Jed Goes Camping with His Sister Ch. 02

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Big Tits

It was time to pack up and head for home. As they say, all good things have to come to an end. It had been wonderful, but to tell the truth, I was thankful that it was now over. I’d discovered that my Sister’s sex drive was comparable to Lizzy’s. She’d worn me out.

Fifteen minutes later, the car was loaded and we were in it, ready to leave. Jess turned the key. The engine spluttered a few times, but then thankfully it roared into life. I looked at her, and like me, she was relieved. Where we were was not a good place to breakdown. We were at least ten miles from the nearest town. Then to my surprise, she turned the engine off. Had we forgotten to pack something? I was sure that everything was in the car.

Turning to look at me, she said, “Do you remember the Jack and Jill story?”

Of course I did, we’d spent a lot of time while we’d been camping, either talking about it, or reenacting it with Jess as Jill and me as Jack. It was a story that I would never forget, even if I wanted to.

“I mean the ending.”

Now I understood. After giving a loud sigh, I said, “Do I have to?”

That made her laugh.

“You know you really want to.”

I did, but I wasn’t sure that I could.

In the story, their final fuck had been when they were, like us, packed and ready to go. But they were fictional characters, fucking like rabbits wasn’t a problem for them. However, I was only flesh and blood. There was a limit to how many times I could have sex in twenty four hours, and I’d reached it. In that period we’d done it three times, and the last one was only two hours ago. That had drained me. There was nothing left in my balls. Would she take a rain check? We could stop at Bob’s Burger Bar on the way home. By then I’d be ready, and we could have a quick one in the restroom.

“I have a suggestion. Why don’t we wait until we get to that burger place that we like?”

“You mean do it in the restroom?”


“I’d like that. I’ll bend over so that you can fuck me hard from behind. And hopefully, there will be lots of other people using the restroom, so that they can hear us fucking.”

“Thanks Sis.”

“But it’s not instead of.”

It took me a couple of seconds to understand what she meant. She still wanted sex before leaving, and I’d actually made it worse, because later on we’d be doing it again in the restroom at Bob’s Burger Bar.

After giving another loud sigh, I repeated what I’d said earlier, “Do I have to?”

This time she didn’t laugh, and she didn’t answer me, instead she just got out of the car. I then got out as well, like a lamb to the slaughter!

I didn’t know how this would progress, but I didn’t need to, because she was in charge. She would lead, and I would follow.

Pointing to a patch of grass, she said, “We’ll do it there. Lie down, I’m going to get on top of you.”

I did, and it got me a prod with her shoe, and it was painful.

“Very funny, now turn over.”

I was now on my back. I’d thought that lying face down would amuse her, but it hadn’t, and it had got me sore ribs.

I wasn’t enthusiastic about this, but she certainly was, because she had my cock out of my jeans with a speed that was impressive. When she had it in her hand it was still limp, and she shook her head to show her disappointment.

Then after smiling, she said, “Not to worry, I can fix this.”

But I was worried, because I didn’t share her confidence. And if I was right, and it stayed limp, she would not be happy.

She then took my cock into her mouth. I wanted to resist. I wanted to stay limp to prove a point, to make her realize that I wasn’t a sex toy that she could just turn on whenever she wanted to. But of course I couldn’t resist.

As her tongue did wonderful things to the head of my cock, the blood started to flow into my flaccid member. At first a trickle, but very soon it was a torrent. It wasn’t long before it was rock hard. I hadn’t thought it possible. She’d got it back to its best, and in less than five minutes.

After moving her head back, so that my cock was now out of her mouth, she said, while grinning from ear to ear, “That’s better.”

It was for me as well. Now that my cock had woken up, its appetite for pussy had returned. And just thinking about fucking her was making it twitch.

When I reached for her tits she brushed my hand away.

“Don’t move.”

I lay back down again, and then I put my hands behind my head to make myself more comfortable.

“That’s better. I don’t want you to do anything.”

I was now expecting her to just take her jeans and panties off, and then quickly get on top of me so that she could ride my cock. Instead she started with her T-shirt, and she wasn’t in a hurry to remove it. When it was off she started massaging her tits through her bra, and then pulling on her nipples. After doing that for a while, she stopped so that she could unhook her bra. When it was off she bent over me so that one of her nipples was tantalisingly close to my mouth, but when I raised my head she moved away.

