Kate’s Story Pt. 05: Stripping!

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Things were already wild when we arrived at the party. I was so excited, especially considering Greg said he wanted me to have sex with his friends.

There was so much activity, to the point it was almost overwhelming. Soon I heard a familiar voice, “Kate!” It was Darren! “I’m so happy you came. Let me show you around.”

The boys were scampering over to a stripper as I walked over to Darren. As he whisked me away I reminded to boys not to forget about me!

Darren had his hand on the small of my back, gently guiding me. “Oh my god Darren, your house is huge! I can see why you like to have parties.”

“Yeah, it’s always a blast here. And don’t forget you’re welcome to visit anytime.” Darren let his hand slip down to my butt, giving my cheek a good squeeze. “I love your outfit, although I must admit, I liked the one this morning more.”

I turned towards him and pushed my chest out, hoping he’d notice I wasn’t wearing a bra. “I’m happy you liked my robe, but I’m cute in this too right?”

Darren smiled and raised one hand to my chest. His thumb rubbed one of my nipples that were protruding through the thin material of my shirt. “I definitely like your t-shirt.”

Satisfied, I asked, “so are you going to finish showing me around?”

“Of course,” Darren replied. “Let’s head out back. I know you’ve already seen it, but that’s where the real party is.”

Darren wasn’t kidding, there were a lot more people outside. He grabbed me a drink and his other friends from earlier that day came over to welcome me too.

That’s when Greg came outside. I asked why he’d run off! He started to answer, but I couldn’t listen. Darren and his friends had started watching a stripper who was dancing outside. I couldn’t help, but feel jealous. A new song started and it occurred to me, I needed to put on my own show! I jumped up on a nearby table and started dancing seductively. At least half the crowd around the stripper circled around me. I felt an adrenaline rush with all this new attention! I slipped my shirt off and threw it to my new crowd. The guys all cheered, I felt hands slide up my legs. Since I was on the table no one could quite reach my chest, so as I danced I did some moves to get me a little more in reach. Whenever my chest dipped down, I felt a flurry of hands battling each other for a feel. Next, I slowly lowered the stepped out of my shorts. Now I was in only my panties. There were so many hands on my body that I couldn’t even keep track of how many guys were touching me.

When songs switched again, I knew I had to kick this into high gear. I lost the panties right as the song started and the guys cheered again. At one point I dropped my butt down, had my hands on my bent knees and spread my legs. I was on full display. Several hands moved up my inner thighs. Then I felt a hand move over my crotch, then another before I stood back up. I was so wet while I danced. With so many hands just touching me everywhere it was overwhelmingly arousing. I dropped to my knees on the table and a hand started massaging me between my legs. It felt so good I couldn’t stand back up. It was no longer a dance. I was now just kneeling there while hands played with my breasts, butt, and vagina. I’m sure Greg had to be kaçak iddaa having the time of his life watching me. Soon I was squirting on the hands playing with me. The song ended and I climbed off the table to gather my clothes.

I spotted my shorts and picked them up off the ground, then saw Greg. He must have stayed and watched the whole thing! “Babe! Wasn’t that exciting! I’ve never had such a rush. All the guys loved my dancing, and they all wanted to catch a feel!” I gave him a big kiss. “It must have been doubly exciting for you.” I slid my hand down into Greg’s waistband, but was disappointed not to feel an erection. I was certain he would have been turned on! However, that’s when I noticed the front of his underwear was wet. “Did you cum?” I asked.

Greg’s face turned pink and he looks down like he was embarrassed, then he admitted he had. “Yeah, during the dance.”

“I knew you’d have a great time!” I gave Greg another big kiss! It was so validating knowing that simply watching me having my naked body groped and played with until I squirted was so hot to him it literally made him cum in his pants!

“Where’s my top?” I said to myself, still naked, holding just my shorts. Greg walked in the opposite direction to help me look.

Darren caught my attention and approached me, resting a hand on my naked backside. “You know we never finished your tour. You haven’t even seen the bedrooms upstairs.”

Realizing I probably wasn’t going to find my t-shirt or panties again, I slipped my shorts back on. I took hold of Darren’s arm and said, “let’s go Mr. tour guide!” I would need to reconnect with Greg later.

Darren lead me inside and upstairs to the master bedroom. I had butterflies in my tummy just thinking about what was coming!

So there I was, in Darren’s room. “Nice bed, looks comfy.” I told him.

Darren placed his hands on my hips and started kissing my neck, “You should lie down and try it out for yourself.”

I turned around and kissed Darren, then pulled him back with me to the bed. After I fell onto my back on the bed he slipped my shorts off of me. I spread my legs to give him room to move between them. He stripped and moved into position. I felt a little nervous, but I knew how excited Greg was for me to have sex with other guys.

I felt Darren’s penis touching my my labia, but looking down I could see he was having trouble getting an erection. He rubbed the head of his penis between my wet labia, probably in an attempt to get hard. “Sorry, must be the alcohol.”

Even in it’s soft state, it was nearly as large as Greg’s is at full mast. I was horny and anxious for Darren to get it up so I could feel him inside me. Even in his unerect state I was getting tingles. Since I’ve been experimenting with using condoms with Greg ever since we started having sex in an attempt to desensitize him, this was the first time since before I dated Greg that I felt a bare penis against my pussy. “It’s ok, do you want a little help?” I asked. “Lie down on your back.”

I took Darren’s penis into my mouth. It didn’t respond at first, but I worked my magic and he slowly but surely was getting harder. Finally, he was ready. Darren was nowhere near as large as Steve, but still had a good sized kaçak bahis penis. Easily much larger than Greg. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay hard for long. By the time we got into position, he was soft again! I blew him again, but he came in my mouth and promptly fell asleep.

