Journal Entry 12/7/97

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*** The names have been changed to protect the innocence… uh… the privacy of the participants. Enjoy! ***

My best friend came to visit Friday night. He sported a wool cape. It was short and fastened with silvery brooches. The color was that of green maple leaves in mid-summer. Black leather gloves, the kind you see in the Renaissance Fair, covered his large masculine hands. His glossy spiral locks of dark coffee hair streamed down to his shoulders. He had a thin moustache on his face and a fresh scar on his chin he received when he fell 30 feet to the ground while putting up Christmas lights for his family. His appearance was far from perfect, but it was those flaws and quirks that made him all that more appealing. It was a nice sight to have in my front door, but I wanted him even more in my bedroom.

We kissed as if we were starved for some elusive nectar that resides inside our mouths. As we kissed, we fell to the carpeted floor and soon after he discovered that underneath my red sweater and red corduroy jeans, I was wearing a fishnet body stocking. It was a new surprise for him. Although he had made love to a respectable number of women in the past, they were for the most part, your average Midwestern, bra and panty type of girls. After I shed my outer layer of clothing, I decided to enjoy a treat. I took a rose with a 24-inch stem from a nearby vase. Its petals matched my red wine lipstick to a tee.

“I’m shy,” I told my lover with a coy smile as I undressed him and removed his brown lace-up boot moccasins.

“You don’t look shy,” he told me as I invited him to my bed. I lay with my head at the edge of the bed. When he stood up, I took the length of his manhood inside my mouth. He moaned once and closed his eyes. I ran my lips and tongue up and down his türbanlı porno shaft, making sure to pucker, so he would not feel my teeth. I bobbed my head up and down and he gently caressed my black hair, keeping in rhythm with me. The bulb throbbed violently and the flavor of pre-cum already covered my taste buds.

He did not want to climax prematurely, so he asked me if I wanted his talented tongue inside my cunt. I could not resist the offer. I leaned back and spread my legs. Not only was I enjoying his amazing oral talents, but I also enjoyed watching him. Sometimes, he would shake his head and tongue. He would also savor my juices by flicking his licker as quickly as he could. My favorite trick involved his lips gently pinching my clit and rolling it about until I came.

After the oral pleasure, I had him lie supine on my double bed. I asked him to be still. I took the rose and plucked each petal, saying, “He wants me. He wants me not.” As each petal fell on his flesh, I licked the areas that surrounded them. His penis grew larger and redder. This was evidence of how effective my method of torture was. When I was satisfied he could not get any harder, I asked him,

“How much do you want me?”

He replied thoughtlessly, “I almost want to rape you.” He caught himself saying such a dreadful thing and apologized.

I understood what he meant. I shushed him by placing my index finger on his lips. “It’s not rape if I am consenting.” A look of relief overtook him. I continued, “I can struggle if you want to play that game.” His hazel eyes bugged out. “What are you waiting for, come get me.” He pounced on me without even bothering to take off my outfit. I suppose it didn’t matter, because the fishnet catsuit was crotch-less anyhow. We wrestled playfully. türk porno He tried opening my legs and I tickled him in return. Finally, he got me to straddle him, and I rode him appreciatively.

After enjoying my bouncing breasts, he lay me down on my back and lifted my legs, so my knees almost touched my cute little tits. He went all the way inside my tight and wet vagina. He was still not used to being able to go all the way inside most women. He had a tendency of intimidating them with his bountiful member. I personally did not mind him, as I enjoyed the increased sensations a tiny hole and a big cock caused me to have.

He started slowly, but as he increased his speed, my poor little pussy got tighter and wetter. He licked my nipples through the fishnet. He did not seem to mind. It was a good thing we were the only two people in the house. My screams of pleasure were loud enough to cause the neighbor’s dogs to bark. My muscles squeezed him so tightly when I came, that they nearly ripped his condom right out of his huge member. He seemed quite surprised because this had never happened to him before. Had he been a lesser man, I would have worried. It wasn’t my first time removing a rubber by orgasm power alone.

Luckily, it did not come off all the way and I had back ups, so we relaxed, replaced the condom and fucked even harder, this time from the back.

I knelt down with my little rump raised high. He pumped me as deeply and vigorously as he could. With one had he worked my clit, and with the other hand he fondled my breasts. I looked back at him, moaning and sweating. I felt so good, I almost felt like crying. He was so handsome. He was slim, yet muscular. He had the build of a surfer, but he also possessed the brains of a poet, for he spoke sweet türkçe alt yazı porno yet arousing words that almost made me gush. When he nibbled on the back of my neck, I could not help but come again. I collapsed from the sheer intensity. He asked me if I would like to watch some anime. I ran downstairs to the living room. He chased after me with a videotape in hand.

On the corner sofa, I took off my catsuit and laid my head on a little square pillow. My friend put the video in the machine, but did not turn it on. Instead, he knelt in front of me and massaged my legs. When he got to my inner thighs, he nestled his tongue inside me once again. Perhaps I was being a bit greedy, but I wanted to cum again. He asked me with a wicked smile, “Do you want to help me cum?” Poor guy, I forgot all about him. His stamina had prevented him from getting to his climax. Oh well. I figure we both wanted to get to our peaks, so I gave him an open invitation and he took it. I took his rock-hard cock in my snatch and his tongue in my mouth.

Both of my hands were squeezing his gorgeous ass, pushing into down to make sure he could go as deep inside me as possible. I would’ve made a lot of noise again, but I was too busy rolling my tongue around his mouth. He kept fucking me and fucking me until I came again. I was exhausted, yet I could not have stood it if he had stopped. My walls were throbbing violently. He stopped kissing me, so he could catch his breath. I was squealing and hyperventilating myself. Finally, it happened.

I felt him grow larger and quiver inside me. I could not stand it. I came one last time in synch with him. He whipped his head back, and my entire body arched underneath him. I was still shaking when he withdrew. He showed me his used rubber. It was halfway full. After he threw it out, I licked his member clean. It was a little softer, but it refused to go limp. We kissed one last time for the night, covered ourselves in a blanket, popped open some Sprite sodas, and watched the goofy Japanese cartoon in each other’s arms.

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