Jenny and the Storm Pt. 02

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(Author’s note: JENNY AND THE STORM was written from Uncle Jay’s point of view. This is Jenn’s.)


“The three biggest lies: I gave at the office, the checks in the mail…and size doesn’t matter. You can trust me that last one’s not true.” The girls dissolve into laughter as Chelsea holds her hands apart, showing an apparent length of about a foot and a half.

“Chelsea…you are SO bad!” Amber giggles, while refilling her glass. “There’s no way Derick is that big.”

“Who said anything about Derick?” Chelsea deadpans, and the group explodes again. Derick is Chelsea’s long term boyfriend…but there aren’t any boys on this trip, the wine has been making the rounds for an hour, and the talk is getting frisky.

It’s our second day in Spain, and we’ve broken away from the group to visit a little cafe on the Med. My four best friends from high school, we’re enjoying our grad trip and getting smashed on sangria. Amber has already started coming on to our waiter, and I’m fighting the urge to get up and flamenco dance – short skirt or not.

“No no…they’re the same. I just read a study on it,” Amber says to Chelsea. I must have missed something, and ask “What’s the same?”

“Orgasms. They used to think there were two kinds, clitoral and vaginal. But the study said they were the same, ’cause the clitoris extends through the…”

“Damn Amber…don’t get so technical. I can’t tell any difference. What about you girls?”

“You girls what?”

“Can you tell any difference between the ‘O’ you get from just your clitty, vs from having something inside you?” Amber and Bree shake their heads, Megan says that’s gross and she won’t answer (I don’t think she has many examples to compare)…and they all look at me.

“Uh huh.”

“Uh huh what? You mean you CAN tell the difference?”

“Yep. At least for me, they’re really different.”

Chelsea looks at me suspiciously, then asks “And sweet little Nathan gave you BOTH types?!”

I snort, and laugh “Nathan?! No, not poor Nathan. You guys know how prom night went.” All the girls grin and look at each other, pointing their fingers like guns in the air and going ‘pew, pew pew’. Everybody breaks up, and the wine goes around again.

“No, this is a lot more current, and a LOT hotter.” Suddenly, they’re all leaning forward, ready to hear more. I shouldn’t, really…this should stay secret. But these girls are my closest friends, I haven’t said a word about what happened last week to anyone, and I’m dying to talk about it…the wine and distance from home finish loosening my tongue.

“OK,” I say, “But you all have to PROMISE you won’t say a WORD about this to ANYONE!” They all agree to this (the real ‘most common lie’), I take a big swallow and start my story.

“Well, you know my family moved back to Virginia right after we graduated last month, and we were going to pick up my uncle and aunt’s family and drive down to a wedding in Tennessee. But, I had to fly out here, and my Uncle Jay and cousin had to stay home to work…so Mom and Dad dropped me off and headed on down with Auntie and the rest of the kids. My cousin Jim tried to hit on me, but he’s just a boy and I brushed him off. But Unca Jay…well…”

“Oh My God Jenn…your UNCLE?!” Chelsea shrieks.

“Well, not my real uncle. He’s the husband of Judy’s sister, and she’s not even my real mom anyway. But I’ve known him since I was 8, and he’s been real important to me since. I was having a hard time when Dad married Judy…you know how she is, and with Sam and the twins coming so fast, I just kinda got shut out. But we’d visit my uncle and aunt, stay over at their house, and he paid attention to me and helped me when things got tough. They have a big yard, a pool, and it kind of became my safe place. Unca Jay and I used to talk about everything, I’d help him in the yard, and we’d watch movies together on the couch.

“As a little girl, I used to dream about growing up and marrying him. Auntie would die of some sad disease, then Unca Jay would realize he loved me and take me away…somewhere. In my dreams, we pretty much just walked on beaches and drank tea – I was still too young to know what love was. I knew we had to sleep together…but I thought that’s all you did – sleep.”

The girls start laughing again, and Amber gets up to order more wine from that cute waiter.

“But, we moved when I was 12. And by then, I had started noticing things. Unca Jay was a hunk! Six foot two, 210 pounds of in-shape man. Muscles, lightly hairy chest, sandy brown hair and grey eyes that looked like they were always laughing…my dreams started trading tea time for bed time. It was weird…I knew I wanted something, and from the internet I knew what it was…but it also grossed me out and scared me.”

“Yeah.” “Uh huh.” “I remember.” The girls nodded, harking back to that time when attraction started slowly overcoming revulsion. Except for Megan, who hadn’t gotten there yet.

