Laken Visiting – The Second Story

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Double Penetration

This story involves the same characters as (and builds on the experience from) story one. I think this story could be enjoyed without reading the first though. Enjoy, more planned.


My beautiful wife was packing for her three-day work trip, as I was bathing the baby. In the middle of packing she casually mentioned, “hey Laken is in the same situation as you these next few days, Manny is traveling too.”

Laken happened to be my colleague and one of my wife’s best friends. Manny is her husband. Laken happened to have a toddler too. We’d both be managing our active little ones while our spouses traveled.

She then added something a little strange, “you two should plan some play dates, heck she should just spend the next couple days here. Why not collaborate.”

When my wife said this, I about spit out the wine I was drinking as I thought about the last time Laken and I were alone together. It was, well, intimate.

As colleagues, Laken and I had a warm, close connection. That connection was heightened a few months back when we shared a very amazing moment together while on a business trip. A moment we had not talked about or repeated since.

My wife was surprised by my response, “that was a strange reaction, you love Laken. Why are you acting like her staying her would be a bad thing?”

Laken was a close mutual friend. My wife knew I adored her, just as much as she herself loved Laken.

I knew instantly she had misinterpreted my response. And I was spinning on how I might explain it best without upsetting her or revealing what had happened the last time we were truly alone together. I love my wife and I have never cheated on her but what happened with Laken was about as close as cheating gets and I’m sure by some accounts it was cheating.

I needed to save the situation, “no, of course, your right, I love Laken and it might make managing everything easier having her around, plus the kids could play with each other.”

Even as I was saying this I realized, I wasn’t sure what it would be like alone, overnight again with her.

Laken is beautiful and I loved what we experienced on our last trip. The good news is even after our experience, nothing had changed at work or in our personal lives. If anything, they had actually improved – we were both still great co-workers and we combined what had happened between us into the strength of our relationship.

During that intimate moment, we had rules for our interaction and we both followed them. I think that increase the trust in our relationship even further.

My continued emotional struggle was the same though, I adored my wife and really she was by far my priority. Laken was my friend and we had fun, but it wasn’t the same. Neither Laken or I had any desire to move our relationship beyond friendship.

So, why was this so surreal?

As I was thinking about these complexities, my wife continued, “why don’t you text her now and ask if she wants to hang out this weekend and then go from there? It will make both your lives easier.”

I didn’t want to be put in another awkward situation so I replied quickly, “sure, I’ll do that.” Laken and I would often text for work, so texting here would not be unusual at all.

It was about two seconds after my text to her that Laken replied, “You know I’ve already talked to your wonderful wife about spending the next three days at your house on SnapChat, she actually said you’d be texting.”

Without pause, she added, “the answer is yes, I’m already packing. Manny also thinks it is a great bahis firmaları idea – he knows how stressed I get when it’s all on me to care for the baby.”

I was very curious why my wife was so enthusiastic about this plan. How often does one spouse want them to spend time with another beautiful woman alone for three days?

Still, with that settled and knowing my wife was heading out in a few hours, I started thinking about Laken and what might happen. Then I looked up at my wife who standing over me and gave me a big kiss on the forehead.

Here is where things got even more interesting.

“So I have a little secret to tell you,” she smiled. You know Laken and I have known each other since college and you also know I experimented some in college. Well, I won’t give you all the details right now, but one night when I maybe had had a few too many, Laken and I became very passionate.”

With that, she immediately started walking away to finish her packing.

“Um,” I stopped her and in my fun, startled response asked – “you can’t just walk away like that! More details please.”

She stopped with a huge grin and said, “I might tell you the details over a session in bed some night, if you really want those – which I’m guessing you do – but I’m going to let your imagination run wild knowing this fact – it lasted over two hours and we were both fulfilled and exhausted. Oh, and it happened more than once.”

“Maybe ask Laken for a few more details over these few days,” she then added and walked back to her packing. I checked out her amazing ass for about the 20,000th time – love it every single time.

I was spellbound, both from learning the information and from the fact she was revealing this information right before she was going out of town, leaving Laken and me alone. Which of course got my imagination going again.

Laken was not just beautiful she also has a great body. Her short dark hair frames her adorable face well. All this plus her large breasts and a tight yoga-made waist were paired with nice firm legs.

The rest of my day and night continued pretty much as normal. My wife left for the airport early that evening. Laken was due to arrive just before her son’s bedtime so we could get them settled together.

Laken arrived right on time, as I was putting my son down for the night. She went and started getting her son settled in the other room. I could hear them reading a book.

After about a half hour we both headed downstairs with our baby monitors.

Laken asked where the remote was, she was a huge sports fan and there was a good Thursday night football game about to start. I tossed the controller to her which she caught with athletic ease.

“Want some wine while we watch the game?” I asked.

She found the game and answered, “of course, I’m going to change into something more comfortable as you pour and get us some blankets for the couch.”

I poured us two glasses of an expensive red wine, set out some cheese and warm bread and set them next to the couch, I grabbed a couple thick comfy blankets and cuddled into a corner of the couch with them. I figured I’d watch the game with Laken and then go to bed.

I’d kind of shook away the awkwardness of there being sexual intimacy. In fact, at this stage, everything was quite normal.

Laken came back downstairs wearing a soft yellow pair of short shorts and a loose fitting tank top. Her boobs looked perfect in the tank and her exposed waist was sexy. So much for normal.

Laken grabbed some cheese and bread, took a sip of kaçak iddaa her wine and got under the covers right next to me. She sighed deeply and said she was so happy this scenario happened. “I honestly didn’t want to spend three days on my own.”

