Kim’s Voyeurism Leads to Adventure Ch. 01

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Big Tits

This story is about some adultery, creampies and eating them and other kinky topics. If you don’t like these, don’t read any further. Positive, constructive critiques are always welcome.

My wife Sherri and I have been married for 30 years.

During that time we have been faithful and our sex lives, although good, have been ordinary. I read erotic stories and often get excited imagining us trying new things. She doesn’t like reading the stories.

Over the past year we’ve been spending a lot of time with another couple, Marty and Kim from a nearby town. They are similar to us in age. They both appeared to be very conservative and straight laced, especially about sex. Physically, they are in good shape, similar to us. She is pretty but has self-doubts about her looks. She dresses conservatively to hide her looks. She is short but has great legs and ass. She has a nice set of B cup tits. I’ve suggested that she should wear more revealing clothes to accent her good looks. So far, she is still too shy. Too bad, she is a hidden hottie.

About six months ago, we went on vacation together to a resort area in the Midwest. We booked a two bedroom suite on the 8th floor of a nice hotel in the city.

“Open another bottle of wine and pull up a chair by the window.” Kim yelled to me. “The sunset is amazing.”

I hurried from my bedroom, grabbed a bottle of wine and the opener. “Wow, you’re right. The colors are fabulous. Too bad Marty (her husband) and Sherri (my wife) are missing it. I bet they don’t have this view at the gym.” I turned the overstuffed chair closer to her and toward the window. I popped open the bottle, “Here, let me refill your glass.” I poured a generous amount in her glass.

We watched the colors turn and then begin to fade. “That was a great show, too bad it’s ending.” I said.

“Ahh yes, too bad. But the wine makes everything better.” Was her reply.

After a few minutes of fading sunlight she pointed to the building diagonally across the street and said, “Maybe we’re going to get a different show. A little peep show.”

“Huh” was all I could get out of my mouth before she sprang from her chair and darted to her bedroom. She returned in a moment with a small pair of binoculars. Immediately she sat down and focused them on the hotel across the street.

“Well, well. Looks like a little action may be happening over there.”

I strained to see what she was looking at. I couldn’t imagine Kim, who is always so prudish, as being a peeping Tom.

“Looks like a couple just returned from dinner and are making out in their room.” She added.

“Huh” I replied again.

“Seventh floor, 4th window from the right, the shades are open. She has on a red dress. See them? His hands are all over her.”

“Huh.” I added again. “

“There, there, in that window. See? He’s peeling her dress off of her.”

I finally saw them. Yes they were in the beginning stages of what may become a live porno movie. However, even with binoculars, it would be hard to really see the hot details. I did notice, with great curiosity and excitement the effect that the show was having on Kim. She pulled the chair to the window and was leaning almost against the window. She began to squirm around in the chair and seemed to be getting sexually hot. She seemed fixated on the couple. Every once in a while she would slowly swipe her left hand down her cheek, across her chest and stomach. I almost imagined I heard a slight moan as she was entranced in the show across the way. As the couple performed their Pas de deux, they pulled the shades shut, ending the performance.

Kim looked very disappointed and a little self-conscious. She took a large gulp of wine. The next few minutes seemed a little uncomfortable for her, like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

I tried to break the ice. “So, you like watching people frolicking and having sex.” Before she could deny it I added, “Don’t worry, I do too. In fact I like it a lot. Please don’t be embarrassed. I enjoyed watching with someone, especially when they enjoy it too.” Kim seemed to regain her composure.

“Well I only like to see what kind of people are in the rooms. I don’t really like the sex.” She claimed.

“Look Kim, We’ve known each other for a long time. I don’t buy that. I watched you. The more they got into making out, feeling each other up and getting naked, the more facilitated you got. In fact, you looked like you were getting turned on, even hot. Please be honest.”

“Please don’t tell Marty. Don’t tell anyone! I really do like it. Sometimes I look in windows as I walk and even if I see something boring, I fantasize about sex. I know I shouldn’t, but , canlı bahis you know, it’s exciting.”

