God!”

Becky looked down at me laughing, “Oh I think he likes that.”

Rhonda’s fingertips continued to delve into my tight nut sack as if attempting to jiggle loose the cum stored inside them.

Both these young women were beautiful and they were enjoying what they were doing to me. Becky’s legs were very long and well conditioned as I watched her calf muscles flexed as she gripped and stroked my cock between her strong insteps.

She looked down at me and smiled throwing her long hair back from her face saying, “I love that kind of reaction in a guy makes me know I am doing it right.”

After a few more strokes I had gotten use to her strong pulls and started to lie back down. Becky would have none of that though and said, “Not so fast.” I then felt her feet grip my cock even tighter as she jerked up on it causing me to rise up quickly into a full-seated position. I grabbed her beautiful calves in my hands clenching them in desperation. I stared down at my cock between her feet and could see that with each of her strokes the skin of my cock was being rolled up and down. Without any lubrication I was getting jerked raw.

Rhonda also was contributing to my excitement. Her fingers were deep into my nuts and occasionally I would fell her pull on them and then probe back into them.

Becky and Rhonda picked up the pace and I was breathing hard holding on to Becky’s leg’s, which were pumping like pistons. Feeling her strong calf muscles moving beneath her smooth skin excited me further and I was quickly approaching the point of no return. I began to thrust my hips up in unison to her strokes.

Becky, seeing me thrust in response to what she was doing to me smiled and said, “Thaaaat’s it, I knew you could not hold out much longer. Just keep pumping that cock between my feet. I like the way it feels all hard and smooth.” Hearing her say this excited me even further.

I knew I could not outlast her shapely legs as they pulled and pushed against me. Each time the bottom of her feet pounded down against me I felt the urge to explode as if she were pushing against my cum filled bladder. As she pulled up on my throbbing cock she made sure the sensitive gland at the end of my cock rubbed against her soft instep. Finally it was Rhonda’s fingers that pushed me over the edge as I felt them push against a certain erogenous zone I had never felt touched before deep inside my tight nut sack. It caused me to shiver uncontrollably as I moaned, “Oh God Rhonda your fingers. Right there that’s it.”

Rhonda excitedly said, “That’s good. Right there you mean?” As I felt her right index finger push and wiggle against that same spot again as if to verify that was the spot I was talking about and causing me the jerk and quiver each time she touched it.”

Seeing this reaction in me when she did this she smiled big saying, “Oh yes I see, that’s it alright.”

I moaned, “Oh yes that’s it.”

Becky said, “Whatever your doing down there Rhonda, I felt his cock throb between my feet when you did it.”

They both had me in a state mersin escort of total bliss. My body felt electric and I could not control the tense shaking they evoked from me. I closed my eyes and with each touch, probe, stroke and fondle I saw tiny sparks of lights flash in the darkness. I wanted to hold on but knew the end would come to soon. I opened my eyes to see Rhonda sitting crossed legged between my legs, bent over, her face inches from nuts smiling as she concentrated on working my cum filled balls between her fingers. Occasionally she looked up at me smiling even bigger. Becky sat above me the look on her face was all business as she continued to pound me with her feet. I could see she was not going to stop until I was done.

From that point I was over the edge. Rhonda continued to assault that spot inside my nuts with her fingertip. Relentlessly back and forth and up and down while Becky stroked my cock even faster its full length. I was shaking like crazy unable to control my body. I could do nothing but desperately try and hold on to this moment of pleasure. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms completely around Becky’s magnificent pounding legs resting the side of my face against her thighs.

Rhonda said, “Any second now. His nuts are tightening around my fingers.”

Becky looked down and I felt her run her fingers through my hair saying, “I know. His precum is all over my feet.”

I opened my eyes and saw the tops of Becky’s feet covered with shiny rivulets of my oozing precum.

My body betrayed me as I felt every muscle tighten up and then go lax. I groaned, “Oh God I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Rhonda let out a celebratory, “Whaaaahoooo!”

Becky said in a calm soothing voice, “That’s it let it cum. I want to feet it shoot out of you and onto my feet.”

I gripped her legs hard pulling them into my chest as I felt Rhonda’s relentless fingertip dance across that hot spot in my nut sack one last time causing me to shoot my load. Becky’s feet gripped me tight and pushed down against me pulling up my load of cum. I threw my hips up hard towards the ceiling but was abruptly pushed back down by Becky’s feet pounding me back against the floor. I watched as it jettisoned from the hole at the end of my cock and land halfway up her beautiful calf. Having felt my hot cum shoot across her leg caused her to respond with, ” Oh my, that was a good one.” Again her powerful strokes pulled another load from me as I saw it shoot onto her ankle. Becky and Rhonda did not stop through out my orgasm as I continued to feel them working my cock and balls. They worked more cum out of me as it eeked out onto the sides and tops of Becky’s wonderful feet. With each orgasmic shudder I released a sigh clenching Becky’s pumping legs into my chest. Rhonda slowly withdrew her fingertips from my aching nut sack and gently tugged on my balls rolling them softly between them. It was a very relaxing sensation as I moaned, “God that feels good Rhonda don’t stop.”

Becky laughed and said, “Whew that was a strong orgasm. Your cock was twitching and throbbing like crazy.” I looked down to see that Becky had my shrinking member locked between her big toe and second toe, slowly milking out what remaining cum was left inside of me.

I released her legs and flopped back down onto the floor. My heart still racing like mad as all I could respond with was, “Wheeeew that felt sooo good.”

Rhonda giggled as I looked up to see Becky smiling.

Rhonda said, “I really like watching a guy cum. My God look at all that cum on your feet and leg.”

Becky continued to stroke my shriveling cock between her toes saying, ” I know, like I said it was a strong one.” I sat back up again to see Rhonda reach up with her index finger and wipe my cum that had landed on the inside of Becky’s calf.

I leaned forward and kissed the top of Becky’s right knee saying, “I love your legs.”

Becky released my spent cock flopping it from side to side with her big toe saying, “I think that’s all folks. ”

We all laughed. I put on my underwear and we fell to sleep on the couch while watching the movies. I awoke the next morning tangled in between their long beautiful legs. Legs were everywhere and I had a raging hard-on…. that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32