“I told you not to move.”

I marsbahis güvenilirmi sighed. This was payback time. Initially I’d been reluctant, and she’d had to be forceful to get me out of the car. Now that I was as eager to fuck as she was, she was going to make me wait. She was going to tease me.

This time, when her nipple was again near to me, I didn’t move. But I did open my mouth, ready to receive it. However, her wicked grin told me that she wasn’t going to let me suck on it. This was now more than teasing, it was torture.

Fortunately for me, even though she’d climaxed only a couple of hours ago, she was eager for another one, so it wasn’t long before she stopped. And she was now quickly taking her jeans and panties off. I was relieved, she’d stopped playing games.

When she lowered herself onto my cock I groaned, but it was drowned out by her gasp when my cock was fully in her. There’d been no hesitation from her. She’d taken all of my eight inches in one go. And she then didn’t just sit there, waiting until she’d got her breath back, she was quickly moving again.

She’d chosen reverse cowgirl. Normally I would have preferred her to be facing me, so that I could play with her tits, but this time it didn’t matter, because I wasn’t allowed to touch them.

After only a few seconds I realized two things. The first was that she was an expert at this. Every time when she lifted herself up, she was high, making sure to use the full length of my cock. And then she was sitting down on me with a force that meant that I went into her as deep as possible. The second thing was that this was all about her needs. Very soon it would be mission accomplished, because she would come, and whether I did or not, was of no concern to her.

As she got more excited, and closer to reaching it, she moved quicker. She was now also sitting down on me so hard that it was becoming uncomfortable.

“I’m almost there.”

Then shortly after, when I was deep inside her, she collapsed onto me. Had she come, or had she stopped because she was exhausted? There were none of the tell-tale signs that I had seen previously to indicate that she’d climaxed. It had ended suddenly, with a whimper rather than a bang. Then I almost laughed. Of course she’d come. Knowing Jess, if she hadn’t, then there was no way she’d have stopped!

It didn’t take her long to recover from the strenuous workout she’d just had. When she got off me she noticed that my cock was still hard.

“Why didn’t you come?”

That irritated me. Did she think I was deliberately holding back? And there was no offer from her to finish me off with her hand or her mouth.

“I would have liked to, but I needed more time.”

“Next time you need to keep up with me.”

I bit my tongue. A sarcastic reply, or harsh words, could lead to an argument, and that would mean the camping trip ending on a sour note.

We were now in the car, on our way home. After an hour I was bored, and I offered to drive. That got a no from her.

“If you want something to do then you can read my story again. Tell me all the things that are wrong with it. When I write the second chapter I want it to be better than the first one.”

That was a good idea. I’d enjoy doing that.

It kept me occupied for an hour and fifteen minutes, and I didn’t say anything until I’d finished.

“There’s a lot I like about it, but I’m also going to be critical. If you get annoyed when I start telling you the things I don’t like, or how it can be improved, then I’m going to stop.”

“Would I do that?”

That got a quick yes from me, and that made her laugh. But we both knew that it had needed to be said.

Before starting, I cleared my throat, and then I sat upright. I was now ready to critique her story.

“Some parts of it are in great detail, but others are sketchy. For example, when they both fall into the river. They just fall in, without any proper explanation of how that happened.”

“You’re right, but I couldn’t think of a reason, so I left it to the reader’s imagination.”

“Sometimes that works, but not for that.”

“So how would you have done it?'”

I’d expected her to say that, and I had my answer ready.

“There was an injured animal on the river bank, close to the water. It could be a bird. Both of them went to retrieve it. Jack slips on some mud. He falls on Jill, and they both end up in the water.”

I was pleased with my detailed explanation, and I had expected her to praise me, but all I got was, “OK.”

“Stories that have big cocks in them are always popular, but twelve inches is a bit too much. But you can’t change it for chapter two, you have to keep him that length.”

This time she said more than just OK.

“I agree with you. I got carried away. It could have been worse though. Initially Jack had an even bigger cock, fourteen inches. I changed it just before publishing the story.”

I hoped that she was joking. Twelve was bad enough, but fourteen would have just been silly. However, if she hadn’t changed it, then marsbahis yeni giriş it would have explained how Jack had ended up in the water. His big cock swinging between his legs had tripped him up!

