Kinkiness Revealed!

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As I said I had found a part time job in a restaurant that cut into what time I had left over for dating. With Derek I didn’t mind so much as I would at least still see him on Saturday night when the four of us double dated and ended the evening having a shag. I was envious of Jennifer as she certainly loved it, and when it was raining we were now spending more time in the confines if John’s car, where we could at least cuddle and both Jenn and I would give our boyfriends a blow job. I was beginning to enjoy cock sucking more and more although I still didn’t care for the taste of his cum, I was finding it easier to handle without gagging and could swallow it without too much trouble.

Emma’s letters to me were now getting bolder as she liked to remind me of our ‘sexcapades’ in them, and continually asking me for the details of my dates with Jennifer and Derek. I found in writing to her it was easier to say things I would have difficulty saying to her face, and in a small way it gave me a thrill to be able to do that too.

In her letters she also began telling me about her ‘dreams’, where in her dreams it was always me who took the initiative and started the sex. Beginning at first by rubbing her through her clothes, then exposing her paps for me to please myself with them, pulling down or taking off her bloomers to get at her pussy, forcing her to kiss me and to pleasure me however I wanted it. She made it sound like in her dreams she didn’t have much choice but to comply as I was too strong for her, and could make her do whatever I wanted. This was the beginning me being introduced to her ‘kinky’ or perverted interests.

Usually in her dreams it would begin with me attacking her from behind, like when she was bent over for some reason making the bed or whatever, and I would grab her hips and press my torso into her bum. I would rub myself against her before pulling up her skirt to fondle her through her bloomers, she gave the details how my hand would take hold of her vulva from behind to give it a squeeze before I’d caress it with my fingers, rubbing my hand over it from her belly, over her clit and pressing the material of her bloomers into her crevice and up the crack of her arse. I would repeat this rubbing her till she had her cum, before pulling them down to give me access to her bare pussy then ‘do’ her again.

In her dreams she would struggle and cry out as I ‘forced’ my attentions on her, and admitting to letting me have my way with her excited her too, and because of her love for me kept our affairs secret. Of course this was nonsense as I was much too introverted to do anything like that to her, at first it had always been her who would do those things to me, then insisting I do to her whatever she did to me.

There were other scenarios too, like I would take hold of her ankles and hold her legs up in the air for her as casino şirketleri I would ‘make’ her give herself a rub, again through her bloomers at first, then on to exposing herself till she had two or three cums then I’d let them down. Another was similar where she’d hold her legs behind her knees to pull them back against her breasts and it would be me rubbing her pussy this time. She would describe exactly what she was wearing, where we were and what we were doing as well as the sex part, even to what I would do to her in her car when she was driving.

Sometimes I would be rough with her she said, other times gentle as a lamb and we would make beautiful love together, and it was always me who decided those things. In time I would visualise myself doing what she suggested in her letters, and often after reading them would actually fantasise I could do what she suggested, the thought would excite me and I would masturbate as I’d relive in my mind what was in her letters.

Needless to say I never thought what she suggested would ever happen, but in a way I was convincing myself I could actually do it, the mind is a powerful tool and I suppose some would call this brain washing. In the ten months or so since I’d left home I had changed quite a bit, coming out of my shell more and more with my freedom. Dressing better in more modern clothes, using makeup, wearing high heels and of course indulging in sex whenever I wanted. Jennifer had been a big influence too telling me how pretty I looked all dressed up, and the way others treated me with more respect than I would have received at home before. So I started to believe I could do the things Emma suggested.

I was excited to get the letter telling me when she would be coming for a visit one weekend arriving on the Friday evening, and to let her know if that was OK with me. I wrote back telling her I was looking forward to her visit of course, but that I had to work till 8 PM that Friday, but I could swap shifts with another waitress to have the Saturday off. Sunday was a normal day off for me anyway so that would give us the weekend together. She wrote back telling me she would book a cabin at that motel just north of the city so we could be together.

On the way down she stopped at the motel to book the cabin, and arrived at the restaurant just after 7 PM so she could have supper while waiting for me. Another waitress served her, and I was excited just seeing her there. She looked more feminine than I was used to, wearing a shirt waist type dress with buttons down the front showing some cleavage, more make up than I’d seen on her before and a double string neck lace with matching ear rings. She smiled when we made eye contact and I was looking forward to being with her again. Like I said, I had convinced myself that I could do what she had been hinting at in her so called dreams, but now casino firmaları I wasn’t so sure, butterflies were doing a number in my stomach at the thought of it.

