Just Another Day at Work?

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So, I guess a little about myself would be in order. I am a pretty average guy. About 6′ even, 160 lbs., average build – not overweight or anything, but not a toothpick. Like I said – average. At the time this takes place, I was about 19. I worked at a local restaurant chain as a night shift manager to help get me by while I finished college. The job wasn’t great, the pay wasn’t great, but it got me by. And as any young college-goer knows, free food is always a plus. And to top it off, there were always plenty of just out of high school girls working the counter at the place.

This brings me to one of the other advantages to working here… The store owner was very particular about how the place should be staffed. Guys were always hired to work in the kitchen, cooking and washing dishes and such. Females were always hired to run the front of the store – taking orders, working the cash registers, etc. And the best part(for us single, young guys working there at the time) was that he had a kind of dirty old man complex going, and it was almost guaranteed that the girls hired to work there were at least 9’s, if you know what I mean.

So anyway, the night started just as any other. A little slow when I got there and clocked in, had an unusally bad day and was in a worse mood at this point, and just started drowning myself in my work. As the night went on we got busier and busier, people made mistakes and I blew up on a few of them, wrong I admit, but I figured if I was having a crappy day they might as well too. Coming towards the end of the night, there was a small lull in the business and a few of us wandered away to the break room for a little bit to get out of the always hot kitchen area and get off our feet for a bit. While hanging out, Jenn asked why I was being such a jerk this evening.

“Just a bad day, I guess.” I responded, staring back a little to let her know I wasn’t in the mood to talk about it much. My eyes scanned her quickly. Taking in her cute, well-tanned face, with those shiny light-green eyes and full lips, looking back at me, obviously not happy with that answer, and probably still a little upset for yelling at her over a mistake she made earlier in the evening.

My eyes continued glancing as she turned slightly away to glance over the schedule posted on the wall behind her. I watched her light brown hair twirl around with her head, barely reaching down to graze across the top of her shoulders as her head turned. With her now looking away from me, and the rest of the crew returning to their areas to start working on cleaning duties and leaving the two of us alone, I decided to look a little better now. I followed her soft, subtle curves up and down her body. She was a very good-looking girl, and even managed to be one of the few that could pull off looking hot no matter what she wore, even in the uniform required by the restaurant. The smaller, tight-fitting shirt pulled tighly against her more than ample, perky breasts. Trailing down over her flat, tone stomach to where it was tucked into her shorts. And the shorts had to be the smallest, tightest pair she could find. Wrapped around her firm, tone thighs as if they were painted on, and just barely covering one of her finer features, her tight little ass.

Feeling that familiar twitch in my own shorts, I decided to focus back on the security monitor in front of me, happy that there were still no customers coming in and making me work. Just in time too, as she turned around very shortly after to complain about her schedule again.

“I just can’t believe they put me on Saturday night. I asked for that day off almost a month ago to make sure it wasn’t a problem…”

“Yeah, I know. That kinda sucks.” I reply shortly, getting slightly tired of hearing about it. “But I told you that if the week goes okay, I will talk to the owner and see what we can work out.”

“You are so sweet!” she says excitedly, leaning in to give me a quick hug, and I can feel her soft breasts press against my arm as she kneels over me, wrapping her arms around my neck. “I just hop you can. And I’m really sorry about messing that order up earlier. If there is anything I can do to make up for it, I would be happy to. I really need that day off for my family’s summer camping trip.”

“We will see what we can do. And define anything…” I tell her, a sly grin reaching across my face.

“Oh, you are so silly.” she says, giving me a playful slap on the shoulder, smiling, then walking back out front to work on her own cleaning duties.

The rest of the night went fairly slowly. Not very busy, nothing to out of the ordinary. As the night came to a close and the cooks went to cleaning up the kitchen, I made my way up front to start counting the registers and working on the nightly paperwork. The counter holding the two registers also housed a display case where the pies, cakes, and other desserts were out to czech harem porno see. As I stood at one register, next to the glass doors under the counter to access the back of the display case, Jenn came up behind me and poked me in the side.

