La Plaza Ch. 01

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Asian Doll

This story was originally written way back in 2007 with the intention of creating a series. As with all of my stories, I am in the process of re-writing and re-publishing in the hope that I regain my passion for writing erotica and can begin adding new stories to my name. I have plenty of ideas of where this story can go — so please, rate me and let me know that you enjoy it. Your comments and ideas always spurn me on. Thank you for reading, MPD xxx


La Plaza – Chapter 1

I wasn’t born to be bisexual. What I mean to say is, every fibre in my somewhat-religious body screamed against being attracted to both men and women, yet I knew that deep down I couldn’t help it. My parents would be horrified; my father, in particular, would be incredibly ashamed and angry, his old-school-Christian, homophobic mentality would explode with untold vexation when he found out his only child batted on both sides of the net. It was something I struggled with internally every single goddamned day. Instead of dating and enjoying myself in my late teenage years like so many others in my cohort, I was stuck in limbo: scared to commit to a relationship; worried about what people may think; crippled by social anxieties. Ok, yes, I could go for a man and my parents would be none the wiser — but I also wanted to be with women, too.

This state of confusion drove me to despair as a geeky, introverted eighteen year old. I had train tracks wrapped around my teeth, a body that seemed stuck in a constant state of pre-pubescence and a crush on both the prettiest girl in college and her hot boyfriend. How was that fair?

They were the perfect adolescent couple: Lucy was the equivalent of a petite, modern-day Rapunzel with white-blonde hair swinging its way gently to her tiny waist, her brains and body equally as brilliant as each other; on the other hand, her partner John was tall, dark and handsome – a clichéd description for one of the most intensely sexy men I had ever had the fortune to lay my eyes on. Together they were a formidable duo that did absolutely everything together, from winning sports medals to raising money for local charities. Normally, I would hate such a cute and flawless couple, but they were both so alluring in my mind that I couldn’t help thinking about the both of them when I masturbated my pent up sexual tension away in the evenings, stifling my moans with my pillow so that my parents didn’t hear me.

It wasn’t until the annual college city trip that I’d ever thought I’d get close to either of them, let alone touch their naked skin. City trips were usually a downright bore, filled with lectures about space and history and arts and everything else that sucked the fun out of life itself. Needless to say, I was ruing ever putting my name down, and I only did so in the vain hope of escaping my parents’ ever growing tyranny for a short length of time. The only thing that relieved the lamentation of applying for this sucky trip was seeing my favourite two names at the top of the list. As I made my way towards the bus stop, I hoped that I’d see them on the trip and perhaps get a covert picture or two of them making out. However, I was never expecting to run into them – quite literally – as I crossed the campus for the imminent arrival of the single-decker bus. I was running late thanks to my parents’ reproach on my expected behaviour on the trip, and after checking they had left the car park by looking over my shoulder, I bumped into a small, stationary figure. I swallowed hard as Lucy spun round, her beautiful hair restrained in an ornate butterfly clip; with anxiety gripping my throat, I stuttered and squeaked as I made my pitiful apologies.

“I’m sorry, I was in such a hurry, and…” I paused my frantic spiel as I watched her grin at me, melting instantly. God, she was so gorgeous right then, her overly large sunglasses shading her silvery eyes and her ruby lips parting to reveal the shiny, straight teeth that I’d prayed for for myself on a daily basis.

“Hey, no worries,” she spoke softly, “My parents always make me late too – idiots. My name’s Lucy by the way,” she proffered her tanned hand as I trembled with desire.

“Cool,” I dipped my head, feeling anything but, clasping her hand and shivering with pleasure as she clung tightly to it, “My name’s…”

“Kelly, yeah I know,” she lowered her glasses and winked at me. I gave a weak smile in return.

“How – how did you know?” I said, mystified by how she had ever found out the name of a loser like me.

“I made it my business to find out,” she replied, grinning cheekily as John watched on stonily. I looked briefly at him abidinpaşa escort to make him feel included, and he smiled warmly in response.