Frustrated, I pulled my shorts on and went downstairs. I saw Greg and expressed my disappointment, “Well our host is completely passed out.”

“You didn’t put the rest of your clothes back on?” Greg asked, once again clearly excited to see me showing off my body.

“Nope, I tried finding them after my dance but some of the guys must have taken them. I could only find my shorts, didn’t even find my panties.” I then lowered the front of my shorts enough to show anyone looking my bare pussy.

Flashing myself to so many men must have excited Greg even more, because he made an excuse to leave. Undoubtedly, he was so turned on by sharing me that he wanted to get back so we could fool around. “I guess we’d better go back then. The guys are way too drunk anyway.”

I agreed, telling Greg that I needed him to get me off when we got home. I gave him a small squeeze over his shorts, I didn’t really feel anything, but then remembered he came watching me dance. I sure hoped he’d be able to get it up again.

Getting the boys back was a bit of a chore. It was too bad they were so drunk, after my let down with Darren I was left wanting and would totally be having sex with one of the boys if that had been an option. It looked like Greg would need to do until tomorrow!

When I finally got Greg back to our room, I dropped my shorts. Then started to make out with Greg while undressing him. Once I had him naked, I reached down to see if I could get him hard. He was totally soft at first. It was always a challenge playing with Greg’s penis when he was soft. He’d get really small when soft so I couldn’t really stroke him with my hand. I had to do it with just my thumb and finger. Thinking it would help getting it up I started to talk about my kinky stripping experience. “So you must have been pretty turned on to cum like that, weren’t you?”

“Um, yeah. I mean, that’s ok right?” Greg asked nervously. It was adorable that he was embarrassed about being so turned on by watching me play with other men.

“Of course!” I reassured him. “I had a feeling you’d enjoy that. Of course I did too. I was so wet!” Now I could feel Greg getting hard, so I made a suggestion. “Do you think next time I should push things even further?”

“Sure. We can push as far as you are willing.” Greg answered. Yet again confirming I could do whatever I wanted, including sex, with other guys.

“Really?” I asked, now quickly jerking my boyfriend’s totally hard little penis.

“Yeah, and you are sure you really enjoyed it? You were actually wet?” I loved that it seemed to excite him even more that these men turned me on so much.

“Are you kidding? Fuck, I was so wet I could feel it dripping down my thighs.” I barely finished my sentence when Greg came! I was disappointed he came so fast and we wouldn’t be able to have sex, but Greg wasted no time in pushing me back and eating my pussy.

As Greg furiously licked my clit, I thought about all those hands on illegal bahis me while I danced. All the horny thoughts in my head helped speed me along to my own orgasm.

While we lay there recovering I asked Greg if he was enjoying our new dynamic. And he of course nodded in approval. Still, I knew he seemed a little embarrassed about cumming watching me and seemed a little unsure of himself. Before stripping at the party most of Greg’s exposure to my play was indirect. I had a theory that made it for a somewhat more comfortable experience. At the same time he came just watching. So to clear things up I asked, “Do you think it’s hotter being apart or in the same room during the crazy stuff?”

“Well, now that you mention it. Being together for the more crazy stuff would be kind of awkward. So maybe just for the lighter stuff?” Greg said. It made sense. He liked seeing the soft core stuff, like me getting naked and simple touching. But the more hardcore stuff I’d do separate and reconnect with him after.

“That’s fine, I totally get it.” I was getting sleepy now. I had been up before anyone else and it had been a wild day. Greg and I both agreed it was time for bed.

I gave him a kiss, we said goodnight, and I immediately drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning before Greg, but unlike the day before I wasn’t the first one awake in the house. I knew because I could smell cinnamon rolls! I hopped out of bed and hurried out of the room, still naked as that’s how I’d fallen asleep. At this point there is no point in covering up anyway. I saw it was Steve who was up.

Steve smiled when he saw my naked body and looked me up and down. “Good morning. I made some cinnamon rolls if you’re hungry.” He said, motioning to a plate on the counter.

After last night, between Darren having whiskey dick and Greg prematurely cumming due to being too excited watching me with other men, I had a lot of pent up sexual energy. I smiled and rested my hand over the bulge in his loose fitting boxers. “Actually, I’m um.. I’m hungry for something else this morning.”

I lowered down to my knees and pulled Steve’s boxers down. His penis hung straight down, pointing at the floor. Completely flaccid, yet still longer and thicker than my boyfriend at his hardest. I couldn’t help but admire it. I stuck out my tongue, lifting the head of his penis with it. Before wrapping my lips around Steve’s penis, I continued teasing the head with my tongue. His penis grew larger as I teased it. I grabbed the base with my hand and started to suck on the tip. It was crazy big! I marveled at this difference between playing with my boyfriend’s penis and his friend’s much larger one. Greg’s penis can nearly disappear in my hand, but even still partially soft Steve’s penis still extended far beyond the grip of my hand.

Once Steve got up to his full size I had to do a blowjob handjob combo just to accommodate the size. I played with my clit with my other hand as I worked his monster. God, I was so horny. I started moaning into Steve’s penis and it must have sent him over the edge. He filled my mouth with the biggest load of cum I had ever experienced. I couldn’t keep up with swallowing it all and it overflowed from my mouth.

“Holy shit, thank you Kate. That was amazing.” Steve said as he pulled up his boxers.

I was getting up as the door to our room opened. Greg was up! He sure was going to be excited when he learned what I just did!

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