Katie Comes Back

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This is the continuation of a story I started some time ago and didn’t finish. A number of members have asked me “what happened next” so here goes…

The story so far: Katie, married to John, has started an affair with Steve, an Englishman she met over the internet. Mr Maddox, a wealthy businessman, has got hold of twenty or so photos of Katie and Steve making love in the open air and is blackmailing her. He returns a photo each time she performs a task and two when she does it with her new friend and lover Claudia. Katie is now working at Maddox’s company but has never seen what he looks like; he has fucked her once, from behind, but has since stayed out of sight. Steve has returned to England but has not forgotten Katie and how good it was between them. But Katie is beginning to enjoy herself!!


Things had been quiet since the “Salesman of the Year Contest.” Katie still worked part time at Maddox and continued to get strange looks after the party. She, Claudia and Sue, the office manager, and three of the Maddox salesmen, George, Randy and Ferdy, had had a whole day and two nights in the penthouse suite of the town’s swankiest hotel. Katie had been paired with George at first but had revelled in all the games.

After dinner on the Friday, they had played different games. Each time the winner could choose a partner and specify a position while the others watched, drank more wine and rested. As the night went on they all got more daring. Of course, Sue soon chose Frobisher “up my bum” so the long-suffering butler had to undress, and ram his large thick cock up her from behind while she gibbered with excitement. After that, he made his excuses and said good-night. George, the oldest by far, was the first to wilt and retired to sleep on his own. By the time the athletic Sue was in a reverse straddle position with her arse hole wrapped around Randy’s huge black rod and Ferdy’s throbbing in and out of her shaven pussy, Katie and Claudia had had enough and snuggled up naked in bed leaving the other bedroom to the other three. After that, Randy and Ferdy took turns on Sue and this went on most of the night until even they were exhausted. Sue had been really sore for at least a week but it had been worth it!

One advantage of the new job was that Katie always had a plausible reason from being away from home. Katie made sure she made time to see Claudia two or three times a week and that John got his regular fuck at the week-end. This morning, a Friday, as dawn broke she had felt so horny that she straddled him, wanked his dick hard, eased onto it and used him as a dildo. He came quickly into her pussy so it was no good for her. So, two weeks since the contest, she was beginning to feel that familiar ache of sexual frustration. Katie looked around the office but saw little prospect there. Maddox had announced a major merger recently and everyone was having to work all hours leaving little time for extra-mural activity. Even George rushed past Katie’s desk with only a nod of recognition. Maddox himself was in London managing the new acquisition.

Katie decided to go to the bathroom; at least her favourite vibrator would give her some relief. It was almost 5.30 so she did a final check on her emails. They could all be dealt with on Monday; then a new one appeared – marked “Confidential/urgent”. Katie opened it with a rush of excitement. It was from Maddox again!

“Hi Katherine, Sorry about the short notice but I need you this week-end. I am holding a big party at my place by the lake. A map is attached. Go straight from work; you should be there in time for supper. You can use the Mercedes – Sue has the keys. Don’t bother packing; if you need anything, Frobisher will look after you. Come alone.”

“So much for the boring week-end cooking and cleaning,” Katie thought with a smile. She rang home and left a message on the answer phone that she had been called away to help with the new deal; anyway John would be out drinking beer with his pals all evening, no doubt telling them all about sultanbeyli escort his “hot little wife”, and the children were always happy to go to the neighbours to watch TV and play video games. She also sent a copy of Maddox’s email to Claudia so that at least someone friendly knew where I was going. She told Claudia that she would miss her and would call if she needed any moral support.

She picked up the keys from Sue who gave her a very mischievous smile, as if she knew what was in store. She even detected a little envy in Sue’s expression; perhaps she thought she should be going to the party instead or as well! Ferdy was away on business so Sue would be on the prowl that evening; some lucky guy would have a good week-end. The way Katie was feeling, he wouldn’t be the only one. She carried her hand-bag, brief -case – she had to look as if she was going to work – and an umbrella. It was a warm sunny evening and the setting sun was behind her. The first few kilometres were slow as she worked her way through the rush hour traffic but, once she was on the main freeway travelling east towards the hills, the road was clear and Katie relaxed. She played some Mozart and enjoyed the power and smoothness of the Mercedes.

She wandered what Maddox was up to this time. Would she get to see him properly? Would he even be there? She had searched on Google to see if she could find a picture; after all, the Maddox business was well known both in the USA and internationally. But it was still family owned and the information on Maddox himself had been sketchy. She found one old black and white photo of him as a teenager in a large family group with his grand-father at the centre; a fair haired, rather pretty boy with a worried expression on his face. She had cut it out and kept it in her handbag and often looked at it and tried to imagine how he looked as a middle aged man. At least she would soon found out.

