Lacey’s Date Night

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The stillness of the early evening air mirrored the peaceful calm that settled over Shorehaven. The heat of the day had passed into the warmth of the coming night and people throughout the city felt that encompassing cosiness and went with it. Whether letting their guard down so that another could break down their defences like would never happen another night, or just relaxing and finding flirting just that little bit more fun.

The night, like the day had been, would soon be full of illicit mischief in the City of Taboo Dreams; a girlfriend on her back for her boyfriend’s friends, a wife riding her husband’s boss, a mother smooshing her son’s hands into her tits as she slammed back on his dick…and so much more.

In one house in the district of Gainborough Lacey Wilson was tying back her long dark brown hair as she stood in her and her fiance’s, Dale Lewis, bedroom. Pulling her hair tighter so that the ponytail swung, Lacey looked in the mirror to check that her hair was all in the right place before she nodded to herself and made her way down stairs.

As she walked into the lounge she smiled and walked over to the sofa, leaning over and planting a soft kiss on the top of her fiance’s head as he sat watching the television.

“Anything good on?” She asked as she came around the sofa and stood looking at him.

“Nothing so far. But there’s a movie on tonight if you want to curl up on the sofa and watch it with me?” Dale answered as he looked up at her with a stunning smile, and Lacey felt her heard skip a beat.

He was so good looking that he always managed to take her breath away! Not to mention set her pulse racing.

“A movie night with you sounds perfect.” Lacey replied before she turned and moved towards the kitchen. “Do you want anything?”

Lacey saw Dale shake his head as she looked over her shoulder just before he said “No, thanks” and turned back to watch whatever it was he had on the television.

Feeling content the beautiful fiancée of two years made her way into the kitchen to grab herself a drink. As she opened the fridge door and grabbed the juice the phone rang, surprising the gorgeous brunette so much that she almost banged her head on the top of the refrigerator. Ducking out of the way she heard Dale answer the phone as she reached up to grab a glass and walked over to the counter.

“Oh, hey Carter.” She heard her sweet fiancé say as she poured her glass full of juice and walked back over to the fridge to put the bottle back inside.

Carter. That must be Carter Allen, Dale’s best friend, Lacey thought as she walked back over to her juice and took a deep, satisfying swig. As the cool liquid slid down her throat Lacey wondered what her fiance’s friend wanted. Was he planning something mischievous like he normally did, something that Lacey wouldn’t quite approve of and would get Dale in trouble? Or was he just calling to sort a boys night out with Dale? The weekend was fast approaching and Carter wouldn’t let that pass without some kind of scandalously mischievous night out.

Shaking her head Lacey continued to drink her juice as she thought about her fiance’s friend. Carter was a playful and mischievous sort, the kind that hadn’t really grown up. He was the same age as she and Dale, twenty-six, but somehow he always seemed like he should still be in college causing mayhem and teasing freshmen. He was taller than Dale, and more well-built and defined, but despite his appearance and playful side he was a nice guy and a good friend.

He did have a way of getting Dale in trouble though. Like the last time they had gone out. Dale had come back blind drunk from tequila shots and wearing a dress. Where Carter had managed to find a dress that fit her fiancé and how he had gotten him into it, Lacey had no idea, but apparently Dale had been wearing it around more than one club. The stories from that night had been hilarious.

Finishing her juice, Lacey walked over to the sink and washed her glass while listening to Dale talk to Carter about nothing. Soon she stopped listening as she replaced the glass in the cupboard and looked to see what snacks they had for the night’s movie ahead.

She had just made her way through two cupboards when the sound of Dale laughing brought her back to the conversation he was having.

“You did what!?” Dale said in vast amusement, “What did you do that for?”

Curious about what could be making her fiancé laugh so much Lacey walked over to the doorway and leaned against it, looking in at Dale.

Dale glanced over and smiled broadly at her, laughing again.

“How did you play it off for so long?” He said amusedly as he took on that far off look of listening to someone on the phone.

Lacey smiled herself, his amusement infectious and her imagination of what Carter could have gotten himself into playing through her mind. Giving him a look of ‘what happened’ she folded her arms beneath her breasts and watched her fiancé.

“You dumbass, you should have bahis firmaları known you’d get caught!” Dale said, peaking Lacey’s interest.