“Kim, please don’t be ashamed. I won’t share our little secret, with anyone. I do the same thing. I really enjoyed the few minutes watching with you. Do you look often? What do you think about? I’ll share a few things with you too. When I travel, I always bring binoculars and check out the surroundings. It gets lonely on the trips. I know some guys would go out and pick up someone, but that’s not me. I stick with voyeurism, it’s safer. But I have to admit, when I do see something, it gets me charged up. What about you?”

“Well I don’t see much, we don’t travel much and my walks are mostly around town during the day. But I read a Cosmopolitan article that got me thinking. It was about voyeurism and fetishes. Can I trust you not to tell anyone?”

“Absolutely.” I said. “Don’t read Cosmo, but I’ve read a lot and have a few of my own fetishes. Please trust me, tell me more.”

“I guess I’m, we’re in a rut. Marty and I have sex and it’s good, but it’s always the same. I just don’t have a lot of experience and I’m kind of shy to bring up something new. I’m not sure what would really be new and fun, so I read, or watch and make up a story from there. I haven’t seen much that would be kinky and certainly haven’t done kinky stuff. But sometimes I do think about it and, once in a while, you know…”

Her voice trailed off.

“You mean you fantasize and, well, do you masturbate? Don’t be shy or ashamed, everyone does, some more than others.” I added.

“I don’t masturbate often, I don’t remember the last time. I’m too shy and embarrassed. What if Marty found out?”

“Look, I’m not going to tell anyone, ever. But it’s healthy and I’d like to discuss and share ideas and stories with you. I would love another woman’s perspective on things. I like to try new things with Sherri, but another women’s perspective may improve what I’d try.”

“You really want my help? I don’t have much experience. You won’t make fun of me, will you?”

“I want your help and input. I’ll never make fun of you. Just be honest and open with me. I’ll be honest and open with you. Is it a deal?”

“Yes, I’ll share with you, but it may take a while to really open up. It is embarrassing for me you know.”

“We’ll work together. Don’t ever be embarrassed around me.”

Just then, we heard someone at the door and our spouses came back from the gym. Kim and I ended our conversation then, but that as they say was the start of a beautiful (sharing kinky thoughts, ideas experiences and stories) friendship.

Over the past months we have shared many things. It’s always been platonic. Somewhere along the way, I shared my thoughts and even fetishes. Two recurring fetishes are creampies and cuckholding. Kim doesn’t participate with Marty in these, but we share thoughts and ideas about my fetishes. Initially Kim was very shy. She would listen to me and make comments, but would not share her fantasies, “I don’t have any” or intimate details about her sex life. Over the months she has opened up a little. More and more we’ve been focusing on getting her to open up and share herself with me and I keep spilling my thoughts, ideas, and even some actual events. I’ve share things about the wife of another couple who likes to flirt.

Kim and I keep our sharing private. More often, we will joke about her being more open and less prudish. When we met, she never used foul language. When we talked about sex or body parts, it was always very clinical. Lately she has begun to use more colorful language and doesn’t seem as phased by the more vulgar terminology. She is making great progress and will sometimes be very honest and candid about herself and sex life. When she does, I’m very appreciative.

I’ve been very open on my love of creampies. In our discussions and fantasies, we talk about cuckholding and eating creampies together. Where Sherri would have sex with another man and share their creampie with me. Sometimes it would be fucking her sloppy seconds, other times it would be eating another mans cum from her pussy. Although fascinating and a turn on for me, I don’t think Sherri would ever go for it. Lately, I’ve been talking with Kim about it often and even joke that I want her to share her creampie from Marty with me. Kim hasn’t much experience in oral, giving or receiving. I don’t know which of them is reluctant to participate in oral; maybe they’re embarrassed to bring it up to each other. However, she seems more comfortable talking about it lately. She said someday she and Marty will “bake” me a creampie to eat. I know it’s in good fun and although it’s been going on for months, bahis siteleri it’s just a fantasy that will never realize.

