Lana Learns Ch. 06 – Plus One Pt. 02

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Author’s note: This is a true story of my first days as a single man. These stories are accurate recountings of real events. You might want to read earlier chapters to get some background on Lana and how this all started. Of course, the names have been changed for obvious reasons. Lana’s education continues:

If you have not read “Lana Learns Chapter 5″ this story starts at the end of that story. When we left that story, I had just watched Lana and her friend Marnie enjoy a hot session of pleasuring each other. I had stood back and watched, only occasionally lending a hand (or lips or tongue) to help guide the action. This was Lana’s first foray into sharing our bed with another. Marnie is a brown-haired beauty with hazel eyes, 35B tits, a great body on a 5’6″ frame. She had been divorced for 5 years and was much more experienced and adventuresome than Lana. When we discussed adding another to our sessions, Marnie was the one she suggested. Lana is 5’4”, 125 pounds, auburn hair, brown eyes, 36C tits with a slim waist and great ass. We had explored her wild side for about 3 months and kept widening her experiences.

I stood at the foot of the bed, watching my two wild women as they decompressed from their hot session. They lay there gently fondling each other, kissing lightly, stroking flanks, backs, tits and anything else they could reach. When they eventually noticed me standing there looking abandoned, they motioned me to join them on the bed. They rolled apart to make room for me between them. My cock was as hard as it had ever been, pointing straight to the ceiling. Lana pointed to my cock and said “someone has been neglected.” She slid down and started kissing the side of my cock. Marnie took the cue and slid down, starting to kiss the other side. Almost like they had practiced this, they would kiss down to the base of my cock and lick or suck my balls. Then they would kiss back up until their lips met at the tip, kiss each other and then start the cycle again. This was getting to be too much. I grabbed Lana and pulled her up to my face and started to kiss her, exploring her mouth with my tongue. canlı bahis I suddenly jumped as I felt Marnie swallow my entire dick in her mouth. Lana guided one of her nipples to my mouth and I started to lick and suck it. I knew I was getting closer to my first cum of the night. Lana swung her leg over me, facing Marnie. She bent down and started alternating with Marnie, taking turns sinking my dick in their mouth. I tried to look down to watch the action but could only see Lana’s pussy open and waiting, right in front of my face.

Knowing she didn’t get distracted by my ministrations, I started to lick up and down her gaping lower lips. She had a very musky taste that I really enjoyed. I used my fingers to open her wider and lapped with my tongue, reaching deeper and deeper. I could tell I was getting to her, which was good as I also felt the pressure building in my balls.

I heard Lana moaning loudly so I knew it was Marnie who had my dick deep in the back of her mouth. I felt a swallowing motion with her throat and mouth and felt the head of my cock slip down her throat! That sent me over the edge and began to send wave after wave of cum. Marnie started to hum and the vibrations were something I had never experienced. I felt like my balls were turning inside out and that I would be finished for the night. WRONG!!

While I was eating Lana’s cunt, she was working her fingers into Marnie’s. She had Marnie thrusting up with her hips each time Lana’s fingers dipped into Marnie’s clutching box. Having just experienced fisting a short time ago, I believe she was trying to get her whole hand into Marnie. The angle just wasn’t right but there was enough penetration to have Marnie on the verge again as well. My tongue was lashing Lana’s clit, which I knew she loved and as she reached the top and started to cum, her work on Marnie coupled with Lana’s climax, triggered Marnie as well. For the second time that evening, I was treated to the sight of two lovely women in the throes of climax.

Marnie had not allowed my dick to slip from her clasping mouth. She continued to work my semi-soft cock with her bahis siteleri talented mouth and lips and to my surprise, I began to stiffen again. Not to be left out, Lana started to kiss Marnie’s tits and returning to fondling her own pussy. After two massive orgasms that evening, I was pleased to see Lana’s hips start to move in response to her own fingers. My dick was almost ready to I disengaged from Marnie’s wonderful mouth and moved to my knees behind her. I pulled her hips up and positioned her body astride Lana’s hips. I put gentle pressure on her shoulders until she lowered her mouth to Lana’s pussy. I slid my pole into Marnie’s hot pussy while I reached around her and grabbed a nipple in each hand. Fondling her well-shaped tits, I was pinching and tweaking her nipples while I plunged in and out of her grasping box.

I wasn’t certain how Lana would react to a woman’s mouth on her pussy but I should not have worried. The look on her face, eyes closed, licking her lips constantly while rocking her hips to the rhythm of Marnie’s actions, told me just how much she was into the moment. I was starting to believe I could cum again as the feeling of Marnie’s cunt enveloping my cock like her mouth had just a short time ago, was building in my balls. Marnie had reached up with her hands and was squeezing Lana’s tits, worrying the puckered, pink/brown nipples. Marnie brought one hand down and started using her thumb to massage Lana’s clit in concert with her licking and sucking. Lana was starting to push her hips up into Marnie’s working mouth. Lana was grasping the sheets, trying to hold her body down to earth. Suddenly she cried out, grabbed Marnie’s head with both hands and held on to the brown-haired beauty like the was afraid she was leaving. Marnie kept massaging Lana’s tits, now with both hands, while she slowed her licking and sucking, allowing Lana to settle back to earth.

I slipped out of Marnie and moved up to kiss Lana passionately. I whispered in her ear how utterly amazing she was and how much I enjoyed her continued exploration of her expanding sexual horizons. She was so spent, I am not sure bahis şirketleri how much she heard. Kissing her again, I returned to Marnie, who had taken the opportunity to move up next to Lana. I resumed kissing Marnie. I slid over to her right side (I didn’t want to block the view of my hidden camera) and used my left hand to massage her pussy while kissing her lips and those beautiful, puffy nipples. She was starting to respond, rotating her hips to match my hand’s pressure. I slid 2 then 4 fingers into a slit that was well-lubricated by her own juices. I brought my fingers to my lips and proceeded to suck her essence from each of them. Her taste was very different from Lana’s but equally intoxicating. I dipped my two middle fingers back in, to the bottom and stroked the inside of her vagina to collect as much as I could. I brought them out and slid them into Marnie’s mouth, feeling her tongue swirl around them and cleaning her juices from my fingers. I used the opportunity to move on top of her, supporting my weight with my arms extended. She opened her long legs and I slid easily into her warm cavity.

We quickly established a rhythm, sliding in and out of her clutching cunt. She was looking into my eyes while we fucked and playing with her own tits with both hands to heighten her pleasure. When she moved both hands to my ass and pulled me as deeply into her as was possible, it pushed me over the edge. I felt the tingling in my balls as the pressure built and slowed my pace to make it last as long as possible. Finally I couldn’t hold it any longer. I started to cum and lowered my head to suck her nipples as I did so. Just as I was finishing, I felt her pussy start to vibrate. I resumed my pumping and was able to stay mostly hard until her orgasm started to subside. With my arms wrapped around her, I rolled onto my side, allowing my cock to slip out of her. I put her head on my chest and told her this was the most incredible experience in my life. She said it was ‘nice’ for her also. “Nice?” That was somewhat deflating but I realized she was a lot more worldly than either Lana or I. I moved over to be between a dozing Lana and Marnie. As I relived the evening in my mind and started to slide down into sleep, I suspected Marnie would be gone when I woke up. That was OK. My 4-hour movie was still recording in the VCR!

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