“I started imagining what he’d look like naked, and what it would feel like for him to touch me that way. And that REALLY freaked me out, ’cause we’d always hardcore porno played in the pool and cuddled on the couch during movies. So, of course, I did what any normal 12 year old girl would do – I got all goofy, acted weird, and came off as a complete doofus. When I found out we were moving, I was happy and relieved, I could be normal again! Until I went to bed and cried all night. Unca Jay was the only thing I missed about Virginia, and I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met Amber that summer.” Amber gives me a bleary smile, and I smack her an air kiss.

“What does all this have to do with different orgasms?” Chelsea might be slurring her words, but she’s still on point about what story she wants to hear.

“I’m getting there. OK, so a couple of weeks ago we move back to Virginia, and we all drive down to pick them up and drop me off. I’m excited to see Unca Jay again – I’ve changed…a LOT,” the girls all smile and nod to each other. The last 6 years had seen all of them change…a LOT. “Plus, I had my 18th birthday last month, so I was a woman now. I wanted to show off.”

“Legal!” Bree and Amber say at the same time. The all laugh while I shake my head. “Yeah…but no. I wanted to impress him, but that was all. I knew nothing could happen – all those silly girl dreams were just that. He was happily married, a member of my family…and wouldn’t be interested anyway. No, I just wanted to hang out with him grown up to grown up.”

“Yeah, sure.” “Uh huh.” “We’ll see.” I wanted to argue, but I knew where this story was going…so I just blushed and carried on.

“So, we all drove up to their house, and there they were! My cousins had grown a bunch, but Uncle and Auntie looked just the same. When I saw him, I gave him a big hug – and held on a little too long. Big shoulders and strong arms, I just wanted to hide inside him for a while. He thought I was 16,” the girls all scowl – Men! – “but he had a quick and funny come back, so I forgave him and straightened him out.”

“We unloaded what we needed, the Moms hung out in the kitchen cooking dinner and drinking wine, and the rest of us put on our suits and jumped in the pool. Oh yeah…it was HOT, and MUGGY! I had forgotten how bad humidity could be out there…yuck! Always sweaty, hair looking like crap – I’m glad I’m going to college in California.”

“Yeah!” chirps in Amber. The two of us will be going to UCLA in the fall.

“Well, anyway. I wear my sport swimsuit…Jim has been showing interest, and I don’t want to add fuel to his boy fire…so I go conservative. As soon as I dive in, I come up and see Unca Jay. Damn! Tall, strong, rugged and almost naked…I want to go over and hug him again! But instead, he and Dad get the little girls on their shoulders, and start a chicken fight. Jim tries to get me on his shoulders, but I’m not an idiot and I swim away.

“After they all get tired, I yell ‘my turn’ and swim towards Jay – I want to climb on those big shoulders, and wrap my feet under his arms and around his back. I want to feel his skin on mine, feel his muscles working under me…and as I recognize these feelings as distinctly sexual, he darts away from me and grabs his son Jim. Disappointed, I get up on Dad…and we get creamed by those guys over and over. Finally, I come up sputtering, and demand to change partners. Dad grabs Jim, and Unca Jay looks a little sad (or worried), and drops down so I can climb on.

“As I climbed on his shoulders, I felt the inside of my thighs brushing against his neck. Like slow motion, I felt my legs spread wider as I scooted up…finally snugging my muffin right up against his neck. Oh God! Feeling his skin pushing up against my vag – even through my bikini bottoms – sent electric tingles all the way through my body. I felt my nipples get hard and poke through my suit (glad the moms were in the kitchen!), and without even meaning to I spread my legs even wider and wiggled my pussy against his neck. That shocked me, and I tried to get control of myself – fortunately he hadn’t noticed anything (I found out later that wasn’t true!).

“As we moved towards Dad and Jim, I could feel Unca Jay’s shoulder muscles working under my thighs and butt. His strong hands were holding onto the top of my legs, and I was having trouble concentrating on anything but him…so Jim threw me down as soon as we got close. As I got ready to get back up on Jay’s shoulders, I suddenly fantasized about climbing up on his front instead of back. I wondered what he would do if he suddenly got a face full of my bikini bottoms, with my muffin pressed up against his face. Would he give my vag a little kiss? Send the kids into the house and make love to me right in the pool?

Was I effing crazy, to be having these thoughts in the middle of a family reunion?

