Kaylyn’s Trip to the Amusement Park

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I’ve been planning this for some time now. A special treat for you, my Pet. I’ve instructed you to wear the pink satin shell I got for you, the black short skirt, fishnet stockings, garter belt, black satin panties, and your black pumps. You look so girlie when I pick you up. I am pleased to see you have your collar on as well. Since we are driving in public, you are wearing a long coat over your slutty attire. I hadn’t said anything about makeup so you didn’t put any on. That is fine though. We will take care of it when we get to the club.

The drive is only about an hour long. I ask about your day and you tell me about work and how you’ve been thinking about today. You tell me your panties are already wet from your precum. When we are close to a rest area, I pull off and tell you to show me. You open your coat and slide up your skirt to show me. You giggle and blush as you show me the little wet spots on the front of your panties. I smile and tell you that you are such a little wanton slut. This just makes a fresh spot appear on your panties as you giggle again. I tell you to go to the restroom and make sure to do your makeup since we will be at the club soon. You look around to see that the rest area is mostly empty. It is late in the evening so we don’t have to worry too much about the family crowds.

You hurry to the mens’ restroom while I stay in the car. I decide to also use the restroom and leave the car locked. You won’t be able to get in. As I walk towards the restrooms, I see a trucker who is heading to the mens. I also recognize him as someone who is heading to the club as well. His truck has some of the special equipment we will be using tonight. I wave him over and tell him that there is a wanton little slut in the mens if he’s interested in getting blown. His face lights up lara kendi evi olan escort and I tell him how you are dressed. Luckily, his desire to get blown isn’t hampered in the slightest that you are my little slut. He heads in and I have time to use the restroom. I wait in the restroom so I can hear what happens. I can hear him tell you that your Mistress had said you would take care of him. I can hear you giggle and then I can hear your muffled moans as you greedily suck him off. You are such a little slut. I can hear him moaning and groaning so I know you are being my good little slut. He must have grabbed your wig and used it to force you down more on his cock. I can hear you give a little cry of surprise before you are steadily moaning. I hear him call out that he’s going to cum right before I hear him grunt several times and you greedily swallowing his load. He tells you that you should clean him up and I can hear you putting on a show for him. You lick him clean like a good little slut and I hear you starting to get back up.

That is when I hear two more voice. My, my, my…I am pleased with how this is going. You try to stutter out that your Mistress is waiting for you but my trucker friend shouts loudly, pretty sure I am in the restroom still, and asks if his buddies can also use my slut. I shout back and tell them to use my little slut and make sure she services them well. They laugh heartily and I hear you giggle before I hear you once again letting out a near constant muffled moaning.

I decide to go watch and walk around to the mens. I see my little slut on her knees. Her mouth is wrapped around one of the men’s cocks while the other has his cock out, just stroking it. My trucker friend is sitting on a nearby bench also watching lara otele gelen escort and I go over by him to watch. I am facing you so I can see your face. I catch your eye and smile at you, very proud of my little slut. This just makes you moan louder as the second guy shoots his load down your throat. He pulls out and you greedily clean him up until his buddy shoves him over and I watch as you lick your lips and take his cock in your mouth.

I can see the remnants of your lipstick smeared around your mouth. Your eye makeup is a mess too. Your wig is a mess. But you look wonderful to me. It doesn’t take you long to get the third one to shoot his load. They laugh and thank me for your services before walking out to continue on to the club and we are left alone.

You are on all fours, panting and still moaning a bit. Your skirt is up over your ass and I can see that your panties are drenched. You are flustered, filled, and absolutely euphoric. You adore being used like that I know. I smirk a bit as I watch you recover. I know what else will be happening over the weekend. I can’t wait for it. I want to watch you enjoy yourself with this little present. You’ve been my pet for a while now and you deserve this little outing. It will test your limits and it will take you to another level I think. I’ve ever taken a pet to this club event. I’ve helped with it in the past as a Domme but I’ve never brought a pet with me to enjoy it myself. But you are my special and only pet. I want to watch you enjoy yourself and I want to see you in some of the “rides.”

I tell you I will wait in the car and for you to get yourself cleaned up. I tell you that you will want to look your best for our weekend trip. You meekly reply with a “Yes Mistress” and scurry lara rus escort to get cleaned up. I watch you for another moment, smiling a bit before I walk out and go back to my car. I wait for a few minutes and keep an eye out around the empty rest area. While I always enjoy letting you be used as the little slut you are, we have plans and we are already late. My little wanton slut just had to blow three.

You do your best to run in your pumps to the car. It is amusing to watch you. You get in and are all smiles as I pull out of the parking lot. You thank me for letting you do that. I tell you that we are late now because you are such a greedy little slut. You giggle and give me a meek “Sorry Mistress.” I tell you as punishment for making us late, you are going to do edges until we get to the club. You groan softly and I chuckle. I purposely drive just under the speed limit and take the longer route to the club.

You are shuddering and moaning when we finally pull into the parking lot. I tell you to get yourself together since we are here. You look around at the club. You’ve never been here before and you are nervous. I can see the fear and uncertainty start to creep into your eyes so I take your hand to reassure you.

“You are going to be fine, Kaylyn. You know I would never bring you somewhere unsafe.”

You look at me and you giggle as I use the name I gave to you as my pet. You take a deep breath and nod. We get out of the car. Our appearance would be amusing to most. You being just over six feet tall. Muscular male dressed in slutty women’s clothing. Myself being almost 5’2″ and dressed in a green satin corset with black lace overlay, jeans, and black boots. I decide that since you have your collar on, I should put a chain on you in the beginning while we are at the club. Mostly to show you are mine but also because in some parts of the club it is required and we must go through these rooms to get to the area we are heading to.

I clip on the thin silver chain to your collar and take hold of the loop. Then we head inside.

I hope this will be a weekend to remember for you.

(next section coming soon)

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