“Move over grumpy!” she exclaimed, wanting me to be out of her way.

I moved to the side slightly, as out of the way as I could be while doing my work up here. She bent down and began wiping down the case, all but the glass doors she was holding open to clean the inside. Occasionally as she cleaned the case from side to side, her arm would bump against my thigh or side. She would giggle and politely excuse herself as she went back to her work. A few of the jabs seemed more purposeful, and I would try my best to jump to the side and quickly dodge her swings towards me. This quickly became a game that lasted for a few minutes, with her smacking her arm against me a few times before I would catch one on it’s way and move over. She laughed each time her arm would meet my leg or side, and on more than one attempt came a little closer to my inner thigh than was safe. Especially considering this little game, and more importantly glancing down to her on her knees – with her tits softly bouncing around as she moved – was causing that twitching to stir up again, and I could feel myself getting slightly aroused.

She stood up eventually (with a silent sigh of relief in my head, before my excitement was noticed, although there were a couple times it was questionable whether she had pulled away quick enough not to notice) and told me she would need to get some more glass cleaner from the storage closet before she could finish the doors, but would finish her other duties first. I watched as she walked out from behind the counter and began sweeping the floor in the dining area, a little slower than usual. In fact, most all of her closing work lacked the normal rush she often displayed, making it apparent she was not in a big hurry to get out of here tonight as she normally was.

Things calmed back down and went into the normal end-of-the-night lull as everyone finished their work. Some of the mistakes made earlier in the evening were really screwing with the paperwork I was working on, and I was still up at the counter as the other employees finished their work, clocked out, and left for the evening. After some time, there was just Jenn and myself in the store. She finished what she was doing and went to retrieve the cleaner she needed earlier, telling me that was all she had left.

I tried to concentrate on my work as she came back and knelt down on the floor next to me again. This time she seemed to be making it a point to sit as far away from the refrigerated case as possible, complaining that it was cold. Not that I had a problem with that, as this position required her to lean forward quite a bit, and with her now untucked shirt sliding up her back, gave me a pretty good view of her lower back. Glancing down frequently at her soft, lightly tanned lower back…my eyes following it down to the top of her shorts, which seemed to tauntingly start just above the curve of that tight little ass.

I again tried to focus on my work as she slid closer to me, coming to this end of the case. Again her arm seemed to slightly rub against my leg every so often, with another quick giggle or apology. I smiled down to her and told her I should be out of her way in a couple minutes. Her arm slid into me again. But this time something was different. It wasn’t quite the same playful jabs I felt hitting me earlier. These last few times seemed to last a little longer. Yes, her arm was most certainly pressing into my leg now, not just slapping against it. The rubbing against my leg became more frequent, and her arm would hold in place a just slightly longer each time. Her arm again coming closer and closer to the inside of my thigh, and my again hardening cock.

I knew if this kept up there was no way she would not notice what would soon be bulging from my shorts. But it still seemed strange that she would now be holding her arm against me. As I debated this in my head, it happened. Her arm brushed against me again, this time her upper arm rolling over my thigh and pushing into my crotch slightly. I heard a small gasp escape her lips as I quickly tried to back away, hoping she didn’t notice.

She looks up at me and catches my eyes with her own. “And just what is this all about?” she asks, grinning herself now.

“I…uh, I just…I don’t..” I stammered, trying to quickly think of a response that wouldn’t get me in trouble here.

“Awww…don’t get shy on me now. It’s a little late for that, isn’t it?” she asks coyly, still grinning up at me, her hand now sliding up my thigh. Her hand pushes slowly up against me as it rises up my leg. Her fingertips just start to run across the tip of my shaft as she continues. swingers porno “I was kinda hoping to talk about that ‘anything’ that was thrown out earlier, and I figured this would be a good way to.”

