Julie and Ashley

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Written for Sara – Thanks for getting my creativity jump started.

All characters are over the age of 18.


As Ashley grabbed her text book off her bed, she glanced out the window. The weather had turned nice in the last few days. The Santa Anna winds had turned southern California warm. “Truly an endless summer” she thought, as she headed downstairs.

Julie was closing the refrigerator door, when she saw Ashley drop her book on the dinette table. She was only slightly taller than her at 5′ 8″. Ashley’s reddish brown hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. She was wearing a gray t-shirt and purple spandex pants; that were so tight, there was no doubt she wasn’t wear panties. Julie was dressed similarly, with a black t-shirt and extremely tight black Under Armour spandex pants. They become friends their freshman year of college. The girls shared a dorm room that year. Their love of working out and being active had cemented their friendship. So they made plans to find and share a house off campus, the following year.

“So Ashley, what time is Robert coming over to study?” Julie asked.

“He sent me a text about 15 minutes ago. He said he was on his way, so any minute.” Ashley replied.

“OK, well I’ll leave you two alone then. I am going to go work on my English Lit paper upstairs. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Julie replied with a smirk. Ashley couldn’t help but smile as Julie left. She liked Robert. At just over 6 feet tall, with dusty brown hair, broad shoulders and an athletic build; he was a good looking guy. He had flirted with her, but nothing overt. What Ashley didn’t really understand, was why Robert had failed to ask her out. She decided to take matters into her own hands, by asking Robert to come over and study.

Less than 10 minutes later Ashley was answering the door. As Robert cleared the threshold, Ashley couldn’t help but notice his manly scent nor the bulge protruding from his shorts. “Hi Ashley, sorry I’m a little late. Mrs. Jackson, my next door neighbor asked me to walk her dog.” Robert told her.”

Aww, Robert you are so sweet. It’s no biggie. You look hot, would you like a beer?” she replied, turning her back to him as she headed for the kitchen. Robert couldn’t take his eyes off Ashley’s booty as she walked away.

“Sure, I would love one. How was your day?” he said. Ashley purposely bent lower than backroom casting porno necessary to retrieve the beer from the fridge. She was going to tease Robert and let the chips fall where they may.

“Can’t complain, the weather has been so nice the last few days. Julie and I were just talking yesterday about going shopping for bikinis next week.” Ashley told him as she handed him the bottle.

As they sat down at the table, Ashley couldn’t help noticing the bulge in Robert’s shorts had gotten a little bigger. “Maybe he is a little shy. That’s OK, I am going to bring him out of his shell.” she thought. The two of them went to work; talking about all the key points of their professors last lecture and the related chapter. At each break in the conversation, Ashley continued to tease him; picking up her beer and putting the bottle to her lips for a sip and then licking around the rim. The thing was, that she was also teasing herself.

Finally, after about 45 minutes; Ashley made her move. She “accidentally” knocked her pen off the table and then kicked it underneath. As she crawled under the table to retrieve it; Robert bent over, peering past the table leg to see Ashley on her hands and knees. Her ass was high in the air, with her knees spread far enough that he could see the spandex pulled taught. The shape of her pussy was clearly defined. Robert’s cock throbbed, he was harder as he had ever been in his life. As Ashley started to turn, he wasn’t nearly quick enough and she caught him as he sat up.

When Ashley saw the tent in his shorts, she crawled straight for him. She put her hands on his knees and pushed them wider. Robert couldn’t help but flinch, but spread his legs. As he looked down, he could see Ashley’s smiling face, merely inches from his dick. “Robert, you look really uncomfortable. I caught you looking a second ago and your shorts look awfully tight. Let me help you out; let me give you head. I will give you the best blowjob you have ever had.”

Robert could only nod his head in affirmation. She quickly shuffled out from under the table and grabbed his hand; leading him over in front of the couch. Keeping her eyes on his, Ashley gripped his shorts at the waistband and slowly lowered them. Just as her knees hit the floor, Ashley saw his dick for the first time and almost gasped. Robert was packing bangbros porno a sizable dick. It was just over 7 inches long, fatter than she had ever seen, and his balls were practically the size of golf balls. “Hey Julie, you need to come downstairs and see this.” Ashley shouted, as she wrapped her hand around Robert’s shaft. Slowly stroking him up and down, she saw a drop of pre-cum emerge from his tip. Ashley extended her tongue to capture it.