She waited till my shift was over and we left together and on the way to her car she took my arm giving it a squeeze, and said how much she was looking forward to us being together again. My bravado had almost gone out the window so when she suggested going for a drink first I felt relieved. We found a nice pub that had their usual Friday night crowd, a mixture of all ages but mostly the younger crowd so we were not out of place completely.

It was a good crowd, someone was thumping away on a piano and there was some songsters in the crowd making for quite a jolly evening. I had whisky and lemonade, stronger than I’d normally drink but felt the need for some ‘dutch courage’, and had a couple more at least. We left around 10 PM (Closing time there in those days), I was feeling good as we left and once outside took her arm as we walked to her car.

When we got to the motel there was no problem, I was till worried about being seen but as I said she had stopped on the way down to check in and get the key, so we got out of the car and into our cabin quite quick. Once inside we hung up our coats and Emma checked the drapes to make sure all the windows were well covered, then turned to greet me and give me a nice big kiss. She turned and went to place her handbag on the bedside table and it fell over and in trying to catch it only made it worse as a lot of the contents spilled out onto the floor.

Bending over to retrieve them, all I saw was her arse as she had bent over and not bending her knees very much, so it looked like she was waving it in front of me, (which I’m sure she was). So if there ever was a time to do it this was it. I went up to her and grabbed her by her waist and ground my torso into her behind, she acted startled and stopped what she was doing and placed a hand on the bed to support herself as my hand found it’s way between her legs to fondle her crotch. Just like she told me in her dream, there was no real resistance as I lifted her dress up over her hips to expose her bloomer covered bum.

Now she kind of groaned and lifted her head to look at me and pushed her legs apart to give my hand better access to her vulva. I was excited, I’d never though I’d actually have the courage to do this even though she had hinted enough in her letters to me. Now I really got into it as she wriggled her arse in time to my thrusts, the crotch of her bloomers was wet. She gave that groan that I was used to that announced her orgasm and felt her stiffen for a few moments before she relaxed again. Now I was so randy I wanted more, so pulling down her bloomers to expose her arse was a pleasure.

Emma took a moment to get on the bed on her knees before bending down to let me güvenilir casino continue stroking her, her pussy was so wet and slippery I felt I had to do more and dropped to my knees behind her to better facilitate what I was doing to her. Her knees were apart, her derriere looked awesome, her cunt open and pulsing as if begging for penetration. The folds of her labia’s seemed larger than before as my fingers slipped in and out of her pussy with no trouble. She was moaning quite audibly now, her juices running down over my fingers and hand as I rubbed her till again with a cry had her orgasm. I felt her relax as she enjoyed the feelings I had induced in her, and I was glad to take the opportunity to catch my breath too.

I was into the excitement too by this time feeling as randy as hell, and got her to turn onto her back and I started by pulling her bloomers off her legs altogether. I unbuttoned her dress and pushed her bra up to free up her tits and she held them one in each hand in a silent gesture presenting them to me. I stood up and looking at her lying like that stripped off down to my garter and stockings and got on top of her. She was smiling at me as I pressed my clit to hers and began to hump her, she held me by my hair as I arched my back to really press my pussy against hers, it wasn’t long before I exploded with a delightful climax, and collapsed along side her.

Once rested, Emma got up and removed her clothes completely, now naked she climbed back onto the bed and ‘walked’ with her hands and knees on either side of me. She had that smile on her face, her eyes shining as she slowly crawled her way back up to me her big boobs swinging with the movement of her body enticing me to take them in my hands as she settled on top of me. Her mouth found mine, her tongue pressing into mine as deep as she could get it, her body settling onto mine felt so soft, not as heavy as one would think considering her ample size. She was whispering to me, things like telling me that ‘Soosie’ loved me more that ever, and wanted to love me more often.

The lovemaking continued well into the wee hours, my shyness forgotten as we took turns pleasuring each other the sounds of our lovemaking filling the cabin, with perhaps only animals outside to hear us. We finally slept together until mid morning the next day where I woke up refreshed. I lay there think about what had happened, felt thrilled I was able to do what I did to start things off, amazed at how much I had enjoyed it. I slipped out of bed quietly and went and had a pee, returning Emma was on her side, one arm around the pillow as if she was hugging it. I got back into bed and lifted the covers off her and leaning over gently took one of her tits in my hand and kissed her on her cheek.

She stirred and turned to face me, lifting a hand to touch my face and smiling, her happiness showing and I kissed her. She went to have her pee and I started to run the water into the bath for us. We bathed each other taking our sweet time as we discussed what we were going to do for the day, and agreed to go have some breakfast then go shopping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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