“What? What did he do?” She asked quietly but in an amusedly urgent way.

Dale waved at her that he would tell her in a minute as he listened to something Carter was saying before he threw back his head and laughed again.

Walking over to the sofa Lacey loomed a little to try to get him to talk as she laughed and asked him what had happened again. This time Dale responded to her.

“Carter. He has been pretending that he has a girlfriend to his friends at work. But one finally called him out on his bullshit by asking him out on a double date tonight, and he couldn’t say no.” Dale replied before laughing again.

This time Lacey heard Carter say for Dale to stop laughing, that it wasn’t funny. But by then Lacey herself was already chuckling to herself. Served him right for making it up! It was about time one of his mischievous plots came back to bite him on the ass!

“So what are you going to do?” Dale asked as he wiped a tear from his eye.

Lacey grinned at him before she sat down on the arm of the chair next to the sofa and listened to what was going on. She had to hear how Carter expected to get out of this one!

The conversation went on for a few more minutes before Dale suddenly laughed again.

“You wanted to ask me what?” He said with a mix of incredulity and vast amusement, and Lacey watched him with eager excitement to see what was going on. “Well I’ll ask her but I’m not sure she’ll do you that favour.”

Looking over to her Dale broke out in a big smile.

“Babe,” He began, barely holding back his amusement at his friend’s situation, “Carter wants to know if you know anyone who would go with him tonight? Just to get him out of this.”

Lacey’s lips quirked at that – Carter was desperate! – and she immediately thought that she would never subject one of her friends to a single Carter Allen, even if it was just for pretend. Something Dale knew quite well from the expression on his face.

“Nope. No one.” She replied, barely stopping herself from laughing slightly. “Everyone’s busy tonight. If you’d given me more notice then maybe…” She added the last just to soften the blow. He really was a good friend, even if he deserved it.

“See, I told you.” Dale said as he turned back to the conversation.

Lacey knew that she shouldn’t enjoy her fiance’s best friend’s discomfort as much as she was, but she couldn’t help it. That was when Dale laughed even harder.

“I doubt that!” He said with uproarious adamancy. “You want me to ask her? Really? Alright.” He continued talking down the phone before finally turning to look at her again. “Lace, Carter wants to know, seeing as you and I don’t have anything going on tonight whether you would do him the favour of going with him, just to get him out of the situation. He promises you a good meal out of it for free.”

The look on her fiance’s face was clearly aware of what she would say to that, but Lacey couldn’t help but laugh a lightly shocked and disbelieving chuckle even so.

“Erm, no. He got himself into this, he needs to get himself out of it.” She replied amusedly.

Dale’s own amusement shone in his eyes as he turned back to the phone.

“Sorry, my friend, looks like you’re on your own tonight. Guess you’ll have to say your girlfriend isn’t feeling too well and couldn’t make it.” Dale told Carter.

Lacey missed what Carter replied, all she could hear was a loud mumble, but she was sure she could hear him sweating. She could have fallen off the chair laughing.

The conversation continued for a minute or two more with Dale laughing and scrubbing at his eyes while making fun of his friend, before finally Lacey heard her fiancé say, “Ok, ok, ok. I get it”, before he became more serious.

“Well wouldn’t it work saying that she is ill?” Dale asked, more seriously this time.

Whatever Carter said Dale shook his head. The two talked a little longer before Dale made a soothing motion with his hand that his friend couldn’t see.

“Alright, alright, let me see what I can do. Hold on.” He said before he once more turned towards Lacey.

“Carter is pleading with you to go with him. He says if he doesn’t have a girl show up they will know he has been making it up because they already don’t believe him. Apparently he has had to make excuses for why she couldn’t turn up before now.” Dale said to her with a look of much more seriousness.

Lacey was instantly going to say no again – it still was funny, and this was nothing major in Carter’s life! – when Dale saw the expression on her face and quickly added, “He says all you have to do is go, convince them that you’re his girlfriend, have a nice meal and then you’re out of there. He says he’ll get you whatever you want and promises that you’ll have a good night.”

