Just For One Night 02

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After two years of emails that started out friendly but became increasingly flirty as we got to know each other better we are finally in the same city again, but sadly only for one night. My early morning business meeting leaves me with the rest of the day free, and for some fortuitous but unknown reason whoever booked my return flight did so for the following night, giving me 24 hours of free time to catch up with Kat, and maybe fulfil a few of the more explicit fantasies we shared in our late-night conversations.


I can’t believe this is finally real. Here you are, your arms around me, body pressed tightly against mine. Reaching up to touch your cheek to convince myself you are real, I savour the contrasting feel of your soft skin and rough stubble under my fingers. Your playful smile makes me feel bolder, so I lift my lips to meet yours and gently kiss you. Holding me a little tighter you return my kiss, softly at first, then with more passion, a greater urgency. I have dreamed of this moment for so long that I never really believed it would happen, but now, now it is real, it is like nothing I have imagined it could possibly be. It feels… right.

Pushing me up against the wall, kissing me hungrily, your body pressed to mine, your hard cock showing me just how much you want this. Both too impatient to undress properly, we tear at each other’s clothing, fucking hard and fast, desperate to know one another. Your cock buried deep inside of me feels so much better than I could have ever dreamed; you fill me, stretch me, awaken a level of desire I had forgotten I was capable of feeling.

As we catch our breath my shyness starts to kick in, and uncertainty edges its way into my mind. You don’t seem to have any such doubts, though; sensing my unease you kiss me gently, take my hand and lead me to my bedroom. Without any of the earlier urgency we undress each other, taking time to explore each other’s bodies with hands and mouths. Almost without me realising I am standing naked in front of you, and for once in my life this doesn’t make me feel scared or ashamed; you make me feel beautiful and desirable. You kiss me and the world just melts away; all I can think about is you and all the things I want to do to czech taxi porno you, with you.

This time there is no rush, no hurry; heedless of the clock we take time to savour every sensation – the taste, the feel, how we each respond to every touch. Every detail is noted, the new knowledge employed to enhance our time together. I want to memorise every inch of you, every sensation, so I can relive it again and again. There is no talking – everything that needed to be said has already been spoken; we communicate in sighs and moans, savouring the pleasure we are sharing.


Our first – brief – time was more about my needs than yours. I just had to know what it felt like to be inside you; I have been thinking for so long about how it would feel to fuck you. I got carried away and didn’t think about your pleasure, so this time is all about you. I want to discover what really turns you on, see how you respond to my touch, and make you squirm with desire.

Your skin is so soft under my fingers. Leaning in to trace a trail of kisses along your collar bone I catch a trace of your subtle perfume; a light, indefinable muskiness that fills my senses. Continuing to explore your body, my lips follow my fingers as they trail across your breasts, tasting, teasing, heading inexorably lower. I take my time, wanting to savour every inch of you, watching you writhe and sigh in response to each caress, learning exactly how and where you like to be touched.

Eyes locked with yours, I slide a finger into your pussy, amazed at how wet you already are. I study your reaction as I slowly start to pull out, then part way in again, teasing you with shallow thrusts. Leaning across to kiss you, I slip in second finger, savouring the look of pleasure on your face as I plunge them deep inside you. Keeping a slow, steady rhythm I tease your clit with my thumb, picking up the pace to match the movement of your hips as you become more and more aroused. I let you take the lead as you ride my hand, breath getting faster and heavier, your movements more frantic, I know you are close. I want to give you your orgasm, but not just yet. I want to tease you some more, taking you to the brink until you are defloration porno begging for release. Pulling back and slowing down I watch with pleasure as you writhe beneath my hand, desperate for the flood of sensation that is so close but just out of reach.

A soft moan escapes your lips and I respond, kissing you and letting you take control, slipping in and out of you, feeling you tighten around my fingers as if trying to pull them ever deeper inside you. By now I am rock hard again, and the slightest touch from you could easily push me over the edge. I am desperate to fuck you right now, but this is all about you, and I want to savour every minute, memorise how you look and feel as you come. Your sighs turn to moans, and your whole body starts to tense. You look so beautiful right now as you abandon yourself to your passion, relinquishing control and allowing your baser instincts to take over. Taking my cock in my other hand I push you over the brink, and the sublime bliss expressed on your face is a memory I will treasure forever.


The waves of pleasure continue to wash over me; every nerve ending feels alive, and I feel a euphoric calm I am unused to. Closing my eyes I silently savour the feeling in private for a few moments before turning to look at you, take in your reaction to what we have just shared. I am slightly surprised to register how turned on you are by giving me such intense pleasure. As you slide your fingers out of me I feel empty for a moment, but watching you raise your hand to your mouth and lick my juices from your fingers I am so turned on I feel my pussy begin to spasm again, as if trying to feel your fingers once more.


Leaning back against the headboard, I watch as your breathing starts to return to normal, thinking you are going to take a little longer to enjoy the lingering effects of your orgasm, but once again you surprise me. Sitting up, you slip onto my lap with a mischievous grin on your face. I am not quite sure if you are teasing me or yourself as you squirm in my lap as if trying to get comfortable, moving your hips from side to side, back and forth. Tantalised by your wet pussy pressing against my throbbing doktor ofisi porno cock I am desperate to be inside you again. With my hands on your hips I pull you closer, lifting you slightly, encouraging you to ride me.


Lowering myself onto you, I pause to savour the sweet sensation and how your cock feels inside of me, how it differs from the way your fingers filled me. Still wet from our earlier exploits, you slip into me effortlessly, and with a wriggle of my hips to find the perfect angle, I start to ride you slowly. Trailing your hands up from my hips towards my breasts you discover how ticklish I am, which seems to make you giggle almost as much as it does me. Well, giggle and groan as I squirm away from your fingers, forgetting for a moment that your cock is still buried deep inside me, and that my movements cause you to stroke my pussy at different angles, sending shocks of pleasure through my body. The irregular movements seem to be good for you too, and from your face I can see you are close to coming again. Impressed with the athleticism with which you flip me onto my back so you can take control of the depth and pace of your thrusts I realise you want to make this last, want us to come together. When we do, it is like nothing I have ever experienced before, truly mind blowing. For I don’t know how long – it feels like forever in an instant – I can no longer think or speak. The only movement I am capable of is to shift my hand a little to find yours, and I just lie there luxuriating in the wash of sensations.


You look so peaceful lying there; I slip out of bed and pad quietly to the bathroom and take a moment to bask everything we have just shared. Climbing quietly back into bed I curl up by your side and slip my hand into yours. Sleepily you turn your head towards me and smile, pulling me closer, both of us happy to just to share the moment. Sated and heedless of the time we talk, keeping the mood light and playful as we share everything from childhood memories to our wildest fantasies, from the mundane to the profound. Eventually we drift into exhausted but contented sleep, and the timer on our brief affair silently runs out.

Our time together may have been fleeting, but it has been perfect; a magical bubble where we could throw caution to the wind and be who we truly want to be. Far better to have a brief, perfect moment, to burn fast and bright than to never try, never know. We will always have our memories of this night, and hopefully our friendship for many years to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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