Just Saving Money

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“Be sure you bring back the free soaps!” my wife yelled from up the stairs. I rolled my eyes half-heartedly as I picked up my bags.

“Alright honey, I’m off.” I called back as I opened the front door.

“Remember! Soaps!” she answered.

I sighed and shut the door behind me. I piled my bags into the back of the taxi and climbed into the passenger seat.

The ride to the airport was uneventful. The driver for fairly stoic, which suited me fine. I had a lot on my mind. The meetings this weekend were very important to the company and I had to make sure they ran smoothly. I arrived at the airport and checked in promptly. I sat at the gate enjoying a nice coffee when I heard someone call my name. I looked up from my phone and saw my assistant Jane walking toward me.

She smiled when I looked up at her. Her smile was all but perfect, with one crooked tooth. It was endearing rather than marring and somehow made her prettier. She was tall at 5′ 10″, with a willowy figure. She was dressed in a white blouse, with matching black jacket and skirt and modest black heels. She had grey eyes, pale flawless complexion and long brown hair. As she pulled up a seat and sat opposite me I realised how pretty my assistant was. I banished the thought from my mind and asked her how her taxi was.

“Oh, it was fine. Just happy I’m here in plenty of time.” Jane joked.

“So am I.” I answered.

Before we could continue we were called to the gate. We boarded the plane in business class and found our spacious seats. Jane was delighted with her seat and was beaming. I chuckled at her reaction. We chatted briefly regarding the meeting just to cover our bases and upon our satisfaction we decided to try out the in-flight entertainment. I watched a movie as it was a 4-hour flight, just to hurry it along. Jane was watching some comedy I guessed, as she was giggling intermittently. My eyes wandered over to her a few times and lingered on her long legs admittedly. I chided myself and tried to focus on the movie.

We landed, passing through security with little event and grabbed a taxi to the hotel.

The company had neglected to inform Jane and I that we were staying at the luxurious ‘Continental Hotel’. We were awestruck at the place. They had even statues and a fountain in the lobby.

“I’ll sort the room, you grab a seat.” Jane said.

I was about to protest, but Jane silenced me with a look. Her expression lightened when I moved to sit down.

I sat looking at my phone as Jane conversed with the concierge. I read over some of my notes as I waited. I noticed Jane leave with the concierge with her bags, but I resolved to wait patiently. I didn’t have to wait long it turned out, as Jane returned promptly with a big smile on her face.

“Here’s your key card. You head up and freshen up. I’ll meet you in a bit.” She said.

An attendant took my bags and escorted me to the 5th floor. We took a nice speedy elevator and arrived in a richly carpeted corridor. We walked about female agent porno halfway down and stopped at a dark wooden door with 5 stars. I was shocked.

“This is my room?” I asked incredulously. The attendant grinned.

“Yes, it is sir.” He said and opened the door.

To say the room was spacious would be an understatement. It was huge. I noticed two walk-in wardrobes, a king-sized bed and a massive smart TV. There was a balcony looking out over the nearby park and I noticed the ensuite bathroom immediately. The attendant checked I was fine and left me to my own devices.

I placed my bags in the nearer walk-in wardrobe and fetched a fresh suit for the evening. I stepped into the bathroom and put on the shower. It was heavenly. The water pressure was fantastic and I hadn’t enjoyed a shower so much in a while.

I stepped out and looked myself over briefly. I was happy to be 6′ 5″ with a nice lean frame. My thick brown hair was wild after the towelling off, but I quickly put it back under control before I stepped out into the main room.

I was surprised to find Jane standing there in her blouse and skirt from earlier.

“I just let myself in.” Jane said, answering the question on my mind. She said it with a huskiness I had not encountered before and I felt quite exposed with only a towel around my waist.

“Jane. I sort of need to change. Can I meet you at your room?” I said nervously.

Dangerous thoughts entered my mind and I just wanted her to leave.

Jane smirked and closed the distance between us.

“Well John, this is my room.” She said mischievously.

My confusion was obvious and the smell of her perfume was not helping.

“The company originally had us booked for 2 separate rooms, but I found out from the concierge that this room was available. So, I just thought that this arrangement could save some money.” She breathed and leaned in.

I leaned down and kissed my assistant hungrily. It was passionate and primal in intensity.

I grabbed her and pulled her toward me instinctively. I felt guilt for a moment, before Jane slipped her hand under the towel and wrapped it around my member. She broke the kiss and looked up at me with lustful eyes.

“Dinner is being served in an hour. How about we see how comfortable the bed is?” She suggested with a wink.

I decided in a moment what to do.

“Good idea. We need to know if we’ll be able to sleep much.” I added with a coy smile.

She grinned at that and kissed me again, dropping the towel to the floor.

A part of my brain was freaking out. Yelling about my wife and how Jane was my assistant, but most of my brain was focused on unbuttoning her blouse and sliding my tongue between her lips.

She wrapped her dainty right hand around my cock and gripped my back with her left hand. We were kissing each other breathlessly, our hands running over each other’s bodies. I had firmly grasped her ass in one hand and female fake taxi porno was slowly running my free hand up the inside of her leg and under her skirt. I was pleasantly surprised when I encountered no panties and my fingertips grazed her pussy lips. She shuddered at the contact and broke the kiss.

