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First of all nothing stays free for ever Dave has done his best for many years. If you are rich like Trump says he is THE LIAR please send some money. I just recovered a bit from setting in the sun in a wheelchair for three hours to vote for trump to serve his time in jail for his crimes.



.Writer JCW


Story Dance party

A long time ago-in a town that went down in history as a place that freedom was born, a dance party was conceived. OOPS it was at first thought of as a fine show, but it had a dirty little secret. It seemed that if you were not a fine white person you never got a ticket to be on the show.

Oh once in a while a black star would sing on the show. They all had to be the tops in the field. Some one noticed, and dropped a nasty word on them, {SUE} OOPS. A black couple danced, then a few more. At last they had enough that no one could say they were blocking them off the floor.

The above has nothing to do with the story, just a fact.

A gay man watched the dance party, and saw many a fine young boy, or young man as most thought of themselves. He wondered if he would be able to ask some, or all of them to join him in his home.

Well he got a hard on often, and decided to invite all of them to his home. He had to plan how to do the dirty deed. He sent people to investigate the show, the people, the place it was held, and so on.

No can do.

Next he saw they took a large group on tour sometimes. A good idea, a lot less security. konyaaltı sınırsız escort He checked on how they picked just the boys out to go on the tour.

A plan was hatched. First of all he fixed the list that chose the list of boys so most of the boys he lusted over would be among the ones picked out to go on the trip.

A town near Philly was picked that was having their centennial, a real big party. Suggestions were made. Money was given. People were paid off. A place was rented that can be isolated from the towns people. The male population of the town was looked over and some of the best looking of the boys receive tickets to the shindig. Yes they can bring girlfriends.

It is to be a costume party. Try-corner hats, ball-dresses the whole bit. With one hidden item, will more then one really, If you tie ankles, and wrists. It is rather hard to strip someone. Well if you make a shirt, and pants with rip away taps on them it is easy to get most of them off with a few quick moves.

The ballroom was picked carefully. One it had a balcony all around the dance floor. Two lots of back rooms that can be used. Three a few doors to the ballroom that can be locked from the outside.

First of all some of the boys were lured off the floor, to one of the back rooms, a group of men put him on the floor, secured his hand, and feet, gaged him. With a few quick moves most of his clothes are removed. He is dragged to a trailer out back, cuffed to konyaaltı türbanlı escort a wall. Then another goes to a bathroom, and does not return. This goes on till someone starts to wonder what is going on.

As soon as someone makes the first noise a group of masked men step onto the balcony with guns in hand. A few shots in the air bring screams. A loud voice speaks of death, and orders them to shut up, or die. More shots bring quite.

“Let”s make two lines male, and female.” The next order is to get naked. Another shot into the roof makes them all move faster. Men walk the lines tying the wrists. Then the master walks the male line looking the boys over to pick out the best looking boys. A nod and one of the boys is dragged out to the trailer. One after another is soon secured till only the ones that don”t turn him on are left. The girls have all been tied up top, and bottom. The rest of the boys as well.

Is that all? Hell no a deal has been made with an Arab country that needs some people for a house of prostration, yep both sexes. Well as his trucks leave others pull in to load up the rest of them.

It is late the next day that the town”s people find out that they have a crime to look into. So sad to bad too late.

One young boy was found hiding under a table. He was almost unable to speak, shaking, crying. It took almost a week to get just a few words out of him.

Oh well some boys, and all the girls on the high seas on the way to sex overseas. The konyaaltı ucuz escort best looking, sexiest of the boys on the way to the do the same thing right here in the U.S.A.

A large under ground bunker in Texas is soon the home of all the dancers. Cells at first till they are broke in to their new job. Sex, bend over, and get fucked. Suck. Do what your told, and smile. You get fed better, treated better, less pain. After you get thro the pain, the shame, and so on. The sex can for some become enjoyable.

For others it will eat at their minds till they decide to end their life one way or another. One might decide to take the worst of his captors with him. Another might just find a way to die on his own. Another could force someone to kill him. So many ways to die, or live with hope it might end. Oh there is always some that learn to love the sex.

“I spoke of some black couples earlier, I”m glad they opened the dance party to them, as some of the black boys were some fine looking studs, that I have enjoyed breaking into being sex toys. The group of the white boys were broke in as well. One of the jokers that was always making with the gags turned out to be gay already, and loved to help fuck the other boys he came in with. Oh there was that 12%” that they always speak of. They soon showed there true colors. They were a big help getting the boys they came in with to relax, and go with the flow.” Most of them had a will to live. In the end most people have a will to live so in the end sex became a way of life.


This was a much better story when I first wrote it. I know it was longer, part of a longer story that I am sure I polished till it shined. It was not as dark then. I have so much hate for any fool that will destroy another persons computer just to be having the fun of being stupid. I will never forgive them. hoo

the end

one more time the end

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