Jim , His Sister-In-Law Day 1

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Monday my sister-in-law, Bea, and I saw Sally, my wife, and Jack, Sally’s brother/Bea’s husband, off at the local airport. Sally was to help Jack with a big business opportunity. They would be gone until Friday and Sally’s instructions to Bea were for her to take good care of me!

Day 1:

Bea is married to Sally’s brother! She is a beautiful full figured woman with sensational hair that drapes to the crack of her ass! She’s had the hots for me for years but up until several months ago, when Sally arranged a threesome, we never touched each other. Now Sally has elected to take a week and help her brother with a business opportunity. Sally made it clear that we were to take good care of each other. Surely she knows Bea will fuck my brains out.

Bea has a beautiful set of DDs hung on a 5ft 8in 40-28-38 body and long auburn that hangs sensually down her back to the crack of her perfect ass. Just to watch her makes my cock raging hard! Just 3 months ago, after nearly 10 years of lusting, my wife, arranged for me to service this sex starved woman! The second time, just last month, Sally arranged a cum soaking evening with the both of them. Now Bea and I are a twosome for the first time!

Without a word Bea and I left the terminal and before we were out of the parking lot she had my pants open and was teasing my rigid cock through my shorts. Her light jacket was now unzipped exposing my true weakness, her beautiful cleavage! Any woman showing cleavage can’t escape my stare! Dam this was going to be one hell of a week!

“You know what I like baby!”

“You’ve been staring at them for years, Jimmy Boy. Well for the rest of the week they’re all yours!”

With that, she flipped open the front clasp and her bra retracted out of sight. The truck in the left lane was sounding his approval by blasting the air horn. Red in the face Bea pulled her sweater back down. After that she resisted every effort I made to play with her tits or to get even one finger between her legs. I had to resign myself to waiting until I got her home before another treat like that one.

All the way home she stroked my cock and 30 minutes later when we pulled into her driveway my shorts were soaked with pre-cum. With the car parked and her out, I pulled up my zipper. She opened the front door and by the time she crossed the threshold I had a breast in each hand and my bulging jeans pressed tight to the cleft of her fine ass. Just seconds later her jacket and sweater were on the floor and my cock was surrendering to her expert lips.

In just a few minutes, I was ready to explode and she knew it! Suddenly she stopped stood up and slowly lowered her skirt. For a big woman she has a fine figure. Her chest is just slightly bigger than her hips and she has a perfect hourglass waist. Again knowing another of my weaknesses she turned, bent over the coffee table and slid her panties down. There’s not an ounce of fat on this gal! Right there in by face, seemingly pushing her thighs apart to form a big keyhole is her beautiful pussy.

My hand was cupping her outdoor sex porno pussy before she stepped out of the panties and my thumb was diving in pussy juice. For the next ten minutes I thumb fucked her letting her clit slide lightly between two fingers. Almost ready to cum, she backed up and slid into my waiting lap. My cock slipped in easily! Under her weight I couldn’t do much more than make my cock bulge by flexing my mussels but with a pinched nipple in each hand and her diddling her clit she climaxed in just minutes.

Her pussy pulsed throughout the climax which lasted just long enough to bring me to the edge. I was sure I could hold it back but she grabbed my balls and squeezed until I fired the whole load deep into her steaming cunt!

“That’s one! Now lets find out how many you are good for!”

“Shit Bea if you wanted me to last all night you should have tied my balls before we started.”

“Bullshit! If I can’t make you cum three more times before the night is done I’ll still be sucking your cock when you wake up in the morning!”

“Dam this going to be one hell of a week!”

“And, we are just getting started! Give me a shower? Shampoo? A shave?”

“My pleasure baby”

I stepped into the shower behind her. With my recovering cock wedged in the cleft of her ass I soaped and gently washed her breasts. As I had learned before it is always best to handle a whopper with both hands so as much as it pains me to let one unattended it is so necessary to do the job right.

The gentle motion of her firm ass as I washed her breasts had my cock raging hard again. Now as I washed her pussy, her wet hair swayed side-to-side tantalizing my balls. Just as I was sure that I would waste my second load all over her back side she turned around, grabbed it by the root and choked it until the moment passed!

“Not now! I want my shampoo and shave first.”

Some what settled down, she pressed her firm belly to my semi-hard cock and leaned backwards so I could reach around to wash her hair. For nearly 30 minutes my fingers ran through her sensual hair. The motion between her firm body and my cock had me ready to explode! I tried to step back but she clinched my ass and held me tight to her. Knowing full well what I was about to do, she gave a few wiggles and I fired my load into her belly button.

“Well now you’ve made a mess!”

I finished rinsing her hair before we separated to examine my contribution to the event. The spray from the shower caused my cum to slide down her belly through her butterflied pussy lips and dripped from between her open legs. Wasted! All rinsed she wrapped her hair in a bath towel and took a seat on the side of the large whirlpool tub and put her feet on the bench.

