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Author’s Note: All characters in this story are over 18.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The coarse fibers of the rug scratch against my delicate knees. When I swallow, the leather collar inlaid with satin rubs seductively against my feminine throat. The collar is black leather with a silver ring on the front. It doesn’t choke me or leave any marks. Master likes to mark me in other ways.

I have been kneeling before the front door for about 15 minutes or so. My skin is sensitive with goosebumps of expectancy. The door knob clicks and twists and my breasts and lower stomach tingles. Master walks in wearing his navy blue suit with black shoes, his red neck tie loosened at the neck. He looks down and smiles, his handsome face taut with a sour frown from the day fading once he sees me. He likes it when I wait for him on my knees wearing nothing but the lingerie he bought me and the collar for our play.

Tonight I’m wearing sheer black panties and matching bra frilled with lace that gives my medium sized breasts a slight lift to make them more enticing with ample cleavage. I can feel Master’s eyes on my breasts, my nipples grow stiff, poking against the sensual fabric.

“Kitten…,” he rumbles in his dark velvet voice. It sends an erotic thrill down my spine.

“I’ve missed you, Master,” I slink over to him on my hands and knees, rising up and pressing my face against his thigh. The fine fabric is cool yet I can feel the heat of his skin steeling beneath my cheek. The masculine power pulses from his muscles. I am getting so damp.

“Did you now,” Master pets my head as I inch closer to his burning crotch. I can make out the outline of his dick. I can even smell the earthy musk of him. My insides quiver. “Or was it my dick you missed?”

I rub my face into his crotch, feeling it throb and swell, smiling at the small groan Master makes as I gently mouth the outline of his turgid organ though his slacks. Dry mouthed, I lick my lips and swallow. I am so excited.

“Both,” I look up at him with an impish gleam in my eyes. My fingers are practiced in this ritual of ours but still they tremble. I unbuckle and unzip his slacks as he leans against the door. I look up at him, asking for permission with my big eyes. His features go from tired relief to dark sensuality. Hunger blazing in his eyes. His fingers tenderly thread through my long hair, raking over my scalp. To anyone it would look like a man with his loyal pet. But even a stranger could sense the bond Master and I share. The animal magnetism, the dark sexuality were often felt but also the deep love.

“Go on, Kitten,” he murmurs huskily. I pull out his cock. It is a thing of masculine beauty. Long even when flaccid. Cut. Not too thick with a slight curve when hard. And when it was hard…

My mouth waters instantly at the sight banishing the dryness from before. I need it in my mouth but I go slow. My hands caress the member lightly, feathery touches savoring the satin, smooth feel of it. The virile warmth. I occasionally give it a slight squeeze when I wrap my small hands around it. It gets harder as Master’s breathing gets deeper. His breath catches when I plant a light yet loving kiss at the swelling crown. My strokes become firmer, bolder. The satin skin moving with my clenched fist, the stalk getting hotter and throbbing.

I release the stalk, watching it bob before me. Now I start using only my mouth. My tongue rolls along the sensitive underside of his shaft. My strokes light. My kisses fragile. I absorb his earthy scent. His very male taste, spice burning my lips and tongue but salty and addictive. I love how Master’s cock throbs against the flat of my expert tongue. I want it to fill my mouth so bad. But once more I control myself, taking my mouth away despite Master’s gentle grip in my hair to get me back. I replace my mouth with my hands, smiling up at him I see he is only slightly appeased.

My hands take turns stroking it. The tortured flesh twitches in my small palm. Taking my two hands I rub the staff between them, blowing gently across the tip and smiling as Master pushes his hips forward, trying to get it into my mouth. Master growls in warning. His fingers tighten their hold in my hair, burning my scalp but that only makes my pussy throb with a hot wet twinge. However, I decide not to tease my Master too long. I can tell he has had a hard day at the office.

Keeping one hand moving in a sensual rhythm up and down his cock I kiss the tip then allow the bulbous crown to fill my mouth, my tongue gently lapping the satiny tip. I moan at the same time Master does. Him from the sensations of the inviting warmth of my mouth and me from finally having him inside me.

My pussy is dripping, coating my thighs in a silky liquid, my knees getting red from the continuous scrapes from the coarse rug. My tongue swirls about the male member until I taste a wet, salty-sweet drop. Master’s pre-cum. His pre-cum always has a salted almond flavor bahis firmaları that I love. He likes to eat sweet things to keep his cum pleasant for me.

