Lady Gambler Ch. 03

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I slept like a baby right through the night. Nothing relieves tension like great sex. I awoke about 6:00am, two hours before my breakfast meeting with Mr. Ferris. I put on some coffee and grabbed a quick shower while it brewed. I sat at the dining room table, sipping my coffee and going over the notes I’d made early last evening.

I fixed my hair and put on my make-up. I’d picked a light tan business suit to wear this morning. The skirt was short but not too short. I checked myself out in the mirror front to back, hoping Mr. Ferris would approve of my attire.

I made the drive up to Ferris’s house in Fountain Hills. I was right on time. The same man who’d met me yesterday came out and opened my car door. He escorted me to the front door of the house. The man opened the door for me and I stepped inside. The foyer was wide, leading down to a huge livingroom. I could see clear to the back of the house, which was mostly glass. It looked out onto the covered patio and the pool.

Mr. Ferris came out of the kitchen area towards me. We greeted each other and shook hands. Ferris guided me through the house towards the small dining area off the kitchen. They had prepared a breakfast buffet style so you could pick what you wanted to eat. I eat a pretty light breakfast, if any at all, so I won’t get drowsy later on in the morning. George and I sat in the small dining area off the kitchen and ate our breakfast. There was plenty of coffee. I’m a bit of a caffeine addict. When we finished eating and the lady had cleared the dishes away. I pulled Ferris’s folder out of my attaché.

“I worked on some investment strategies last evening and I’ve come up with some ideas I think we might want to discuss.” I said, sounding professional.

I handed Ferris the notes I’d written down and he looked them over. He scanned them at first and then read them word for word. After a lengthy review of my work, he looked at me and smiled. He started bouncing questions off of me as quick as I could answer them. I was trying my best to sound like I knew what I was talking about but I felt I was falling short. Maybe I was in over my head.

Michael and Janine came into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Their presence distracted Ferris long enough to give my brain a chance to get back on track. Michael and his father chatted about some things Michael was to take care of while he was down in Tucson today. I suddenly felt Janine’s foot rubbing up and down my leg. I didn’t pull my legs away; I just let her have her fun. Janine finally got tired after awhile and quit toying with my legs.

Ferris suggested he and I discuss things outside where we’d have more privacy. I thought it a little strange he didn’t want to talk business in front of his son. Maybe he didn’t want to talk with Janine present.

Ferris and I walked out onto the patio and around towards the other end of the pool. There were some lounge chairs all around the pool. We picked out a couple and sat down.

“Michelle. I’m not all that crazy about having your firm handle my financial planning. I don’t really trust Frank Henderson all the much. He’s a lousy golfer and I figure he’s probably the same at business.” Ferris boldly stated.

I know Ferris could plainly see the disappointment on my face. I was at a loss for words. I didn’t feel I was to blame for failing to lock down this account. I had Frank Henderson to thank for that. I expected Ferris to escort me to the door. I reached for my attaché and purse but Ferris put his hand on my arm.

“I might be willing to let your firm handle my financial accounting if they would agree to my terms.” Ferris said. “It’s either my way or no way at all.” Ferris went through a whole list of terms. Topping the list was that I would have to work exclusively with him, no other accounts. He didn’t want me spending time on any other accounts. Ferris wanted me to make the transactions directly, eliminating any middlemen. That way he would feel comfortable the transactions were made the way he and I dictated them. That might be a problem. Everything would have to be processed through Banks, Kellogg and Henderson. I didn’t think I could comply with that term. Ferris also wanted me to work at his home office instead of at the firm’s office. I wasn’t sure about that term either. The rest of the terms were fairly minor. I jotted all of them down and reviewed his demands. I told him I’d get with my superiors and see what I could do. I’d have to do some hard and fast selling. I knew I couldn’t do the transactions directly. I wasn’t a licensed stockbroker or real estate agent. Not meeting all Ferris’s demands might kill our chances of locking down his account. He wanted an answer and he wanted it by the end of the day!

I headed back towards downtown Phoenix to the office. I found Marla in her office. She could see from the look on my face, things hadn’t gone well at the breakfast meeting. I briefly told her about Ferris’s demands in order to get his account. Even then, it wasn’t a done deal. She phoned bahis firmaları Jason Price to let him know. He ordered us both to his office immediately. Jason met us at his office door. He looked pissed at best. He motioned us into his office and pointed towards his conference table. I could just hear the axe falling towards my head.

