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I come into your room. It is dark. I make my way to your bed. I peel the covers back to uncover you. You are wearing your black night gown. You are asleep, dreaming about something.

I slowly lift the bottom of your night gown and raise it to your waist. I gently run my finger along the inside of your thigh. You unconsciously open your legs in your sleep. Your nipples start to grow hard with excitement. While I run fingers up your thighs, I rub your nipples through your gown. They peak and are sensitive.

My finger brushes your clit gently. You moan in your sleep. Your dreams now start to come around to sex. The sensations you are feeling must be in your dream, you think. I feel you getting aroused. You are getting wet. I run my finger down your slit and collect some of the residue.

I taste it. It is divine nectar. I pinch a nipple and you start to stir. I run my finger down your slit, until I find the entrance to your vagina. I gently push it forwards. It disappears into you. You contract around my finger. I manage to slip the top of your gown down off your shoulders, and uncover your breasts. I suck and bite gently & you start to moan. I kiss down your body, kiss your stomach and down. I lick your clit. And I suck gently, before moving down to your vagina. You are starting to wake up. I move up bahis firmaları to your breast and lick your nipple to welcome you to the land of the living.

You look confused and then you see me. You realise what I have been doing to you. And you accept it without question. You lie back and open yourself to me. I kiss you on the lips. My tongue slips inside and you taste your juices on it. This turns you on more than anything else has before.

You remove the gown and offer yourself to me. I take your hand and I place it on the front of my jeans. You can feel my penis is getting hard. You want to touch it. You boldly undo the button and the zipper. You put your hand down the inside of my boxers, so you can feel me. You take a hold of me and I moan softly, as you wrap your hand around me. I kiss down your neck and across your shoulders. I play with a nipple. I rub and pinch both of them alternating across from one to the other.

I kiss down and take one into my mouth. I suck and bite a nipple, then I blow cold air onto it as it stands to attention. I follow suit with the other one. They are both hard as I kiss down your body again. I find your clit again easily. It is a hard as your nipples. It’s hard to keep my tongue on it, as it is so wet with your juices. This gets you going again, I allow my tongue kaçak iddaa to slide down your slit. I lie down next to you. My penis is level with your mouth. You take it in, and start to swirl your tongue around the top of it, as you try to take it into your mouth.

You pull back and then take me so deep into your mouth. You suck on the out-stroke which makes me quiver. I start to lick and suck at your vagina. Your juices are flowing strong as I try to lap them all up. You pull back and see that I am hard for you and you beg me to enter you. I pull out a thin vibrator. I use it in your cunt, then I pull it out and slowly insert it into your ass. You go still as I do, then you start to moan in pleasure as I switch it on.

I lick your clit in time with the motion of the vibrator. This gets you going even more. I turn you over and get you to kneel on all fours. I keep the vibrator going in your ass as I slowly push my dick into your moist cunt. I slide in easily to the hilt. I stay there for a moment as I work the vibrator slowly in your ass. You moan loudly, trying not to let your body collapse. I start to move in and out of your cunt, I reach around and pinch a nipple and play with it.

You start to cum as the intensity builds. I feel you grip tightly on my dick with your cunt as you do. I move slowly kaçak bahis as you cum, which makes you moan even more and seems to make your orgasm start again, but stronger this time. You start to scream aloud. You can’t contain it within your young body. After you have come down from the huge orgasm that had just ripped through your body, I change positions of my dick and the vibrator.

My dick slides easily into your ass as the dildo slides deep within your cunt. This is different for you, but still as sensitive and enjoyable as the other way. You feel yourself cumming again. The sensations building to breaking point as you succumb to the pleasures being given to you. Your ass clenches tight around me as I move within you while you cum. The vibrator whirrs and buzzes within your cavern and finds a G spot.

You shriek aloud as it hits you. The orgasm builds and builds with all the pleasure you are feeling. You clench so hard with your ass, I start to feel my orgasm approaching. You pass out with pleasure. Continue to move within you, building it all back up again. You awake on top of another wave of orgasms coming towards you. You scream as it hits you again and again. You push me back out of you as they finish, and take my dick in your mouth. I am so close, it don’t take a lot to force me over the edge.

I start to cum in your mouth. You suck and swallow everything I have to give you. Then when I’m done, you lie beside me and we both kiss. Tongues touch and we share the taste of me. Then we fall asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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