I take him deeper into my mouth, keeping my tongue strokes silky and delicate. I take him until his crown hits the back of my throat. Gagging I pull back but only temporarily, tears prickling at my eyes. Master appreciates my efforts to deep throat him even though I don’t always succeed. The excess saliva and his new pre-cum makes his cock slicker. I slurp and suck, my fist twisting up and down, following my lips that seal tightly around his thickness.

Master’s body ripples with the building of his climax. His fingers bite into my scalp. My own clit, swollen with erotic thrills throbs as it strokes against my panties. Electricity passes between us as we come to the edge. My tongue flicks rapidly at the tender underside of his crown, my lips tightening their seal, my hand moving faster until Master’s body arches off the door, a groan vibrating through his bones.

I moan at the splashes of his cum as they hit my tongue, spurting in my mouth and I suckle greedily, in love with his salty sweet taste. I nurse on his deflating cock, getting as much of his cum as I can as his erratic breathing is brought under control. I rest my head on his thigh, looking up at him while keeping his cock between my lips. Just holding it, careful not to aggravate his overly sensitive tip. His fingers lessen their grip, now affectionate, running his rough yet elegant fingers through my hair that was mussed by his urgency to come.

“How was your day, Kitten?” he asks softly, a slow lazy smile chasing that earlier frown from the corners of his seductive mouth. His fingers gently passe over my ear to play with my collar.

I pull off his deflating cock with a loud obscene slurp and looking up at him I sigh, “Boring…” I lick the corner of my mouth to get a stray drip of his seed.

Master removes his tie and jacket as I stand up and tell him about my day. Since I design company websites I spend much of my time at home. Though since I have met Master I have been spending more time at his apartment. He has been trying to convince me to move in with him. He has increased his efforts since my lease will be up next week. I have yet to tell him that I already told my landlord that I was moving and most of my things are either in storage or in Master’s apartment. I will surprise him later this week. For now I remain coy and aloof which only prompts him to try and convince me harder.

He reaches for me from behind, pulling me firmly against him, my ass grinding into his softened dick as he nuzzles my neck. He breathes my perfume deeply as if he has been in a smog all day and finally has a catch of crisp country air.

“Italian for dinner?” he asks absently against my throbbing pulse. His mouth’s persuasive heat makes me shiver.

“I’ll call the restaurant to deliver while you change,” I tell him, almost jumping when his hand caresses my highly aroused breast. My nipples contract in their cups at the heat they feel through the very thin lace from Master’s clever fingers. “But only if you go now and not distract me.”

Master pouts but tastes my throat with one long lick. He releases me with a goodbye pat on my bottom while I pick up the phone to dial the restaurant.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I put on one of Master’s old powder blue dress shirts just before I answer the ringing door bell. The delivery boy (who is probably 19) is flustered to see a woman wearing nothing but a man’s dress shirt then happens to notice my leather collar and his eyes turn from lust to curiosity. However, he doesn’t say anything. Master happens to walk in as I take the food from the delivery boy and adopts his fiercest scowl. He winds his arm around my hips pulling me flush against him in a possessive gesture. He is shirtless showing off his tautly knit muscles, lean with no hint of softness. An alpha marking his territory.

I count out the money and give the delivery boy a $100 tip. The delivery boy murmurs his thanks with a deep flush then quickly heads towards the elevator not daring to look back. Master promptly shuts the door and locks it as I place the food on the dining table. The savory, molten spice of the food gets my stomach clenching with a new more basic hunger.

“That poor delivery boy,” I tsk.

“He needs to keep his eyes off what’s mine,” Master growls. I feel his masculine presence behind me. He doesn’t touch me but I am surrounded by his virile, dark energy. It gets my pussy and breasts tingling. My stomach fluttering forgetting it’s basic hunger for the moment.

I turn to him with my coy smile and shrug casually, “I didn’t notice him. He was only looking in any case.” I remain the picture of tranquility when on the inside a storm of passion was brewing. In my lover I can sense the same storm.

“And imagining…,” Master places one hand on each side of him kaçak iddaa on the table, caging me in. “Imagining what you look like beneath that shirt.” His heat is electric, seeping into me like a touch.