For the past month, she has been teasing me more and more about making their creampie for me. Last Wednesday, I was finishing my morning coffee before going to work when Kim sent me a text. She went on about creampies and I was enjoying texting with her about it. After a few minutes, she asked what I would do if it really happened. Would I really eat a creampie from another man’s cum?

As a fantasy it’s a real kinky turn on. Turning off “normal” inhibitions and enjoying to sensations of new, forbidden fruits is always a turn on. For years I had fantasized eating Sherry’s creampie after fucking her. Then, as soon as I would cum, I would be turned off to doing it. After many attempts, I overcame my reluctance and tried it. It was fantastic! It often lead to rounds two and three of our sexual escapades. As for eating another man’s cum, even from a hot pussy, well I’m not sure if I would get past the exciting fantasy world into the reality of it.

Then Kim said, “If you hurry over now, you’ll get your chance to find out.”

“What? What do you mean?” I typed.

She typed back, “I just fucked Marty and he came twice before leaving for work. I’m alone and have a large, hot creampie in my hot little pussy. Hurry now or miss it!!”

This sounded like another teasing session. Then I decided to call her bluff and said I’d be there in 10 minutes. I put my cup in the dishwasher, grabbed my car keys and headed to their house.

Marty’s car was gone. I went to the side door and knocked. “It’s unlocked.” I heard her yell. I opened the door and went in. Kim was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, sipping a coffee. She was wearing a white tank top and a pair of tight blue shorts. The tank top had a built in bra, but her nipples were visible.

“That was fast.” She said. “You must really be horny and kinky if you want a creampie.”

“I’m both!” I retorted. I moved until I was arm’s length from her. She did look as if she just had a good fucking.

“Well, are you really sure you want to eat my creampie? Do you think you’re man enough to eat someone else’s cum from my pussy?”

Still calling her bluff, I said. “There’s only one way to find out. I’d love to eat your creampie, right now!” I offered in challenge.

“You kinky bastard. You really would eat cum? It’s not even your cum. Do you really want it?”

I wouldn’t back down, “I will eat your creampie, unless you’re too chicken to deliver it to me.” My cock was hardening.

She looked me directly in the eye for what seemed like minutes, but was probably only a few seconds. Still staring at me, Kim put her cup down. With a sigh, she unsnapped the button on her shorts and unzipped the zipper about half way. Without breaking her gaze, she said. “Are you sure you want to eat my creampie of his cum?”

Still calling her bluff I said, “I’m ready!” My cock strained against my pants.

She slid her right hand under the waistband of her plain white panties, lowered her fingers to her crotch and gave a gentle wiggle. A gentle sigh escaped her lips.

“Ready for your first creampie from Marty?” She asked.

I was almost in a daze. Could this be really happening? Was I going to get my first creampie from another man? Was she calling my bluff? “Yes.” Escaped from my lips.

She pulled her hand from her panties. The waistband snapped against her stomach. She quickly pushed her finger to my face. Her middle finger glistened with moisture. I instantly smelled the sweet, musky aroma of the ocean. It was the unmistakable scent of sex. I inhaled the smell, savoring the moment. Without hesitation, I leaned in, looked her in the eye and took her finger in my mouth. The taste was different from when I’ve eaten my cum from Sherri. I was rock hard. “God you taste wonderful. I want to clean your pussy of every drop of your luscious creampie.” I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. Her mouth opened and our tongues met and probed each other.

I slid my left hand into the tight confines of her panties. I felt the soft curls of her full pubic bush. Of course, she was conservative, old school. My middle finger slid to the top of her clit. It was soaked, tempting me to clean it with my tongue. I slid my fingers down her clit to the slit between her outer lips. She sighed and moaned into my mouth. I slid my fingers around and circled her clit then withdrew them. They were coated in cream. I licked Marty’s cum from my middle finger and placed my index finger into her mouth. We both sucked the cum from their morning fuck session.

I kissed her again and then dropped bahis şirketleri to my knees. My face was inches from her crotch. I could smell the strong scent of sex. Gently I pulled her shorts down and she stepped out of them. Next I slid her white panties down her sexy legs. I saw that they were soaked in cum. Kim stepped out of them and I pulled them to my nose and inhaled, heavenly! I looked up into her eyes, and without a word licked the puddled cum from her panties.