“Ew,” squealed a voice behind me, “You’re not speaking to her are you?” I turned quickly, my face glowing beetroot red as I faced my attacker. I knew I was unpopular, but to be confronted so publicly? Who would do that? Looking into the low slung evening sun, I saw a black-haired model with a huge suitcase trotting towards us. It was Megan, the bitch.

“Yes, actually I am,” responded Lucy coolly, “We were just discussing our room situation.”

“What room situation?” shrieked Megan in disbelief, “You’re staying with me and John is staying with Marty, we’ve already made plans.”

“Nuh-uh,” Lucy shook her head, ignoring Megan’s rising voice, “You made plans, but I never did. I’m sleeping in the same room as Kelly. We’ve just sorted it haven’t we, Kelly?” she said, looking deep into my hazel eyes.

“Um, yeah,” I agreed quietly, “It’s just the two of us, I’m afraid,” I explained, my veins fizzling with delight as my heart pumped frantically in my chest. John nodded silently in agreement, shrugging noncommittally when faced with Megan’s thunderous visage.

“This is your fault,” she screamed at me, her quivering finger pointing at my wan face as broken spittle flew from her lips. Just as I thought I was going to be hit, Lucy stood between us and spoke firmly.

“Now, there’s no need to make a scene, is there Megan?” she spoke softly, the casual note in her voice belied by the rigidity in her frame. Megan span immediately on one foot and stomped off, probably to find Marty and tell him the issues she was having, I thought wryly. So much for a simple trip.

“Are you alright?” asked Lucy, grabbing my shoulders and peering steadily into my rounded eyes as I once again blushed fiercely. She gently stroked the side of my face, slowly tracing my trembling jawline.

“I’m – I’m fine,” I stammered, trying to avoid looking too hard into her striking eyes. Her touch was like an electric shock to my nervous system: my nipples sprang to attention as she caressed my soft cheeks, and as I reddened even further I pulled away, trying to hide my animated breasts.

“You cold?” said John, handing me a jumper without waiting for an answer. I looked at him as he gestured subtly to my chest. “I personally have found the weather rather hot today, haven’t you princess?” he looked slyly at Lucy. Lucy nudged him lightly in response.

“I am feeling quite hot now, honey, but that doesn’t mean Kels can’t be cold.” She scolded him jokily and put a protective arm around me as she led me to the bus. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit impressed that a casual run-in had caused such an upheaval to my social life.


Three hours and much talking later, we arrived at La Plaza, a cheap, large hotel whose glamour only resided in its name. By that point, it was late at night and we were told to go straight to our rooms without much fuss, else our obliging parents would be called to fetch us. As me, Lucy and John sidled up to the girl’s rooms, Lucy stopped just opposite our assigned room.

“Go ahead, I’ll catch up,” she said, simultaneously handing me her tiny suitcase as she towed John into the shadows of a darkened alcove, wrapping her tiny arms fast around him. Obediently, and without turning back, I quickly escaped into the coolness of the dim room, pausing momentarily to drop the suitcases as I shut the door behind me. I immediately noticed the small peephole looking out into the alcove where I had left my new friends. Would they know if I looked out on them? The insistant way they had been deeply kissing before I had left made me want to moan in earnest; slowly, I crept up to the peephole as I knew I had to see more.

Before I could lean up against the door, I could hear their audible groans penetrate the thin walls of the run-down room. It was enough to make me wet just listening to them. Her rising cries were complemented by his deep grunts of desire. Trembling, I pushed my face against the door, peering in trepidation at the oblivious couple across the hall. I knew instantly that it was a heavy make out session by the way that they were all over each other. John had sat Lucy on a low shelf that run along the side of the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around his wide trunk. He was caressing her exposed collarbone tenderly, making her visibly shiver each time he made contact with her neck and shoulders. Her river of blonde hair was thrown back carelessly and in audible ecstasy, she thrust her hips against his hardened akyurt escort body. Slowly, his head lowered to the edge of her thin, strappy top, nuzzling the bare skin of her chest with increasing hunger. I whimpered noiselessly to myself as I lowered my hands into my simple cotton panties, watching their overtly sexual show.