“I like how I look in your shirts,” I say quietly. I love wearing something of his. Keeping it close to my skin. His rich, almost decadent scent clinging to me to mix with my own. I reach out to run my fingers over the sharp edge of his stubbled jawline. But Master stops me. His big hand wraps around my delicate wrist with care, always conscious of his strength. I look into his eyes to see a carnal flame intent upon claiming me. I quiver at the thought.

“I do too,” he rasps with a devilish smile and wicked glint in his eyes. “My Kitten.” He hooks a finger through the silver ring on my collar pulling me gently forward as he growls. Master places my hand on my pussy. I’m completely naked underneath the powder blue dress shirt. He helps to cup my aching sex. “This is mine. Only mine.”

“Yes,” I nod, swallowing hard, the satin inside the collar rubbing against the thin skin of my neck again. My breath catches.

“Say it out loud for me,” he rasps, his voice like smoked honey, his lips a breath away from mine. An electricity surges underneath my skin, gathering in my intimate tender areas.

“This pussy is yours,” I repeat as he guides my quivering fingers into petting my pussy lips. I had them shaved so they felt as plush as satin. His curled finger in my collar ring loosens and his hand curves over my neck in a soft yet possessive manner.

A jolt of fire hits me as Master and I brush against my clit. The bundle of nerves cries out for more pressure. Yet he keeps our touch light. He watches my face, a hungry gaze settling in his devilishly sexy face. He wants to watch every nuance of my face in my rising ecstasy. I see his muscles coil expectantly, ready to pounce yet he holds back. My nether lips become saturated with heat and moisture, my core pulsating. His breath brushes along my skin, creating goosebumps wherever it touched.

“Show me your fingers, Kitten,” Master sounds so guttural.

I show him my fingers like a good Kitten. My cheeks flush to see them dripping with my own slick honey. The throb in my core intensifies as he leans forward, taking my honeyed fingers into his hot mouth. I whimper. My knees turn watery, grateful for the table since I would have collapsed from the eroticism.

Master’s mouth is velvet heat, hungry, savoring. His tongue like silk slowly cleans my fingers as his full lips tighten in his suction.

“Mmmm,” he moans, the sound gathering at the tip of my clit. “I think I will have my dessert now.” He lifts me onto the table, “Remove your clothes.” I follow his command without hesitation, my heart pounding in sensual anticipation. He takes out a pair of leather cuffs from his sweat pants pocket. He had planned this. My lower stomach squeezes exquisitely in rising lust.

“Oh please no hand cuffs, Master,” I plead. “I want to touch you too.”


I pout with a small, sexy whimper. He pulls on the collar, the corded leather and satin pressing like Master’s kisses to the delicate flesh of my throat. His lips play over mine, a flirtatious pressure that makes me want to press harder. Master’s tongue curves along my trembling lips and in a hoarse whisper says, “I want to devour you, Kitten. I can’t do that when you touch me. I get too distracted and want to take you whole.”

My thighs clench against the rising burn. Master continues: “I’ve been thinking about you all day… How I would worship you on this dining table. I want to lick every inch of your sweet skin then eat out this succulent pussy like I’m eating a juicy peach. Do as I say, Kitten, and I’ll make you come so hard you’ll be seeing stars for days.”

His words make it hard for me to breathe. I melt in an instant and hold out my wrists to him. “Good girl,” he smiles wickedly but his voice is gentle.

He pulls my hands back, folding them behind my lower back. I feel the warm leather snug yet not constricting. The velcro softly ripping through the air as he adjusts it. With my hands behind my back my pert breasts are pushed out in offering to him. He pulls a chair behind him with his foot, he can’t take his eyes off me. I look down to see a slight bulge in his gray sweats.

Master gently pushes me back, my cuffed hands cushioning my lower back so that I am arched on the table. I moan like a victim being tortured on the rack. He looms over me, his hands caressing every part of me. This was him asserting dominance and I can not be more thrilled. The rough callous of his palms and fingers are abrasive against my tender flesh. My pussy quivers and starts to get wet again. He’s warming me my velvety nipples getting tight and erect in the cool air.

His hands come to my collar. His chest hair, dark and silky, tickles my sensitive nips. His coarse stubble rubs my skin raw as he plants kisses along my jawline, his kaçak bahis thumbs rubbing sensual circles into my cheeks. His mouth and its sultry heat is luscious and gets me to arch more, pressing my breasts more firmly into the forest of dark hair upon his manly chest. His lips come to my collar and he sounds rough yet I can hear the concern for me, “The collar isn’t too tight, Kitten?”