Finally feeling her amusement dip for an instant Lacey thought kaçak iddaa about it. Carter was Dale’s best friend, and he would be the best man at the wedding in a few months, and it wasn’t like he was asking her for something impossible. Just to hang out with him and pretend to be his girlfriend for his work mates to see. One night and that was all. He was a good friend and he didn’t deserve to have his reputation messed up, even if it did kind of serve him right for making it all up in the first place.

Sighing finally, Lacey nodded. Outside somewhere she thought she heard something cackle gleefully.

“Fine. I’ll do it. But he owes us both for this.” She said to Dale who mouthed the words ‘thank you’ to her before he turned towards the phone.

“She said she’ll do it. But you owe us both one for this big time.” Lacey’s fiancé said to his best friend before listening to whatever Carter had to say.

Lacey felt her amusement grow once more as she thought of how she now had Carter by the mouth and he couldn’t wriggle free. He really did owe her big for this. And she would hold it over him for months to come. …Little did she know who would hold what over whom…and for how long.

“Alright. What time are you going to be here? Half six? That doesn’t give Lace much time to get ready. Ok, ok. I get it. Short notice and all that. Alright, we’ll see you then. Bye.” Dale finished saying and Lacey looked at him as he put the phone down.

“Half six?” She asked to confirm the time. That really didn’t give her much time at all.

“Half six.” Dale confirmed, then added, “And he almost fell over himself saying thank you to you.”

“I just hope he knows how much he owes me for this.” Lacey replied.

“Oh he knows. He said he will make it a night to remember for you. And that he’ll do whatever you want him to from now on. I think he would’ve kissed your feet if you’d asked him to.” Dale laughed.

“Ew, no thanks.” Lacey replied with a smile. “So I better go have a shower and get ready.”

Dale nodded at that.

“No movie night for us it seems.” He said with a hint of disappointment.

“For me. You can still watch it.” She replied.

“True.” Dale answered then looked towards her. “Thank you for doing this for him.”

Lacey leaned over and kissed her sweet fiancé on the lips softly.

“He better be grateful for it.” She said

“Oh he is.” Dale replied

“Good. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone. He’s your best friend.” She smiled, then leant back.

“You’ll have a good night. Carter’s good at that. Just convince them you’re his girlfriend and the rest of the night should be fun.” Dale replied.

“Just pretend to be his girlfriend. I can do that. Shouldn’t be too hard.” Lacey responded before she stood up. “I should get ready.”

“You’ll have a good night.” Dale reassured her, “Just go with the flow and don’t worry about me. I’ll be alright with my movie. And do this for Carter and he’ll be yours forever.”

Lacey laughed softly at the voicing of her own thoughts before she turned and walked back towards the lounge door to the stairs.

“I’ll try to put on the best performance of my life.” She said as she reached the door.

“Don’t let me down, baby.” Dale called to her as he turned back to the television.

“Oh, I won’t.” She laughed, then added a little quieter to herself, “And Carter better make tonight worth it, or I’ll have his balls.”

Pulling the door open Lacey made her way up the stairs and towards the en-suite bathroom in her and Dale’s room. If she was going to do this then she was going to do this properly. And that meant a shower and dressing up. And she didn’t have much time to go.

Stepping out of the shower Lacey wrapped a towel around her wet, naked body and padded through into the bedroom. She had another towel on her head for her hair but she didn’t have time to really spend forever getting herself ready so she had to dry while she looked for something to wear.

Walking over to the wardrobe the beautiful brunette looked through her clothes for something suitable. Something to wear on a date, a dinner date at that, to meet her boyfriend’s co-workers. It had to be something special, but tasteful. What could it be, she wondered as she skipped through things. This wasn’t right, it was perfect for dancing but not dinner. Whereas that also wasn’t right as it was more for a convention or ball than a casual night out.

Finally something caught Lacey’s eye and she lifted the dress out of the wardrobe with a smile. Yes. This would be perfect. Hanging the dress over the back of the wardrobe door Lacey began drying her hair and body, rubbing herself all over before taking off the towel on her head and throwing it on the floor before grabbing the hair dryer.

As soon as she was dry again the knockout brunette looked through her underwear drawer and finally selected a pair of matching black lace panties and bra. Pulling them on she adjusted the bra kaçak bahis around her large, 34E tits before reaching for the dress. Slipping it on she reached back to zip herself up before walking over to look at herself in the stand mirror by the bathroom door.