In minutes, it was clear that Lucy needed more. Her constant squirming betrayed her frantic need for further skin-to-skin contact: she shoved the straps of the baby pink top down urgently to reveal a black, see-through bra. My clitoris jumped excitedly – I had never seen a real girl in a bra before, let alone one as sexy as this. John’s fingers brazenly traced the outline of her nipples through the thin, lacy mesh and Lucy pushed her chest forward in unconcealed pleasure. Her pink buds pressed their obvious outline through the fabric, and she arched her back as he continued to flick expertly across their hardened tips. I slowly moved my fingers over my own cotton fabric, feeling the welcoming dampness from within. I stroked gently and deviously, worried that at any moment my hiding spot might be revealed. Watching John, I tweaked my nipples with my spare hand in the same way, imagining that I was on the receiving end of those deft fingers.

Just as I thought that it couldn’t get better, I watched as Lucy expertly peel off her bra. I couldn’t help but moan excitedly as her two pert breasts were revealed, her candy-pink nipples proudly topping her creamy, rounded mounds. I impatiently yanked my jeggings down to my mid-thighs before wrenching my drenched knickers down after them. The cool air wrapped around my pulsing clit as I continued to watch them. I daren’t touch myself again — not yet — I wanted to savour the impending intense orgasm that my body was harbouring.

In response to Lucy’s sudden state of undress, John lowered his head to her sweet, tempting nipples, licking them softly like ice-cream cones. Lucy squealed with delight, grabbing hold of hunks of his thick hair as she struggled to control her squirms of sexual relish. Sensing her urgency for release, John nibbled her nipples harder with rapid precision as she ground against him uncontrollably, gagging herself desperately by stuffing her tiny fist into her own trembling lips. As I watched pure ecstasy possess her, I methodically rubbed myself, matching my urgencies with hers. I could feel my longing nearly overcome me when I unexpectedly heard a different noise. All of a sudden, another guest walked down the hallway, disturbing the duo’s sexual interlude. Sick with visible worry of being seen in such a private act, Lucy shoved her top back up frantically and pushed John violently away. I wildly grasped at my own underwear, my reckless and unsated yearnings replaced with my own frenetic worry in being spotted. Unable to stop myself once I knew the guest had passed, I once again closed in on the door.

“Lucy, you can’t leave me like this,” John whispered painfully, pointing to his enormous manhood that was patently visible through his grey sweatpants. She stroked it sadly, causing it to jump slightly in his pants. “Please, just a little lick?” he begged her tenderly, clasping her small hand.

“Ok, one lick,” she conceded tauntingly, pulling down his pants smartly and dragging him back in the shadows. I could see his ruddy prick dance openly as she knelt before it and ran an appreciative finger over his engorged penis. “I’m such a lucky girl,” she sighed loudly, reaching forward with her wet lips, dragging her tongue from his hairy base to the purple, glistening tip.

“God,” he groaned, “Just suck me, princess, I’m so bloody horny.” He held her head but she broke swiftly away, patting his bum lightly as I gawped at his huge member in shock. I’d never seen a penis before, either, and being the college’s only virgin, I felt an unwarranted need to have him pound me with his huge penis and there and then, preferably with Lucy helping out. Instead of stepping out and offering myself to them as part of my misguided fantasy, I mentally saved this erotic image for later masturbation sessions.

“You’ll just have to wait,” she said, interrupting my clear view to him as she drew close to the door, “I’ll make it worth your while,” she blew him a kiss as she turned the handle. Anxiously, I leapt back on the bed, startled by her sudden movement. I quickly covered myself with the blanket as she peered into the room, and immediately I pretended to be asleep. I could hear her footfall as she closed in on my bed, keeping my eyes firmly closed.