“Mmm, good that HR isn’t here.” Jane giggled.

“Yeah.” I agreed. “They wouldn’t like this next bit.” I breathed in Jane’s ear as I slipped my finger inside her.

She gasped with pleasure and her cheeks were flush. I pushed through her lips and found her clit. I started rolling it with my finger and kissing her neck.

“Fuck.” she gasped as I started speeding up from a slow rhythm. Her hand started working my shaft in time with my finger on her clit.

I slowly edged her towards the bed and gently pushed her back onto the mattress. She tried to sit up but I gave her a stern look. She lay back with an amused expression and waited.

I knelt and pushed her skirt up so I had better access. I started moving up the inside of her thighs with gentle kisses. I could feel the tension in her legs in anticipation. She was quivering by the time I reached her smooth, shaven mound.

“Expecting this?” I asked jokingly.

“Just prepared for if things got interesting.” she sighed as I planted my lips on her pussy.

I stuck my tongue inside her and tasted her immediately. She tasted phenomenal, far better than my wife.

I started slow and deliberate, using every trick I had learned over the last five years of being married. Jane certainly appreciated the attention and was breathing heavily. Her hands ran through my hair and pulled my head into the gap in her legs.

I started increasing my speed and massaging her ass with my hands. She started moaning softly and her hands lay on the sheets beside her, clenching softly. I had reached the stage I wanted to. I then started alternating the pattern of my tongue across her clit.

“Fuck yes, eat me out.” Jane cried out. I was more than happy to oblige. Her hands clenched the sheets tightly and she was panting hard.

“Oh fuck yes, John I’m cumming!” she yelled. I felt her juices flood her pussy and I greedily lapped them up. She tasted amazing. I slowly edged out and stood up, looking down on Jane.

She was flush with passion and her hair dishevelled. Her eyes were bright with lust and had a sexy smirk across her face.

She shuffled back on the bed.

“Care to join me and christen the bed?” she asked suggestively.

I crawled onto the bed and towards my ecstatic assistant. She sat up and kissed me hungrily. She broke the kiss and sighed.

“Damn. I could get used to the taste of my own cum.”

I took my rock-hard cock in my hand and lined it up to her pussy.

“Get your cock inside me before we both think too much.” Jane insisted.

With that declaration, I thrust my cock inside her. I plunged into her pussy with almost glory hole secrets porno no resistance. Her eyelids fluttered and she gasped.

“Oh fuck.” I said as her hot, wet pussy enveloped my cock. I hadn’t put my unprotected cock inside a woman since I was a teenager. I forgot how amazing it felt.

“You fit me perfectly.” Jane purred, clenching her pussy around my cock and wrapping her legs around me.

I withdrew my cock and drove it deep inside her. I was inside her up to the hilt, my cock already slick with her cum. Jane grunted and looked up at me expectantly.

We started fucking with abandon, she pulled herself toward me as I thrust into her. My mouth found hers and we kissed passionately as we claimed each other.

She rolled me over and started fucking me from on top. She rolled her hips and arched her back enticingly.

“So, your wife or me?” Jane asked. “You.” I answered without hesitation. I had never had sex this intense before, and Jane certainly was hotter than my wife.

“Mmm, smart boy.” she praised me. She got off me and leaned over, looking back at me teasingly. I got up and slid my cock into her pussy from behind. I looked up to see myself fucking Jane from behind in the mirror.

She had an evil grin on her face and her expression was one of pride and immoral joy.

“Fuck you being married is making this so hot for me.” she yelled as I pounded her from behind. I took a handful of her hair and pulled hard enough for her to arch her back.

“Nnn, I love a man who can take me.” She grunted.

The rhythmic clap of our sexes joining filled the room, joined by groans and moans of pleasure from both of us occasionally.

“Jane.” I gasped.

“Mmhmm?” Jane groaned in response.

“I’m going to cum inside you.” I growled, pulling on her hair just a bit tighter and plunged as deep as I could inside her.

“Yesss.” Jane moaned as she felt her tight cunt fill with my seed. “I’m the good girl gone bad, who seduced my married boss and got him to impregnate me.” Jane crowed wickedly.

I had held my cock inside her, ensuring every drop of my cum had passed into her warm depths and was too far inside to seep out.

“Now Jane, we’re representing this company. That means for the next week, we must embody discretion and professionalism in all interactions.” I said sternly, with a smirk.

“Of course John.” Jane agreed sweetly, with a smirk of her own.

“You better get washed before dinner.” Jane remarked and reluctantly slid off my cock. I lay back as she dressed herself back into her business attire and neatened her hair.

“Actually, wait ten minutes then go shower.” Jane corrected and walked over to the door.

“Why wait?” I asked.

Jane turned back with a grin.

“Well, if we’re going to dinner less than an hour then I need to get the service to press your suit. Also, I’d prefer to go get some tests, which I feel the company can afford, since we’re clearly going to save more money not using protection.” Jane winked at me.

I felt myself stiffen at that.

“As for ten minutes? That should give me time to do all that and be back in time to join you and relieve any…tension before our first business meeting.” Jane explained lustfully and promptly left.

I had never thought a business trip could offer such pleasure.

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