Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 02

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The party to celebrate Laura’s latest triumph in returning the ‘Amulet of Stars’ from the dead King’s tomb in far away Egypt, was to take place in the steamy heat of Brazil and the five star wonder of the “Gran Estanplaza Sao Paulo” hotel. It was 2pm when Laura descended to the basement swimming pool, a full size Olympic affair with ornamental statues decorating the sides and a small Jacuzzi at the far end. Lacking windows, the pool was lit from below, the light beams scattering across the tiled ceiling as Laura’s body broke the surface as she dived into the refreshing cool water. Ripples shot outwards from her impact point, rushing down the once still pool length to quickly merge with the new waves created as she broke the surface again, several meters further on. The water had quite a chill and was quite invigorating, refreshing Laura’s fuzzy mind. She hated inaction, the tedium of daily life between her exploratory missions into the unknown. Taking a deep breath she dived again, the pool water sliding over her long brown hair as she dived downwards. Eyes open, she skimmed the tiled pool bottom and swam onwards until reaching the far wall. Twisting round she placed her feet on the floor and pushed upwards. It came as a surprise when she broke the surface so quickly as she had not realized she had reached the shallow end of the pool and she swung her head from side to side to clear the water droplets from her eyes.

The rippling water was the only sound to break the silence of this cavernous room and for a second Laura visualised herself in a forgotten temple waiting to be plundered. This fantasy was aided by the play of light bouncing over head and the myriad collection of statues adjourning the sides of the pool. ‘Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all’ she thought surveying her surroundings. If nothing else she was completely alone and therefore free to do what she liked. Splashing backwards into the water she headed back up the pool with a lazy back stroke. In her mind she was already weighing up the opportunities for a naughty wee on the pool side. ‘Maybe she should squirt her fountain of piss over one of the female statues and enjoy the sight of her spent pee as it cascaded over the fake stone skin. Alternatively she could squat on the end of the diving board and send her piss stream shooting over the edge and into the pool water’. Laura reached the end of the pool, turned around changing her stroke to a fast crawl, her arms whipping the water as she powered her way back to the shallow end. ‘Instead of having a pee in the pool area, maybe it would be more fun to desecrate the deserted changing rooms with her squirting pussy shower spraying her hot urine into some of the empty lockers or instead using the cubicle walls as a location to spray her golden pee’.

Coming to a stop at the shallow end once again Laura decided she would have a quick piss into her costume whilst she was still deciding. Immediately a deliciously warm sensation started to circulate around her crotch as inside her bikini briefs her pee hole opened wide and a hot stream of pussy piss shot outwards. manisa escort The feeling was wonderful and Laura was tempted to relive her entire bladder supply into the pool water around her pissing muff. Suddenly it struck her that it might actually be more fun to pee directly into the water so she immediately squeezed shut her pussy hole and deftly felt around the elastic of her briefs, pulling them to one side to expose her curly tight pussy hairs and the deep groove between her vagina lips. Staring down past her large breasts, her nipples already hardening and clearly visible underneath her bikini top, Laura watched with glee as she resumed her toilet into the swimming pool water. Through the clear liquid she could just make out the sight of her piss squirt as it escaped her pussy hole. This was an immense turn on, something far more exciting than simply peeing into her swim outfit. The thought of deliberately peeing into a pool that others would use was intoxicating and she wished she could witness the sight of the first individual to enter the piss contaminated pool afterwards. For now however Laura continued to enjoy the rest of her wee into the cold swimming water around her body and it was with a deep disappointment when her toilet came to an end.

Laura enjoyed another several minutes swimming in the piss contaminated pool before climbing out. Retreating to the area where she had left her sports bag she produced a large bottle of mineral water and after unfastening the top, proceeded to drink deeply. In her mind she was already getting ready for a naughty pee session in the changing rooms before fleeing to her penthouse room on the top floor. Suddenly she heard male voices coming from the stairwell which opened directly into the pool area. There was something about the tone or maybe the heavy guttural accent which started the alarm bells ringing in Laura’s mind. Quickly she grabbed her bag and jogged across the cold floor tiles leaving a tell tale set of wet footprints behind her. It was not that she feared discovery of her naughty misdeeds in the pool, rather something primeval inside her warning her of danger. This fact was only too clearly outlined as when she slipped through the emergency fire escape door and the cold steel muzzle of a hand gun found the base of her warm neck.

“Miss Roft I believe?” spoke the hard voice.

Laura’s heart missed a beat as she recognised the speaker – Jean Paul Montier, her arch rival and permanent nemesis.

“I though my goons might send you my way” he continued pushing the unremitting metal presence of the gun muzzle deeper into the flesh of her neck. The pain was only the least of Laura’s worries. The ‘Amulet of Stars’ had always been an obsession of Montier’s and her retrieval of the artefact ahead of his efforts must have done nothing to please his notoriously bad temper.

“Jean Paul” she purred in her perfectly formed aristocratic English accent. “How nice to meet you here!”

“Can it bitch!” The gun moved from her neck and instead found the small of her back. “I think you have something maraş escort I want?”