I pulled out my notes and covered each one with both Jason and Marla. We could work some of the terms with Ferris but not all of them. Working with Ferris’s account exclusively wasn’t a problem. I would have been doing that anyway. Working at his home office instead of the firm’s office could be worked out with direct computer connections to the firm’s network. There was no way I could make the transactions directly though. I’d have to go through the firm’s licensed stockbroker to buy and sell stock. There was no way around it. Banks, Kellogg and Henderson had their legal staff handle all real estate transactions. I’d have to run transactions through them. Jason felt Ferris was trying to skirt using the firm in order to eliminate paying the costs for handling his account.

I was hesitant about telling them what Ferris had said about Frank Henderson. I decided they should know. Ferris’s remark didn’t surprise Jason or Marla.

“Hell, no one trusts that bastard!” Jason exclaimed. “No one!”

Jason wasn’t happy with the way things looked, none of us were. We sat there for awhile trying to decide what our next step was. I suggested I get back with Ferris and tell him what demands we could and couldn’t meet. At least, he’d know we’d tried our best to comply. All he could do was say “no”.

“Do you think Ferris is attracted to you?” Jason asked.

“You mean. Do you think if I fucked him, I could get his account?” I asked sharply.

“Well. That’s where I was headed. I wasn’t going to be quite so blunt.” He replied.

“I don’t think Ferris is the type to let his dick to his thinking for him.” I snapped. “If he was, don’t you think I’d have already fucked him?”

We finally decided our only recourse was for me to get back with Ferris and tell him what demands we could and couldn’t comply with. There weren’t any other alternatives. Marla and I went down to the food court on the ground floor and ate lunch. I was too nervous to eat so I just drank some ice tea.

After lunch, I headed back towards Ferris’s home. I knew I wasn’t going to make him happy but at least he’d know I’d tried my best. I pulled into Ferris’s driveway and proceeded down towards the house. His bodyguard met me when I pulled up in front of the house. I’d have to explain to him what I was doing back but he didn’t ask. He led me around to the back of the house instead of the front door. George Ferris was in the pool, Janine was laying out on a lounge.

George got a big smile on his face when he saw me and the bodyguard approaching. He swam quickly over to the edge of the pool. I leaned down so I could talk with him. Janine was far enough away so she couldn’t hear our conversation.

“Well, I’ve got some good news and some not so good news.” I stated, waiting for some sort of facial response from him.

“I don’t really want to hear the not so good news.” Ferris replied.

I told him what demands we could comply with. That brought his smile back. I hesitated to tell him about the demands we couldn’t. Ferris asked about the other demands, I tried to break the news to him as easy as I could, explaining the stock transactions would have to be handled by the firm’s stock broker. I told him our legal staff could handle the real estate transactions. We wouldn’t be using an outside realtor. The disappointed look on his face told me his decision about our firm. I pushed my hand out to shake hands good-bye. He just looked at it so I pulled my hand back.

“You know I could have just taken your hand and pulled you in the pool fully dressed?” Ferris stated.

“I know. Right now I wouldn’t have really cared either.” I replied.

I stood up and started to leave. Janine lifted her sunglasses as I passed by her.

“Hey. You like to swim?” Ferris shouted.

I turned around when he shouted at me. I hesitated for a brief moment before answering.

“Yes, I like to swim.” I answered.

“Why don’t you have Janine get you something to put on? Come join me for a swim.” He suggested.

I was surprised at his suggestion. I didn’t want to say “no” if it meant I’d have a chance to talk with him further. Janine got up from her lounge and directed me towards the house. We walked to a dressing room just inside. I put my purse and attaché in a chair. Janine went to a row of shelves and picked out a swimsuit for me. She picked out a thong bikini; similar to the one she was wearing. I looked at it but handed it back to her.

“Do you have something other than a thong?” I asked her.