With her legs spread wide she handed me the glycerin soap and her Gillette Venus . Gently I lathered last week’s growth of stubbles and the heart shaped tuft of auburn hair above. Pressing her delicate lips to one side I gracefully drew the razor over her tender skin slicing off the hair just as I have public agent porno done for my wife every week for the last 20 years. Carefully I trimmed around and touched up the shape. Then, with scissors shaped the edges to form a perfect 3 dimensional heart. I should have been a barber because I give perfect hair cuts and trims! Oh I should say bush jobs! All finished and rinsed, I spread her lips and rolled back the hood exposing her clit, then leaned forward and began to tease her pleasure button with my tongue. Responding to her soft verbal encouragement and forceful hands to the back of my head I tongue fucked her for over 30 minutes. I love to drink a woman’s cum and she gave me three good loads!

“Are you ready to wash me?”

” Honey after that tongue fucking I may just lick you clean!”

Bea pressed her breasts to my chest, leaned me back into the flow of water and shampooed the little hair I have then gently washed my back and butt. I turned around and after washing my chest took my balls along with the soap in one hand and my, again, rock hard cock in the other. Surely I wouldn’t cum again but the stroking of her glycerin soaped hand sure felt good. Gradually her hand tightened around my cock until I was sure she had a vise down there.

“Come on baby. Don’t hold back on your sister-in-law! Let it fly for me!”

“Sorry honey! It fells great but I’m afraid you have drained the well!”

“Well if you don’t cum we will be right here when your wife and Jack come home wandering why we didn’t meet then at the airport on Friday.”

I’m sure she meant every word and as good as it felt I would have gladly stood there for ever and let her jack me off. Unfortunately it didn’t last that long. Unlike countless other times when my cum just explodes from nowhere and sprays unpredictably, this time down there where cum is made I had the greatest sensation! She was churning up my third batch in just 3 hours. My side was cramping in pain, my balls were sucked so far into my crouch you couldn’t have found them with a pussy spreader and a flash light but the slow rise of cum in the channel overwhelmed everything.

“Here it cums!”

“Thats what I want baby!”

She lessened her grasp but kept up the constant stroking. My cum pulsed though my cock with every stroke but even though it felt better than my best firing none spayed out. Suddenly she stopped., rinsed off the soap and forced me around!

On her knees, her hands grasping my ass she pulled me into her mouth. With each sucking stroke she pumped my load onto her expert tongue.

“Now that’s what I call a man! The third load in three hours and still has enough to satisfy my thirst. Now if you have enough energy left to operate my two best friends I’d like to cum again.”

I used the hair dryer to dry her hair and then like a cat she pawed her way over the satin sheets to the night stand drawer. With her firm ass in the air, luscious tits swaying to and fro, legs spread apart and her pussy gaping wide, I almost missed her retrieval of the reality kings porno toys from the night stand.

She pushed a very small vibrator back between her legs and left it on the shimmering sheets. I first looked at the vibrator then again at her gaping pussy hole. Fuck if I tried to use that thing it would fall in and never be seen again!

“For my clit! It makes me cum buckets!”

While I turned the tiny vibrator on she pushed back a massive rubber dildo that was twice the size of me. I felt a little better when I saw the base, a pair of balls that weren’t near as big as mine. If mine ever recovered again!

She watched between her legs, as I put the dildo in my mouth to get it wet. Shit I’m sure glad I’m male because sucking something like this would never compare to eating pussy! I removed it when I saw the shit eating grin on her face and shoved it up her cunt until it hit bottom. Well at least I know I’m big enough for her because she wrenched in pain and the balls were still two inches short of being a stopper.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard!”

Instead of following directions I slipped the vibrator under her hood and lightly pressed its tantalizing point to her clit! It took just seconds for her to go into overdrive! Her ass cheeks were shaking faster than the vibrator and the Dildo was pumping in and out of her cunt like it had a mind of it’s own.

“Fuck me with it! Fuck me! Make me cum!”

I took the latex balls with my free hand and pumped her pussy with long strokes letting the head slip out about every third stroke and then shoving it back in until it hit bottom. I’m not sure how much I was pumping because she was backing into each stroke. Watching her pussy lips stretch out trying to hold onto the retracting dildo then disappear into her pussy with each inward stroke made me so hard that I almost had to stop to take care of my own cock.

“I’m going to cum! I going to cum!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No! No! Don’t stop! Never stop!”

By now the rubber cock was going all the way in and my fingers were bouncing against her sloppy pussy. Nearly 30 minutes of pounding and her tits started to shake with the same vibrating rhythm as her ass cheeks. Her breathing shortened like she was running a hundred yard dash and then just as the dildo bottomed one more time she fired her load!

I dropped the vibrator and on the very next stroke jammed the dildo all the way in with the palm of my hand and held it tight. Her yellowish cum oozed from around the dildo and dripped off the latex balls in one long elastic string. With my free hand I caught the stream and wisped it to my hungry lips.

“Ummmmm I like that! Can you hold up long enough for me to lick you clean?”

“For your tongue I’d stand on my head!”

The dildo was out before she finished her answer and my nose was jammed up the crack of her ass. I got my tongue down her cunt just as she collapsed to one side. I was caught in a head lock between her powerful thighs and she, not finished with her orgasm, was pumping her cum unto my tongue. If I die now I’ll die the most satisfied man on earth!

I couldn’t breath! Everything went blank! I couldn’t remember what I was doing! Fuck I was going to pass out! Die? No I can’t die! I have to fuck this hot pussy for the rest of the week!

Continued: Day 2

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