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You begin to prepare yourself for my arrival; clean up the house a bit, take the rubbish out, do some laundry. You begin to do the dishes. You are just about to put the first plate in the sink when you suddenly feel a hand wrap quickly around your waist. You do get a fright, but you can tell it is my hand. My other hand appears, producing a boquet of roses. You smile widely, turn around and kiss my lips, your arms wrapped around my neck.

We kiss deeply for at least five minutes, not moving from the sink. Then, without warning, you jump up and wrap your legs around me. I catch you, your thighs in my hands, my lips still on yours. I move us both to the side and sit you down on the kitchen bench. My hands slide quickly up your back, caressing across your shoulders, cherishing the contact with your skin. You grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it from me. You spend a second looking at my body, so chissled, so fit.

I grab the bottom of your shirt and pull it from you. I spend a second looking at your body, so smooth, so beautiful. I start kissing you again though now I start to kiss your neck. My pace slows, each kiss careful and tender. You run your fingers through my hair as my head slowly goes down along your body. I kiss your chest and begin to kiss your breasts. 1xbet yeni giriş You unhook your bra as my mouth ventures toward your nipples.

You can feel my tongue against your skin. There is a degree of bliss that begins to get you excited. You lean back, holding yourself up with your outstretched arms, as if to project your chest into my face. Still moving slowly, I spend many minutes with my mouth around your breasts. I eventually move lower down your body, kissing your belly. As I do I slide my fingers into the top of your pants.

My kisses move further down your body to your hips. As my head travels I slowly pull down your pants and panties at a pace that matches the speed at which my mouth explores your amazing features. I kiss the top of your right leg, your right knee, your right shin. When I reach your right foot your pants fall away from your now naked body. My pace slows even more. I begin to kiss your left foot, your left shin, your left knee and eventually get to the top of your left leg.

My kisses now move towards your middle. I kiss the inside of your thighs, first the right, then the left, then back to the right. Each time I swap sides I get a little closer to your vagina and you feel my warm breath on you. Each gust of air is like 1xbet giriş a trigger to you, like pushing buttons that get you wet. At long last my mouth arrives at its destination. You begin to feel my tongue on your clit, each movement bringing you closer to glorious orgasm.

Your fingers run through my hair, in no small part attempting to hold me to your pelvis. You sit there on the bench, enjoying every second of my attention. Your strength and focus leaves you as you can feel your orgasm growing through your body. You whimper in pleasure as I slowly lick up all the juices you deliver to my mouth. Your orgasm arrives in a great crescendo as your body falls backwards onto the kitchen bench.

You feel the tip of my penis begin to rub slowly against your vagina, instantly making you twitch inside. I begin to slowly insert myself into you, but not at all very far at first. I am only pushing myself into you maybe an inch. My short thrusts are more like a massage than actual sex but it turns you on nonetheless. I lean my body over you and gently kiss your lips. My hands slide down your sides and hold on to your hips.

Without warning, my fingers grip your body and I push myself all the way into you. This sends a shockwave of pleasure through your body, like an 1xbet güvenilirmi earthquake travelling across your soul. Your mouth opens wide as you take a deep breath of surprise and happiness. I slide my shaft out of you and once again resume massaging your G-spot with my tip. After another thirty seconds of this I again push myself all the way into you, sending another blast of emotion through you.

This pattern keeps repeating, periods of slow, soft teasing interspersed with waves of a near orgasmic feeling. Each time I thrust my cock into you I seem to go a little deeper. Each time the feeling feels more amazing. Each time your mouth opens wide with the shock of desire. I pull your legs up over my shoulders and push in once more. You can’t contain yourself, your voice rings out with an unknown level of pleasure. This seems to spur me on, as now I thrust into you again.

Now the pace has quickened. You put your hands against the wall, bracing yourself against each precise push of my penis. I enter so deep into you. Your pussy is so wet. Your moans of joy match each penetration of your body. You devote all your strength to your arms, holding your position on the bench as best you can. The rest of your body cannot be controlled. You are just along for the amazing ride at this point. Your cries of orgasm echo around the room.

You feel my dick quivering within you. A final mighty orgasm wracks you body as I cum for you. The last tremors of the earthquake within you subside as we kiss each other deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32