She grinned and put the bikini back on the shelf. She handed me another bikini. It had tie sides and would cover more of my butt. I started to unbutton my blouse, kaçak iddaa figuring Janine would go back out to the pool. Instead she just folded her arms and watched me change clothes. I wasn’t all that surprised that she wanted to get a better look at me. If a show was what she wanted, a show was what I’d give her. I stripped off everything and then put the bikini bottom on. I tied the sides and reached for the top. Janine came up behind me and offered to tie the back for me. Her long fingers slipped under the top, brushing my breasts. I bet she was smiling I let her do it.

I checked myself in the mirror to see how I looked. I didn’t have the tan Janine had. I’d only been here for a week though. I walked back out to the pool. Janine went to the bar to get us something cold to drink.

Ferris watched me approaching the pool. He didn’t take his eyes off me as I descended the steps into the pool’s cool water. It was refreshing to say the least. Ferris made his way over to me. Janine came out with some lemonade and set the glasses by the pool’s edge. We sipped the lemonade, his body brushing up against mine. We chatted about his account. I didn’t want to push anything, feeling it was futile to try and get him to change his mind.

“Michelle, are you a gambler?” He inquired.

“Well, I played a little poker while I was in college is all.” I responded.

I didn’t want to tell him I was a poker addict. That wouldn’t be something you’d want to hear from someone who was going to do your financial planning.

“How’s your luck been running?” Ferris asked.

“I do pretty well. I’m not a loser if that’s what you mean?” I replied.

“Well, I’m a lousy poker player, that’s why I don’t play.” He informed me. “That’s also why I need someone like you to do my financial planning.”

I told him he could trust me, I wouldn’t mishandle his account and I wouldn’t let our firm interfere with the transactions we wanted to make. My statement made him smile. He looked down at me. I thought he was going to lean in for a kiss, but he didn’t.

“I do have one more thing I’d like for you to do for me.” He stated, grinning.

“What’s that?” I asked, smiling.

“Would you spend some money and get yourself a better car to drive?” He said. “That all car of yours looks like it’s on its last legs. You need to get yourself something sporty.”

I laughed, agreeing with him. He mentioned Janine’s father owned a car dealership in Phoenix and he would make me a good deal on anything I wanted. I told Ferris I’d pay him a visit and see what I could find.

“I’ll expect you here at 8:00 every morning.” He stated. “We discuss everything before we make a final decision. I want a daily report on how things are going. I’ll need a financial statement detailing everything before you leave at the end of each day. Agreed?”

“Agreed!” I quickly replied.

Ferris had finally agreed to let Banks, Kellogg and Henderson handle his account. I was elated. I just needed to get his signatures on the contracts. I mentioned the contracts to Ferris and he said he’d like to have his attorneys look them over before he signed them. It made sense to me so I told him I could take them directly to them if he wanted. He thought it was a good idea so he agreed. We shook hands in the pool. It was a little awkward but it made the deal.

Ferris and I swam a little and played around. He never made any sexual advances towards me. If he had, I wouldn’t have objected. He was quite handsome and very much a gentleman. Nothing like Jason and Phillip.

Ferris looked at his watch and mentioned he needed to get over to the country club for a business meeting. I got out of the pool. Janine asked me to sit down and talk with her.

“So, did you get George to sign on with your firm?” Janine asked.

“Well, Mr. Ferris will just need to sign the contracts. I’m confident that won’t be a problem.” I replied.

Janine asked what I thought we’d be investing her father-in-law’s money in. I was evasive without being rude. Ferris had kept our conversations away from her so I felt I’d better do the same. I tried to change the subject.

I mentioned that Ferris had said her father owned a car dealership in Phoenix and that I was looking for a car. From the excitement in her voice, I could tell she loved cars. Then again, Janine loved anything expensive. She offered to call her father and let him know I would be coming into his dealership so I could deal with him personally.

Ferris stopped by the pool to let us know he was leaving. Janine and I went inside so I could change clothes. I took off the bikini and reached for my clothes. I slipped on my panties and reached for my bra.

“You don’t really have leave if you’d like to stay a little longer.” She said. “I hate being alone in this house.” She sounded like she wanted to have some company, some one to talk to. I agreed to stay for awhile. Janine approached me and took my bra, tossing it back on the chair. She leaned in and kissed me softly kaçak bahis on the lips. I returned her kiss. We kissed a little harder and I felt her tongue slip between my lips. I let her tongue probe my mouth. I pushed against her tongue forcing it back. Janine was breathing hard, she was taking deep breaths. We stopped kissing so we could both catch our breaths. Janine suggested we go up to hers and Michael’s bedroom. I shook my head “no” motioning towards the table in the dressing room.