I’m not homophobic, but the thought of eating another man’s cum always seemed so decadent and a turn off. Now the aroma of his scent mixed with her juices aroused me to a new height. I was rock hard and ravenous for more.

I looked at Kim standing and leaning against the counter. She was hot and I was hot for her. I gazed at her full, light brown bush. It was a tangle of soft curls splattered with remnants of her morning fucking. Drops of Marty’s cum were dried in the curls.

I lifted her onto the island counter. She was perched on the edge and she parted her legs. I got my first view of her cum filled pussy. The folds of her lips were parted and slightly swollen from the pounding Marty must have given her. She mentioned he came twice in her pussy. Seeping from her pink slit was a steady flow of his milky cum mixed with her cunt juices. I inhaled deeply, enjoying and memorizing the smell and look of her sexy body and hot pussy.

I opened my mouth and extended my tongue. I was anticipating my first full experience in tasting and eating another man’s cum from his wife’s sweet pussy. Kim leaned back and rocked her hips upward exposing her full slit and taint. Cum flowed over the entire area. I licked at the lowest part I could reach, just above her asshole.

Kim moaned as my tongue touched her sensitive hole.

“Eat me you cumslut.” She taunted. It worked, I did.

My nose was against her clit. I bathed my tongue in their juices and slowly licked up the slide of her labia, allowing their combined love juices to flow freely into my mouth. The taste was amazing. I wanted to tell her how sexy she looked and great she tasted , but selfishly I chose to eat her creampie without distractions. Initially I licked and lapped at her creamy cunt like a kitten at the milk saucer. Kim’s moans drew louder and her breathing grew labored.

Devouring all the cum that leaked from her slit, I went to work on her clit. I alternated between licking light circles around her sex nub to sucking it hard to long, slow, wide lapping. As soon as she began to reach orgasm I would change it up to tease her. This caused her cunt to get wetter an creamier.

My cock strained against my pants. I felt my shorts getting damp from the precum leaking from it. I wanted to fuck Kim, or at least stroke my cock, but I wasn’t ready to give up eating the evidence of their morning fuck.

“Ohhhh.” She moaned. “Your tongue is priceless. No one has ever licked my cummy cunt. Eat me. Clean me.”

As more our their sex juice leaked from her quim, I would slurp it up, enjoying the concentration of Marty’s salty spunk. I teased her and enjoyed her creampie until all I could taste was her juices, undiluted by Marty. She still tasted great.

I continued to tease her toward orgasm, bringing her to the edge before backing down.

In labored pants she moaned, “Don’t stop. Harder. Let me cum.” Then she grabbed my head with both of her hands and impaled my face into her pussy. She bucked and moaned until she let out a series of “Oh god, oh god I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmming!”

She nearly broke my nose against her clit. She bucked wildly as she came. It took minutes before she relaxed her grip of my head and allowed me to catch my own breath. I returned to licking to clean the remaining cum from her. She began to push my head away as her pussy grew too sensitive for me to continue.

As she regained her senses, I stood up to kiss her. As she tasted the creampie on my lips and tongue, she said. “No one has ever done that to me. I can’t believe you ate Marty’s cum. You’re wicked and it was awesome. Thank you. I didn’t think you would really do that. I was only going to call your bluff. I wasn’t ready to cheat on Marty, but, well I got carried away. I’m sorry but I can’t reciprocate. At least not yet. Please don’t be mad.”

“Kim, you’re an amazing woman. You’ve made a fantasy cum true for me. I wasn’t ready to cheat on Sherri, but…”

“Shhhh.” She said. “Let’s not talk about it now. Let’s figure out what to do. Maybe we can get them involved in a threesome or foursome and they won’t know we cheated or will feel it’s all good anyway.”

I kissed her again. My cock said to continue, but I knew discretion was the better part of valor. For now I’d leave satisfied at living out a fantasy without having my own orgasm.

End of Chapter 1. Please rate this story and leave a comment along with suggestions for the next chapters.

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