“I was just joking about that…really. I didn’t mean anything by it.” I say nervously, trying to edge my back, but being stopped by the door leading into the kitchen. A small moan manages to escape my lips as her fingers run completely across the hardening bulge in my shorts.

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I just laughed it off. But I started thinking and figured it was as good a way as any to do something I have been wanting to for quite some time now.” she tells me seductively, her fingers now sliding back and forth across my crotch, feeling my cock twitch against her fingers.

“But..but..here? And now? I mean, this is our workplace and all.” I tell her, still a little nervous about the whole situation.

“Why not? I want you. And it’s pretty obvious you want me.” She smiles with this last part, her fingers squeezing gently around my cock. She looks down at it and pleasingly eyes the outline my 7.5″ rod makes against my shorts, before looking back up at me with the smile still on her face.

“Well, I’m not saying I would have a problem with it at all. You are beautiful. But it just doesn’t seem like doing this here at work would be a good idea is all.”

“And I can’t think of a better place to. You are here. I am here. And as I said before, we both seem pretty willing at the moment.” Another quick giggle passes as she pushes her hand firmly against me and starts stroking my length from over my shorts.

My judgement very quickly begins losing the battle with my lower body, and it isn’t long before I am slumped back against the door, staring intently down as Jenn watches her hand rubbing across my now rock-hard dick. Her hand slides down to the very tip, then further to the bottom of my shorts. Her warm hand presses against the skin on my leg briefly before she begins pushing her hand back up. Her fingers fumble through the bottom of my boxers, and it isn’t long before her fingers are back on my cock, unrestricted by the clothes now. She leans in and places a soft kiss on my cock through my shorts, her eyes looking back up at me now, and her fingers running across the length of it under my shorts.

Another brief moan falls from my lips as her fingers move up further and begin to wrap around my shaft. Her lips press against it through my shorts more and more as she slowly strokes me. It isn’t long before she decides the clothes are still in the way, and she looks back up to me as her hand falls from my shorts. Her smile still making me putty in her hands as hers slide up to pull my belt loose, then unsnap the jean shorts. She slowly tugs the zipper down and the shorts fall around my ankles. My cock springs free and she fights my boxers around it to let them fall into my shorts on the ground as well.

Her eyes widen as she now sees the full length, which somehow surprises her even after rubbing her fingers across it moments before. I try and take all of it in as I watch her face push closer, feeling her warm breath washing over my rod. Her lips part slighlty, and her soft, wet tongue slips out between them to press lightly against the tip of my cock. It takes almost everything I have not to explode right that second. Her tongue slowly starts swirling around the tip, pushing slightly farther down slowly, running her tongue around more and more of the head. She giggles again as it starts twitching and jerking at her soft touch. Her hand slides back up to wrap around the shaft and hold it in place as she continues her assault with her tongue. Slowly twirling around, slipping it farther and farther down the shaft. Licking all the way down one side until her face is pressed against my stomach. Licking her way back to the very tip, then trailing down again.

Once her warm saliva has thoroughly covered my shaft, she traces her tongue back to the tip, slips it back inside her lips, then leans forward a bit more to press her tightly sealed lips against the head. She pushes herself forward again and I feel my cockhead push her lips open and start sliding inside her mouth. I find myself close to the edge yet again, and try to focus on not ending this too soon… Her lips push further down my rod, her tongue inside her mouth swirling around the head, then pulling her lips back up to the tip, just barely keeping it inside her mouth. Each push forward forces her lips a little farther down my length, her tight mouth sucking my cock in, her tongue still working frantically around the head. Then she pulls herself back away, almost letting it slip from her lips again. This continues on for what seems like forever, happening in slow motion as I watch her slowly and skillfully take more and more of my cock inside her mouth.