For the next fifteen minutes I told her more, alternating the good with the bad. And when I’d finished I got the reaction that I had been hoping for.

“Thanks, that was really helpful.”

“You’re welcome.”

She then turned the radio on, and I slouched back in my chair. If she kept the volume down I might be able to sleep. She did, and it wasn’t long before I felt myself drifting off. But shortly after I was awake again, because Jess had prodded me.

“We didn’t talk about chapter two.”

Still half-asleep, I muttered, “Can’t it wait until later?”

That got a quick no from her, followed by another poke into my ribs.

“Ouch, that hurt!”

That got laughter from her rather than sympathy, and I wasn’t surprised. Sometimes she could be such a jerk, and I was tempted to tell her that, but I didn’t. We’d just spent the weekend together, fucking every way we could, and it had been wonderful. Telling her off was not a good idea, because if I did, then the next time when I wanted her to open her legs for me, she might keep them closed just to spite me. Now that I didn’t have a choice I might as well give in gracefully.

After yawning, I said, “OK, let’s talk about it.”

Twenty minutes later, I had a smile on my face so wide, that I looked like the Joker. And I was now no longer tired, but I was excited. Chapter two was going to be hot stuff, even better than what she’d already published.

“What’s the verdict, good or bad?”

Did she really have to ask, hadn’t my big smile given the game away?

I declared, “Definitely good.”

That got a whoop of delight from her, and then she leaned over so that she could give me a quick hug. I liked it, but I was relieved when her hands were back on the steering wheel!

That was enough of her story for now, and what I read next was, ‘Escape From Gibraltar’. Critics had described it as:


‘The best book that you’ll read this year!’

That was over the top, but it had kept me entertained. And now that I was on the last few pages, I was eager to find out if the hero of the book, a mysterious spy known simply as X, did manage to evade Interpol, and escape from Gibraltar. It was well-written, with better style and grammar than the Jack and Jill story. But unlike Jess’s story, reading it hadn’t given me an erection.

When I got to the end of the book I was disappointed. He did escape, but it wasn’t clear how. He’d been in an impossible situation, no way to get out of it, but in the blink of an eye he was free. That spoilt it for me. In disgust, I tossed it over my shoulder. It landed on the backseat with a thud.

That surprised Jess, and she was now looking concerned.

“You’d better not do that to chapter two of the Jack and Jill story.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be OK. I’m sure that your ending will be better than the ending in that book.”

And I wasn’t just saying that to make her feel good, I meant it. The finale to her story was every teenager’s wet dream. A threesome. Linda, Jack’s wife, sharing a tent with Jack and Jill.

Then I thought of something. I’d pondered over it before, but I hadn’t discussed it with my Sister because I was worried that she would say no, perhaps even finding my suggestion distasteful. But now that I knew her better, I’d be surprised if there was any sexual activity that she would find distasteful. However, that was just speculation. There was only one way to find out.

“Would you like a threesome with Lizzy?”

Blurting it out, rather than gently leading up to it, was a mistake, and we nearly paid for it with our lives. She’d been so surprised with what I’d said, she’d turned to stare at me, and that’s when we’d nearly collided with an oil tanker.

It had been a close shave, and I’d nearly shat myself.

“Sorry about that. I should have kept my eyes on the road.”

That got a clipped yes from me, and then, after checking that there was no oncoming traffic, I said, “Yes or no?”

Her response was swift, and it showed how eager she was for it to happen. And thankfully, this time when she spoke she’d kept control of the car.

It was, “Hell yes!”

For the next half an hour Lizzy was the main topic of our conversation. Specifically, was she willing, and how would we get the answer to that question? For obvious reasons, it wasn’t something that could just be asked directly. When we’d finished talking about it, we didn’t have a plan, but I’d been given the task of coming up with one.

When we got to Bob’s Burger Bar, Jess wanted food, but thankfully she didn’t want sex. I was relieved. I needed to save myself for Lizzy, because I knew that when I got home she would be ripping my clothes off. If I wasn’t as eager as she was, or worse, I couldn’t perform, then she would be suspicious.

It was nine o’clock when I got home. I was surprised to see marsbahis giriş my Mother-in-law’s car parked outside, I thought she’d be gone by now. She might be staying the night. Jess didn’t come in. As soon as I’d got my stuff out of the car she was off. Her parting words making me laugh.