I got control of my mind, but my body had different ideas, and I could feel myself getting wet – thank god we were in the pool and no one could tell. I had to calm down…this one sided attraction was just going to drive me nuts.

“Finally up on Jay’s shoulders again, we waded in and got thrown down right hd porno away – it’s not fair how strong boys get when they become teenagers. I remember pushing Jimmy around when we were younger…can’t do that anymore. Anyway, Jay and I got all tangled up under the water, and I’ll admit I used the opportunity to rub up against him. I felt his hand slide down my shoulder, and I pulled back a little so it would fall onto my breast. His palm slid down my boob, with only my bikini top in between…and I felt him stiffen and yank his hand back. I know he felt me, and must have felt my little nipple sticking out too…but it freaked him out and we ignored it, made a joke and swam away from each other. He went to the shallow end and hung out with the kids for a few minutes, before getting up and going into the kitchen.

“After he left, Jim kept staring at me and trying to get close, so I swam over and hung out with Dad till Unca Jay came out with a bunch of towels and called us all for dinner. As I came out of the water and walked towards him, I was thinking about how thin my bathing suit material was. I knew he could clearly see my boobies, and the way the material was sticking to me I was pretty sure he could see my vag too. He held out a towel for me (I had been hoping he would have wrapped it around me), and we both went to change for dinner.

“We all had a good time. The grownups treated me as one of them, Unca Jay even poured me a glass of wine (Judy immediately noticed, frowning at him – but he just smiled back. If I didn’t think I loved him before, I sure did after that!). If it hadn’t been for Jim constantly interrupting and trying to talk to me, it would have been perfect. When dinner finally ended, the grownups went into the living room to talk, and Jim and Sam went up to Jim’s room to play video games. I went with them too, to get something straight with Jim. I wasn’t sure how to bring up the fact that I was 18 and a woman now, and had no interest in a 16 year old boy with a crush…but I didn’t need to worry. As soon as Sam left for a minute, Jim tried to kiss me. I got mad, pushed him away, and told him what I thought of little boys. That did it – he avoided me the rest of the trip, and I went down to hang with the grownups. After a little while, the Dads put the little ones to bed, and we all decided to turn in – it had been a busy day, and tomorrow was going to be another.

“I had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I kept thinking about Unca Jay, and his arms, and his shoulders, and the feel of his hand on my breast while we were underwater. I knew he was oblivious to what I was feeling, and it was just a harmless fantasy – he probably still thought of me as a little kid, and was happily married anyway. Still, I couldn’t help thinking about what it felt like when our skin was touching in the pool, and the way he looked at my whole body as he handed me the towel – I KNOW he saw my boobies and vag through my suit. Was he in bed right now, thinking about me? I resisted the temptation to slide my hand down my pj bottoms to touch myself – I was still moist down there, and didn’t want to really get wet and make a mess. Sleep came slow, and my dreams weren’t restful.

“They woke us up early the next morning, and we were all running around packing and stuff. We ate lunch together, then everyone loaded up Dad’s monster SUV, and headed down the driveway. Unca Jay, Jim and I waved as they left, then Jim retreated back to his room. Jay asked what I was going to do today, so I told him I was going to do laundry and lay out by the pool to get a tan for my trip. As I put my laundry in the washer, he went up to his study to do some work.

“With Jim out of the picture, I put on my little white bikini – you know, the same one I wore yesterday. I knew I looked good in it, and secretly hoped Jay would look out his window to watch me as I sunbathed. I walked out to the pool, spread my towel out, and laid down on my back – and noticed that I could see him at his computer. Well, if I could see him, he could see me, and I decided to put on a little show. Rubbing sunscreen on my body, I made sure to spend plenty of time near my boobies and inside of my legs. I glanced up a couple of times, and once caught him looking at me instead of his computer. Hmmm…maybe he DOES think of me like that. Getting up my courage, I call up to his window, and ask him to come rub lotion on my back.”

The girls all nod to themselves, recognizing this age old tactic. All except Megan, that is…she appears to be nodding off.

“As I first felt his strong hands smoothing lotion into my shoulders, I shivered a little bit and felt my pussy start to seep right away. I’m serious, if he had turned me over and taken off my bikini, we could have boned right there by the pool – I was that ready for it. But, of course…he wasn’t interested, or even aware. Or was he? He seemed really nervous, and wouldn’t go anywhere near my bikini bottoms. I asked him to do my legs, too (even though I could reach them easily), and I felt my pussy juicing up as he smoothed the lotion into my thighs. I was thinking about rolling over on my back and latina fuck tour porno seeing what happened, when he said ‘Done’, slapped my bottom, and went back inside. As he walked away, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in the front of his shorts – he WAS attracted to me! At least his body was, and that thought powered my dreams for the next hour as I laid out.