Julie got up from her desk at hearing Ashley call her and headed downstairs. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, she couldn’t help but giggle. Robert’s shorts were around his ankles, his eyes were closed and Ashley was kneeling in front of him. She could tell she was stroking his dick. As she came up along side them she saw her stroking and licking the biggest dick she had ever seen.

“Are you ready for the blowjob of your life big boy?” Ashley asked Robert as she pushed him back onto the couch.

“Oh God!” Robert groaned. Ashley hopped up on the couch next to him and took him into her mouth for the first time. Slowly lowering her mouth and swirling her tongue around his shaft, Ashley moaned at the taste of his sweet pre-cum. Bobbing up and down, she took more and more of his shaft. Robert finally opened his eyes and saw Julie standing there. She had her hands on her hips watching Ashley get closer and closer to the base of his dick.

Robert turned and looked at Ashley going down on him, he couldn’t help but notice her ass encased in tight spandex. “Dam Ashley, that feels so good. Your ass looks spectacular like that.” he exclaimed.

“It sure does. Are you an ass man Robert?” Julie said, as she turned and wiggled her butt in Robert’s face. He groaned again and watched as Julie ran her hands from her hips, back over her cheeks to her thighs and then back again. Robert could only nod as Ashley finally wrapped her lips tightly around the base of his dick and sucked hard.

Ashley slowly pulled her mouth all the way off his shaft. Wrapping her hand back around him she jerked him off at a steady pace. She moved her mouth lower to his hefty sack. Gathering more saliva, she bathed his balls with her hot wet tongue. Robert’s constant moans and groans were music to her ears as she used every trick she knew; making sure Robert would never forget this blowjob.

Julie was so turned beurette tour porno on she gripped the waistband of her pants and slowly lowered them till the tops of her cheeks were visible. “What about my ass Robert? Do you like my ass?” she asked him.

Robert turned to look at her. “Hell yes, your ass looks great too. Fuck, you girls are killing me! I am going to cum soon. SHIT! OH GOD! FUCK YES!” His voice was a deep growl, as Ashley began taking the full length of his shaft once more. She quickly started bobbing up and down and Robert laid his hands on the top of her head.

Ashley could feel his scrotum lurch and snuggle tight against his body. She knew he would blow soon and she didn’t want to waste any of his sweet tasting cum. Julie could tell he was close as well and said; “Ya baby suck all that cum out of his balls, make that big dick shoot.” She continued to rub and flaunt her ass. Robert couldn’t take his eyes off of Julie, as he moaned filthy expletives. He knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer. The feeling was too exquisite.

“Ahhhrrr, I can’t!!” he exclaimed as his will power was over ridden by Ashley’s talented mouth. She pulled back slightly. Cupping one hand under his balls and stroking what part of his shaft wasn’t in her mouth, with the other. The first spurt was so powerful; it ricocheted off the roof of her mouth, making Ashley’s eyes fly open. The second and third shots filled her mouth. When she felt his dick flex the fourth time, she couldn’t hold any more in her mouth and some trickled out of the corner. Ashley pulled off him. Keeping her lips tight, she let the final shot land on her left cheek.

Ashley stroked the remnants of his orgasm from him, making sure he was completely empty. When she looked up and saw the contented look on Roberts face, she turned to look up at Julie. She was beaming down at her with a wide grin. A very wicked thought crossed her mind at that point. She stood and stepped up to Julie. As she wrapped her arms around her, she leaned in and pressed her lips to Julie’s.

Julie knew exactly what Ashley had in mind. She parted her lips and pressed her tongue deep into Ashley’s mouth. As they kissed, some of his cum oozed out onto their chins. They pushed Robert’s cum back and forth. Julie couldn’t help but moan; not only from the kiss, but the naughtiness and the sweet taste of Robert’s sperm.

As they broke away, they each swallowed and smiled at each other. Julie reached up with her finger and scooped up a long drip off Ashley’s jaw. She quickly sucked it off her finger. “Dam Robert, what have you been eating? You taste good.” Robert could only sit there speechless as the girls shared his essence.

To Be Continued???

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