“Next time we go camping I’ll make sure NOT to bring my sleeping bag.”

As soon as I was inside the house, Lizzy was greeting me as if I’d been away for a month rather than just three days. Her hug was squeezing the life out of me, and her kiss on my mouth was more passionate than it should be with her Mother near me. When she released me, I got a hug from Charlotte, but it was more restrained, and there was no kiss. And thankfully, Lizzy’s ankle was a lot better. Almost back to normal.

Then, after her Mother had made us all coffee, we sat down together and I told them all about the camping trip. I say all, but as much as I would have liked to tell them about us fucking, I left that part out. And surprisingly I wasn’t feeling guilty. I didn’t know why that was, but I wasn’t going to spend time analysing myself. We were two consenting adults, that had enjoyed each other’s body, and it was our secret. No more needed to be said.

Charlotte wasn’t staying the night. As soon as she was out of the house, and even before she was in her car, Lizzy was kissing me again, and this time I was kissing her back. Soon we would be frantically fucking, and it would end quickly. But when I groped her tits, she pushed my hand away, and then her mouth was off me.

“Later, I want us to kiss first.”

So I was wrong. She was in the mood for slow and sensuous, rather than fast and furious. Occasionally we did it like that, but only as a second helping, shortly after we’d already fucked. I couldn’t understand it, but then I got an explanation.

“I couldn’t help it. I fingered myself this morning. Don’t be angry.”

Angry? I almost laughed. My confession, if I was stupid enough to give it, was far worse than hers.

‘I couldn’t help it. I spent the whole camping trip fucking my Sister in every position imaginable. Don’t be angry’.

Instead of that, I said, “I did as well.”

I hadn’t, but telling her that I had as well, would make her feel less guilty.

“You jerked off?”

I nodded. I could hear the excitement in her voice. If I was careful with what I said, I might be able to get my Sister into the conversation.

“I hope you didn’t do it while Jess was there.”

Good, she had given me an opening.

“She was asleep,” then I casually added, “I think she was.”

There was silence for a few seconds, and then she spoke.

“Or she was listening to you.”

This was going even better than I’d hoped it would, but I couldn’t think of what to say next to progress it. Then she said more.

“I bet she was, and it would have aroused her.”

We’d done this before. Talking about, and sometimes even pretending to be, other people, while we were having sex. But that had been tame compared to this. This time my Sister was involved. And that might eventually lead to her joining us in bed for real. If that was to happen, then I would need to take this to an even higher level.

After putting my hands on her tits, and squeezing her nipples, I said, “Her hand would have been between her wide open legs.”

What I’d just said, and the attention that her nipples were now getting, had made her gasp.

“And her fingers would be rubbing her swollen clit.”

Her response to that was a loud moan, and then she’d shouted out, “Yes!”

We were now taking our clothes off as quickly as possible. What had started slowly, with us kissing tenderly, had now become frantic. She was the first to be naked, but I wasn’t far behind. When she realized that I wasn’t going to take my socks off she giggled. That normally irritates her, but today for some reason, it amused her instead.

“Jess, bend over, I’m going to fuck you.”

When I saw the look on her face I thought I’d gone too far. It was a mixture of horror and surprise. But then it changed, and her smile told me that I wasn’t in trouble.

She was now on all fours, with her little bottom high up, and her stomach flat on the bed. My cock was at her opening, but before we started fucking, I wanted to say more.

“We need to be quiet, Lizzy is in the next room. Can you do that?”

“Yes, we don’t want her to catch us fucking.”

Good, she was now Jess.

When I pushed into her she gave a low moan. But when I started fucking her, and she moaned again, she was a lot louder.

We hadn’t talked for long, and we hadn’t used many words, but what had been said had got both of us excited. We were at fever pitch, so consequently, both of us reached it quickly. But that didn’t spoil it. My climax was one of my best, and hers was equally impressive. And when she collapsed onto the bed, taking me with her, both of us were satisfied.

We were still for quite a while. And I only got off her when my cock was completely limp. I was now lying next to her, plucking up the courage to ask her if she’d be interested in a threesome with my Sister. What we’d just done would suggest that she would say yes, but it could still be a no, so I was struggling with what to say. Eventually, I’d decided to just blurt it out and hope for the best, when she spoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32