“I didn’t want to get burned, and had to put my clothes in the dryer, so I came back in, changed into my last clean t-shirt, panties and baggy gym shorts, and came into the kitchen to talk while he started making dinner. He asked if I could go to the store for some eggs, and I laughed at him and said ‘Not in these old clothes!’ He said I looked fine – so I got up my courage…and pulled the front of my pants out to ‘show him how big they were.’

“In truth, I was really turned on, and wanted to show him my panties – I wanted to know how he’d react. He looked down my pants, and stared at me for a long time…when he finally looked back at my face, I could see two things right away: He was REALLY turned on by looking at my panty covered pussy…and he was scared of being caught. I didn’t know what to do, so I just held my pants out and watched him. He finally seemed to snap out of it, agreed my pants were too big, and turned away.

“Wow…he WAS attracted to me! But, he was also really scared about it, and was trying to hide it as much as he could. Right then, I knew that I was going to keep pushing the line during my stay…I didn’t think I could seduce him, but I was going to tease him (and me!) as much as I could. He went back up to his office for an hour, then got Jim and I together and we all sat down for dinner.

“Jim was still moping, but Jay and I got the conversation going, and eventually he joined in. He was just going to have to get used to the fact that nothing was going to happen between us (just as I was getting used to the same thing about Jay and I). After dinner, Jim went on a date with his girlfriend…”

“What?!” “Girlfriend?” “That slimeball!” “zzzzz” (that last one from Megan, who had finally dropped off).

“And I went into the family room to fold my laundry. Jay came out, sat with me to help fold, and turned on the movie he had chosen. Princess Bride!”

“Oooh,” “I LOVE that movie,” “zzzzz”

“After everything was folded, I snuggled up to Unca Jay and he put his arm around me as we watched the movie. I felt really warm, and safe, and I remembered all the times we had done this same thing when I was little. I loved Jay, and didn’t want to ruin anything with a silly crush. When the movie ended, he kissed me on the forehead, and we went to our different rooms.

“No WAY was I going to fall asleep this time. I kept replaying the scene in the kitchen when I showed him my panties, and he stared at them for a such long time. I remembered how his hands felt on my skin as he rubbed lotion onto me, and the bulge in his pants as he walked away. I kept wishing he would come downstairs, climb into bed with me, and take me without a word. Without a conscious thought, I found my hand was inside my flannel pjs, gently stroking my muffin while I thought about Jay climbing on top of me. That was it…I wasn’t going to get any sleep unless I did something about this.

“I gently dipped my finger into my slit, coating it with my juices while I smeared them around my outer lips. Every time I came near my clit, I got those electric buzzes spreading out into my body. When my fingers and clit were all wet and slippery, I started making little circles with my fingers around and over my love button. My hips started moving in little circles too, and I could tell it wasn’t going to take long before I came this time. I slid my middle finger down into my vag, but more to coat it with my juices than for pleasure. Ever since I learned to masturbate, my clit had been the spot for fun…I never really got into having something inside me. Pulling my finger out, I smeared it all over my clitty, and started buffing it really fast. My hips started lifting off the bed, I pressed harder with my fingers, and as the electric threads spread through my body, I shivered and called out my Uncle’s name as I came.

“As I slowly came back down, I relaxed for a couple of minutes, then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up a little. I had pulled my pj bottoms down while I masturbated, so they hadn’t gotten wet, but I had to avoid the small wet spot on my mattress (like I said, I was REALLY excited) as I laid back down, rolled over on my side, and finally fell asleep.

“I got up early the next morning (my old friend Taylor and I were going shopping this morning), and went into the bathroom to clean up. That’s when I saw my zebra stripes. Unca Jay had stayed away from my bikini bottoms when he put lotion on me yesterday, and now I had these little pink sunburn lines on my lower back and upper thighs. I knew it! I even told him yesterday he’d missed some spots. I went out to the kitchen and confronted him. To show him my ‘stripes’, I had to pull my shirt up and pants down a little…and I may have pulled then down further than I had to. As Jay stared at my partially naked bottom, I stuck it out at him and prayed he would put his hand out and carress it. Instead, he turned away and mumbled something…so I told him I’d make him pay, and started punching him in the stomach.

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