“Kels?” she whispered as I felt her soft palms gently ankara escort stroking my short hair. I ignored her with growing desperation, wanting her to go to bed as quickly as possible so that I could play with myself and discharge my pent up frustrations. Sighing sadly but satisfied I was asleep, she slowly stripped down to her see-through underwear. I peeked at her through low-lidded eyes, watching as she adjusted her straps and stroked her rounded buttocks in the cracked, full-length mirror by the small basin; I could barely resisting fingering my own dripping hole. Eventually, she clambered into her own bed, but not before I had stuffed my face into the threadbare pillow case in exasperation as I had done so many times before at home.

Without further delay, Lucy’s soft breaths eventually evened out and deepened as she fell into a peaceful slumber. My fingers slipped down with little hesitation; almost immediately they felt the throb of my desire. I knew that I would orgasm quickly, my body electrified by the earlier display I had witnessed. Mimicking John, I pinched my nipples with one hand as I groaned quietly into the still room. My fingers of my other hand slickly delved in and out as I bought myself to a thunderous climax. I was so unexpectedly overcome that I could no longer suppress myself as I came loudly with delight. It was truly the best orgasm I’d had in ages — if ever — and looking over to the twin bed, I sincerely hoped that she hadn’t heard a thing. I knew that if she had heard me masturbating she would probably freak out, and in the dull half-light from the light pollution outside I searched her elfin face. The glint of her eyes in the gloomy haze determined that she had indeed heard me and frightened, I was unsure of what to say or do next.

“You sounded like you needed that,” she stated needlessly, propping herself up lightly on the pillow, allowing her thin cover to fall down and reveal her see-through bra and visible nipples to my gaping view.

“I did,” I squeaked, shocked at her joking about such an intimate event.

“Problem is,” she said wistfully, “I need sorting out to. John drove me to the edge out there, licking my nipples and rubbing his hardened penis against me…I came, but listening to you made me so hot again. I really need another release now too,” she raised her eyebrows suggestively, and I gulped earnestly in anticipation.

“Would you like to join me?” she suggested seductively, patting the side of her bed, and I inclined my head slightly. I stepped out of the bed, still dressed in my jeggings and baggy t-shirt. “Surely you’re too warm in all those clothes, though?” She pulled nimbly at my waistband. Trembling, I slid my bottoms to the floor, my soaked patch clear to her in its visibly darkened glory. Her eyebrow rose sexily, and she shyly touched the dampness at the front of my knickers.

“Mmm, you’re wet,” she bit her lip as she trailed her finger over the damp fabric with little reservation as my clitoris quivered with delight. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at my yet covered breasts. “Now lose the top and the bra.”

“I – I don’t wear a bra,” I mouthed, “I’m too small!” My face burned with shame at my revelation, but Lucy merely grinned.

“Even better,” she grinned, leaning over to yank my top off. She eyed my barely-there cleavage appreciatively as I stood almost naked beside her bed. Grabbing me by my hips, she dragged me firmly between the bed sheets. “Will you play with me, Kelly?” she asked, embracing me with her soft lips tentatively. I nodded blindly, and kissed her harder, my hands stroking her downy skin.

“Are you sure?” I panted as we separated our lips, my wetness dribbling down the inside of my thighs as I felt her hands searchingly trace my non-existent curves in her roused state.

“Of course,” she affirmed, “Don’t worry about John, he won’t mind,” she whispered, caressing my neck and placing my shaking hands on her small breasts. “Go on, play with them,” she said as she found my own nipples, tweaking them sharply with her small fingers. I moaned lustfully, leaning my head down to skim her tempting nipples, my tongue flipping quickly over their heads in order to bring her rapid pleasure.

“Don’t stop, Kelly,” she moaned, thrusting her chest out in delight, forgetting about my needs as she relished the attention that I lavished upon her. Gently, I nudged her legs apart, and placing my slender thigh up against her dripping clitoris, she groaned even louder. With practised ease, she rubbed herself against me, spreading her luscious juice up my white thigh. Savouring her submission, I twisted my fingers into her thick hair, furiously kissing her as she grinded herself to oblivion against my leg. She came quickly, her body writhing with bliss as the orgasm flooded her body.

“I needed that,” she gasped, pecking me lightly on the lips before closely spooning me and falling back into her deep sleep.

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