As evening fell, the road climbed slowly; Kate had memorised the route and turned off onto smaller roads after two hours. She slowed down as night fell and the roads got narrower as they wound their way through the forests. Eventually she found the sign for “Maddox Lodge” on the left. The gates seemed to recognise the car and opened automatically; Katie drove through and up the drive leading for a kilometre or so to an opening and a flood-lit opening where she could see the house in front of her and the tall imposing figure of Frobisher, the English butler, guiding her up to the front door. He opened her door and welcomed her with a familiar smile.

“Welcome Madam.”

“Hi Froby; am I the last to arrive?”

“No Madam. The party doesn’t start until tomorrow. Mr Maddox thought it would be good for you to relax here a night rather than drive up in the morning.”

“It sounds as if he has plans for a busy week-end for me.”

“You know Mr Maddox – always full of surprises. The other guests will be arriving in time for lunch, so you can have good night’s sleep and lie-in. Or you can explore the place tomorrow morning. There’s lots to do here – swimming, tennis, hiking, water-skiing. There’s even a nine-hole golf course if you play.” Katie couldn’t help thinking of a few other activities that would be enjoyed!

By now Frobisher had taken her through the entrance hall, past what seemed to be an indoor swimming pool into a suite of rooms with its own private entrance.

“This is Mr Maddox’s private suite; there are three bedrooms – this is yours.”

“Wow, I am honoured! What a lovely room” It had a king-size bed and mirrors on the two side walls and on the ceiling.

“Make yourself at home; there are plenty of clothes for you to choose from.” said Frobisher. “Your supper is in the ‘fridge.”

“Thanks. Then I’ll be ready for bed. It was further than I reckoned.”

“I’ll leave you in peace. Ring that bell if you need anything else. I’ll bring breakfast at ten. Good night, madam. Sleep well.” Frobisher smiled knowingly as he left the room. Katie was tempted tuzla escort to call him back; she could have done with a quick fuck to help her sleep and he was trained to give every satisfaction. However, for once she resisted and hoped tomorrow would be a busy day. She would conserve her energies.

Katie enjoyed the cold supper and a couple of glasses of white wine, had a hot, relaxing bath, made sure the door was locked, turned off the lights and went to bed naked. She could explore what to wear tomorrow. It was only about 10.30 but she soon dozed off under the duvet. It seemed only a moment before she was awake; a light went on and she heard movement and the sound of a case being put down on the wooden floor. Katie sat up, confused and unsure whether she was dreaming, to see the face from the photograph looking curiously at her from the end of the bed.

“Mr Maddox – at last!”

“Call me Junior, please. Who the heck are you?”

“I’m Katherine. I work for your father.” she muttered, realising her mistake. “Are you here for the party?”

“Sure, it’s my sixteenth birthday tomorrow. I’ve just flown across from California. It should be great although I’m not sure why we had to come all this way for it.”

“Isn’t it eighteen in California?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The age of consent – it’s only sixteen here. You’ll be able to do it legally for the first time tomorrow!”

“Do what? Drive a car? Do you think Dad has bought me a sports car?”

“You’ll find out in the morning. What time is it?” Katie was beginning to see the funny side of the situation.

“Just after midnight. I heard the chimes as I came through.”

“Come over here. By the way what’s your name. I can’t just call you “Junior.”

“It’s Robert. “Robert Augustus Maddox the Third”. Call me Bobby.”

“Come over here, Bobby.”

He slowly came round to her side of the bed and stood over her. He was incredibly young, slim, medium-height, handsome in quite a feminine way, with longish blonde hair. He wore well-cut jeans and a college T-shirt.

“Hi Bobby. You’re cute. Happy birthday. Wouldn’t you like to unwrap your first present … from Daddy with love?” As Katie smiled suggestively and looked him in the eye, Bobby lowered his gaze sheepishly.

“Go on, Bobbysox. Don’t be shy. I won’t bite you!”

He bent down and held the end of the duvet. Then he looked up with a devilish grin and suddenly pulled it off the bed in one stroke. There she was, naked and ready.

“Wow … you’re so beautiful! I had no idea.” He feasted his eyes on her breasts, her shapely torso, long athletic legs. Katie had crossed her legs modestly so he could only see a suspicion of hair between them. Then she slowly opened them. He gasped.