After that, we settled in and watched some of the game. After about a quarter of the game, I got up and poured us some more wine.

I handed Laken her glass and climbed back under the blankets.

As I got back under the covers next to Laken’s warm body, she set her hand on my leg. She turned towards me slightly and propped a leg over mine. I was immediately turned on by this.

A few moments later she cleared her throat and said, “don’t be shocked and hear me out – here’s the deal, your wife and I had a few great makeout sessions in college. And we really enjoyed it.”

I nodded, prompting her to continue, “so I’ve been told.”

“Well before I get further into that story, her and I were out the other night as you know and while we were out she mentioned the possibility of a threesome. She was actually considering the idea.”

My eyes must have gotten about twice as big as I considered the possibilities of this. We’d jokingly talked about it before but it never seemed all that serious. I guess I should have taken more notice of those conversations!

She continued, “So when this trip came up she actually had the idea that I spend a few days with you as sort of a warm up to the threesome,” Laken was acting a bit shy as she said this.

“Meaning,” was my way of getting her to continue and process all this new information.

“Ha, meaning, she is open to you and I having an intimate few days together. I’ll state exactly what she said to me – as long as it does not involve intercourse – then she paused and added – at least until the three of us are together.”

My mind was absolutely spinning. This was all completely new information. My wife wanted to share me with Laken? In a way, it made sense now why my wife was so interested in Laken staying here. She had already planted the seed with Laken.

Laken then continued, “wait, she actually had two requests, no intercourse and she would get to spend a night or two with me with me at a future date, no questions asked. I guess it is your call if you like those terms, just know that I sure do!”

I knew instantly I was completely fine with those terms. I was actually thrilled with the whole situation and told Laken that.

Then without pause, as if she was waiting for that exact reply, she leaned over and kissed me fully on the lips. It was a soft and sweet but also clearly passionate. Without any pretense, she reached her hand between my legs and started massaging my penis through my shorts.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you since our last business trip, and to feel this between your legs,” Laken added this in a whisper between kisses as she moved her hand under my shorts and grabbed my shaft.

Laken said since the conversation with my wife that she had masturbated about twenty times thinking of us together and the threesome.

I turned towards her and continued the kiss, feeling her tongue. I let my physical senses take over. My hands began to wander as I reached to take off her shirt and release her boobs from their soft cotton trap. Her breasts were definitely my favorite part of her body, though she was as sexy as could be.

As I freed her boobs, I massaged them as if I had never seen boobs before. After a few minutes of kissing, I freed myself from her lips and began kissing her areola at the same time kaçak bahis using my fingers to massage her nipples. I spent at least the next ten minutes kissing and sucking on her areola and nipples.

She was breathing very heavily. Clearly enjoying every minute of it.

She had removed her hand from my penis and had found her way to her clitoris and was stroking it hard as I played with her nipples.

I was hard as a rock and I really wanted to stick my penis inside of her, but I then remembered the rules. Just like the time before I would respect them.

Instead, I decided I could get a taste of her between her legs. I reached down and started to take off her shorts, she stopped me and said, “let’s save that for tomorrow.” I nodded somewhat disappointingly. I really wanted to put my tongue on her clitoris and bring her to orgasm but I also respected her very much and would not do anything she did not want to do.

She then added in, “believe me I want your head between my legs in the worst way, but we are together three days, let’s build it up a bit.”

I then continued sucking her nipples and moved my hand under her shorts to massage her clit. She grabbed my hair to pull me off her nipple and started to kiss me deeply as I made short circles with her clit. Moving my fingers easily in her wetness, responding to her as she pushed into me, adjusting the speed of my strokes to her moans.

I played with her pussy massaging her labia and then sticking two fingers in her opening.

She bit my lip as and tightened a hand around my ass as I held my fingers inside her and against her clit. I was finger fucking her and kissing her deeply. My penis was throbbing and really wanting attention. It was moments later that she started tightening around my fingers, pulsing and increasing in wetness. As she came I held my position for a while only exiting her when she has fully relaxed into me.

She then shifted and laid her head on my stomach. She used her free hand to pull my penis from my shorts. I could feel her warm breath against my shaft as she lightly began stroking my cock. I so badly wanted to feel her mouth to envelope my penis but I got the feeling that would not happen in this session.

The sensation of her head laying on my stomach, her breath against my shaft and her gentle stroking were amazing.

Then just had she had done on our intimate business trip together she leaned over my cock and spit a large amount of saliva on the tip of my penis. She made a show of this. Is was a different sensation this time as it was her hand working the saliva instead of mine. Then she laid her head back down and started using her saliva to stroke harder and faster.

I began breathing heavily, my hands playing with her hair and pushing her head and mouth centimeters closers to my shaft. Her breath was hot against it as her hand stroked me. I knew I was about to cum and warned her so she could prepare.

Her response was to tightened her grip and speed up her stroking as she watched her own hand move up and down my cock.

She had positioned her ass within reach of my other hand and I grabbed it through her soft yellow shorts.

Laken then used her other hand and started massaging my balls.

This was all too much, I tightened up, moaned and had a wonderful release. My cum landing all over her cheeks, lips, and hands. She licked the cum from her hands in a bit of a show for me, then kissed me having me receive a small taste of my own cum.

We laid there for a bit more, satisfied, cleaned up and finished watching the game cuddled into the couch. After a bit, we decided to go to bed. She slept in the guestroom and me in my room. Though before going there she gave me another soft kiss and said, “I can’t wait for tomorrow’s session.”

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