Julie’s Story

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I’m a rather conservative guy, and my girlfriend has occasionally chided me about not being as forceful and aggressive as I could be in initiating sex with her. One night we were driving home from dinner with friends, and she started in again about how I’m sort of prudish and not very adventurous and how I would never take any kind of risks with our sex life. As a guy, this kind of teasing can only go on so long before I just have to prove myself to her, and I made up my mind that I was going to show her just how adventurous and spontaneous I could be when it came to our sex life.

As we pulled into my condo complex, I hit the remote for the door to my garage, which has a shared wall with my next door neighbor. Our garages are attached to one another, as are the breakfast nooks that are just inside the condo from the garage. After we pulled into the car, I quickly hopped out of the driver’s side of the car and came around to Julie’s door before she had gotten herself out of the car. I intentionally left the garage door open as I circled around. She stepped out, but had left something behind inside the car, so she turned to retrieve it, and that was her tactical error.

As soon as she turned her back on me, I pounced. I came up behind her and grabbed her firmly around the waist, pressing my turgid cock, straining at the seam of my pants, up against her ass. My warm breath was against her ear as my hands moved up and roughly pawed at her breasts. I nipped at her neck with my teeth as I reached down and undid her belt. I swiftly unbuttoned her pants, and unzipped her zipper. She tried to ask what I thought I was doing, but I clamped my hand against her mouth, and yanked down her pants and panties with my other hand.

While my right hand was keeping Julie from speaking, my left hand went to her cunt and I slipped first one and then two fingers inside her. She was brazzers porno already dripping wet and ready for me. I took my hand from her mouth and pushed her forward at the waist. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my rock hard cock out, and suddenly and savagely slammed it into her drenched pussy. I grabbed her about the waist and pounded out her in long, deep thrusts as she moaned in pleasure. I took my left hand and entwined it in her hair, pulling tightly as I fucked her harder, faster, and with more ferocity with each thrust. The slapping of my hips against her round, toned ass echoed throughout the garage and Julie’s screams of pleasure could be heard up and down the street.

As I pulled her hair with my left hand, I used my right hand to slap her ass, bringing red marks on both her cheeks as I continuously slid my 7 inches of meat into her sopping wet love hole. Within a couple of minutes of my assault I could feel the walls of her snatch spasming around my pole and I knew she was coming for the first time this night. As she came down from the high of her orgasm, I pulled out of her and spun her around to face me. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her from her position between the interior of the car and the passenger door where she had been bent before me. As she struggled to free her feet from her pant legs and dragged her toward the front of the car.

She had just gotten free of her pants when I stopped her and ordered her to remove her blouse and bra. Doe-eyed, and somewhat frightened, she complied without a word. When she had removed her garments, I dove for her milky white tits; sucking on one large nipple while I squeezed and pulled on the other. Her breath was becoming ragged again as I pulled my mouth from her nipple. I grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her onto the hood of my car. I pulled her legs apart and stepped clip4sale porno in between. I aimed my pussy-juice slicked prick right at her snatch and slipped it in. I grabbed each of her legs and put them over my shoulders and began pounding away at her as she cried out in pleasure. I knew that the neighbors were home as I saw their lights on as we approached and knew that there was no way they couldn’t be hearing our lovemaking. I stroked deep and long into her pussy, causing the hood to bend and creak with each thrust. Just as Julie was about to cum for the second time, I stopped and pulled away, leaving her begging me for me; imploring me to keep fucking her so she could cum again.

I stepped away, and opened the door from the garage into the breakfast nook area. I pointed toward the inside of the house, and without a word, Julie complied with my silent command. As I followed her into my condo, I discarded my remaining clothes. Julie hopped up onto the kitchen table and spread her legs for me. I again strode between her legs and slid my pulsing cock between her red, engorged pussy lips. I hooked my arms under her thighs and with one strong tug I slammed my cock to the hilt inside her vagina. She cried out with a mixture of pleasure and pain as I began thrusting forward with my hips and pulling her thighs toward me to get maximum penetration.

Each thrust caused a loud slapping sound as our hips met, almost forcing all of the wind from Julie lungs. However, she still had enough breath to cry out “fuck me, oh fuck me harder”. Her one and only command, I followed to a T. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. The slapping of our bodies, the squishing noises made as my cock slammed in and out of her juicy pussy, and her cries of mixed pain and pleasure filled the entire condo. We fucked in this position for several more minutes colette porno until I could see Julie’s eyes rolling back in her head as she came for the second time, her body jerking and twitching in ecstasy.

I released her legs, and sat down on the kitchen chair as she levered herself up and off of the kitchen table. She stepped over the chair and impaled herself on my shaft as I grabbed the firm, globes of her ass and pulled her breasts against my mouth. I squeezed her cheeks as she bounced up and down on my cock, all the while I sucked and nibbled at her luscious melons. Our bodies were covered in sweat and I could feel her juices dribbling down across my balls and puddling on the chair on which I sat. I could feel the telltale signs of my impending orgasm welling up inside me, but I didn’t want to come inside Julie this time. I had something else entirely in mind.

The next time she slid up my shaft, I pushed her up and off of me, as I stood up from the chair. I placed my hands on her shoulders and forced her to kneel in front of my hard cock, as it bobbed with the beat of my heart. Once she was positioned in front of me, I slid my cock into her waiting mouth. I grabbed the sides of her head with my hands and began thrusting in and out of her hot, wet mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long, but I also knew Julie was going to swallow every drop of my cum. I could hear the gurgling sounds emanating from her mouth as my prick slipped into her throat with each thrust, and I could feel her tongue lapping at the underside of my cock as I fucked her mouth. Julie began to fondle my ball sack, and I knew the moment was at hand: I squeezed her head as I pulled her against me, her nose pressing up against my hard, flat stomach, and I unleashed a torrent of cum right down her throat. She took it all in stride, milking my cock with her tongue and her hands, drinking down every drop as I collapsed back onto the kitchen seat, while Julie knelt between my legs.

She looked up at me with those big, doe eyes, and with a wry grin on her face said “is that all you got?” At that moment, I knew this was just the beginning of a very long, sweaty, night of sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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