She czech pool porno pushes forward again, and this time I can feel my cock pushing against the back of her throat. She pauses for a moment, moans gently, and backs off slightly. I expect her to work back to the tip again. She surprises me by slipping her tongue down underneath my shaft, taking a deep breath through her nose, then pushing her lips back down towards me. I feel my cock push into her throat and slide down the tight opening as her lips glide down toward my crotch, her tongue dancing back and forth across the underside of my cock. I gasp and arch my back slighlty in surprise as I watch her swallow the entire length of my dick. Her eyes open back up and she looks back at me, again smiling. She holds her head against me, her throat pulsing around my cock, her tongue sliding out to gently tease my balls. The vibration around my shaft as she moans onto my cock keeps me right at the edge. After a moment, she pulls her head back again and releases my cock from her lips. She catches her breath and wraps her hand around my cock again, stroking it slowly as she continues to smile up at me.

“I was a little worried, I’ve never had one that big before and didn’t think I could take it all like that. I’ll bet you really stretch me out when we get to the fucking.” Her grin reaches across her face again before she pushes her face back down on my cock, catching me by surprise. Her hand slides over and wraps around mine. She slowly raises our hands and guides mine to the back of her head. Taking her hint, I pull my hand against her head and run my fingers through her soft, silky hair. She brings her hands to my thighs and pushes me back against the door as my hand presses against the back of her head, guiding her down my shaft. Her moans start increasing in volume and intensity as I pull her head towards me quicker and deeper. I push firmly on the back of her head, pulling her down against me again, feeling my cock pushing down her throat again. My eyes drift from the top of her head, down her back, then to that beautiful ass – watching it shake gently as she squeezes her legs together. She pulls her head back against my hand, sliding back up about halfway to catch her breath, then dives back down the entire length, swallowing my cock again just as she pushes herself over the edge. She screams onto my cock as she starts to cum, and I watch her body tremble while she holds my cock in her throat and finishes her first orgasm.

As it subsides, she slides back up to the tip of my cock, gasping for air. She catches her breath again as I watch her chest rise and fall quickly, noticing a bit more bounce to her tits and thinking to myself that she must have removed her bra at some point before she came back up. This is confirmed as I look closer and see her rock-hard nipples poking out against her shirt. She pushes back down onto my cock, her head sliding faster and faster up and down my shaft. She slips off for a moment, her hand taking my cock and stroking me quickly.

“God that felt good…now it’s your turn. Please cum for me. I want to taste your sweet load. I want to feel it shooting down my throat…mmmm…”

This last part comes out muffled as she again wraps her lips around me. Her tight, warm mouth slides faster and faster along my shaft, every so often slowing as she pushes all the way down, then pulls her lips back up to go back to work on my shaft. Her moans continue, and it seems she is almost ready to cum again. My hand slides up to rest on the back of her head again, and I start firmly guiding her up and down the full length of my cock. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, and starting down at her tight, young body is certainly helping. My eyes then dart back to the top of her head, watching it glide up and down…I know I can’t take any more.

“Damn…I’m gonna…cum…Oh!…Yessss…” I trail off as I firmly grab her head and pull her down against my body. I hold her head against my crotch as my cock twitches and spasms, the first of many shots erupting from the tip and blasting down her throat. I peel my eyes open to look down at Jenn, seeing her other hand has found it’s way between her legs, as she furiously rubs her pussy into another trembling orgasm. She screams out and moans along my cock, the vibrations begging a few more shots of my warm, thick cum to shoot down her throat.

Shot after shot empties from my balls, and her mouth pulses around my member as she pulls every bit she can from me, swallowing it all. I finally remember to release my grip and her head slips back up to the tip of my dick. Her hand slows its work between her legs and then slides up to start stroking my cock, milking the last few drops from deep inside me. Her lips stay wrapped tightly around the head, making sure not to waste a drop, as she swallows the last few. Her lips pull back and my cock falls from her mouth. She looks back up at me still smiling, and obviously happy with what has begun.

“Now we can have some real fun!” she exclaims, pushing herself up and grabbing my hand. She pulls me behind her into the hallway and begins leading me back to the break room….

To be continued?

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