Kevin’s Journey to Findom

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There are two types of college students, those that struggle to pay for college and those who do not. Sadly, my family was not in any position to help me pay for college. If I wanted to go, I needed to pay for it myself. First semester was tough. I lived in the dorm and ate a lot of ramen noodles. I had a job at a local sandwich shop which provided me just enough money to live on. My tuition was a mix of scholarships and grants and a couple student loans. By the end of the semester, I knew I would have to find some additional income. The thought of a second job did not thrill me.

As I arrived back on campus for second semester I still did not know where I was going to get the extra cash I needed. I threw a bunch of applications at the local businesses around campus and waited for a response. Meanwhile, school started, and my schedule was very full. One of my classes was English 2. It was a typical first year class that met in a huge auditorium. There must have been two hundred students in that class. On the first day I sat close to the middle of the class as to not garner any attention from the professor. We were suppose to have read a boring book during the break which I had actually not even purchased yet.

The class filled up quickly and things began to progress. After a few minutes, I got that strange feeling that I was being stared at. I looked around and did not see anyone looking at me. As time passed, the feeling continued. Again, I looked around. Nobody was staring at me directly, however, one guy was looking down by my feet. I stared at him for a while and his gaze never came off my feet. At this point, I thought I was crazy, so I lifted up my right leg and crossed it over my left. His eyes followed my legs like a little puppy dog. Then, I uncrossed them and then crossed my ankles. He was enthralled.

I looked down at my feet and legs to see what he was staring at. There was not much to see. It was January so it was cold outside. I had on what I called my combat boots. They are black leather, low heel boots that resemble combat boots, except mine go up to my knee. I had a pair of Freddy’s jeans on that were skin-tight, not a piece a flesh could be seen. I spent the rest of the class moving my feet and legs around just to see his reaction. His eyes stayed glued on them the whole time. I am not even sure he knew he was in English 2.

When the class finished, almost everyone bailed out quickly. I stayed in my seat until there was just a few people left. He stayed too. I got up and walked over to him and stood right in front of him and looked down at him. I asked him why he was staring at my legs. He turned really red and denied it. I pressed him harder and asked him if he liked what he saw. He hemmed and hawed for a moment then shook his head yes. I asked him what he liked. He said that he liked the way my boots looked on me. He thought they we really hot. I laughed bahis firmaları a bit and thanked him, then asked him if planned to stare at my boots during every class. He responded with “I wish I could”.

My mind was racing, then it dawned on me, he looked like a little rich kid. I asked him where he worked. He said he did not need to, his parents were paying his tuition and living expenses. It was right then that I thought, they would be paying my expenses too. He wore nice clothes and even drove a BMW 5 series. I asked him what his name was. He responded Kevin. I told Kevin, that from now on he could stare at my boots as much as he wanted but he could not do it for free. He looked confused. I told him that from now on I was going to charge him a fee of one dollar per minute to stare at my boots. The only thing he could do was look, no touching. He squirmed a bit and with a sly smile said he understood. I looked down at him and asked him if he wanted to stare some more today. He shook his head yes. I gave him my dorm room number and told him to meet me there in 20 minutes. I then reminded him that he should bring cash.

As I walked to my dorm, I laughed out loud. I had just convinced some guy to pay me to look at my boots. This could be a great second job. I arrived at my dorm room and set up my laptop so that the camera faced my desk and chair. I was not sure what this little pervert was going to do, so I wanted to have a video of it.

Kevin arrived right on time. I invited him in and told him that I was in charge and if he tried anything, I would kick him so hard in the balls he could taste them. He just shook his head in full agreement. I sat in my desk chair and told Kevin to stand in front of me. He complied quickly. Then I told him to get on his knees. I turned my phone on and chose a timer and pressed start. I showed him the screen and told him his time had started. His eyes immediately became glued to my boot. They slowly looked up then down. Kevin then cocked his head to look at them from a slightly different direction. I sat there and just looked at him in amazement. It was as if he was in a trance.

This went on for a few silent minutes. I decided I wanted to fuck with his little pervy brain, I lifted my right boot and put the sole about an inch from his face. Kevin let out with a soft moan. I asked him if he like it and he shook his head in appreciation. I then leaned back and put both boots in his face. Again, he moaned in delight. I asked him if he liked being below my feet. His whole body shivered as he let out a “YES”. This went on for about twenty minutes. At that point, I told him that I was bored, and he had stared enough. I looked down at my phone, then at him, and held out my hand and told him I wanted twenty bucks. Kevin dutifully reached into his wallet and gave me a twenty. I told him to leave and that if he was good, he might get a second kaçak iddaa time. A broad smile crossed his face. After Kevin left, I looked at the video. It was amazing. I had a grown man on his knees worshiping my boots and paying me for it. This was going to be a great second job.