“Undress and come to bed, Bobby.” Katie whispered. “I want to make this a special birthday that you won’t forget. Everything off now!”

He was less nervous than she expected, taking off his clothes in front of her, full of the self-confidence of the privileged moneyed classes. He looked fit with a smooth white body, slim muscular legs and well proportioned genitals, his penis immediately half-erect. He sat down next to her with a big smile on his face. Katie spread her arms wide, gave him a welcoming hug and pulled him down beside her. Now she could sense his impatience; he rolled on top of her and she could feel his dick trying to find her opening. She lowered her hand between their bodies and found it, now rock hard and ready with a trace of pre-cum around the opening. She wanked him gently. Should she guide him in with her hand and let him take her quickly? They had plenty of time to explore each other more slowly later. Or should she make him wait? A long, loud grunt and a warm wet sensation over her hand told her the matter was out of her hands, at least for the moment!

“Oh no … sorry,” he muttered. “I couldn’t help it. As soon as you touched me there, I could feel it exploding.”

“It felt good though; didn’t it? It ümraniye escort tastes good too,” Katie licked her finger and enjoyed the salty, musky, fresh flavour of the young. She moved her hand to his mouth. “Try some.”

Bobby’s expression of disgust was enough so she wiped her hand on a tissue. She moved her head down on to his lap, greedily slurped up what was left on his stomach and licked the rest from his dick. As she did so, she saw it hardening again. She had forgotten how quickly young men recovered – it took John at least an hour and, in any case, he was always asleep and snoring within minutes of his orgasm. This would be different; Katie wondered how many times Bobby would come tonight! And of course she would have to keep pace with him …

“Hang on, big boy. It’s my turn now – don’t be greedy. I’ll give you a lovely blow job later! After you’ve given me a proper fucking. Now come and kiss and lick me all over. Explore every inch of me! I’ll show you how to please a girl. I’m horny; I need you to make me come! Then you can do whatever you want for as long as you like, all night if you have it in you.”

Slowly Bobby did as he was told, kissing Katie on the lips, all over her face and down her neck, accidentally finding that special spot just above her right breast. As always she shivered with pleasure, her whole body tensed and she felt that familiar wetness down there. Without thinking, she moved her hand between her legs and began to caress her clitoris her middle finger.

“What are you doing?” Bobby asked.

“This is how we masturbate. Can’t you hear how wet I am? Do you want to taste me?”

He placed his face between her legs and watched her rub; he could see her pussy lips opening and getting redder and redder. Her vagina was there ready to be filled – first he had to make her come!

“Go on, do it! Tongue me, taste me, finger fuck me!”

Katie was already having small rippling orgasms and, as Bobby’s tongue explored her pussy lips and hungrily replaced her finger, she felt ready to explode. A tentative finger easing up her wet cunt made her body arch as she thrust up towards him. He was a quick learner, she managed to think, as the waves of pleasure strengthened and ran from the center of her body. She came hard three or four times, screaming with ecstasy; she is what she needed! Then, as she started to relax, she opened her legs and muttered “Now fuck me like a whore!”

As before, he could not get the angle right so she helped him with her hand, smiling up at his frustrated face. As they kissed passionately, she felt him slide easily in and begin to move deeper and deeper into her; he enjoyed her pussy tightening as she used her muscles expertly to milk him. Looking down from her sexy contorted face, he could see how her breasts were bouncing up and down with the rhythm of his movements, how the white skin around her nipples was getting pinker and how his dick was ramming in and out of that deep red pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and, pushing back each time he thrust in, it felt as if he was filling up her whole body …at times as if they were one body. She sank her finger-nails in his back; it was as if he was ripping her apart! Now the orgasms came quick and fast, driving through her like a roller-coaster. It was good that he had come before, she thought, as he went on longer than she expected – it was not as if he was trying to control himself – they were both out of control!

He could feel his balls getting ready and quickened the pace of his fucking until she could not keep up. She lay back and opened her legs wide, encouraging him to go as deep as he could.

“Oh yes, Bobby. Fuck me! Harder! Harder!”

His whole body tensed as he climaxed, enjoying the stream of sensation from his young virgin balls, running all the way up his dick, as his cum slid up and out into Katie’s warm, experienced pussy. She felt two or three squirts deep inside her, then, as he relaxed, a feeling of emptiness between her legs as if there was something missing. He looked at her and they both smiled.

“Happy birthday. Robert Augustus Maddox, or can I call you Ramrod! You’re the best! Daddy would be very proud of you!”

Little did she know that Mr Maddox was on the other side of the mirror with a big smile on his face.

To be continued…

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