“No, Master,” I quiver.

Satisfied, he moves down, his silken chest hair brushing against me. His movements are slow and languid, absorbed in every inch of my skin. My breasts feel heavy, my nipples turgid and tingly. My young flesh taut and jittery. All sensation circulating, gathering in my core only to pulse back to every nerve ending inside me.

Master’s lips skim along the fragile skin of my throat. His mouth sucks at the pulse at the base of my exposed throat, plumping it to the surface. His lips are full yet never once have I thought them feminine. Curled into a smile it was devastating in its dark, animal sensuality. His lips were voluptuous in their seduction. Determined yet patient, carnal yet loving. Once I came with nothing but his mouth touching my body.

“So pretty,” he huskily murmurs as he rubs his stubbled cheek against my swollen breast. The rough stubble makes me purr. “My pretty, soft Kitten.”

His tongue flicks out at my pearled nipple, curling about the bud and painting it with wet heat. My body arches again. I whimper in need. I want that mouth to engulf my entire breast. Consume me in the hungry flames of Master’s mouth. The tiny puffs from his nostrils steam my skin as he finally consumes my nipple. His lips wrap firmly around my nubbin, his expert tongue flicking across it while he suckled greedily.

“Master!” I gasp convulsively. He bites lightly in response, rolling the rubbery nub between his perfect teeth. I jolt as he pulls softly on it. Master releases my nipple, now a dark red, only to move aside to give my other one the same luxurious treatment. I moan desperately but as always he is patient. He coaxes out my reactions with gentle determination. Building my anticipation.

“Master, my pussy is so wet,” I whimper. “Pl—” He places his finger over my lips. While he draws deeply on my nipple he pushes his thick finger past my trembling lips. I taste the salty skin of his fingertip and suck desperately at it as I have done his cock many times. I can actually feel his cock, warm and solid through the thin sweats brushing my thigh. It throbs softly for me. Master is just as eager for me but he has self control.

My pussy is on fire. My clit is pulsating. He releases my nipple and the moisture coated nub is chilled by the air. I catch sight of Master’s heated gaze and his lazy grin as he slithers his tongue between the valley of my breasts. I suck harder on his finger that has started to move in and out of my mouth in a languid rhythm. He kisses down my stomach, his mouth moving lazily across my navel while his free hand caresses my thigh. He pulls out the finger I am sucking and my mouth feels so empty. His taste fills my mouth, wicked and magical.

Master’s touch and mouth have me teetering on the edge. If he would only touch my pussy; a stroke, a kiss, a lick, and I will come. But he is wise to my body. He can play it as a skilled violinist can play his instrument; tuning it precisely so it can give the best music. He soothes me instead, sitting down, his head resting on my inner thigh while his hands stroke my quivering, flushed skin gently. I must be leaking on the table.

“I haven’t kissed you yet have I, Kitten?” he asked thoughtfully. I shake my head “no”, afraid that if I speak then it will be a breathy, weak moan. Master chortles against my thigh, biting the skin playfully. Then he dips his fingertip into my slippery softness making me jump. “That’s because I’m always torn on where to kiss you first…” Removing his finger he sits back up to loom over me. His finger traces over my lips, I smell the syrupy sweetness of my essence on his fingertip.

“Here?” He wonders aloud teasingly. He’s so close I think he is about to kiss me, instead he moves down to my throat indicating the places he wants to kiss me first. “Here?” at my throat just above my rapidly beating pulse. My wrists twist in their soft binds, making me writhe. “Or perhaps here?” He nuzzles his face into my soft mounds, his lips skating over my diamond hard nipples with light brushes of his warm breath.

My body is wound tight like a bowstring. Master continues to tease me, nuzzling into my navel. His sexy stubble making my skin tingle. “Maybe here?” he stops and I think he’s going to kiss me there. His breath is moist and hot on my lower belly until he defeats the temptation and moves to where I’m the most hot and desperate. “Or the sweetest place of all…” His fingers tentatively skim my swollen, drizzling lips. My hips buck at the intimate brush.

“Yes!” I cry desperately, my body quivering and hips bucking erratically. “Yes, there! I need you!”

Master’s clever mouth curls into a wicked wolf grin. “Here, Kitten?” he asks coyly, his tongue darting out quickly to give it a slight lick. That slight lick sends a jolt through my tormented body.

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