I picked up a large beach towel and spread it out on the table. Janine took her top off. Her enhanced breasts were out of proportion to the rest of her body. Janine was tall and thin with long slender legs. I didn’t stare at them. It might make her feel uncomfortable if I did. I patted the table signaling Janine to get on the table and stretch out. I put several towels under her head, making a makeshift pillow.

Janine put her hands down to her side. I walked up towards her head and leaned down. I kissed her softly and passionately on the lips. Janine responded to my kisses. I moved a hand down over her extra firm breasts. They didn’t feel natural at all. I cupped and squeezed them till I had her moaning softly. Her hands were gripping the sides of the table. I put my lips on her breasts and kissed them all over, nibbling them lightly with my teeth. Her nipples were hard and very long. I put my teeth around each nipple and worked them. I sucked on them hard, harder than normal.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh…Ahhhhhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhhh!” She moaned aloud.

I took one of her nipples and twisted it gently while I sucked on the other one. She moaned again, her fingers tightening their grip on the table. Her eyes were closed tight. I worked each nipple till I thought I might be making them sore. I stood up straight and looked down at her long, lean body stretched out on the table. Janine gradually opened her eyes looking up at me. Her hands relaxed their grip. I brushed my hand across her flat tummy, gently massaging her. Janine was getting hotter the more I stroked her tummy. She was biting her lower lip. I slipped my hands in the waistband of her thong and eased it down her long legs. I dropped the thong to the floor. Janine kept her legs closed but not tightly closed. I looked up at her. She was wetting her lips, her eyes barely open.

I stood at the end of the table and parted her legs. I grasped her legs and pulled her down towards me so I could reach her pussy with my mouth. I kissed the insides of both her legs, licking them with my tongue. I felt her leg muscles tensing. I put my lips to her pussy kissing all around the hot, juicy slit. Janine had an orgasm immediately. He whole body shook, I just held her tighter. She let out a long, slow moan as her orgasm slipped from her body. She was breathing hard, quick short gasps.

I put my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and licked upwards, working my tongue side to side. Janine’s hands gripped the edge of the table, her knuckles almost white. I reached her tiny clit and flicked it with my tongue. She almost jumped off the table. I kissed her clit and flicked it with my tongue, up and down and side to side. Janine cried out.


I wasn’t about to stop till I had her completely exhausted. My tongue probed her pussy till I had her hot little ass up off the table. I had to hang onto Janine’s legs tightly. I worked the inside of her pussy and then slid my tongue up to her hard, little clit. I started sucking on it hard. Janine bucked against me. She was cumming again. I made loud sucking noises with my mouth. That only drove her crazier. Her orgasm consumed her body. Janine shook violently. She cried out but her voice was silent. I kept my lips on her clit till the orgasm gradually subsided. I lowered her butt back down. Her legs slipped off my shoulders and dangled off the end of the table. I picked up another towel and wiped my face off. Janine lay there on the table breathing hard.

I stroked her legs watching the juices run out of her pussy. Janine finally opened her eyes and looked down towards me. She smiled and I smiled back at her.

“God, that was wonderful!” Janine managed to say. Her breathing still hadn’t returned to normal.

I slipped on my clothes. Janine finally managed to sit up on the edge of the table. She looked totally spent. I checked myself in the mirror. I walked over to Janine and kissed her good-bye. She was breathing better.

“Hey, don’t forget to call your father, OK?” I stated.

During the drive back home, I thought about Janine and eating her hot little pussy. I was developing a taste for pussy like Marla had developed a tasted for guy’s cum. It struck me as being funny.

I called Marla at her home later that evening. I told her what Ferris and I had discussed and to get the contracts prepped so I could get them to his attorneys. With any luck, we might have his signature by the end of Friday. Marla was as excited as me, maybe even more so. I told her I was going to start working at Ferris’s home tomorrow morning. If she needed me, she could call me on my cell phone. I slept very good that night. Sleeping good two nights in a row was pretty good for me.

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