Perfect, she thought to herself. She looked exactly how she had hoped. Stylish and wowing while also being tasteful and restrained. The dress clung to her slender body perfectly, falling to mid-thigh on one side and a little lower on the other. It hung from her shoulders by thin straps that matched her bra straps perfectly, as both were black. The black and sequined dress emphasised her natural curves, her full breasts, and her slim waist, while diving just enough to show off a tantalising amount of cleavage without being too slutty. The dress looked perfect in every way. And she…she looked stunning as she let her hair fall around her shoulders and down her back.

Finding the perfect heels to match the dress Lacey slipped them on then began to brush her hair until it fell in shining waves down her slender back, framing her beautiful face and emphasising her large, bright green eyes. Her ass looked even tighter in the gently resting dress, while her long, smooth legs were shown off to perfection by the angled skirt.

Lacey couldn’t help but smile at how stunning she looked. Stunning…and she knew it. Brushing her hair back over her shoulders she sat down to apply her make-up. A lovely shade of dark-red/brown lipstick that matched the gentle touch of her blusher and eyeliner. Once she was done stunning wasn’t even the word. She looked like a goddess.

She was just finishing her blusher when she heard the door knock downstairs before the sound of Dale opening the door and greeting his friend drifted up to her. Placing the make-up brushes back in their pouch, Lacey gave herself some final touches. Then Dale called up.

“Lace! Are you ready!?” Her sweet fiancé yelled up the stairs and Lacey smiled at herself as she often did when thinking about him.

“Coming!” She called back, unaware just how loud she would shout that word later on.

Packing up her things she stood up and headed for the door. She quickly grabbed her purse before she did and threw in her lipstick and some other odds and ends she might need throughout the night before heading out of the door and walking downstairs.

“…was just saying that, and he still didn’t believe me. He’ll have a shock tonight for sure.” Lacey heard Carter’s familiar voice saying as she rounded the door and headed into the lounge.

The moment she stepped in Dale’s jaw hit the floor. Carter kept talking until he also saw her and then he too stared at her like he had never seen her before.

“Do you think I look ok?” She asked Dale who nodded absolutely.

“You look incredible!” Her fiancé answered.

Smiling to herself Lacey straightened the dress, even though it didn’t need it.

“You look stunning! Holy fuck…you look hot as hell!” Carter jumped in and Lacey felt her cheeks heat a little and she glanced at Dale to see what he would say to his friend complimenting her like that.

Of course, her fiancé said nothing because he agreed with his friend entirely and any man would see it and say it, or else he would be a liar!

“Fuck, Lace, you’re going to blow them away!” Carter added and this time Lacey smiled slightly at the compliment.

Exactly as she had hoped!

“Thank you.” She replied to both of them before she took a deep breath that did interesting things to her cleavage and made Carter suddenly stare up at her face as if his eyes had always been there. “Shall we go or do we have time yet?”

“We should head off.” Carter answered, “The table is booked for seven and the others will be showing up for drinks first.”

Nodding Lacey made her way over to Dale and gently kissed him on the cheek.

“I’ll see you when I get home.” She said softly.

“Take your time. And try to have a good night.” Dale replied.

“We’ll have the best night. You’ll see.” Carter interjected before he held out his arm for Lacey to take.

“I love you.” She mouthed to her fiancé. Dale mouthed the words back with a warm smile as he watched her walk out of the door and head towards the taxi waiting for them.

The taxi ride didn’t take overly long, which was good because the entire way Carter kept looking over her…literally, which made Lacey feel a little uncomfortable. But she couldn’t blame him really – she knew how she looked and she had dressed to impress. So he was going to stare, wasn’t he? It just meant that she had done her job perfectly. And if Carter stared so much his co-workers would be blown away. They would believe she was his girlfriend now!

Arriving at the restaurant Lacey let Carter help her out of the car like a gentleman…a gentleman whose eyes slid down her top, she might add. Then they were heading in. It turned out, rather miraculously, that they were the first ones there and that their table was ready and waiting for them. So it wasn’t long before the two of them were sitting down in a booth around a large oval table, with water on the table and waiting for the others to show up.

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