“Always” she replied, a hidden smile beginning to form on her pretty angular face. “Maybe while you are back there you would to help yourself to a peak?” She could feel him pause even without being able to see him. “Come on Jean Paul, you want to see my tits as much as any man and here I am almost already naked. Just a quick tug on my bikini top and you get to see the works.

“Maybe I will”. Another pause and then Laura felt the gun shift from her back. “Don’t get any ideas Roft, this is just for old times sake.”

She felt his hand reached for the knot in her top and within seconds the material was sliding off her flesh. She could hear his breathing becoming ragged as his excitement built. Laura knew absolutely that his entire focus must now be on the sight of her emerging breasts, her hard nipples now coming into view. Her top fell to the ground, her exposed chest now on complete display.

“Turn around” he instructed desperate to see her womanhood in full glory. Laura’s breasts had always captivated men of all ages with their large firm fullness and proud nipples. She started to slowly turn her muscles tensing. Her timing must now be absolute. Another couple of inches round now.

“Maybe you would like to see the rest as well?” she inquired in her most seductive voice. “Maybe you think I’m a bad girl and need spanking? Hmm! Would you like that Jean-Paul? My bare bum and your hand slapping down?” It was hard not to smile too much as she continued to tease him with her seductive taunts. “How about watching me have a wee wee? Would that be nice? Watch a grown woman have a piss in front of you. Just think. You’d get to see everything and just look at these steps. I’m sure they need a good washing. How about it?”

The moment had arrived. Montier was at his most distracted. Not only were her large bare breasts now on full display but his imagination was beginning to capture every possibility their situation commanded. The change from a slow twisting turn to full blown spin came so quick that her assailant had precious little opportunity to respond. Her left hand came crashing down in a knife like blow to his neck as she spun at full speed driving every edge of aggression into her strike. Montier went down like a sack of spuds and his gun flew to the floor where it spun across the floor to bounce against the far wall. She was just about to pursue it when the sound of running feet came through the thick glass in the fire escape door. Knowing she had no time to retrieve Montier’s weapon she instead bolted for the stairs. Her large breasts bounced up and down on her chest as she ran up the steps. Her half nudity was the least of her worries as from below now came the sound of pursuit. Ignoring the doors as she ascended she headed instead for the roof. Her own footfalls were light enough as not to be heard down the floor well and she desperately hoped to escape as her foe was presented with so many possible escape exits during their ascent. Finally she burst through mardin escort the topmost door onto the exposed open exterior of the hotel roof area. Immediately she caught herself as she started to slip on the wet metal directly in front of the door. Catching herself at the last moment she grabbed hold of a metal beam and steadied her pose. Behind her the roof door clicked shut was a sense of imposing finality. The rain soaked area around her was devoid of large structures, the air conditioning intakes being low slung affairs dotted over the wide roof. This meant she had nowhere to hide and no means to retreat. Already she was sure she could footsteps racing up the stairs to her position and she began to panic.

Suddenly a wild idea came to her. The last time she had been in mortal peril she had escaped with the aid of her pee spraying out of her hairy muff. How could she use the same idea to save her this time? Inspiration arrived barely a second later and without hesitation Laura grabbed at her bikini briefs and yanked them down. It took barely another moment to position her lithe body in a full blown squat in front of the roof doorway and then she was doing it; taking a hot steaming piss out in the open. Between her legs her golden shower sprayed downwards covering the metal floor with a rapidly growing puddle of pee as she pissed for all she was worth. The footsteps were almost at the top of the stairs now and yet here she was, having a pee like a naughty little girl all over the floor beneath her exposed naked flesh.

Laura finished her wee with moments to spare. Quickly she jumped up, spots of warm urine landing on her legs as they flew from her piss covered pubic hairs. She took a big jump over the piss puddle on the floor and landed heavily on the roof. With a quick roll she was back on her feet and facing the door which at that moment burst open. The first man out, a burly tall brute dressed in black clothes and a large brown leather jacket, took his first step downwards bringing his leading foot right into Laura’s spent wee. Her plan worked. Immediately he slipped, his body arching up and backwards as he fell – straight into the arms of the man behind him and they both collapsed into a crumpled mess. Laura leapt, now completely nude and her exposed pussy triangle coming to within inches of the first man’s face as she scrambled over him and into the safety of the floor well. Behind her the men were trying to find their feet splashing around in a puddle of her spent piss. Had the situation not been so dire, she might even have found the scene quite entertaining. Instead she gave the nearest man a hefty kick from behind, her bare foot colliding with his gentiles. He went back down with a shout of pain and Laura used the opportunity to jam the door shut sealing them both on the roof. She took a moment to catch her breath, the cold metal of the door radiating through her sweat soaked skin. On the other side of the door started to come loud pounding and Laura realised she was not home free yet. Dashing back down the first set of stairs she burst forth into the corridor reserved for the penthouse suites. Jamming her finger into a fire alarm as she passed she reached her hotel room door. As the alarm began to wail she keyed the door lock and slid through the resulting opening into the cool refreshing dark of her room.

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