Two days later it was time for English 2 again. Kevin was sitting in class when I arrived. Once again, I wore my knee-high boots. As soon as I entered the room, his eyes became glued to my boots. I walked right up to him and told him that he was not allowed to stare without paying me the fee. He looked up and me and he said he was sorry. I then sat directly behind him so that he could not see me. During class I decided to fuck with his mind a bit. I took my left foot and brushed it against his ass. He jumped and sat up very straight. I leaned forward and whispered to him that I bet he was dreaming about being below my boots. Kevin stared straight ahead and slowly moved his head up and down in agreement. I spent the rest of the class screwing with his brain by rubbing my foot against his back and ass. As the class ended, I whispered that I had a few minutes and he could stop by if he wanted. He shook his head yes.

Once again, I set up my computer and waited for my pervy boot boy. Kevin arrived quickly and dropped to his knees without me asking. I started the timer and he glued his eyes to my boots. I asked him if he wanted to touch them. He nearly screamed, YES. Touching would be two dollars a minute, I told him. He just shook his head and gently touched my right boot. Kevin bent down as he pulled it close to his face. He sniffed it by my ankle, then all the way up the leg. For about twenty minutes, he caressed every inch of them. He seemed like he was in heaven. I then told him to let go and sit up straight. The look on his face was funny, he looked like a little boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

I let him sit there for a moment, then lifted my boot up to his face and told him to lick the sole of my boot. Kevin’s whole body shook as he moaned in appreciation. His hands gently took my boot to his mouth. His long tongue started at the heal and liked slowly up to the toe. I told him to make sure they were clean and told him to do it again. Kevin gently lick my sole as if it was his imaginary lover’s wet pussy. Soon my other boot was getting the same treatment. At about the hour mark, I put my boots back on the floor and told him it was time for him to go back to his apartment. He stood up and I told him that he owed me two hundred bucks. I expected him to balk. No, instead, he reached into his wallet and pulled out the money. Kevin laughed and said that it was his whole weeks food money and that he would have to ask his mom for more. As he turned to leave, I noticed he had a raging erection in his pants. My little boot boy Kevin really was enjoying our sessions.

Every other kaçak bahis day, Kevin stopped by and worshiped my boots with his eyes, hands and tongue. Then, I took his money. He never seemed to get bored by it. He also never seemed to run out of money too. After about a month of this, I decided to push the envelope a bit. How far would Kevin go? How much would he be willing to pay me? Was it just my boots or was it something more?

After class one day, he came over for his session. We did the normal look and lick session. I then asked him if he was hard. He looked embarrassed but said he was. I asked him to show me his hard cock. Kevin reached down and fiddled with his pants for a second, then produced a very average penis that was rock hard. I looked sternly into his eyes and told him that he needed to show me how much he liked my boots. I told him to jerk off and to cum on my boots. Kevin’s hand began to furiously stroke his penis. In less than a minute, his body stiffened up and he let out a deep growl. Cum began to squirt across my boots, producing little white strings of goo. As soon as he stopped cumming, I meanly barked at him. I told him that he made a horrible mess and I wanted him to lick it up off my boots. Kevin’s tongue immediately began cleaning up his goo.

I spent the next few minutes pointing to missed cum, directing him to clean it up properly. As I did, Kevin complied without complaint. Once he had cleaned up my right boot, I placed it on the top of his head and shoved it down onto my left boot. I demanded that he not miss a drop. It was then I heard the magic words, “yes ma’am.” Ah, I had my answer. Kevin wanted more then to stare at my boots, Kevin wanted to serve me. His boot fetish was just symbol of his desire to be controlled. He wanted to be dominated by me. Kevin wanted to submit to me completely and I was about to prove it. I took my boot and pushed his head back. He sat straight up. I looked into his eyes and told him that if he wanted this to continue, I had new rules for him. From now on he owed me five hundred dollars a week, plus he would do my laundry, buy food and do whatever dirty job I needed him to do. In return, I would allow him to worship me and he could jerk off one time per week on my boots while I watched. I asked him if he understood. He shook his head in agreement. I told him that the new fee started today. He said he did not have five hundred dollars to give me.

It was then when Kevin learned about the cost of domination. I walked over to my computer and queued up our most recent session. I turned it so he could watch himself jerking off onto my boots and licking it up. I asked him if his mom needed to see how he had been spending her money. Kevin looked like he had seen death. He said he would get the money right away. I then asked him if he wanted to continue worshiping me, I was giving him one chance to back out. He quickly said that he loved worshiping me and that he wanted to continue. I then asked him for his answer, he looked right at me and said, “yes ma’am.” Kevin had now begun his journey into financial domination. My second job had now begun.

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